Pharmics O-cal-ette Nursing Cup

Pharmics O-cal-ette Nursing Cup

Breastfeeding should be enjoyable, not painful. O-Cal-ettes are designed to help eliminate the unpleasant side effects of nursing. Simple and easy to use. Can be used prior to delivery to help correct flat or inverting nipples, which allow the baby to latch on easier. Provides relief from swollen, engorged breasts by exerting a slight but constant pressure on the breast to release excess milk. Helps heal tender, irritated, chapped and cracked nipples by allowing air circulation. Protects nipples from sticking to bra or nursing pads and other irritations. Protects clothing from moisture and stains and prevents possible embarrassment due to leakage. Collects leaking milk between feedings. Easy to use and may be sterilized. Economical, reusable and long-lasting. To be used in place of nursing pads. Physician recommended, used by hospitals throughout the country.

Main features

  • Helps correct flat or inverted nipples
  • Provides relief from swollen sore breasts
  • Helps heal tender, irritated, chapped and cracked nipples
  • Easy to clean and may be sterilized
  • Economical, long lasting and reusable

Verified reviews


hard plastic!

I expected these to be a rubber-type material so as to help my hurting nipples- to keep my bra from putting pressure on my sensitive nipples. Instead, they are hard plastic and put too much pressure on my breasts. They were uncomfortable. The basic design is good (shape, size, fact that they catch leakage,etc) but the hard plastic is no good!

Deloris Sterling, MI

Not good for milk collection due to ‘air holes’

Bought this for my wife, obviously. She is breastfeeding and sometimes has a LOT of milk leaking from the spare breast. We hoped that this would be good for collecting the spare milk, and so we bought these and also one other brand of breast cup, I think it was Avent. The other cups we got were good,However, we stopped using the O-cal-ette ones almost immediately after purchase because we realized that they have a small hole (2mm diameer?) in them, and even though you might put this hole on the top side of the nipple you still have two big problems waiting to happen:1) Your cup is going to fill up with milk and the milk is going to leak out the hole. D’oh. Product is now useless for us as my wife regularly has too much leakage and it fills up.2) If you somehow don’t have that much milk come out you are still probably going to have milk go out the hole when you don’t want it to, when you take off the cups.

Michell Kimberling City, MO

Easy to use and very helpful

I didn’t get these until my daughter was a few months old and wished I’d had them from the start. I didn’t wear them all the time, just on one side while the baby nursed on the other. It saved me from constantly having to change nursing pads, and I liked being able to save the milk for later. They were especially helpful when my daughter decided she was only going to nurse on one side at each feeding; it relieved the pressure on the other side. Easy to wash, too.

Angeline Wrightstown, WI

Did not like this product

I did not like these cups at all. They collected milk like they were suppose to but if you moved too fast or fell asleep the milk would leak all over the place.

Sheena Wilmer, AL

Saved my sanity for a couple weeks!

Oh those first couple weeks- the leaking! No nursing pad was helping! I finally ordered these and wish I had before the baby was born! There is a learning curve with them (keep the little hole up top and watch out if you bend over!) but they were awesome for wearing around the house. I collected quite a bit of milk. I only used them for about 3 1/2 weeks while my body regulated milk production. They were awesome and I would get them again in a second!

Julie Lawrenceville, VA

Too Hard and Holes Too Small

My nipples are rather large. For reference, I use the 30mm flanges with my breast pump. The holes on this product are too small for my nipples and actually cause more hurt, espeically because the plastic is so hard. Additionally, there is only one venting hole, so I kept getting condensation inside the cup, which seems to conducive to breeding bacteria.

Felecia Leesport, PA

Good to use while pumping!

I was looking for something to catch my let down while I was pumping (can’t let any precious milk go to waste!), and after looking at a bunch of different products, I settled with these little nursing cups. Now, I will say that the picture is a bit misleading – the cups are NOT clear…they are a white-ish plastic. But they do their job for me! I put one on the opposite side that I’m pumping, and it catches any milk that leaks out. I’m usually able to catch 1-2 oz in it, which totally surprised me. I used to let this go to waste! The only trick is that you have to be careful taking if off, so you don’t spill the milk out of the holes. I find that taking it off at an angle (and sometimes even plugging the top air vent/hole with my finger if there’s a lot of milk) keeps me from spilling. Then I just pour it into a bottle and switch sides. I chose this product because it was inexpensive, hard plastic (instead of soft, which would just squish inside my bra), and didn’t have too many air vents that milk could escape from. Thankfully I don’t need to use these for their intended purpose of letting nipples air out between nursing sessions, because they are NOT discreet (hellooooo Madonna!)… but if you’re looking for something to catch a little milk while pumping, these are perfect! (Unless you leak a lot, then you might want to invest in the "milkies" system – these cups can only hold so much without spilling over.)

Pearl Vidalia, LA

Capture liquid gold

These are great! I am producing a lot of milk. Whenever my baby feed from one breast, the other one would leak. I use the cup on the non-feeding breast to capture the liquid gold. After each session, I can capture up to 1/2 oz. of milk. I was able to dump the content out into a bottle and save it for later.I wouldn’t wear these out and about because it’s not flushed into the bra but it’s great for at-home nursing sessions.I give it 4 stars because it’s not flushed…it’s hard plastic so I can’t walk around in public with it.

Reva Altaville, CA

Great concept, could use a bit of refining

These seem so weird until you’re breastfeeding! These bizarre little contraptions go in your bra to collect milk. For me, they’ve been super handy – they collect milk (prob. about an oz. each – but as you’ll come to learn, that stuff is liquid gold so you’ll want to save even this!) They’re especially useful when you’re feeding because when letdown happens it hits both boobies equally and you feel like you’re just pouring the good stuff into those disposable pads.. Plus, they feel oddly soothing (which you wouldn’t think) – especially if you stick them in the fridge before use. They didn’t do so hot in the dishwasher (became more opaque and a bit mishapen) so I ended up boiling to get to ‘click’ back together. I might try another brand eventually but the concept is solid. Just remember to keep the little airhole upright so the milk isn’t just collecting and dumping down you!

Ladonna Ronks, PA