Philips AVENT 2 PACK – 12 oz Straw Toddler Sippy Drinking Cups RED – 18m +

Philips AVENT 2 PACK – 12 oz Straw Toddler Sippy Drinking Cups RED – 18m +

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Main features

  • Twist-lid keeps straw hygienic on the go.
  • Leakproof easy for the child to use independently. The Philips AVENT straw cup is an ideal drinking solution for the growing toddler.
  • It is leakproof easy for the toddler to use independently with its unique twist lid.
  • Easy to clean
  • Already assembled

Verified reviews


Best sippy but…

This is our favorite sippy cup. We tried a lot, but this is the favorite one. My Child can handle it, the straw is always clean and safe from the dirt. After using more than one months it started leaking a little bit. Not that bad, but some hours in lying position and your bed/car seat will be definitely wet. It is better if you fill with water. 2 reason: 1. when leaking doesn’t make dirty spot 2. it is the easiest way to keep clean. One time I filled with fresh carrot-orange juice and the straw was orange-colored after I washed several times. You can order replacement straw, too, so problem solved for us. I gave 5 stars, because it can keep the straw clean anytime which is more important for me than a little leaking problem + this is my Child favorite sippy cup.P.s.: I wish they would make different colour than blue and pink. Purple, orange, green… I know blue and pink are classic for boys and girls, but a little bit boring. You have only one option for boys because I’m pretty sure you don’t want to give him a pink one. For the girls the blue can be an option, but there are more colour which will be better if you are not an “everything pink lover” mom.

Chris Newfield, ME

Five Stars

My son loves it, he will be cried if we take it back.

Joyce Winchester, KS

The best cups we’ve found

Cups with straws are better for you baby/child, but it’s really hard to find good ones. We triedd 3 other brands before landing on these and haven’t looked back. They’re by far the best option out there with straws (still not 100% leak proof, but are far better than any of the others we tried).Really wish they made a smaller version with handles for beginners.

Jenna Swan, IA

Best sippy cup ever.

We have tried so many cups! This is by far the best one. It is easy to put together and take a part. My 15 month old has no problem drinking from it. Also, it does not leak! I like both sizes, but the bigger size is nice for longer trips and day care.

Glenda Pecan Gap, TX

A great straw cup

Here what I love about this cup:- It’s big. My daughter likes ice in her water, especially on a hot summer day. At 12 ounces, there is plenty of room for ice and water to last an hour or two at the playground.- It’s very easy to grasp. At first I thought that I might want handles on it, but it’s super easy to hold, pick up and drink from.- It fits in a car cupholder, stroller cupholder and diaper bag cupholder. No bulky handles. It’s sleek and fits just about anywhere.- It’s super easy to clean. The straw comes apart in two pieces and fits perfectly in the dishwasher. If you handwash, it might be a tight clean in the straw, but I have a brush that could do the trick.- It stays clear of germs. Nothing is worse than a straw that just hangs out there for all the germs to jump all over. This one slides over the straw, protecting it when not being used.- It’s leakproof. For the most part. See below…What I wish was a little different:- It’s not obvious if the top isn’t on perfectly and will immediately dump all over if tilted over.- When taking apart, the straw has to be perfectly up and down (not hidden under the protective plastic part) in order to get it apart. If you forget and take the two pieces apart before the straw is out, it’s impossible to take apart unless you put the lid back on and turn it that way. I know, it sounds confusing, but I have been annoyed by this more than once.At the end of the day, I would buy six more of these. But, two is plenty. My daughter loves them, they are leak proof and they are easy to clean. Sold.

Ana Clinton, MD