Philips AVENT 2 Pack BPA Free Toddler Cup, 7 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Philips AVENT 2 Pack BPA Free Toddler Cup, 7 Ounce, Colors May Vary

The new Philips AVENT toddler cup range was designed in cooperation with a nutritionist and a child psychologist to include the features that parents request most. Available in several fun and educational storytelling designs, colors and sizes relevant for different developmental stages, the cups also feature interchangeable spouts -softer ones for transitioning from a bottle, and harder bite resistant ones for older toddlers.

Main features

  • The 7 ounce magic cups has a non-spill soft spout that will not spill or drip
  • Includes 2 7ounce cups with trainer handles to help transition from bottle to toddler feeding
  • BPA free
  • You may receive this item in pink, blue, green or orange

Verified reviews


Too many parts

These work well enough as sippy cups and it is nice that the parts are interchangeable from bottle to sippy. However you don’t save any money because all the parts cost more than most sippy cups. The real problem is that there are too many parts. Too much trouble to have to assemble and disassemble and make sure all the parts get washed and dried and not misplaced. There is the bottle itself, handles, screw cap, mouth piece, valve, and finally the cap.

Katie Clymer, PA

Bad venting

The venting mechanism designed to relieve the negative pressure makes it impossible to draw any liquid out unless the cup is tipped back far enough so that the liquid inside completely covers the underside of the lid. So it works fine if the cup is really full. If anything less than 50% full, baby needs to tilt his head waaaaaay back, or else he will just suck air. Returned the product.

Dorothy Shaniko, OR

This thing is useless

The cup comes with a rubber valve (which is the “spill proof” mechanism). When the valve is on the cup, there’s no way to suck the water out, which defeats the purpose of drinking anything from it. If you take the valve out, then the cup is not spill proof. My baby just turns it over and the water comes gushing out. This things is useless. We ended up buying another cup at Walmart that works wonderfully (totally spill proof no matter what my baby does and easy to suck as well), I just don’t know the brand of it becuase it’s not on the cup itself.

Vanessa Beecher, IL

Not very good

This trainer cups do not work very well. I love Avent products but these sippy cups require a lot of suction. My 8 month old cannot get anything out. I could barely get anything out when I tried. I tried taking the plastic disc off on the inside but then the fluid just dumps out. I just bought a step 1 Nubby sippy cup and that is working much better.

Elva Danforth, ME

are we talking about the same cup?

we LOVE this cup. we’ve tried a lot of different sippy cups and the avent is mine and my 8 month old’s favorite so far. i’m amazed at how many terrible sippy cups are out there and it seems like we’ve tried them all. the avent magic cup is exactly what i’ve been looking for and i wish i had gotten this before we bought the 9 other sippy cups that are taking up space in my cupboard! it has a nice, soft, flexible spout with little holes at the end and a valve inside. the valve makes the cup leak-proof but you can take the valve off for faster flow for when your baby gets older. i tried drinking from the cup myself (with the valve on) and it was very easy to drink from–the easiest out of all the other sippy cups (except for maybe the take and toss). i’m not sure why other reviewers say it’s difficult. maybe their valve was not on correctly? you do have to tilt the cup a bit because the hole of the valve is in the middle of the cup. in order for you to get any liquid out, the middle of the valve has to be submersed in the liquid, which means it has to be tilted more than if the hole was on the edge of the cup, but because of the shape of the cup, it doesn’t require quite as much tilting as some other sippy cups with center valves. i also haven’t had any problems with leaking. upside down, shaken, thrown around in my bag all day–no leaks for us. the handles are nice but i prefer not to use them. it also has a nice lid. it snaps on and off and has a hingey part that opens and closes, so you’ll never lose the top when you’re out and about with a thousand baby things and a baby.we tried avent bottles and pacifiers and didn’t quite like them as much as some other brands so i didn’t bother trying their sippy cups either. i tried the magic cup as a last resort before giving up on sippies altogether and moving straight to straw cups and i’m really glad i did. we finally found a functional sippy cup that works well! hooray!

Melody Basalt, CO

Easy to pop top off and spill

These Avent sippy cups were fantastic…until our toddler realized she could poke the nipple part down into the rest of the cup and break the seal, spilling all the water everywhere. I bought these awhile ago, but I’m upset about the bad design and am going to try to return them for my money back.

Jean Adna, WA

Not the product advertised

The description and pictures for this product do not match the item I received. I bought these wanting the item showed and described–the cups with the white soft spout that come with the valve. I was sent the newer style with the silicone spout, with the flip top lid. That is definitely not what I was wanting and I returned them.I do love the avent magic cup, it’s great. But this isn’t it.

Leeann Galveston, TX

Not 7oz.. It is a set of two 5oz cups

The product description says that it is 7 oz cup, but I received two 5 oz trainer cups. However, I did not return it and keeping it as the product is good otherwise.

Vicki Plummer, MN

what a waste

unless your child drinks their cups laying down, which is highly not recommended, this cup is useless and frustrating. i tried for 6 months to make them work and they just don’t.

Paula Bridgman, MI

good, but NOT the air vent!!!

It would be a perfect sippy cup if not for the air vent. My baby loves drinking from it, we used it starting 6-7 months. Very easy to hold for the baby. I have two sizes. I like that the nipple and the cap are interchangeable. He even uses the tip as a chewing teething toy. But he keeps drinking it “wrong” way — the air vent is down and that makes it LEAK. The only way to avoid it is to give the cup to the baby and control it while he is drinking, which takes away the self-feeding part. Other than that, I like that I can take the top apart — you need to clean it very well, otherwise the mold accumulates in the tip and in all fine places.

Laura Leiter, WY

Too hard to suck

It has a "magic" system to stop the liquid to spill, but it just makes it hard for the kid to suck from it. If the baby/toddler really wants to mess with it, he will.The cap does no leaky proof it, so unless you keep it up on your bag, you will end up with a wet bag…All Avent bottles have some kind of leaking problem, although the nipples are very good for the baby mouth.

Leigh Sebec, ME

Great transitional cup

This is a great transitional cup and it has a great no-spill design. Of course, it’s still possible to spill, but baby has to pinch the mouthpiece while the cup is inverted for it to spill, and even then it just drips. We really like this cup and our child took to it quickly. The sturdy handholds are also a plus.I would have given this review 5 stars if it weren’t for the flip-down cover on the cup, which is a nuisance and makes it really hard for babies to actually use the cup without it flipping down and getting in the way. My advice? Rip off the cover and forget about it.

Sophia Bloomington, MD