Philips Avent 3 Pack 9oz Bottles

Philips Avent 3 Pack 9oz Bottles

This natural feeding bottle has an anti-colic adapter ring to allow air into the bottle, preventing vacuum build-up. Air bubbles move away from the nipple and into the bottle instead of baby’s tummy. The two-piece anti-colic system consists of the nipple and adapter ring. The naturally shaped nipple promotes proper latch-on, and the bottle features accurate feeding measurement markings and a dome cap. Its semi-transparent white, softer, wide bottle shape makes for easy filling and cleaning. Bottle is made from Polypropylene (PP), which is BPA free. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Main features

  • The Natural Feeding Bottle features a nipple with a unique anti-vacuum skirt
  • Clinically proven to reduce the incidence of colic
  • Wide bottle shape allows for easy filling and cleaning
  • BPA Free
  • Dense, durable polycarbonate plastic holds up to boiling, dishwasher and microwave use

Verified reviews


Happy Avent Customer

In my opinion the Avent bottle system is superior to any other product on the market. The disposable system works great for storing and freezing milk and it’s convenient for Mom’s on the go. My only mistake was not buying enough bottles in the beginning when my son ate eight times a day. The bottles are designed to reduce gas, and seem to do the job. The one slight annoyance with the system, you have to place the ring on the lids directly on top of the nipples; otherwise the bottle has a tendency to leak.F.Y.I. – I purchased the adjustable flow nipples when my son turned three months old as recommended, but nowhere in the product information does it tell you that you are supposed to line-up the Roman numerals of the nipples directly in line with your baby’s nose to adjust the flow. This makes sense of course, but I had to call the 1-800 number to discover this ‘little’ detail.

Suzanne Van Horne, IA

Avent bottles contain BPA

Avent bottles have more BPA than any other leading brand. BPA free brands include Born Free, Nurture Pure, MAM, Green to Grow, Baby Life and Adrini.(For those that missed the news reports – BPA is a chemical found in some plastics that a recent National Institutes of Health report indicated may be harmful, especially to infants.)

Robbie Nescopeck, PA

These are the best bottles available!

I wouldn’t use any other kind of bottle for several reasons:1- they work great with the avent breast pump.2- They have wide mouth openings and this makes it easier to clean the bottle as well as dump formula or breast milk into the opening.3- The nipples are silicon and this is very important to me since I understand from my research silicon nipples are less apt to cause breastfeeding nipple confusion.4- The nipples seem to mimic a breast more than any other nipple on a bottle I have seen. I was concerned about nipple confusion for the few times I wanted to bottle feed instead of breast feed and I understand that these are some of the best available that mimic a mother’s breast.5- We have noticed that our children have less gas when they use these bottles rather than a normal, cheap type bottle. (maybe it’s our imagination, but we think that this is the case.)6- the whole avent system makes for easy growing with the child- there are different nipples for different ages, including a sippy cup nipple. Great.These bottles are great. My husband sometimes screws a lid on wrong and gets shaking it and formula leaks out the sides. This is only when he doesn’t screw the lid on correctly. I have never had this problem.We wouldn’t use any other type of bottle. They are well worth the money.

Shauna Troy, VA

these are the WORST bottles you could buy

They leak like mad… and although you tell yourself you must be doing something wrong because no bottle should leak this much, it’s not your fault. It’s these idiotic bottles! I can’t imagine how they passed any kind of testing when they were being made. Please don’t buy them, it is a huge waste of money!

Jan Warwick, NY



Fern Andes, NY

Don’t waste your money

I spent SO much money on these bottles while I was pregnant, because they were supposively the best bottles to use while breastfeeding. The bottles are expensive so I thought they must be good bottles. WRONG. Expensive does not always equal good. I tried using these bottles when my baby was two weeks old, and the feeding session ended in complete frustration on mine AND my baby’s part. The nipple shape is horrible. Even the newborn nipples are WAAAAAY too long for a newborn’s mouth ( and my baby has a BIG mouth. He was 9 lbs at birth) . Not to mention that these bottles let him suck SOOOO much air and caused him to spit up several times. I thought maybe my baby was just having problems with taking a bottle, so I went and bought the Playtex VentAire. Those bottles are a LOT cheaper and SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better. He took the bottle immediately and didn’t get NEARLY the amount of air. Don’t waste your money on these bottles. They are NOT the “best” bottles to use while breastfeeding. SO if you are pregnant, don’t make the same mistake that I did and buy a whole load of these bottles thinking that they are the best.

Lenora Stambaugh, MI

Don’t buy them

I have tried five different types of bottles and these are horrible. Don’t waste your money. Dr. Brown’s is the way to go!

Jessie Brewster, MA

Great for feeding and interchanging with ISIS breast pump

I loved these bottles. Never had one problem. No leaks, nada one. I also was able to attach these to the ISIS breast pump. I only use these for baby water now, since I use larger bottles. 5 stars

Lolita Algona, IA

No good for us

These bottles were terrible for us. They leaked no matter how many times I tried and followed the directions. They also did not keep my daughter from being gassy. As soon as we changed her bottles to the Dr. Browns she slept through the night with no wake ups. I was not a big fan of these bottles and neither was my daughter.

Enid Boulder, MT

Love at first sip!

These are the best bottles ever! They are a little “pricey”, but they are worth every penny. My baby gets very little air in her belly since we started with these bottles. They are heaven sent – my baby has a full happy little tummy!

Belinda Harmonsburg, PA

Leaky Bottles !!

When my daughter was born we stocked up on these bottles because we heard they were good and the price alone would make you think that. Well after using them for about 2 weeks they started to leak. NOT fun at 3:00 in the morning when you shake up a bottle and there is milk fling around.Even worse is when you are feeding and the milk pours out on baby’s face. Not only do you have to clean up but your baby doesn’t want to wait for a new bottle. After slowly running out of bottles that didn’t leak we decided to go with the Playtex Nursers and liners.These work perfect! They don’t leak and our baby has less gas. The liners prevent a lot of gas. If you are worried about the cost of liners Target has their own brand that is about half the price. You get 100 of them for maybe $5.00. We haven’t had any problems with leaking at all.So I don’t recommend the Avent bottles unless you want to be cleaning up milk all the time. But the other Avent things we have like the sterilizer, warmer, & many other products work just perfectly and would recommend all of them! So if you want to give these bottles a try because they do get some great reviews then just buy a few at first.We had no luck with the avent bottles but that doesn’t mean they are all bad. I just had to give a warning so you don’t lose a lot of money like we did.

Tamika Bellamy, VA

Pretty Good Bottles

I bought these bottles after reading reviews on them and have been pretty happy with them. They have never leaked with me BUT I have never screwed the lid on too tightly. You HAVE to remember that. When you overtighten the lid, the nipple gets distorted and the seal is broken. My husband and others in the family have had this problem. It is probably always helpful to test for leaks (when you test the temp of the milk) BEFORE you give it to the baby, just to make sure.I like the plastic they use. It has always felt extremely sturdy. They are easily to hold (thanks to the curve) and I really like the wide mouth of the bottles which make them easy to clean….and you are pretty sure they are clean!!I bought the newborn starter set and the infant set and together they are all I require for bottles and a breastmilk storage set!!All in all I think they were a great buy and worth it. I would use them all over again and would use avent with my next baby too.

Monique Poseyville, IN

Baby Didn’t like

Wanted to use the Avent line, but baby just wouldn’t take this nipple. Went with Playtex ventaire natural instead. Looks like a science lab…but baby switches easily from breast to bottle.

Louisa Rossburg, OH

Don’t waste your money on Avent bottles!

Avent bottles are not as great as all the write ups. They allow to much air to enter the baby’s system. Spend your money on a better bottle like Dr. Brown’s or Platex. I know several new mother’s who bought in the ad hype about these bottles and ended up trashing them and buying something else.

Kendra Saint Stephens Church, VA

Doesn’t deliver as promised

Don’t bother buying these if you want your baby to take in less air. Go with the Dr. Brown’s. My kids actually ingested more air b/c of the nipple shape – they just couldn’t get their mouths around the large base.Reasons I give 2 stars:-well-made-easy to clean

Lucinda Hollywood, MD

Sent From Heaven

After trying Dr. Brown’s, Playtex, and even the cheap bottles, Avent bottles have come to my rescue. First of all, they have many different flows with their nipples, which is a huge plus in my book. The Playtex have 3 – slow, fast, and tri-cut. Avent has newborn stage 1, stage 2 (slow), medium (+3 months), and fast (+6 months), plus a tri-cut. I have NEVER had a problem with the nipples clogging, even after putting them in the dishwasher a few times (I had this problem with all other nipples).My 3 month old daughter can finish a 6 oz bottle in 10 minutes instead of the 45 it took with the other bottles. Also, I have never ever had a problem with leaking, I think many other moms who do are probably not reading the directions or using common sense. If you tighten ANY bottle too tight, it will leak. And the nipple has a special seal that you can hear when you turn it, so that will prevent leaking.There’s no extra parts to wash like Dr. Browns, and they do not give my daughter gas. In fact, my daughter will burp better now than with her other bottles. She also prefers the wide-mouth shape and I know it gives her mouth the needed motion to widen her palatte (which is one of the reasons breastfeeding is recommended.) We ended up selling all the other ones to our local baby consignment shop and spent the money on more Avent bottles.

Kimberlee Deedsville, IN

Philips Avent Products

I give 5 stars to all Avent Products. I have had no problems, whatsoever, with Avent.

Nan Harveyville, KS

Perfect for breastfeeding moms…

I purchsed these bottles on a recommendation from a friend who was breast feeding as well. The fact that the nipples were to more mimic the breast than others was great and the fact that you could use the bottles as storage containers when pumping was even better. When I first had my daughter, we had to put her on a bottle a week after she was here to help me have time to heal. She was getting one bottle a day and was having no problem going back and forth from breast to bottle regularly. The nipples are great because they force the baby to suck on them as if they were the breast. The nipples are not supposed to be shaped as the breast but force the baby to latch the way they do on the breast. I swear by these bottles ans will not change to any other bottles for her!

Kellie Cold Spring Harbor, NY

The best!

These bottles are absolutely fantastic! They are so easy to use and they cut down on gas wonderfully. I just cannot say enough good about them – well, here’s an idea. I have 8 of them! The nipples can be a little pricey at times but check out the stores and babies rus – they’re on sale at different times in the year and you can save about 15-20% on them. I wouldn’t use anything else. Target puts them on sale as well. The silicone nipples are so much nicer than the rubber ones on regular bottles, and if you nurse and use bottles as a supplement, these are the more like yourself so the baby has an easier taking it. The bottles withstand hundreds of washings in a dishwasher without the markings being washed off. By far, the best bottle on the market in my humble opinion. I received one in a gift set and my husband immediately ran out and bought a week’s worth – they’re just so much easier to use and they fit so well on the fridge shelves, plus those huge plastic caps that fit over the nipples are easy to remove and makes you feel like everything is cleaner. Highly recommend!

Hilary Stow, NY

We don’t have any problems

I have had 3 children, all formula fed from birth, and we only used this brand with the 3rd child – mainly because I could not find the brand I used previously (Canon Babysafe).Yes, they are more expensive, but if you think how many times you use them and wash them … you certainly get your money’s worth. I only have 6 and this suits us perfectly.I have not had any trouble with leaks and find they seal quite well for outings when they are in my nappy bag.My baby took the teat from birth with no problems. But I know some mother’s who had babies that just wouldn’t take this teat and they had to switch brands. I guess with everything to do with babies it’s a case of trial and error to find what suits you and your baby.What I like about the bottles is that the wide opening makes them extremely easy to wash and easy to put formula in. I used the narrow necked bottles previously and I was forever spilling formula trying to put the formula in with the scoops. The Avent bottles are also very comfortable for me to hold and easy for my baby to grip on to as well.They suit us perfectly – give them a try and see what you think.

Sheree Milburn, OK

Alright bottles

I’ve only tried the 9oz bottles and they leak for me alot. It’s really annoying since I spent so much money thinking that they were quality. They also make alot of noise when my son eats. And he doesn’t like the nipple, it’s too thick for him to get a good suction. One thing that is good is these bottles don’t give him gas which I’ve tried cheap bottles and he gets gassy with them. After trying alot of bottles the only brand I have absolutely no problem with is the Dr.Brown bottles. They are just the best. But they have extra parts to clean which is a pain.

Antonia Log Lane Village, CO

bottles shouldn’t leak like this

I recieved boxes of these bottles as gifts, every one of them leaks. I tried everything to stop the leaks, but nothing worked. Avent makes a great manual breast pump, but they need to put a better bottle on the market.

Sherri Bridal Veil, OR

Not As Pleased As I Thought I’d Be.

We recieved these bottles as a gift for our son (now 16 months)and expected greatness from Avent. When I opened the first package I was amazed at how stiff the nipples were that are included with these bottles. Stiffness is hardly a correct simulation of the breast. The bottles are also very wide and hard for little hands to grip when they begin to hold their own bottles. I also saw no indication that my son got any less air from using the Avent system. I MUCH prefer the softer, easier to hold, less air producing Playtex Nursers which is what we ended up switching him to.

Florine Seabrook, SC

not great for nursing infants

The nipple is so long that my infant was gagging everytime i tried to feed her. It isn’t great for infants that are nursing…My daughter had a fit when i tried to feed her. Not only was she gagging, but she just didn’t like the nipple. I used the playtex nurser bottle and she loved it. I have been using those bottles and nipples ever since, and she is doing great when i need to switch from breast to bottle.

Janie Hague, NY

Daughter got to much air! Mother of 4

My daughter liked the nipple but got to much air. I tried these and the Dr. Brown but ended up going back to Playtex Nursers(I used these with all my other kids) I wouldnt recommend these.

Ann Jack, AL

Didn’t work for my baby, wanted to like them but it didn’t work out!

These bottles just didn’t work for my baby. We tried and tried for 3 and 1/2 months to get my baby to take these bottles but it just didn’t work. My baby is mostly breastfed, and is only given a bottle occasionally, so I didn’t give up on these bottles right away, just thinking that he wasn’t used to the bottles and that’s why he was having a tough time. My mom babysat and she has raised nine kids, all who were bottlefed, so she is an expert. She said to me that the baby just really can’t use this nipple. He chews on it and couldn’t suck properly, the nipple seemed to hard for him. He couldn’t latch on right and all the milk would spill out the sides of his mouth. Well, I take anything she says seriously! After investing alot of time and money in Avent, I decided to scrap them and start over. I went out and found a nipple that was closest to his pacifier that he loves. I found Gerber Nuk nipples, got four of them for about $4 and bought Especially for Baby bottles for a whopping $2.99 (you get 3) and my baby LOVES them!!!! THe bottles are cute (the gerber bottles would be fine, too, but they weren’t cute enough!) He takes the nipple right away and finally the bottles are emptied in no time. What a relief. I am sure Avent is good for some babies, but not mine, even after months of “training”. My advice is to try different bottles before settling on one kind. One more note, I read the other reviews that talk about leaking, I didn’t have this problem at all. The only leaking was from my son’s mouth when he couldn’t latch on properly. But my cousin used Avent and they leaked terribly for her and she switched to Dr Browns. I would have tried Dr Browns but it looks like their bottles have the same nipples as Avent, too hard and not good for my baby. Expensive isn’t always better!

Marian Warren, VT

Won’t use anything else for my babies!

I used these bottles with my son and loved them!This bottle system was excellent and my son almost never had any gas with them like he did with some others I tried out. He took right to them as a newborn and I didn’t have to encourage him like I had to with others.The wide mouth is so nice and makes them so much easier to wash. The nipples and bottles are extremely durable and held up for a very long time. As my son got older, I had other bottles I would use for him, but he always preferred the Avent ones.I never had problems with leaking like I had read about, so I don’t know much about that. But there was absolutely no leaking here!There is a great range of accessories that go with this bottle as well, including sterilizers and breast pumps. Everything was compatible with my Avent breast pump and it made it a dream to use.I am pregnant with my second and Avent is all I am going to buy for her.

Mindy Rineyville, KY

I LOVE Avent bottles!

I absolutely love these bottles!! I’ve been using them for about 4.5 months now and I’ve NEVER had a problem with leaks!!!! I have also never overtightened the bottles!! I love how they are designed. Because of their width, my daughter was able to hold them at 3.5 months!! I also love their ‘wide-neck’, which makes it very easy to fill the bottle while holding a squirming baby! They are also EXTREMELY easy to clean! And they are interchangeable!! I plan on buying the sippy cup spout in a couple of months so that my daughther can learn to drink from a sippy cup using the same bottle!!! My daughter has also never had colic!! I LOVE EM!!! I LOVE EM!!! I LOVE EM!!! I also have the breast pump and microwave sterilzer which all fit the bottles perfectly!!

Annie Steward, IL

not great for a newborn

We got these bottles because they are supposed to be the closest thing to breast feeding, and they advertise a ‘slow-flow’ nipple. Needless to say, the milk just ran down our baby’s chin every time. The slow-flow is not slow enough for a baby who is accustomed to breast feeding and having to work at gettimg milk out. They are way too expensive and didn’t work well for us.

Shanna King, WI

induced gag reflex!

Baby is breast-fed and I registered for these so I could pump and my husband could feed her at night. Our baby hated the bottle and wouldn’t take the nipple. The nipples, on the Avent, are too long and hard and would make her gag when she attempted to latch on. We switched to the Platex NaturalLatch and now she takes a bottle. The nipples on the Platex are much softer and shorter. Baby switches between the bottle and breast now, no problem.

Chris Douglas, AL