Philips AVENT 4 Ounce BPA Free Breast Milk Storage Set, Clear, 4-Pack

Philips AVENT 4 Ounce BPA Free Breast Milk Storage Set, Clear, 4-Pack

The Philips Avent Breast Milk Storage set, creates easy breast milk storage and feeding with no need to transfer milk. For storage of breast milk in the fridge or freezer, express directly into the containers by attaching them to your breast pump. Simply replace the sealing discs with a nipple for feeding.

Main features

  • Express milk directly into storage container using any philips avent breast pump
  • Simply insert a sealing disc to store breast milk in the fridge or freezer
  • Replace the sealing disc with an avent nipple for feeding – no need to transfer milk
  • All Avent nipples and spouts can be used with the Avent breast milk container
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Useless without extra sealing ring

I thought these little bottles were great until my son wouldn’t take the nipple. Fine, I can use a different bottle to feed him and use these for pumping. Except there is an extra little ring that goes in the bottle before you screw on the cap with the sealing disc. If you forget the little ring you might as well not put a lid on it at all. That liquid gold I just spent 20 minutes pumping spilled out everywhere. I know it has to be in there but at 5:45am when I’m trying to get everything together and both kids ready and out the door, I grabbed the bottles and lids from the dishwasher and totally forgot there was another separate piece needed to seal the bottle. I think it’s a poor design and I wish I had never bought them.

Lucy Sargent, GA

Every day I’m storin’ milk

These milk storage bottles are the bomb dot com. I think they are perfect to use with the classic Avent bottles since all you have to do when you need to serve them to your baby is warm up the container (I like to submerge it in warm water for 5 minutes), and then pop out the sealing disk and pop IN whatever size nipple you are using with your little one. I wish the set came with more than 4 containers though. I guess I should just order more to wrangle my massive milk stash. I feel like Bessie the dairy cow when I look in the fridge and see all of these containers. Avent needs to make them in larger ounce sizes… an 8-ounce container set would be great! Also, I would love to see these kind of containers that fit with Avent’s new "natural" bottles… All in all, a good set, and I do recommend them. I don’t know if they are also made for the freezer or not. I just use Gerber zip-lock style milk bags for my freezer stash. Get these, mamas! Bring your milk-shake back to the yard after being safely stored in these containers!

Courtney Finley, TN

Good investment

I love these bottles they’re really sturdy and good quality. You can use them to store milk, or just pop in a nipple and use it as a bottle.I did have one with breast milk in it that I left out and kept forgetting to clean. Then when I opened it Oh my god it smelled soooo horrible like rotten fish. I cleaned it really good and even boiled it for a long time but the smell didn’t go away. So I had to toss that bottle, shame.

Harriet Wellston, OK

Avent I really want to love you

I really want to love these bottles. I’ve used them for both my children. I like the caps and inserts. They work great for me. Except they don’t screw on very tight. I suppose that’s all part of the less gas in babies tummies because they vent. However, if you don’t put the nipple in just right and make sure all the parts are completely dry (difficult for me since I wash and fill mine every night) they don’t get a good seal and the lid pretty much comes right off. I’ve lost so many bottles of my precious breast milk. I’d love to give a recommendation on a better brand, but I never tried another since I had so much invested in these. The best I can say is my breast fed babies took them.

Petra Sparta, GA


This leaks, but my other bottles did too. I love the storage set for tossing into my diaper bag for transporting breast milk to the baby-sitter’s. It’s a good product, but the leaking frustrates me.

Marianne Stockbridge, WI

Super handy

I only wish these bottles were compatible with the natural nipple tops but otherwise it’s great and compatible with all the classic line

Kimberlee Curtisville, PA

it’s okay

Seems not cheaper than the same products in PRC, also looks like too small. Good quality as well as the others.

Lynette Reads Landing, MN

My grandson loves this bottle

To be honest we have never tried any other bottle, but that is because my grandson is completely happy with this bottle. It is the bottle our Dr office recommended. This pack gives you 4 bottles and 4 lids to use for storage.

Effie Fulton, MO



Joyce Bretz, WV

Exactly as described

Bonus- these fit on my rented Medela Symphony pump with the adapters. Haven’t had any leaking problems whatsoever. I like that they are somewhat of a standard size so many different brands of nipples will fit.

Petra Schriever, LA

Nice Storage Set

good product it dos what is supost to do. will recommend for any one and better if you use Philips bottels.

Lesley Silverpeak, NV

Works great with Lansinol mOmma nipples

I bought a set of these to go withLansinoh mOmma 2 Count Nipples, Slow-Flowfor our EBF baby and not only do they work great, our 11 week old is finally taking a bottle! Even though they aren’t pictured, this set did come with a blue adaptor ring for each bottle (not being familiar with Avent bottles, I wasn’t sure what the adaptor ring was but it all makes sense when you can actually look at the product). They are wide enough mouthed to be easily to pour milk into and clean easily. So far, very happy with them!

Shauna Claymont, DE

Great bottles, babies love them!

I like these bottles and so do my babies. To be honest, I never really tried other bottles except a Medela bottle that came with my breast pump. I did not like those. The nipples were so small and flimsy, so I stuck with Avent bottles. I pump directly into these bottles and then store them for when my baby needs a bottle. They are BPA free and the wide neck makes them easy to wash. They are durable and glad I purchased them.

Velma Provo, KY

Love Philips AVENT items

These are great because you can pump directly into them add the storage lid and put them in the refrigerator or freezer. When you need it just replace the snap in lid with a bottle nipple and feed your baby from the same container. No need to transfer milk from one container to another. Thy work perfectly with the AVENT breast pumps. Very convenient and very easy to use. Make sure to use the extra ring that comes with these bottles to ensure they don’t leak. Philips AVENT makes wonderful items and I recommend them often.

Edwina Greencastle, IN


Totally great for saving breast milk you just have to add the nipples for feeding,so very easy and save space.Avent rocks

Roseann Stinson Beach, CA

These do what they are supposed to

I bought this to expand the "starter" storage set that came with my Avent dual electric pump when I went back to work. They do the job. They are too expensive to use as primary means of storage but work well to transport the milk back and forth when I go into the office. The only other issue is that it leaks without the little ring which as a sleep deprived mom of a newborn just sometimes gets forgotten. I don’t understand why they can’t make this without needing that ring.

Ruby Endwell, NY

Philips Avent always

Like all the Avent products, we love this Storage Set and our friend Lucy ask for this products for her baby shower.

Madelyn Crest Park, CA

Cheap option for the Avent user

we bought these to extend our starter set and we also bought a pack of nipples so the price came much lower than buying individual bottles. I just recently discovered another great Avent product, which adjusts these bottles to fit my Medela pump and these bottles have been a life-saver as I now pump directly into them. Highly recommended.

Molly Bessemer, MI