Philips AVENT 9 Ounce BPA Free Natural Drinking Cup, 1-Pack, Red

Philips AVENT 9 Ounce BPA Free Natural Drinking Cup, 1-Pack, Red

The Natural Drinking Cup from Philips AVENT makes it easier for your toddler to transition from bottles and sippy cups to grown up drinking–without the mess. Ideal for toddlers 12 months and up, this spoutless cup features a unique spill-proof valve that’s lip activated.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Toddlers can drink from all around the rim which allows for an easy transition to grown up drinking
  • No spout, no straw, no mess with hygiene lid; Easy to clean, assemble and can be sterilized
  • Orthodontist recommended
  • BPA Free
  • Handle for independent drinking

Verified reviews


Nice try, but doesn’t compete with regular toddler drinking cups…

Let’s face it, parents with toddlers have long been waiting for that magic sippy cup to come along. One that doesn’t have 10 pieces to take apart and wash, one that
• really
• does not leak, one that your child will accept, and one that helps teach them how to drink like a big kid. This is what we want! When I first saw the concept behind this AVENT “My First Grown Up Drinking Cup” I thought, here, this might finally be it!It’s not.While I was originally very excited to try it out, I was very disappointed with it’s performance. The design seemed like a very good idea, a sort of plate in the center of the cup gets pushed back (very easily) by the nose or upper lip when drinking, this breaks the rubber “seal” allowing liquid to pass through. The child can drink from any angle on the cup. So, as a reviewer I couldn’t just give it to my 3-year-old daughter to try out, I wanted to try the flow for myself. I drank from this cup myself, and was frustrated! I don’t want to give it to my child because it’s a very dissatisfying flow. No one likes to have liquid slowly leaked into their mouth when they’re thirsty and really need a drink! My 3-year-old and 11-month-old like to gulp it down. So I really don’t think this drinking/sippy cup works well in that respect.As far as leaking, upon it’s first use, I tipped it upside down over the sink, and a slow but steady drip came from the cup. It is not leak proof. Furthermore, seeing as it takes very little pressure to push back the sealing mechanism, this cup could very easily create a decent sized spill if it leaned against a toy the wrong way. This is at least one thing most modern sippy cups have going for them, they need at least some suction to spill a true puddle.Finally, after giving the product some thought as far as it’s “training” capabilities, I decided there’s no point to a drinking cup like this. Here’s the thing, your toddler or young child is
• still
• , at some point, going to have to learn to drink from a real adult glass. There is no way around it, this doesn’t teach a child not to spill, it doesn’t teach a child not to pick up a glass recklessly, or how to learn to balance a glass in the hand so that liquid stays put. So the entire concept of this being like a “real cup” doesn’t mean much to me. At some point, all children have to learn the motor skills it requires to balance a glass in their hands without spilling, and like it or not, that’s going to require some spillage and some messes. The only thing sippy cups or even “drinking cups” like this teach a child is how to drink from that exact cup. There is no magical training cup that can teach them to know how to handle a real glass.That said, seeing as this cup does still leak and provides very slow flow, I can’t see how this product could possibly be better than your standard sippy cup out there. If you’re looking for leak proof, I say go with one of those Nuk sippy cips that come with caps–because there is no true leak-proof sippy cup (not that I’ve been able to locate yet–and we’ve seemingly tried them ALL!) And if you want to try and teach your child to drink from a “grown up drinking cup”, skip this and hunt down an unbreakable mug or cup with handles and start giving your child water in it to practice. I can’t recommend wasting your money on this product.

Jeri La Crosse, VA

Serves no purpose, not worth it

I have tried dozens of different sippy, straw and trainer cups and this is the worst one so far.My 18 month old got VERY frustrated with this cup. I tried it myself as well, and unless you really press your nose into the plate in the center of the cup, the flow is very minimal. Not only that, but I think it actually hinders the transition to a normal cup, because one of the biggest hurdles is knowing how far back to tip the cup. With this cup, you can tip it upside down, but unless you press the plate, nothing is coming out. Also, like other avent sippies, the valve is multiple pieces that should really be taken apart at each use and washed unless you want mold growing in there – even with just water. They say not to use this cup with juice either, and I think milk would really get in the nooks and crannies as well.So at least its leakproof then, right? Sort of. It’s true that it doesn’t leak if the plate isn’t pressed, but it doesn’t take much to press the plate a little and allow a slow dribble. For that reason I wouldn’t use it as an accident-proof cup for in the car or other unsupervised use anyway. A straw cup works much better for that purpose.If you’re restricting to water anyway, spend a couple weeks transitioning to a regular cup and save yourself the hassle of another unnecessary “transitional” stage. Sure, there will be some spills, but it will be over faster, and you can use a straw cup (which would still have adult applications later) for the times you need something less messy.

James Mesilla, NM

Not my favorite

I wanted to love this cup. I am so sick of the piles of sippy cups and sippy cup parts, that I was hoping to find “the one”. This cup was not it for us. First off, I miplaced the instruction booklet on how to assemble the cup. No big deal, right? Wrong. The cup assembly is definitely not intuitive, I thought I had it set up right and tested it out myself, ending up pouring water all over myself. Of course I decided to test the new cup out right in the middle of dinner, you know, that time of day when everybody is cranky, hungry, and tired, what a mess. Turns out I was able to get the correct assembly instructions from Avent’s website, but really?!? Of all the sippy cups that we have purchased I have never needed to use an instruction manual. Once we got the cup assembled, it was okay. My little guy did not take to it, but I will keep trying.

Tammy Green Mountain, NC

I wanted to love it, but didn’t.

I just started the hunt for a cup to help my son learn how to drink from something besides a straw–without it being too terribly messy–when I found this one that looked great. Unfortunately, it was sub par.First, why the double baby handles? If your kid is learning to drink from a cup, why have those silly handles? They could be removed from the design without affecting the actual “learning” portion of the cup. Or at least have them be removable by the user.Second, wow there are a lot of pieces. Yes, they give you a diagram–and I assume if you take it apart and put it together enough times you won’t need it–but why not just label the pieces 1-2-3 with arrows? I mean, Avent is labelled on the pieces, why not numbers or symbols that would actually help you?Third–and most importantly–at most you get a dribble of liquid, which is pretty useless. Yes, I guess it helps the kids understand that liquid drains into their mouth and they have to swallow it, but it just comes out SOOOO SLOW. It’s just not realistic at all. My son can drink a 9oz straw/sippy cup in about three minutes on a good day if he’s thirsty. It took him about 30 minutes of constant tipping and sipping to drink about 7oz from this cup.So while it’s a decent attempt, it’s certainly not anything I’m excited about.

Penelope Allamuchy, NJ

decent cup, but spills are easy

This cup is nice since there is no one location that baby needs to latch on to. My 9-month-old has no problem with this cup and can easily drink from it. He isn’t an independent drinker yet, but he is working on it. He actually prefers cups without the handles.My biggest problem is that this cup easily gets thrown around (what baby/toddler doesn’t toss things around) and when it is upside down (how it inevitably lands), then it is easy to push on the lid and all the liquid comes flowing out. It got tossed in my son’s play area and a toy pushed on the lid and ALL the water came out and drenched everything. Yes, there is a lid to put on it to prevent leaks, but if your child is drinking from it and tosses it down, you can’t always get to it to put the lid on before it spills. Plus, I found the lid popped off easily and can get lost (it fell off while in the side pocked of the diaper bag and I thought I had lost it for good, but it turned out it was in the backseat of my car).Overall, a decent cup, but spills too easily.

Lacey Elk, CA


This is a cup that I REALLY wanted to love. I love the idea of it and even the color. But, as other reviewers have stated, it leaks. The flow is extremly slow. When I say slow, it’s slow enough to frustrate a child trying to drink out of it. Because by the time a child is old enough for the cup they take big gulps. I wansn’t too happy and will keep looking for the “perfect cup”.

Billie Cottonwood, CA

Maybe OK for older toddlers

I bought a variety of cups for my (now 14-month old) son to try, and this looked great because of the concept of being more like a regular cup. I had a hard time figuring out how to get it back together correctly, but it does work as described. Unfortunately, the first thing he does with any cup is turn it upside down, and when he did, the liquid poured out. This is probably better for kids who no longer do that!

Katherine Painton, MO

Not worth it

This cup doesn’t really accomplish anything. It spills and doesn’t really teach the concept of drinking from a cup. Plus it’s hard to wash all the pieces of the lid as they are really hard to get apart. Overall, I wouldn’t bother ordering it again. Just use a plastic or non-breakable cup to teach them!

Lee Vanzant, MO

But will my grandson love it?

Seems like a great idea. I filled it with water, turned it upside down and it didn’t leak a drop. I’ll have to wait to see what my 2 yr old grandson thinks of it and how it well it works when he tries to drink from it.

Leta Copan, OK

Philips AVENT 9 Ounce BPA Free Natural Drinking Cup

•Toddlers can drink from all around the rim which allows for an easy transition to grown up drinking•No spout, no straw, no mess with hygiene lid; Easy to clean, assemble and can be sterilized•Orthodontist recommended•BPA Free•Handle for independent drinking

Jacqueline Corning, OH

looks nice.

We got it but i haven’t use it yet. Will get back later to review and tell my opinion. But i like the idea.

Alicia North Pole, AK

great cup to practice with

this is a great cup for teaching a toddler to drink from an open cup. my son does really well with it and within a few months has really improved his ability to drink from an open cup. my only complaint is that while described as spill proof, it does sometimes spill a little due to the remaining liquid left in the top after my son drinks. once that has spilled, however, it goes back to being spill proof. slightly annoying but given how much worse it could be worth it in the end. we bought several. easy to clean, reassemble.

Maureen Colden, NY

good transition to real cup

I like this as a transition tool with some supervision to a real cup. It teaches the kid that you need to tilt the cup back and kinda introduces the lip to cup movement. I dunno. We have tried sippy, straw and this as well as a regular cup and like how this one works. It is pretty spill resistant, although it can easily spill. But out of all the other spillproof apparatuses, this one is probably the least amount of spillage.

Clarice Oacoma, SD

Great transition cup

Many parents understand the process of finding just the right cup that your child will drink out of. I can attest to my son being a little choosy and finally finding one that works was met with a sigh of relief! I was eager to try this cup after my doctor recommended one like this (a cup that really acts like a regular cup and teaches proper sipping versus a straw like functioning cup) One of my biggest criteria is for the cup to be spill proof. This cup is, however it quickly becomes non-spill proof if they smash the middle down (which has happened multiple times with us.) This style of cup is much easier to clean as there is no spout, and the handles are very easy for little hands to grab and hold. I would recommend it as it does teach them to drink properly from an earlier age.

Lola Hillsboro, IL

Easy to use

This cup is very easy to use because with the little handles the baby can hold tha cup with his little hands, is easy to clean there’s no mess

Alicia Big Creek, CA


It looks so nice, doesn’t it? A cup designed to teach your toddler how to drink out of the edge of the cup, no? I mean, so wonderful, right?WRONG!In order for the mechanism to work properly, your child will have to shove his/her face against the lifted plate, allowing flow of liquid to the mouth. If, somehow, the lid has any pressure, IT WILL LEAK. I repeat, IT WILL LEAK. Or, IT WILL SPILL ALL OVER YOUR CHILD IN THE CAR.And, to make matters worse, cleaning it is a nuisance. For the price, this product is seriously a joke. Flawed in every way.You’ve been warned!

Aida Putney, VT

Great transition cup

This cup is a great way to transition your toddler from a sippy cup to a regular cup. I’ve been using it with my 17 month old at meal times and it has worked great. The unique top makes them drink like they would out of a regular cup, but restricts the flow so they don’t make such a big mess when they tip it over. The handles are perfect for little hands and it cleans up easily. It took my son a few meal times to figure it out, but now he’s a pro at it. Its a little more of a mess than a sippy cup, but much less than what it would be had we gone straight to a regular cup.

Kim Rio, WV

Okay, Actually my Baby Loves it

A good starter drinking product for the next steps after a bottle with a nipple. Our little one has enjoyed using a straw since she was 6 months. But this really helps to keep the item my baby drinks from spilling easily. A good product and worth the investment for baby.

Janna Hillister, TX

Works great!

My daughter loves her Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Drinking Cup. Instead of transitioning to a sippy cup, we opted to go straight to a ‘normal’ cup rim. We had to guide her at first, but she quickly learned to grab the handles and drink for herself. She is now 1 year old and independently drinking from this cup. It is leak proof, as long as baby isn’t pressing down on the pressure plate and holding it at an angle! Comes apart quickly and cleans easily, but we only use this for water anyway.

Lilia San Marino, CA

Not impressed

The concept is great. I was excited to start using this cup. But it leaks like crazy when they try to drink from it. So it defeats the purpose. I wouldn’t buy another one.

Rosie Rogersville, PA


We like for our toddler to use a “big boy cup” at the dinner table. (Read: regular cup, no lid, no straw) He does fine while we are at the table, but snack time or riding in the car, he needs a sippy. This cup gives him the real cup and give me the spill resistance for the times we aren’t sitting at the table.He can spill the contents of the cup if he is determined, but he has to actively try to spill it.This cup is genius. I love it.

Elisabeth Dover, KY

Works well

My pediatrician wants my daughter (17 months) to use a regular cup and she just isn’t quite ready to use one on her own. This does work well. It is the best that I have found of its kind. My daughter still prefers the bottle or sippy cup, though.

Terri Venetia, PA

sippy cup

The idea of this cup is good but I don’t think my grandaughter likes it. If you push on the lid it leaks.

Martina Aberdeen, KY


This is a great sippy cup – it is not spill proof but is a good training cup. Liquids don’t flow too fast – which is good – we have a cup the is for the next stage that let’s more flow… this is a great product if you have read the reviews and you know what you are looking for

Kelley Coventry, VT

Hit and miss

First off, I love the idea of this cup. I love that it’s much more like a regular cup than a sippy cup. I even love the color. The trouble is that it’s not entirely spill proof.It works by having the top be a on a spring, with a rubber seal on the side of it, so that when a child drinks, their nose or upper lip pushes against it, opening a gap and allowing liquid out. When they pull it away, the top tightens up against the seal again. The top and seal can be disassembled allowing for regular cleaning, though, truth be told the instructions for this are in universal picture form with no words at all and are a fair bit confusing to sort out. But that’s not why I gave it 3 stars.When the top seals up again after, a fair amount of liquid remains on the top lip, above the seal, which easily spills out. In addition, shaking it while upside down also causes liquid to spill out. Though not a significant amount in either case, it’s enough that I really wouldn’t want anything other than water in this, otherwise you’re going to stain the surroundings.So, this may be a good cup, if you really think of it as a transition cup, where your child isn’t likely to turn it over or sideways, treating it like an adult treats a coffee cup. But, if you think it’s going to get overturned or knocked about, this isn’t a great choice.However, I really do like the idea of this system, and no doubt it has a great role for kids who for whatever reason shouldn’t use other options.

Irene Goshen, VA


This has to be one of the best baby inventions to come along in awhile. Why try to get your child to drink from a typical sippy cup, only to have to retrain them to drink from a regular cup later? This cup combines the best of both worlds, real cup training and a mostly non-spill experience. The cup consists of 5 pieces, the body, the handles/rim, and a clear rubbery seal that sandwiches between two discs. The instructions are pictures only, and it took me a minute to figure out how it fit together, but was pretty easy. The center of the cup has a disc that moves up and down when your baby’s mouth touches it when drinking from the rim, which causes the seal to open for liquid to be released. When your child is done drinking, the non-spill seal is reengaged. It really is like drinking from a cup, except it has handles! The only negative is it will leak some water if your child doesn’t fully drink all the water that comes out when the seal is broken because the water gets trapped around the rim. But once the small bit of water is sipped up or tipped out, it is completely leak proof, I turned it upside down and nary a drop escaped. This cup claims it is for 12 months and up, I am assuming it is because of the chance of some leakage compared to traditional sippy cups. For me, it is worth the extra bit of leaking for my daughter to learn how to drink from a real cup. She is 8 months old and is having fun learning with this cup and prefers it because it is just like my cup, which I let her drink from often – with my help. Now she doesn’t need my help as much, which makes her happy!

Rosetta Weimar, TX

Hard to drink out of and messy

Thought this was going to be the "aweome sippy" i have been looking for, but i am sadly mistaken.The idea is neat… but the actual usage is just not. Its hard to drink out of, even for me… once you do drink out of it, it came out weird, and giving the fact the top is all solid color, you cant see when the fluid is coming or what you are drinking. My husband and I both had a problem with that as did my 2 year old.Going back. I love avent bottles but this cup just didnt cut it.

Cynthia Jefferson Valley, NY

Teaches sipping, rather than sucking

This cup was recommended to us by a friend whose baby refused "sippy cups." It’s a great cup! We’ve been using it with our now 10 month old for about 4 months, and while a straw cup is less messy, he seems to really like this cup, and I like that it teaches him to sip from a cup rather than sucking (like most sippy cups, bottles, straw cups, etc.).A potential downside, depending on the caregiver, is that it’s not entirely mess-free. If the child presses down on the lid and tips the cup, water will pour out. This is how the cup works – when you’re drinking from it, your upper lip presses on the lid, breaking the seal and letting the liquid come out. Since we only use it for water, I don’t mind that it sometimes results in a little mess. (Still much less of a mess than if I’d given our 10 month old a cup with no lid, of course!)

Lauri Roundup, MT

Great buy! One year old loves to use.

Your child will love this and is a great training tool!This is a great product. We are going to purchase a second one after seeing how our one year old loves to use. The product has a removable lid so it is easy to take it with out if the house. Our child was able to adapt to using the cup with no problem. There will be a little spill/leakage as the child plays with the cup but it is a great design. It disassembles easily for cleaning.

Ashlee Falkner, MS

wouldn’t stay together after first use

We liked the cup at first. Unlike other reviewers the cup had a good flow rate. My twins were dribbling milk everywhere until they got used to it after a few minutes. They left them all over the house, even totally upside down and not one drop was leaked.After the first use we washed them according to the instructions and after that they never stayed together anymore. The plate would pop off with the slightest impact and milk went everywhere. Not good!

Alice Delafield, WI