Philips AVENT Baby Monitor with Temperature and Humidity Sensors, White/Blue

Philips AVENT Baby Monitor with Temperature and Humidity Sensors, White/Blue

Avent DECT Baby MonitorThe Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor guarantees a secure, private connection with crystal clear monitor clarity and zero interference to give complete comfort and assurance. This monitor has humidity and temperature sensors for climate control to keep baby’s room healthy and comfortable. Includes a base unit and a small, sleek rechargeable parent unit with an easy to read digital display screen and an extra long range for confident cordless monitoring in and around the home.

Main features

  • Healthy climate with crystal clear sound
  • Monitors humidity and temperature
  • Zero interference guaranteed with DECT technology
  • A secure and private connection
  • Easy to read digital display on parent unit

Verified reviews


Good – but not better than any older models

Hands down, the Phillips baby monitors are the best. They are clear, easy to use, and the lighting that indicates sound level is really great to see if the baby is crying in the other room while you are washing the dishes.But – these newer models do not really do anything better than the first version. I have owned the 1st, 2nd, and now this 3rd generation DECT monitor. In fact the newer batteries are proprietary which is a real bummer …The major pluses:- Clear sounds with no interference.- With no interference – no false calls, you can trust it- The lights that light up as sounds increase are a lifesaver and a critical feature- Temperature reading is really a nice reference (humidity isn’t that big of a deal – unless you live in an extreme climate)The major drawbacks:- Expensive (try amazon market place, ebay, or craigslist for older models)- No clear advantage over older models- In fact this model has proprietary rechargeable battery – previous model had AAA rechargeable batteries …Try the older versions first – if you can’t locate and have a gift card – then go to it. You won’t be disappointed.Older versions to look for in my preference order:1. Older Orange / Yellow Philips DECT (1st gen) monitor.2.Philips Avent Digital Screen Baby Monitor with DECT Technology3. Any of the other versions… just make sure it has the lights in a row on the top ..

Elsa Conneautville, PA

Not very good value for your money, but a great product.

I will compare this to this other high end monitor that I own and have used with my 9 yr old and the newer deluxe versionwith my now 1 yr old twins.Bébésounds Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor with Sound MonitorThe angelcare wins out for me, for the first 6 mo because of the movement sensor, I used it along with a video monitor.Range: the phillips is a winner.We have a 3 story house thats basement plus 5000 sq ft above ground, so the width of the house is probably a 150 feetat the most.Neither monitor goes from upstairs baby’s bedroom to the basement. The Angelcare works fine uptothe downstairs, but not across a thick kitchen wall, only at the entrance to the kitchen. This one works onthe entire main floor with baby unit upstairs, and is totally interference free. but then so is the angelcare within range.No humidity sensor on the Angelcare, and no lullaby, but it has a feature that saved me many sleepless nightsa baby breathing monitor. My older son ended up in our bed when plagued by recurring colds and so on,much harder to do with twins even on a king bed. The breath movement alarm on this angelcare is fantastic andworked well for me. my crib already had a little notice on a board that I could place the sensor pad on.Both sound clear enough, but the Phillips has the edge,(but even picks up sounds from the landing andneighbouring room , which is a minus in my book, but you can adjust the range downward, which I’ve now done.)you can hear conversations etc crystal clear, but I’ve never missed the baby with either.The Angelcare comes with two parent units which is really useful, but have to use my own rechargeablebatteries for the Angelcare — I usually leave them on the charger, but has worked overnight with no problems,I haven’t tested out the 24 hr claim on the phillips as yet. But I love the cord that I can hang like a necklace andthe parent unit is discreetly small and adorable, about the size of pack of cards vs 2 1/2 times that on the angelcare.The phillips has a lovely menu system that I didn’t need to read the manual to get to work. The angelcare iscryptic at best, and even with the manual totally annoying to set up. Both have out of range warnings etc.The nightlight on the philips is a soft yellow glow, but not very bright — the angelcare is a loud bright blue.

Laurie Little River, KS

This is the perfect gift for new mommies

This is the perfect gift for new mommies…It even has a lanyard so you dont have to carry it around or have to wear a belt. It has such clarity and a great range. I love it….

Connie Camuy, PR

Excellent monitor

Wow! This is really nice. I love the 2 way monitor. It works perfectly. The sound is crisp and clear and it really gives me peace of mind. The other features are great too. I love the soothing sounds. They have really come in handy when the baby was fussy. The thermometer is handy too! I bought it mostly for the monitor features, but I have found that the other additions are really nice features. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

Maryanne Fort Harrison, MT

Love this monitor

This monitor is great. It doesn’t have video, but it has all the rest. I love the tempurature feature, we heat with a pellet stove and it makes it easy for me to monitor at night that the kids rooms are warm enough. Very sensitive, but has a control for that as well. The only down fall of this monitor is that the lights do light up my room quite a bit, since we use a noise machine in the kids rooms. Great product.

April Florence, MA

4.5 stars !!!

This is a great baby monitor.I have had the graco audio monitor and summer infant video monitor.I have always wanted to get a philips audio monitor because of the two way talking feature..but refrained from gettin one for the same reason that I have deducted 1/2 star….I would rather have a two way video monitor.As for the product…Its extremely sleek and not space consumingthere is very little to no static in the hand unit even in the restroomconsidering the amount of gadgets i have in my house…i am pretty surprised at the fact that the unit is so quiet.On disconnection of the room beeps unlike all other monitors that give a loud white noise which only startles us.I love the feature where we can talk…makes me wana gift this to the elderly in the family who need constant attention and help.the humidity and temperature sensor is a great addition to make sure the temperature around the baby is the lullabies in the same…though my baby doesnt really sleep with them..more like dances with them..i am sure some children do appreciate these better.All in all a great product…just having a video component with it will possibly make it the only monitor people would want or need.

Tonia Chateaugay, NY

Value for money, Best Monitor

I am really pleased with the monitor. It works perfect.There is a base unit and the parent unit. The base unit is the small cube box, and it has a sensor for temperature and humidity. You have to place it where baby is there. It has a night light and some lullaby tunes which maybe useful for some. This one can run on electricity as well as batteries. It does not come with batteries. It has a LCD which shows temperature and humidity. It also has a Page button which you can use to locate the parent unit.The parent unit is the small unit with the LCD showing the temperature and humidity obtained wirelessly from the base unit and you are supposed to carry it with you using attached belt clip, or just place in room where you are. This unit has 5 light indicators which go in increasing from left to right lighting up depending on noise in baby’s room. You can adjust volume from low to high (5 steps possible). You can setup alerts for temperature and humidity respectively. For example, you want alarm when temperature increases to be 80, you can do that. There is a TALK button, if you press that and say into the unit, your voice can be heard in the baby’s room on the base unit. This parent unit has a built in rechargeable battery pack, and from my experience lasts long time. There is a power cradle supplied which you can use to charge it. You can also continuously leave on the cradle, there is no danger of overcharging.Setup is very easy. Turn on base unit, then turn on parent unit, they both find each other, there is a light on the parent unit which turns green and soon in few seconds you can see temperature and humidity as reported by base unit. The reception is great and works across 3 rooms in my house.There is VIRTUALLY NO NOISE AT ALL. No hissing sounds or static even on max volume. This is the best feature. No more annoying static and disturbance and me and my wife can sleep peacefully.I carried it with me in the supplied pouch to a trip. There was a big party, and lot of noise. My baby was sleeping in a room, and even in the noise of the party, the parent unit alerted me clearly to my baby waking up as soon as she woke up.I think this is a great product. Worth the money absolutely.

Julianne New Franklin, MO

Great product. A little pricey. One improvement suggestion.

I have tried numerous monitors that claim no interference. This one delivers. For that reason alone, it is ALMOST worth the cost of the total package. Every feature listed works and works well. The music is soothing, not annoying. The light is enough to see by, but not enough to disturb baby. The sound is very clear and allows you to talk back to baby from wherever you are, which is also really nice. There have been many occassions where we’ve talked to baby to let her know that we hear her. Then she calms down and waits for us to come.My favorite features are that it IS great sound quality. We’ve had no problems whatsoever with that. The other favorite feature is that the monitor can be carried on a neck chain, making it much easier to deal with than a pocket clip. One previous model we tried was always getting caught on things and ripped off of my pocket, sometimes to the detriment of the box.My only suggestion for improvement here would be regarding the music. When you play the music, it only lasts for about 15 minutes of total playtime. It would be much better if it could last longer to give baby more time to lull to sleep. Our “baby” of 19 months sometimes starts to drift off then, the music will stop and she’ll wake herself and yell “sing” because she wants it to play again. That would make this just about perfect (and a slightly lower price).

Annmarie Blue River, WI

For a new mom or any age. Was just what we needed for our special needs family. EXCELLENT BABY MONITOR and INTERCOM SYSTEM!

Not just for babies since this is a great intercom system. Love that you can run everything over the small protable parental device. For those families like ours with health issues including allergies the humidity and temperature sensors are a definate plus. With a child with severe anxiety, being alone and sleeping issues, the Two way intercom communication has been a blessing. My son age 9 is now able to feel safe and secure in his own room.With regards to the reach, we have no problems. In our large 4500 square foot home, sound quality functions at every place and also in the garden everywhere outside without high-class loss. For us this has been a very worthwhile item. We would buy this again, even at the current price.

Mai Rumsey, CA

Clear Sounds and Fun Features

I quite enjoy the Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor. The device works with a base and a handheld. The base sits next to the baby and the handheld can be carried around with you (or placed in it’s charging unit). I recommend charging it for the allotted time needed before your first use so you can really see the effects of this monitor.What do I like about this? I love the temperature and humidity sensors. They come in handy when you live in an older house where temperatures might change room to room. I also love the talk back feature on the handheld, designed like a walky talky. It comes in handy when you hear your child squirming and feel they’d be comforted by your voice. You could even continue to use this as your child gets older as a way to communicate with them in the playroom or bedroom. The sound quality is incredibly clear. From my experience, I heard even the tiniest sounds.The lullaby function is nice, but I’ve found I don’t use it very often.Is it worth the price? It depends. I really like this baby monitor. The quality and range is great and I love the extra security of the temp/humidity gage. I would be a little hesitant to get it at this price without a coupon, sale, or giftcard, but would totally put it on a gift registry.Overall, I really like this device and recommend you check it out!

Guadalupe Lisbon, OH

Outstanding Monitor, and More

The first baby monitor we purchased was a color video monitor, and we spent aver $150 on it. I won’t get into the details, but we relied so heavily on the video aspect that one day my wife and I didn’t realize that the picture had frozen up, and our sixth-month old, upstairs and on the other side of the house, had been crying for who-knows how long. I felt horrible, and right away we ordered this Philips AVENT Baby Monitor to, at the very least, supplement the video monitor.We had both monitors working simultaneously for a few weeks. The video monitor kept “locking up” on one image of my son, while on the AVENT monitor, I could clearly hear him (mind you, the video monitor also had sound, and apparently it wasn’t very good. If I can ever find that monitor, I’ll write a review for IT, too!). Soon, we just ditched the video monitor (which was quite a novelty for a while) and kept the AVENT.It works wonderfully. It is extremely clear, and the lights on the top of the receiver light up in bright white from left to right when our son makes noise; this is handy because it confirms the audio, so you know you’re not hearing something more locally. It is a sensative unit, obviously much better-built than the video one had been, both the transmitter and the receiver. The receiver also has a walky-talky feature on it, and often we have calmed down our now 13-month old by holding that button down and talking softly into the handset. We can also clearly see the temperature and humidity level in the room, both of which are handy when your little one has a stuffy nose or the croup, for example.The base unit also plays a variety of lullabies. We haven’t used that feature very often, but when we have, it has been quite pleasant. The battery life of the rechargable handset is excellent; it can stay on for more than a day at a time, and it will quickly recharge.I am very impressed with the Philips AVENT; it is a bit steep for the $150 range, but as I learned from my experience with the other monitor, quality is very important with baby monitors, and this unit has commendable quality. I do recommend this product, gladly.

Kerri Lake Crystal, MN

No interference

I have been very pleased with the performance of this baby monitor. I wish it had video like my Summer Infant monitor, but the features it does have are terrific.The unit is small, about a four-inch cube, and the parental unit fits comfortably in my hand. Both are easy to use with intuitive buttons. The monitor has a digital display on top that shows the room’s current temperature and humidity level. You can set an alarm to go off if either goes beyond your desired threshold. The monitor also has a dim nightlight and lullabies that play. You cannot initiate the lullabies from the parental unit, which is a shame, but a quick press of the lullaby button before you leave the room helps sooth the baby. The cordless parental unit charges quickly and holds the charge for several days. It also shows the temperature an humidity in the baby’s room. It has a button on the side like a walkie-talkie so you can speak to your child through the monitor. The units work well through multiple levels of the house, through several walls and even outside with no interference at all. That, for me, is the best aspect of this monitor. Other monitors I’ve used always screech with some sort of static while I’m walking around with them.This monitor has other uses besides just for your baby. When another child of mine got a stomach virus and we isolated him in his room, we put the monitor in there to use as an intercom. He could just talk if he needed something and we could press the button on the parental unit for him to hear us. It was a great system. I am extremely happy with this Philips Avent monitor.

Patricia Mount Pleasant, AR