Philips AVENT BPA Free Bottle Brush, Blue

Philips AVENT BPA Free Bottle Brush, Blue

For all types of bottles, nipples and feeding equipment, the Philips AVENT bottle brush is specially designed for a thorough, complete cleaning.

Main features

  • The complete bottle cleaning brush
  • For easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


This deserves NO stars!

Why, why, WHY people have rated this so high is BEYOND my reasoning capabilities. So far my husband and I have almost AVENT everything. This bottle brush looked different and as if it wouldn’t clean so well so we didn’t buy it. After going through THREE Munchkin bottle brushes because they fall apart after a few months of using we went back to this brush, read the raving reviews on it and thought to ourselves, “Why not? Let’s go for it. It’s AVENT and it has great reviews!”WRONG!! Granted, it MIGHT be better if it had the bristles ALL AROUND the head of the brush, which I don’t understand why they didn’t do that in the first place! Not to mention, the “nipple” cleaner on the end has no bristles at ALL?? Since when does just plastic, nothing else to help remove scum, clean…????Also, the bristles are so long that they’re always spraying soap and water on our faces when we’re cleaning.I don’t care if I have to buy a new Munchkin bottle brush every three months, at least it’s actually CLEANING and NOT spraying me in the face!

Belinda Gray, PA

Terrible brush, not fit with any bottles

I do not like this brush- harsh materials, so hard, it spray water everywhere when you use it. And good luck if you can clean any of your bottle or the bottle neck areas. And the handle design make it slips out of your hands easily. I had much cheaper bottle brushes which works much better (dis-continued). Big waste of money given the frustration and completely useless of this brush.

Esmeralda Piney Flats, TN

Why is this item 4.5 stars??

i bought this brush to replace our previous bottle brush (Oxo) which a family member mistakenly used as a dish brush (gah!). this brush is terrible. the bristles are hard so there is absolutely no way to avoid spraying soap and water everywhere. also, the skinny handle made of slippery plastic makes it awkward to hold. i do NOT recommend this brush; my husband actually said that he “hated” this brush and he doesn’t say that about too many things. we are going back to the Oxo, definitely a superior brush.

Miranda Bruno, WV

Too thick to get inside some bottles or breastpump accessories

This brush is of very odd shape. It doesn’t go inside my medela accessories or some if the bottles I have because it’s too big. Quality of this brush is good, but you simply can’t use it for most of the items due to its size and shape which defeats it’s purpose.

Ladonna Norwood, NY

Not useful with ordinary bottles.

I bought this based upon rave reviews. Bristles are nice and I can imagine that it would work well for Avent or other wide mouth bottles. I am using Lifefactory glass bottles that have ordinary bottle size mouths.(BTW,I love these bottles purchased from Amazon). This brush will not fit into the regular size bottle mouths.

Ollie Esko, MN

love this brush

I love this bottle brush and use it to clean Dr. Brown bottles, the narrow kind. It fits the bottle neck better and when you pull it out, water doesn’t splash everywhere like with the thicker Munchkin brush. Would highly recommend it. Just wish there was a way to to stick it to the countertop with a suction cup like the Munchkin brush, but therefore it has the hard plastic cleaner at the end for nipples which I like too.

Carole Currie, MN

love it very much

love it very much , will use it even when there will be no more baby bottles to clean 🙂

Katy Green Bay, VA

Great buy!

The bristles are strong, and it helps with really getting the bottles clean!

Lindsey Avoca, WI

Best Brush I’ve Owned!

I use Tommy Tippee bottles and MAM bottles. This brush’s angles clean the bottles and nipples effortlessly. It may be hard to see from the pictures, but the bristles angle out over the end of the brush, reaching all areas of the bottle and making the nipples easy to clean. Then, the pointed end of the brush can be used to get down in the actual nipple itself without having to have a separate piece of any kind, which is nice. It’s sturdy and durable; I’m thinking of buying another one to have on hand. Love it.

Dorthy Canonsburg, PA

Great brush

I got this one on recommendation from my sister, and I’m glad I did. I’ve bought several to replace old ones every few months. I use Dr. Brown’s and Medela bottles and it cleans them perfectly. I do still use the little pipe cleaner brush that comes along with the Dr. Brown’s bottles to clean the small parts.

Melinda Cumberland, IA

Solid product

Pros:Shape works well for all the types of bottles I’ve tried, including breast pump bottlesQuality bristles that don’t break or bendNice color/lookCons:Wish the nipple cleaner end had bristles

Winifred Imperial Beach, CA

Bad.. cannot clean very well

No good. Does not clean very well, occasionally you will have milk stains on the botttle after cleaning.I would recommend this instead;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B000RFCSMQ&linkCode;=as2&tag;=travguid0ca-20

Tonya Lovilia, IA

Great brush

It doesn’t get into to all the crevices of a lot of baby items like nipples, straws etc but I still prefer this brush over those sponge brushes, which fall apart so easily! I have a separate brush for straws and that works for me

Luz Riverdale, CA

Soft and portable…

Wonderful bottle brush for your Philips Avent baby bottles, it cleans softly and thoroughly.Ergonomic handle is comfortable to use; and brush slipped into travel carrier makes travel easy.

Elba Green Sulphur Springs, WV

Super cleaner

This product really did the job when cleaning my granddaughters bottles. It was vibrant and really cleaned off the formula grit!

Linda Macon, TN

Great brush end, handle needs work

The bristles on this bottle brush are great. They are gentle on my baby’s bottles and get them sparkling clean. However, I find the handle somewhat uncomfortable to hold. The end of it has ridges to clean out nipples, but I don’t think it does too well. All in all, I would recommend this product. It’s the third bottle brush I’ve bought and my favorite one so far.

Jan Lena, MS

This works on many different bottle brands

I use this brush for my Medela bottles. It also works on Life Factory glass bottles and of course AVENT.

Kathleen Elmsford, NY

Ok for baby bottles only

Bought this for my medela bottles after reading other people’s review. I assumed that it would be great for all the breast pump accessories but that wasn’t the case. Never assume anything when purchasing things! I think there are better brushes out there, this one doesn’t quiet get the job done. It gets the bottles fine but does not do a great job on the suction part of the pump. I just make sure I clean everything right after every pump.

June Anna Maria, FL


Easy to use, brushes all surfaces of the bottle or cup, nice & long for any size as well. Soft enough bristles that it is not merely scraping the cup but firm enough to clean

Kitty West Baldwin, ME

perfect size

Its the perfect size to get into all of the bottles- I have Playtex, Avent, and Medela and it works well for all of them. I also use it to clean all my Medela parts (except for the flanges).

Jolene Sedalia, MO

good brush use it every day.

we bought this brush to clean out our event baby bottles. It works great we have no problems with it. We don’t really use the nipple cleaner it seems a bit stiff, we have a different one that has more bristles on it. Overall great product would definitely recommend

Holly Barium Springs, NC

Multi-tasker brush

I love this bottle brush. I use it to clean Dr. Brown bottles (and nipples), Avent sippy cups, my cheese grater, deep drinking cups, and my plastic and metal colanders/strainers. No complaints.

Anne Brent, AL

Awesome brush

I bought this because I did not like the other brushes that use bristles to clean the inside of nipples. Turns out that I love it for more than just that. The bristles of the bottle cleaner do not fall out with use and it works great to clean his food bowls and plates that have stuck on food a lot better than others since the bristles are stiffer. Also comes with a cover to over the brush area which makes travel a breeze.

Ethel Revere, PA

Good brush

This is by far the best bottle brush you can buy. It lasts! The bristles don’t get all misshapen and they don’t fall out. Plus you don’t get sprayed by water when you pull it out of the bottle!

Nina Van Buren, MO

Best brush so far!

This is the best bottle brush I have used so far. Good quality bristles. Have used for 3 months so far.

Jeanne Argyle, TX

Works great

This gets into all the cracks and crannies of my baby’s bottles and I also use it to clean my pumping things. I would recommend it.

Kendra Lawton, OK

The best!

Best bottle brush I’ve ever used! Cleans bottles spotless & leaves them squeaky clean! Very very satisfied with purchase! Love

Melody Sulphur, OK


the bristle are too soft.. so it doesnt scrubb well adn the head is too big for standard bottles. i like the other company Bebe Dubon better.. its similar looking shorter n stronger bristles

Christi Apple Valley, CA


We LOVE this brush and boy have we tried them all. My baby was very particular and we ended up trying most bottle brands and their corresponding brushes over a 2 month period. This is the best brush hands down! It holds up well, 8 mo and counting. We just purchased a second one for traveling. We currently use it with the Dr. Brown’s bottles but like I said, it works with pretty much all of them. It also has a nice plastic hard case for the brush head which is nice for keeping it germ-free. Definitely one of my better baby purchases. Plus you can’t beat the price, thanks Amazon!

Alisa Green Pond, SC

Best by FAR!

I received this brush in the Avent starter kit at a baby shower. My initial reaction was that there must be something better since the nipple cleaner on the end serves no purpose. I was wrong. I went back to work after 3 months and continued to breastfeed until 15months. That means TONS of bottles and pump parts to hand wash each night. I became obsessed with finding a bottle brush that would last, and have a nipple cleaner on the end. It does not exist. The Avent brush is by far the best brush. The bristles are soft enough to wiggle around inside almost all of the parts, but they are also durable. At this point, my daughter is 2, and I still use the same Avent brush that came with that original kit! Of course, it gets used way less now, on sippy cups and, well, wine glasses… It works great for those too.I highly recommend this brush to anyone. Don’t waste money on the other ones that last 30 days or less.

Leila Stirling, NJ