Philips AVENT BPA Free Bottle Trainer Kit, 9 Ounce

Philips AVENT BPA Free Bottle Trainer Kit, 9 Ounce

Philips Avent 9 oz PES Bottle Trainer Kit

Main features

  • Easy-grip handles help baby learn to drink independently
  • Soft, non-spill magic spout is gentle on gums, delivers a continuous flow of milk and closes when not in use to prevent spills
  • Wide bottle shape for easy filling and cleaning with accurate measurement markings on bottle
  • Transform baby’s bottle into an easy-sip, soft spout, non-spill trainer cup
  • BPA-Free bottle is made with Polyether Sulphone (PES) – a BPA-Free material with a natural honey-colored tint

Verified reviews


Great Bottles!

We love these Avent bottles. Yes, you do have to ensure that the lids are “primed” (slightly wet the nipple, insert into cap, and pull up gently), and are on properly (tight but not too tight). Of all the different bottles we tried, our son took to these the best. This one has the handle which makes it easier for real young ones to grip. Highly recommended!

Young Deckerville, MI

Awkwardly Placed Handles, Spout is Too Hard

Avent bottles are very good. This “Bottle Trainer Kit” is not. This is basically a standard avent bottle with a one-piece plastic drop-over handle. The spout screws on top of the bottle, locking in the handle.Problems with this bottle trainer:1. Avent bottles are too short and fat to be effective for a kid that’s sitting up. As soon as a couple of ounces are gone, it takes a steep angle to keep liquid flowing. A child in anything but a prone position will have trouble.2. Handles are awkwardly placed. They are too thin and are too far away from the body of the bottle. They are NOT curved at all in the main portion that the baby holds, and are NOT ridged or dimpled. This makes the child have to position it in an uncomfortable way, which leads to them giving up on the training too quickly.3. The worst part – the spout is VERY hard. For a baby that’s used to a soft silicon nipple (Avent’s standard nipple), this one is too hard. Can’t really bend or compress, and is weirdly shaped. It is NOT ergonomic in any way.Spend your money on another bottle trainer. Try Gerber, Playtex, Born Free, Munchkin or NUK brands before going to this one. You’ll be happy you did!

Gail Alba, PA

Great bottle tranisition set to sippie cups

This is a great set that goes from bottle to sippie cups. I like how all the parts are interchangeable with much of the rest of the Avent system, including the handles. I would recommend this set to help with transitioning from bottles to sippie cups.

Jannie Burfordville, MO


The product is ok, I prefer the playtex sippy cup, it seems easier for my son to handle.

Lupe Deer, AR

Not a fan

These are ok but I am not a fan, the spout of the trainer it hard to wash and get water or juice trapped inside. The trainer handles are small and my son is a little pudgy so his entire hand doesn’t fit on these little handles. These are expensive and my son doesn’t prefer them. He really likes the Soothie trainer cups and they are much easier to clean and the handles are much better for him.

Rachelle Wampsville, NY