Philips Avent BPA Free Breast Milk Storage Starter Set, Clear, 6 Ounce, 10 Count

Philips Avent BPA Free Breast Milk Storage Starter Set, Clear, 6 Ounce, 10 Count

The Philips Avent Breast Milk Storage set, creates easy breast milk storage and feeding with no need to transfer milk. For storage of breast milk in the fridge or freezer, express directly into the containers by attaching them to your breast pump. Simply replace the sealing discs with a nipple for feeding.

Main features

  • Express milk directly into storage container using any philips avent breast pump
  • Simply insert a sealing disc to store breast milk in the fridge or freezer
  • Replace the sealing disc with an avent nipple for feeding – no need to transfer milk
  • All Avent nipples and spouts can be used with the Avent breast milk container
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


bad outweighs the good!

This is a love/hate relationshipLoveThat they work so well with bottle accessories and cups stuff later on.They tack nice and don’t take up too much room.Fit right onto the Avent pump.Store nice and works well for freezing.Great stackability.Easy to write on in pencil and erase (to know which batch comes first).HateThey were hard to screw on (the flat tops to the bottoms and many times were on crooked).Leaked too much milk (and as any BFing mother knows… losing milk is well like losing money).

Kimberley Pekin, IL

I really like these multi-purpose containers!

I used these for storing milk in the beginning. I never had a problem with them leaking. You really do need to screw the tops on correctly. The ablility to stack these is fantastic.I also use them to store home-made baby food, pudding, etc! The size is perfect for toddler portions and storing bite-sized pieces of fruits and vegies, cereals, etc. Yes, I have the usual collection of other brands of storage containers but I like the sturdiness of these. They don’t dent in my diaper bag or purse!A great product that is easily re-purposed!

Eunice Russell, AR


I was going to buy a few Avent disposable bottles for travel, but having to buy separate nipples made it a waste of money. Then Avent came out with these!I like how you can use the regular nipples and these are cheap enough you can just toss them (especially great when you find it two weeks later until the seat). :c)Also get the extra refill pack. You can use these all of the time. I also have the regular bottles, too, for home.

Vanessa Portales, NM

I prefer storage bags

I didn’t like these for a few reasons. They take up too much room in my freezer. They take too long to thaw. I don’t care for the avent isis pump. I have been using the gerber freezer bags instead and I can freeze my milk flat and it thaws much quicker.

Della Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Good for storing milk in the fridge

I pumped exclusively after my daughter was 2 weeks old, so I had lots of milk to store. I pumped my breast milk directly into these containers, then stored them in the fridge for bottles or transferred the excess milk into freezer bags as I produced lots of milk and I thought these containers would take up too much from in my freezer.Things to consider:- I have an Avent breast pump and could pump directly into these containers, which was wonderful- I did spill milk twice while pumping when I had not screwed on the containers properly. I learned quickly to double check the seal and never had problems again- I did not like the bottle adapter and always transferred my milk to bottles for feedings- I used masking tape to label the containers so I could reuse them easier- The volume marks on the container were a little difficult to read- I hand washed them in the sink with the rest of my bottles and pump parts, so they still in good shape- The lids were sometimes difficult to line up properly, requiring more than one attempt at times. Worked better when container was flat on the countertop.- The containers will be nice to use for food and other snacks once I am done pumping- I plan on using them again with our second child as they are cheaper than bottles and stack very nicely in the fridge, but I will probably get bags again for freezer storageI would recommend these to a friend

Dixie Inola, OK

very disappointed

It’s too bad I didn’t know how impossible it would be to get the lids off before I had stored a week’s worth of milk on these. Neither my husband or I could get the tops off… even using screwdrivers and various other tools to try to pry them off. The only one that came open was the one that dropped on the tile floor as I pulled it out of the freezer, of course, it only came open because the container cracked and the milk cube went flying across the kitchen floor… our dog loved his treat!

Aline Cashmere, WA

Decent system

We have been using these containers for about two months now for part-time pumping. I like that these stack in the freezer, though they don’t use space efficiently as a bag does. I pump strait into these containers, and then we are able to use the container as a bottle. It is a little more cumbersome than typical bottles, but, you don’t end up cleaning two containers after a feeding, so it’s worth it. I like that these hold more than four ounces. I usually pump more than four in a session at work and don’t like having to detach and seal one bottle, and attach another when I only have a few minutes.Be sure to screw the lid on strait, and don’t over-tighten. I haven’t had one leak yet.The directions advise you not to over-fill to allow room for expansion.I did not see anything in the care instructions about only using these three times. I’m not sure if an older set of instructions may have said this, or if people are confusing the part about replacing certain pieces (nipples, spouts, diaphragms) after three months of use.Over-all, I’m satisfied with this product.EDIT TO MY ORIGINAL REVIEW: I originally gave this four stars after using it for a couple months. After using this for 8 months, I have had a couple of spills due to a poor seal. I keep using these when I go out because I like its other features, I just have to be extra careful that they stay perfectly level on the trip home. If Avent finds a way to make a reusable product that seals better, I would love to use that, because everything else about this product is great.

Abigail Moscow, IA

Perfect for homemade baby food

I use these for making my own homemade baby food. They are great! Easy to wash, stackable, and they twist close so there are no spills!

Mai Stoughton, MA

Great product

Love these bottles! They are a good size (6oz) and are easy to stack and store. I would recommend these to anyone for breast milk storage!

Araceli Penuelas, PR

These are horrible

The lids are so hard to screw on straight. You think they are on tight, then when you hold them up at eye level you will often find that they are on crooked. Also when you twist the lid open or closed, it is hard to get a good grip because the gripping area is very thin.They are expensive too, a total waste of money. Who wants a disposable system where you have to keep (and wash) the lids?

Marietta Partlow, VA

Great for food storage!

I intended to use these for breast milk storage, but since BF didn’t work out for me, they were stuck in the closet unopened. Now that my baby is weaning, I decided to give these a try for homemade food storage. They’re excellent! They hold enough food, seals well in the freezer, pops out without any effort and I know exactly how much I’m feeding her. I seriously love them! I can make big patches of food, immediately freeze them. To defrost, I run them in water for a few seconds, open the lid and the contents slip right out to a bowl to heat up. Easy peasy, no spills and no messing with cling wrap! Best part is they’re BPA free.

Kendra Rossville, IN

Best Breast Milk Storage

My daughter had problems latching so I decided to pump, I was such an efficient milk-producer I had to start freezing.I had a medela pump but with the adaptor I could pump directly in to these which is a huge plus since when you pour breast milk from one container to another vital nutrients are left behind.These are the best breast milk storage solution to say the least!
• Cheaper than buying a bunch of bottles to store in
• Even though the are tossable they are definately reusable!
• Containers stack very nice and stable in the freezerTips:
• Write dates on some masking tape rather than directly on the bottle
• Make sure the lids are screwed on properly to avoid leaking (this should be obvious since everything else is the same way, but some people seem to think the laws of physics don’t apply to these…)
• Liquids expand when frozen (basic biology) so leave an ounce of room available for expansion.So much better than flemsy storage bags!!!Maybe they’ve improved since the older reviews, I can’t see why they’d be scored lower than 4 stars ever!

Vera Chignik, AK

Great for food storage

While these containers are made for breast milk storage, we use them for food storage including yogurt and applesauce.We haven’t had issues with the food leaking and we love that these containers stack so nicely. Both in the fridge and in the cupboard.

Nadine Cedar Bluff, AL

Poor Quality

They are flimsy, crack, break, and the lid doesn’t screw on tight enough, so they leak. I tossed them out and started using baggies to store my milk.

Jessica Kingston, NH

Storing baby food

I use these to store baby food in the freezer. One container will hold a couple of servings for my baby. I love the twist cap which stays on securely even if these containers get knocked around in my freezer bin. These are 6 oz, but you can only fill up to 5 oz for freezing food. Otherwise, the freezing will expand and the lids will pop off. I read somewhere that these are only good for three uses. I hand wash these, so my set has lasted me a long time. They are sturdier than gladware.

Ethel Red House, VA

Useful beyond the breast milk years!

I used these in the first year of my daughters life to store expressed breast milk. I have the Avent pump (which I LOVE) so with the adapter I could pump right into these, very convenient. I had a lot of milk stored in my freezer I really appreciated how nicely they stacked and that they didn’t take much room. I never had problems with spilling. As a disclaimer to that, I will say that I didn’t transport milk daily and that I rarely filled the cups completely.I appreciate them even more now that I’m done pumping. While bottles and plastic bags are either causing clutter in my cupboards or have been thrown out, these are still frequently used. They’re a perfect size for on the go toddler snacks. I also use them to store “sides” for my husband and I when we take lunches to go or to store small amounts of leftovers (usually headed for my toddlers lunch the next day).Overall, these are a good choice for milk storage based on their potential long-term usefulness!

Janine Rockbridge, MO

Great product

After all the news on BPA came out, my husband and I went searching for bottles and breastmilk storage options that were BPA free. The Avent Vias are great. They don’t stack as well in the freezer as I would like but knowing my baby isn’t getting BPA makes it worth it. The feature I like the best is being able to connect the adapter to the container, then an O-ring and nipple and be able to feed directly without having to transfer milk to a different container. This does make them difficult to transport, but that’s what we use the Gerber bottles for and keep the Vias for home use. These are great!

Sharron Fort Hall, ID

love it

she loves them. she uses them all the time and its made by a company she loves. i am sure she use them even after the babys all grown.

Annmarie Provo, SD

I love them

This is a great product, easy to clean and storage. I now put my baby puree food and you can travel with. You can use in microwave, top rack dishwasher, sterilizer and bottle warmer. It may use use the plastic so I always clean them by hand. I love them!

Constance Eastview, KY


I am happy i got these, they are sturdy, good quality, easy to use and wash. very practical when breastfeeding but want to have a supply.

Ophelia Rushville, NY

Great durable set

I like these storage containers. Good size, very well made, fit directly on my manual pump. Use them for everything.

Petra Turrell, AR

very good

very large. very useful. recommended to store breast milk and reuse. you can use it directly with the breast pump.

Alison Fullerton, CA