Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Bottle Sealing Discs

Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Bottle Sealing Discs

The Philips AVENT sealing discs can be used to covert any AVENT natural feeding bottle into milk or food storage containers.

Main features

  • For milk or food storage
  • Great for travel
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Too expensive for a product that is over hyped.

These really dont do anything special. I cant find a use for them. The AVENT bottles are a great way to waste your money. Shame on Philips for guilting people into buying AVENT products. There are many many many more products that will do the same thing for 1/5 the price

Melva Linn Grove, IA

Good seal

Fits all avent toxic plastic bottles and the non toxic sportster/magic cups. Does not fit VIA, one of the 2 non toxic plastic bottles avent has.

Jenny Venice, IL

Versatile and worthwhile

Having a newborn means that you live in world of disarray. It also means that you are perpetually and endlessly washing bottles and making formula. Half the time we can’t find a nipple and just need to seal the bottle and get it in the fridge–ENTER these bottle sealing discs.They create a tight seal and pop in and out easily. They will also prove useful later on if we want to use a bottle to hold cheerios or fruit loops:)

Alma Fairfield, ND

they just don’t fit on avent bottles

we bought this sealing discs to store the access milk in the refrigerator but i was surprised that they don’t fit the avent bottles the i bought,so we ended up throwing them in the trash,if u wanna store milk just use the plastic bags which are cheaper and more effective.

Valeria Great Cacapon, WV

Warps and stains in dishwasher.

I bought these disks to use with my Avent bottles for storing breast milk and later homemade baby food. I’ve been using them for about two months now, and had to order more. I have had no problems washing my other Advent products in the dishwasher on the delicate setting, but these sealing disks warped after several washes and stained a light orange after one. I have ordered more and will have to hand wash them.

Harriet Farmington, WA

Don’t work as well with Avent Natural Bottles

While these discs will still fit on the top of an Avent Natural bottle and hold a seal, they don’t fit snugly in the nipple hole like they do with Avent Classic bottles. So milk won’t leak or spill, but when you unscrew the ring, you have two pieces to mess with. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a sealing disc for the Natural bottles- hopefully they’re coming soon!UPDATE: I did, however, learn that the rings forPhilips AVENT BPA Free Classic Bottle Screw Rings, 4-Packfit on Avent natural bottles, so I just ordered some rings and now the seal fits nicely in the ring on my Natural bottles!!

Gayla Cloverdale, MI

waste of money

These were a waste of money as they did not fit my bottles properly and the bottles did not seal and leaked. I threw them away.

Kristina Christoval, TX


I’ve lost several bottles of milk thanks to leaking through the nipples. These are a must when traveling with pumped milk! No leaks so far.

Kimberley Garland, PA

They fit

I love being able to pump, store, and freeze milk right in the bottle I’ll be using to feed my baby. They fit the classic Avent bottles and the new natural style.

Marcia California Hot Springs, CA

A must have if you use Avent bottles

These are a must have if you use Avent bottles. They are great for storing breast milk in the fridge or freezer. They’re also good for on the go.

Marion Mountain View, OK


I loved having all of the accessories that allowed me to pump and store breast milk directly in Avent bottles even though I didn’t have an Avent Breast Pump.

Sheri Peckville, PA


The do the job. Great thing to have for capping the bottles to store pumped breast milk or baby food when baby gets older.

Erika Embarrass, WI

Functional but not necessary for us

I bought these thinking I was going to store milk in the bottles but ultimately ended up not pumping into the avent bottles despite purchasing the converter kit for the Medela pump. They work as promised and are good value but I am now not using them.

Nichole Mc Coy, CO

A handy accessory!

It’s helpful being able to have "lids" for the bottles other than nipples for when you either need to shake formula or store breastmilk in the fridge.

Raquel Dresden, KS

Sealing discs

What a great idea to be able to turn your bottle into a sealed container. I never used Avent bottles for feeding but I have an Avent breast pump and would store my milk in the bottles. These were great.

Paulette Shattuckville, MA

Saves you money

Use these for breast milk storage in my Avent bottles. Saves me money because I don’t have to buy as many breast milk storage bags. I wish I had the space and money to only use bottles because these don’t leak and I have had no problem with them not sealing properly in the freezer.

Vivian Lincolnshire, IL

Does the job

At first I had to play around with them to get them fitted correctly, but pretty easy and self explanatory.

Juliette Thedford, NE

Work great. And yes, they work with Natural bottles.

Using these on Natural bottles. They work. I fit them on the white ring first, then put on bottle. I like that I can save some space using these instead of nipples and covers.

Antonia Dana, IA

Work on Classic and Natural

Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Bottle Sealing Discs work on both the Classic and the Natural. Clean easy and are slightly rubbery for a tight seal.

Joann Mammoth Lakes, CA

A must-have for Avent system

I was hesitant to buy these because of the price for little pieces of plastic, but they are a must! The Avent system makes life SO much easier, and these discs are part of that!

Tasha Dateland, AZ

Easy to use and wash

So easy to pop these in to store the bottle and then pop out and put a nipple in its place when it’s time to eat.

Doris Vienna, WV

Seems like it will work well…

I read a lot of reviews about how the natural bottles leak. But one review gave the tip of using this with the Philip Avent classic bottle screw rings. We haven’t used them yet with the natural bottles as the baby won’t be here till July, but I tried one one with a bottle ring on a Philip Avent natural bottle and it honestly felt like it all came together with a snap and was extremely secure. Don’t think we will be getting any leaks! I will probably test these out by putting some water in the bottle along with using the screw rings and sealing discs to see if it leaks.

Beryl Gorham, NH


There are 6 in this pack, the only thing I noticed is that Avent has started making these much thinner than they used to.

Kathi Camden, IL

Work with Avent Natural bottles

I wasn’t sure if these would work with my Avent Natural bottles, but they work great. You just put it on in place of the nipple. It snaps highly into the white screw ring.I don’t use them often since just storing and traveling with the full bottle regularly assembled works just fine.

Eunice Dublin, NC

good quality

No more spills when taking his bottles of milk, water and juice to places and no more problems with liquid waste in his bag.

Marci Martinsburg, WV

Works fine.

Does what it’s supposed to do, doesn’t leak. I find it very convenient that you can turn your bottles into storage containers. I recommend the whole Avent line from the pump to these sealers.

Jo Wharton, NJ

These fit the natural bottles

I was hesitant to get these because some said they did not fit the newer Avent bottles. They fit mine perfectly. Great storage system in general. Can go from freezer to fridge to wherever easily without wasting milk.

Lucy Graham, KY

Work as intended. Allow me to continue to get use out of smaller Avent bottles.

I bought these discs after my little one moved from the 4oz bottle to the 9oz bottles. They allow me to use the smaller bottles to store breast milk, formula and water. They work well on my Avent natural 4oz and 9oz. bottles and can be sterilized in microwave steam bags.

Casey Westville, IN

There are six in a package!

The listing doesn’t specify that 6 do come in a package. YEA! They work wonders when you are storing your breastmilk right from pump to bottle. It has a tight seal to prevent any milk spilling and you can just add the nipple when ready to use for feeding. A must have for breastfeeding moms.

Yolanda Mount Olive, NC

Leaks, but I love the Avent system

I must be doing something wrong because it leaks. What is the point if it isn’t air tight? I just use the regular bottle tops. However, this is not a knock against the Avent system, these are my favorite bottles, the only ones to decrease spit-up!

Agnes Rudolph, WI