Philips Avent BPA Free Classic Bottle to First Cup Trainer, 4+ Months, Clear

Philips Avent BPA Free Classic Bottle to First Cup Trainer, 4+ Months, Clear

The new Philips AVENT toddler cup range was designed in cooperation with a nutritionist and a child psychologist to include the features that parents request most. Available in several fun and educational storytelling designs, colors and sizes relevant for different developmental stages, the cups also feature interchangeable spouts -softer ones for transitioning from a bottle, and harder bite resistant ones for older toddlers.

Main features

  • Silicone, Polypropylene
  • Familiar bottle shape for easy transitioning
  • Soft non-spill spout
  • Dishwasher safe for convenience
  • Familiar bottle shape for easy transitioning
  • Soft non-spill spout
  • Dishwasher safe for convenience

Verified reviews


This is the NEW Avent Bottle – Fabulous

This is such a GREAT DEAL that I took all the regular bottles off of my registry and put these on there instead. I bought one just to test it. It is the NEW polypropylene style of Avent bottle so it DOES NOT LEAK! I made a bottle and threw it all around, knocked it over, bounced it up and down on my bed… it even bounced from my bed to the floor and didn’t leak a drop!It comes with:1. 4 oz. Bottle with a little bunny on it (you can’t see this in the Amazon picture so I thought I’d mention)2. Blue ring (helps prevent leaks)3. A variable flow nipple4. Handle5. A soft sippy cup topper (see note below)6. A bottle cap that fits over both the sippy cup attachment and the nippleAll for about the same price (or cheaper) than just a regular 4oz. bottle!!! And all of the attachments will also fit on a 9 oz. bottle as well.One caveat, but not a big deal for me. The sippy cup attachment did let out a few drops when I put it through the ringer (see above) but I have yet to see a sippy cup that didn’t leak a little. Plus, you likely wouldn’t make a sippy cup and let it sit in your diaper bag all day anyway so I didn’t take off any stars for that.**Now that I’ve been using these for five weeks, I have to say that I love them even more!!! Just thought I’d add!***

Gwendolyn Marengo, IN

Not as good as other Avent bottles

My daughter has been using avent bottles exclusively since she was born. I bought this for her when she was 5 months, she likes holding up the bottle with the handles. We have since thrown away the softer plastic bottle that this came with and use the top and handles with our other avent bottles. I’ve never once had an issue with the harder avent bottle leaking (other than when it’s not attached properly) so it was disappointing that this different, cheap fealing bottle was provided with this set as it leaked so much, it literally poured half the bottle all over my daughter. I tried using different screw pieces thinking that was the issue, and it continued to dump the contents, so I threw it out.

Sierra Lake Monroe, FL

Love Avent, hate this bottle

We use Avent bottles exclusively at home to feed our daughter (use Playtex Drop-Ins when we’re on the go, since it’s a lot easier to clean up), so I thought this would be the perfect solution for training her to self-feed. Now, if I could rate the “Bottle to 1st Cup Trainer” in PARTS, here’s how it would break down:1. Handles – Awesome, easy for little hands to grip, fits all other Avent bottles2. Bottle w/Design – Horrible, IMHO. Looks similar to the Avent Advance bottles we’ve been using, but it’s made of flimsier plastic and the bottle top is in multiple pieces (unlike the Advance – 1-piece anti-colic top/nipple). No matter how experienced you are at putting these pieces together, I swear this thing leaks half of the feeding on your child. The design is cute, but that’s about it. Removing one star for this.3. Sippy Cup Top – Again, not sure if it has something to do with the multi-piece top, but I can’t seem to get the soft spout to NOT leak. Really annoying. Removing another star for this.Overall, I like that all of the pieces are interchangable – the handles and sippy cup spout can be used with my Avent Advance bottles. However, I’d like it even more if Avent just sold THESE handles (not the magic trainer handles – they’re different!) separately!

Carey Townsend, DE

great but…

It doesn’t show a design but does come with one. It has a bunny printed on the side. Not as described/shown. Otherwise like it.

Michell Somis, CA

I wish I would have found these earlier.

We only use AVENT bottles in our home. I really like them, except that they leak! I have read every review possible attempting to find the secret to prevent leaking (I have yet to find a solution). That being said, I will absolutely use them with any additional children I have.Reasons I like AVENT bottles (in general):- Easy to clean. I’ve hand washed them and used the dishwasher – depending on the space in my dishwasher. The bottles are perfectly safe in the dishwasher, they do tend to become slightly discolored (a light tan-brown). I’m fairly certain that the instructions even say that this happens.- Wide mouth. I like that when pouring formula into the bottle it is wide enough to accommodate the scoop or formula dispenser. I’ve been told that many other brands are not easy to use with formula because the mouth is very narrow causing a lot of formula to spill.- Price. These bottles are not the cheapest but are much better priced than many other popular brands. I feel as though they are priced in the middle.Reasons I like the 1st Cup Trainer:- Similar/same quality. Other reviewers have written that these bottles are thinner than the ‘normal’ AVENT bottles. I haven’t noticed this and I have many of both.- Handles. I like that this comes with handles, which work on all my other AVENT bottles. These handles sold separately are fairly expensive, much better to buy these bottles as opposed to the regular AVENT bottles (with the standard nipple).NOTES:- I wish I had found these before I bought my regular AVENT 4 oz bottles. I didn’t really ever use the “1” nipples which came with the regular bottles so the additional sippy spout and the handles make this a much better deal.- This does have a bunny picture on the side of the bottle, which you cannot see in the picture.- Additionally, the picture looks like the spout is white, it is not. The sippy spout is the same type of material as the regular nipples just in the sippy spout shape with a slit instead of hole(s).- Finally, several reviewers said that this comes with both a regular nipple and a sippy spout. This is NOT TRUE. This bottle consists of: bottle, blue spill ring, white nipple/spout ring, sippy spout, lid, and handles.CONS:- Again, these bottles DO leak. I’ve both put the bottles together when wet and dry and have noticed no difference. Additionally, I’ve even mixed the formula and poured into this bottle and it still leaked. I like these bottles for so many other reasons so the leaking isn’t a deal-breaker (also, my baby tends to make a huge mess anyway so leaking doesn’t really matter).UPDATE:- After writing this review I called Philips AVENT about any additional suggestions for stopping the bottle from leaking. While their customer service was excellent they didn’t give me any additional suggestions. I also did more internet research and found an interesting solution that I hadn’t found before. […] (this may be for the old bottle type but it still works) Basically it just tells you to align two (2) of the three (3) air valves on the nipple with two (2) of the four (4) plastic fins on the nipple ring. I tried this and with the bottles I’ve used this technique they haven’t leaked! This takes a little bit of effort to do but solves the leaking problem.

Erna Encampment, WY

Great bottle!

I haven’t actually tried this product yet, but checked it out and like how it looks. Easy for baby to hold onto!

Camille Epping, ND

Avent bottles

This sippy cup works ok. My 8 month old mostly chews on the nipple. Think we just need more practice. I use this sippy cup usually once a day. ( She doesn’t like it when she is starving would rather have a regular bottle. So I usually put some water in it after she has solid foods and let her experiment with it on her own.) The handles are nice though. She is able to hold the bottle more easily by herself. I use the handles with my other classic avent bottles. The handles do not fit on the new natural bottles though.

Jeannie Taylor, MI

Buyer Beware!! Not cup featured in picture

I used these trainers with my older children and decided to go with them again for #3. Amazon has them for a great price so I ordered three. Very disappointed this morning to open the box and see they are not the same cups featured. The ones I received have a clear spout like the bottles. In the picture, they have a white spout like our old trainer cups. My little guy will chew thru these very quickly once teeth arrive. Surprised at this error, as this item came directly from Amazon.

Dolores Elmwood, IL

Good as a first sippy cup

We introduced this sippy cup filled with water to my 6 month old and soon saw her able to pick it up and take a sip.Some positive:1. Thankfully the handles on this sippy cup come off. They don’t on all models, which can make the cup difficult to use. We used it without the handles.2. There is no valve. Yay!3. It is small and basically seems like a bottle (small size and soft spout), so it was great for a first transition.Some negatives:1. It still is a sippy cup, so all the negatives inherent in that. (There are plenty of articles on the studies about teeth or speech issues.)2. It is so bottle like, I didn’t feel my baby was learning more than she already knew.We mitigated these negatives by only using it for a limited time (one month) to let her learn what water was and get a sense of drinking it. We then moved on to a larger, more disposable, valve-less sippy cup, for a month. We are now in the process of moving to anOXO Tot Training Cup, Green, 7 Ounce.So even though we only used it for a short time, I still gave it four stars, because I think going straight to a different cup was a bridge to far for our little one and this one seemed to really help that transition. I would still recommend this cup to anyone looking to use this method.

Lacey Mount Angel, OR

Not a fan

My little one didn’t like using the sippy cup spout and we ended up using the bottle only twice b/c she was EBF. Oh well, at least it was a great price. You might find success if your little one is on a bottle more often and/or likes a harder spout.

Callie Alexander, ND

Only wish I would have found this sooner!

When my son was 5 1/2 months old he really started to pay attention to the cups I was drinking out of. He would reach for them, want to play with them, and open his mouth if I brought it close to him. He is exclusively breastfed, with one Avent bottle of expressed breastmilk a day in daycare, and I never thought to give him his own cup. I asked my daycare provider about his interest in my cups and she said that if he is interested in it I should definitely offer him a cup.I searched on Amazon and this looked like a great first cup option. My son got the hang of this right away! I couldn’t believe it, I just put it on the tray of his highchair after I fed him his dinner and within a few minutes he was happily drinking water. He certainly doesn’t drink much, typically not even an ounce. It is more like a really interesting toy for him rather than a “feeding” tool! He has figured out how to get the sippy part in his mouth and the handles make it super easy for him to tip it back and drink. I put really cold water in here and you can tell it feels great on his gums.The sippy part that he drinks from is made from similar material to the nipples of his bottles, but it is flat and not at all nipple-ish. There is a small slit at the end of it so when he chews it or sucks water comes out. I haven’t had any issues cleaning this or having it leak. Sure, it isn’t like the sippy cups for older kids that have the little insert that won’t allow water to come out unless it is being sucked so if he drops it or rubs it on his clothes a few drops come out but no big deal. Perhaps if you were planning on giving your baby his milk or juice (can you give a baby this little juice? It doesn’t seem ok to me but what do I know…)it would be annoying because then he would have milk or juice on him but since I only put water in it I don’t mind and either does my baby. I actually like that he doesn’t have to suck to get the water out, I think that would goof him up a little bit between my breasts, the bottle, and then this. This cup seems like it will make it a lot easier for my son to transition to a big boy cup. Avent does it again with a great product! In a few weeks I will change him to the sippy cup by Avent that has the more rigid part to drink out of but this works perfectly for now. I only wish I would have started him with this a few weeks ago at just under 5 months.

Dianna Boyden, IA

cute cup but not a good for 1st time sippy cup users

The cup is cute and the handles are nice but the nipple flow is way to fast for a baby learning to use a sippy. The rubber sippy that comes with the bottle is to advanced for to start with. It has a flow stopper which is nice because the juice stays in the bottle but it requires a hard suck, which our 7 month old just can’t do yet. I’m saving this sippy for when hes older and we bought the munchin trainer cups. They are much better for a beginner.

Priscilla Toeterville, IA

Meh… Not worth the price

There are a ton of parts first of all… And, I don’t see the benefit over other products that are far cheaper. Plus, it’s only 4 ounces which doesn’t seem like enough. I just wasn’t super impressed – especially not for the price.

Erna Jackson, NJ

Pretty good transitional cup, not a true sippy cup

I started using this trainer cup (I’m not even sure what to call it) when my child was about 6 months old. Overall, it’s pretty good, but it’s not a bottle and not a sippy cup — it’s somewhere in between.Pros….1. Gender neutral — it’s clear and has a small bunny on the side. I like that’s it not overly decorated.2. Has easy-to-read volumetric markings on the side (in 1/2 ounce increments).3. Small — holds 4 ounces, so my child can pick it up and it isn’t too heavy or bulky.4. Removable handles — Can slip them off for storage, transport (you have to take the top off to remove them though).5. Has gas-reducing properties — We have to give my child gas drops at every feeding to keep gas at bay, so this is important in an independent cup for our child.6. My child can drink out it. She can suck it down in 2 minutes flat.Cons…1. I’m not sure what it is — it’s a silicone top like a bottle nipple, but it is mostly leak-proof like sippy. It’s designed for your child to lift it up like a sippy — but the liquid comes out via a little slot in the top that can be opened by biting or sucking.2. It encourages biting of the top — My child is just getting her first tooth and I’m nervous how this will hold up once she can bite 3. away with full teeth.3. I’m not sure how you transition with this thing — with a standard sippy, you can remove the valve and get more flow. With this thing, there’s not transition step.Overall, my child can get a good amount of liquid out of this (she’s 10 months) and we haven’t gotten that with other sippy cups.

Luisa Blairstown, MO


Excellent! Easy to hold and doesn’t drip when the cap is on. The only part we don’t love is that there is a ring that you have to put in so that it doesn’t drip.

Lelia Craigsville, WV

Fine if you don’t mind your bottle leaking

I have twins and I bought the Avent bottles. When my twins were newborn we went through 16 bottles a day. I HATE the ring that you put on the bottle supposedly to reduce fussiness and colic. The ring causes the bottle to leak. It is very frustrating at 200 AM to have a leaky bottle, it’s messy and sticky.However, I do like the wide opening, it makes it easy to add formula. I would not recommend this product because it wastes formula and makes a mess.

Daphne Holt, FL

Baby loves it!

Bought this for my granddaughter that is only breastfed. This cup is the only way she will take breast milk other than from her mommy directly.

Lula Dunbar, NE

Great for a beginner

Our son used this cup from 6 months-11 months. It never leaks (unless you forget to put the little ring in) and was very easy for him to handle. However it is very small, so he outgrew the size quickly.

Cornelia Wilsonville, IL

Good quality and doesnt leak

At first I thought there was no hole in the teat making the product absolutely a rubbish buy. Then once I tested the product i realised there is no hole but a snip in the teat so I adjusted my review. Doesn’t leak water unlike a lot of the reviews says it does. And my 6 month old is trying hard to grip the handles and feed herself! Overall happy with the purchase and esp the price!

Magdalena Springview, NE


I love this cup for my 6 month old grandson. I tried to use a "regular" sippy cup first, which he refused. He took this one immediately and LOVES IT.

Wendy Julian, WV

love it

love love philips avent have beem buying these for my son since he was born now i amgoin to try these. Love them because they do not leak.

Rosalind Jonesburg, MO

This cup is a must have!

I just had my fourth and had to purchase all new bottles. I received this free as a promotion with an Avent bottle kit. My four month old drinks water and pear juice out of it at times and it’s a great cup. It does not leak and it does not over flow the mouth when drinking either.

Cathleen Uniontown, KY

okay cup not great

okay cup not great … it leaks most of the time spout is not that good as it was suppose to be.

Lacey New Marshfield, OH

helps him drink water

my baby is very shy in drinking water.. the silicone spout was helpful for him to sip the water. The handles are not very easy for him to hold the bottle as they are too far out.

Valerie Newark Valley, NY

Love the adaptability of Avent

I was drawn to Avent because of the adaptability of the products… goes from bottle to sippy cup to toddler cup with most of the pieces interchangeable. It definitely sold me on the product.

Alicia Juda, WI

Only bottle our baby took.

Our daughter would not take any bottle and this was the first one she would use at 3 months. Still using it now at 8 months. Highly recommend,

Deanne Crown Point, IN

Four Stars

Great trainer, nipple splits easily and will have to be replaced.

Brandi Orderville, UT

Hate it

The only pro is the handles, the rest of the bottle was terrible compared to Avent’s regular natural bottles and nipples. I recommend the nuk

Tommie Adel, OR

LEAKS like a faucet!

The “variable nipple” is really just a nipple with a big hole in it. Pours out like a stream! Leaks everywhere and is unusable. With the sippy cup the fluid comes out very fast and my daughter (9mo) chokes on it…though maybe this would get better with more experience..? The only good thing about this bottle/cup is that it comes with a handle. You can use the handle on the other Avent bottles…as well as the collar, seal, and lid. So I guess it wasn’t a total loss. But it definitely leaks!

Jeri Elma, IA

Baby just chewed it

I am sure this product is fine for some babies, but mine just chewed it as she did with everything with a soft spout. She rejected the bottle so I had hoped this would work. Alas, she prefers the take and toss sippy cups with the holes punched larger.

Lucille Beech Bluff, TN