Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Dome Caps

Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Dome Caps

The Philips AVENT dome caps are used with the AVENT natural feeding bottles to protect the nipple or spout, keep it clean and seal the nipple or spout for leak proof travel.

Main features

  • Protects and keeps nipples clean
  • Perfect for travel and on the go feedings
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


bought these as extras

I bought these as extras in case I lose some as my son gets older.

Sandra Plessis, NY

Five Stars

I love being able to have these accessories dispocision.

Lacey Potecasi, NC

It’s a Baby Bottle Cap…What Do We Expect?

Could be better. It is hard to EXACTLY push the cap down directly onto the nipple and keep the nipple at 90 degrees. The tightness of the fit with the base of the screwtop nipple lock causes it to skew to one side, leaning the nipple…meaning that anytime you turn the bottle with the cap on and the liquid hits the nipple opening, you are prone to have a leak. I’ve had these caps fill with Similac when the bottle topples over in a diaper bag…try feeding a hungry baby in a mall with a cup full of milk that is about to leak all over everything…not fun…To improve the product, there should be an upside-down saucer-shaped plastic piece in the dead center of the inside of the top of the cap. This would guide the nipple to a perfect position every time, eliminating the problem above.Also, this cap gives you no real grip on the top of the bottle. Avent bottles seem to almost weld themselves shut after a few hours in the fridge. Try opening an Avent bottle with this cap on. About half the time, the condensation on the bottle requires me to take the cap off to get leverage on the Avent screw-on nipple locking ring. But maybe it’s just me…I don’t know.On the plus side, they are very easy to clean, very easy to stack, and float nicely in a sink full of water.These are just bottle caps…what do we expect?

Billie Springfield, LA

Good to have extra

It really helps to have extra dome caps. I find when I run them through the dishwasher, inevitably at least one flips over and fills with dirty dishwater by the time the cycle is complete. If you have to rewash it, or if you simply misplace one, its great to have extra. Given that we always have lots of bottles in circulation, it pays to have a few extra.One trick to get them from flipping over in the dishwasher and collecting water is to place four of them together face down and pin them down by putting a bowl on the top of them to weigh them down. Do that and they’ll always come out clean.

Tabitha Prospect Hill, NC

Multi-purpose caps

I use this not only for baby’s bottle cap but to train baby to sip from a regular cup. I fill it halfway with water and have my 8 month old sip from it. She enjoys it, especially that its summer and hot, I give her cool water. She loves taking sips! Be careful and just let baby’s lips barely touch the water as it could go into the wrong tube. I know when she’s done when she lets the water spill out from her mouth, sort of playing with the water.

Lashonda Strunk, KY

Works as expected

We have used avent bottle for all 4 of children and always seem to loose the lids. These work just as expected. My kids also seem to grab them to use as small snack cups and to grab small drinks.

Elena Dauphin, PA


The lids to our bottles seem to forever be disappearing at day care. It was great to be able to pick up some replacement lids without needing to replace the entire product.

Pam Toledo, OH


I really love those caps,it came out so much handy and easy to clean .Highly recommend.Two thumbs up for all Avent products!!!

Shelby Jonesville, LA

Fit the Klean Kanteen!

We use these BPA-free caps to cover our toddler’s Klean Kanteen sippy. If you are looking for a cover to keep the sippy clean, these are fantastic and fit the Klean Kanteen perfectly. Great solution that allows us to use the steel, safe sippys with the Avent system.

Noelle Stevens Village, AK

Fits klean kanteen!

I bought these to use for my klean kanteens that have the sippy adaptor and they fit perfectly. The only drawback is that they are very easy to lose. The sippy spouts used to get covered with dust, lint, etc., but with these caps that’s no longer an issue. Sometimes I notice condensation inside so they do have to be cleaned regularly to prevent any mildew/mold from growing there. But overall they work great for the price.

Francesca Haileyville, OK