Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Newborn Flow Nipple, 2-Pack

Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Newborn Flow Nipple, 2-Pack

The Philips AVENT newborn nipple is made of extra soft silicone and is ideal for newborn and breastfed babies. The naturally shaped nipple makes it easier to transition from breast and bottle feeding and the anti colic valve promotes active feeding and reduces fussiness and colic with less air in baby’s tummy.

Main features

  • Silicone
  • Imported
  • BPA-Free and made of soft, durable, flavorless silicone
  • Clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort
  • Anti colic valve promotes active feeding with less air in baby’s tummy to reduce fussiness and colic
  • Nipple features 1 hole ideal for newborns and breastfed babies of all ages
  • Includes 2 Newborn Flow Nipples

Verified reviews


Good Nipples, Mediocre Classification System

I really like Avent’s versatility; the nipples, spouts, cups, bottles and handles can all be used interchangeably.I don’t like the way they classify their nipples. Each nipple has 3 classifications. I wish they would only use one classification system because it can be quite confusing if you go to buy different nipples.1.) flow2.) baby’s age3.) a numberAlso, the title of the item doesn’t say what age or number of nipple this is, and there currently isn’t a description.FYI:They are number 3 for 3+ months.

Lidia West Union, IL

Save your money

Do yourself a favor and save some money. If your old nipples don’t seem to have enough flow for your baby anymore, get a needle and make a few more holes into it. If still not enough, make a few more OR make a couple with a hot needle. That is all it takes.

Marisol Shauck, OH

Fantastic for hungry babies and thicker liquids.

This is quite ingenious! I don’t know if any other manufacturers have them, but they are such a great idea. Instead of a hole there is a slot in the top. Around the side are the marks I,II and III. You line up the marks with the baby’s nose and that dictates how fast the flow of milk is. This teat allows a thicker liquid to flow through so you can add rice or another cereal of your choice if you need to. My baby is in the 90th percentile and at 8 weeks old Milk just wasn’t enough. I put 1 tablespoon of rice in with 4 ounces of milk initially and then later on increased that to 2 tablespoons (all with doctor’s approval). It is a much thicker liquid but flowed through this teat easily. I highly recommend these.

Janis Jackpot, NV

Way too fast for a newborn

I purchased these because the regular nipples on my wide-neck Dr. Brown bottles have too fast of a flow for my 3 week old (side note: these fit the Dr. Brown’s wide-neck bottles perfectly). These Avent #1 nipples have the same problem: they are just too darn fast. My son choked on the milk from his bottle when we used these because the milk was pouring into his mouth. I see that some other reviewers with newborns have loved this nipple. I guess every infant’s needs are different.

Leann Ponsford, MN

Flow is too fast.

I have a 4.5 month old and these newborn nipples are too fast for my breastfed baby. He guzzles a 4 ounce bottle in less than 5 minutes, which is HORRIBLE for a breastfed baby. He doesnt know when hes full and ends up spitting up a ton after feeds. He also ends up with an upset tummy and is extra gassy because of them. Since this is the slowest flow Avent offers, Ive had to look for new bottles. I wish they made slower flow nipples because I really do like the bottles.

Rosetta Potsdam, OH

Less Durable than Other Flow Sizes

This is our first baby, so everything is 100% new to us, but overall, the Avent feeding system has been a real winner. However, I can’t go above three stars for this particular component of the system.I’ve noticed that this size (“fast flow” / four-holes / 6+ months) tend to wear out and break before the end of its service life. We didn’t have the same problem with the other sizes, which lasted the full three months that Philips says they would. (I guess they can last longer, but it is recommended you replace them every three months.) Basically, I think the four holes make the top of the nipple weaker, and it leads to it splitting wide open. Our kids’s ability to *really* eat, and the fact that he has some teeth coming in, are probably contributing factors, but some of these nipples have lasted only a few weeks which leads me to believe it’s an issue with the design.We’re going to stick with this size, since our baby was getting frustrated with the slowness of the three-hole version, but will have to keep a close eye on the nipples to make sure they’re not breaking and giving him too much milk at once. Also, rather than sticking them on the on the little posts in the dishwasher, I started putting them on the bottom of the top rack, in hopes that will make them last longer.Avent nipples are made in England.

Nora Lilesville, NC

Nice to have

After I dropped a nipple down the garbage disposal while washing I was in the market for a few replacements. The replacements seem to be holding up better than the originals!

Sydney Fond Du Lac, WI

Nipple too big for newborns!

We brought these nipples based on all the raving reviews and write up’s online. However our newborn is now here and wasn’t putting on enough weight. Our pediatrician told us these are the worse brand of bottles on the market for newborns and shouldn’t be used until the baby is at least 5 months old. The reason for this is because the nipple is too large for a newborn to latch on to and they’re unable to get enough. We are now using the Medela nipples instead and he’s feeding so much better.

Leila Zanesville, OH

Flow was too fast for my newborn

I am an exclusive bfing mom, so when it got close to time to go back to work I started working with baby to take his milk from a bottle. I have always used the Avent brand. The nipple is wide enough for baby as to hopefully prevent nipple confusion. But when I tried giving my son a bottle he sucked a few seconds then started to cough. I started to play with the nipple by pointing it sideways and I barely squeezed it and the milk came out quite effortlessly. I also turned it upside down and instead of a slow drip is was a stream. After waiting a few days I tried my son again on the bottle with the other nipple and the same problem arose the milk was just coming out too fast. I ended having to use a different brand entirely. Now though at almost four months my little guy taked this nipple like a champ.

Sadie Buckhorn, KY

They get the job done.

My baby says they feel just like the real deal. He enjoys them almost as much as the real ones. He would definitely recommend them. They have great flow that doesnt leak yet the baby doesnt collapse the nipple from extreme suckling.

Mavis Oneonta, AL

Extend the life of your Avent’s product

Extend the life of your Avent’s product.Now, I can continue to use all the Avent bottles!

Caryn Oakland, MD

Good, durable

Used it for more than 4 months and still as good as new. The quality is really good.Got it together with this;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B00433OQO6&linkCode;=as2&tag;=travguid0ca-20

Claudia Duffield, VA

Love this product!

Bought this for my little baby, who seems to like it much. Very good quality material. Can’t recommend this nipple enough.

Angelita Longmont, CO

Use with Avent bottles

I use these Avent nipples with Avent bottles. I just wish they were a little cheaper since you have to buy so many of them in such quick succession.

Augusta Port Clinton, OH

Stock up, the bottles have changed design

I love the ease of the avent bottles for feeding, cleaning, transporting…..everything. When I found out the bottle design changed, I didn’t want to have to re-buy all new bottles ( because the nipple design changed to fit and perform with the new bottle too). I went to several local stores that were already sold out so came here to stock up. I bought all the sizes I will need in the future. Also, these nipples fit in the avent trainer sippy cups. This is great for my little one since he didn’t understand how to use the spout on the one that came with the cup.

Vicky Granite Falls, NC

As advertised

THis Phillips AVENT BPA free Classic Newborn Flow Nipple, 2 pack works exactly as advertised. Happily using it in our home.

Doris Morning Sun, IA

Good bottle nipple

This is a good bottle nipple which of course fits the phillips avent bottles. Even though this is a slow flow nipple my 3 month old baby did and still at 4 months does struggle with it on occasion for being too fast. In our case there’s also a little bit of nipple preference so I am not sure that it is entirely the nipple’s fault (as in not being slow enough). Perhaps in another month or two we’ll revisit this review.

Bonita Clarkson, KY

OK but not great

The hole on these nipples is not always punched in the middle, and some was way off. I recommend order Dr. Brown’s nipples over these.

Ester Middlefield, MA

Her favorite

These are our daughters favorite. They are very nice, we have a lot of them Level 1 and Level 2 and we haven’t had a single problem with any of them. They are sturdy, none have broken or ripped.When you’re ordering it can be a little confusing which size you are getting be sure to look at the size chart they provide to be sure you are getting the size you want.

Carol Turbeville, SC

Excellent Product

I purchased these for my baby girl I have used the other AVENT nipples for younger babies with no issues. Great product, no issues.

Karin Shrewsbury, MA


Los productos avent son los mejores para darles biberon a los bebes, son de muy buena calidad y excelente precio, siempre recomiendo esta marca.

Celia Roland, OK

Love the flow of milk for my daughter but these …

Love the flow of milk for my daughter but these do leak if not upright. Definitely not ok for when my toddler is in bed, falls asleep, and didn’t finish her milk!

Lilly Hampton, NJ

Just as expected

Order these for my newborn when the 2 hole nipple flowed too fast. Product is just has expected – high quality. Both my kids liked these nipples.

Aileen Colby, WI

Rubber easily rips

These nipples lasted about 6 months before the rubber started to rip. I’ve had to replace about half of them because the tip where the holes are ripped and now there’s just a gaping rubber flap. But despite the need to periodically replace them, they are a good nipple and I haven’t had any other issues with them.

Brigitte Savoonga, AK


Any bottle nipple, no matter the hole size, is going to be too fast for a breastfed baby – even this one at first. BOTTLE NIPPLES give baby CONSTANT FLOW, whether they’re sucking or not. On the breast, however, baby has nearly full control of how much and how fast milk comes out. It’s why the Ameda breast pump (Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump) gives you a ‘Cycle’ option. You start out fast – just as your baby does when they first latch on – to allow for the milk let-down. Then, you switch to a slower cycle motion to get the most milk out – just as your baby would once they started feeding. On a bottle nipple, if baby starts fast, of course they’re going to have issues at first, until they slow down their sucking motion.I regret buying the MAM bottles (MAM 3-Pack BPA Free Bottle, Boy, 5 Ounce) after I learned how easy the Avent bottles are. The MAM bottles work as intended, but are unnecessarily troublesome. When it came time to send my baby to day care for my return to work, I discovered just how frustrating the MAM bottles are. First of all, you have to make sure the bottom is screwed on **REALLY** tight, otherwise the water used to heat will mix with the contents of the bottle. This turns into such a pain – literally – when it comes time to take the bottle apart for washing. This extra thick, screw-on bottom makes warming the contents extra long compared to other bottles, such as Avent. Once you finally do get the milk warmed and take the MAM bottle out of the hot water, you have to be very careful not to burn yourself or your baby with the steaming water that collected in that screw-on bottom through the vent holes. Banging it out doesn’t get all of it and makes too much noise for all those night time feedings or anytime for that matter. Using a wash or burp cloth to protect yourself and baby is yet another added hassle and one more thing to maneuver while trying to feed the baby.None of these issues exist with the Avent bottles. An extra ring is nothing compared to the base parts of the MAM bottles. Popping the lid on and off the Avent bottles is also another easy thing compared to MAM. When you’re juggling a crying baby and a bottle at once, it’s not convenient to have to use a counter edge to pop off a bottle’s lid, but it’s something I’ve had to resort to, unfortunately. Avent’s lids are secure enough and prevent leaking without requiring a 2-hand operation.As an added bonus, Avent has a conversion kit that allows me to pump using my Ameda Purely Yours electric breast pump directly into any Avent bottle.

Becky Noatak, AK

Does the job

My daughter has been using the Breast Flow bottles and nipples, but we were given one of these bottles as a gift. Our daughter now uses both. The only thing I’ve found is, we have to replace the nipples more often (but it could be because she is teething). They are a little difficult to get clean, as they are narrow.

Annie Mahaffey, PA

Size 3 flows too fast for a 3 mo baby

I thought I need to change the nipples since my baby is already 100 days old :P. But after trying size 3 for four times, I’m certain that this size is too big for him. Yes, he drinks really really fast by using size 3, but he dripped three times more than when he’s using size 2 nipples. So I switched back to size 2 for now. Don’t get me wrong, I like Avent nipples and I’m sure size 3 will work just as well as size 2 in the future, but perhaps it shouldn’t be labeled as 3 mo+…..

Socorro Iredell, TX

Love Avent

I am the Grandmother to 2 infants and 1 toddler. One of the infants lives in our household and I can state that Avent is at the top of my list when it comes to bottles and nipples. No excess gas is produced, no bags to fuss with and have to toss away, clean up is simple just as mixing the formula is simple. No extra parts to have to put inside the bottle and try to remember if you are supposed to boil them or just wash them. I love Avent.

Samantha Morgantown, IN

Extras for my Phillips Bottles

I used the Phillips bottles when my son was still drinking from bottles and bought some of these extra nipples as the others eventually wore out.

Lynn Agra, KS

Good for breastfed babies

My baby likes these nipples, and they actually work better than the Newborn nipples. My baby always gags and gets too much from the newborn size, but she has no problems at all with these.

Staci Science Hill, KY