Philips Avent BPA Free Classic Polypropylene Bottle, Pink, 9 Ounce, 3 Count

Philips Avent BPA Free Classic Polypropylene Bottle, Pink, 9 Ounce, 3 Count

Unsettled and irritable behavior known as fussing is by far the most commonly known crying behavior in babies Clinical studies show that the AVENT Bottle significantly reduces colic and fussing Fussing is reduced especially at night

Main features

  • Clinically proven to reduce fussiness, especially during night time
  • Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding
  • Wide bottle shape for easy filling and cleaning
  • Accurate feeding measurement markings on bottle
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

Verified reviews


BEST Avent bottles yet!

I love these blue bottles so much that I tossed the original Avent ones that leaked unless you got the ring on just right. These have an inner ring that goes under the bottle ring (yes…yet one more part to wash!) and it prevents them from leaking. No leaks…not even once! They cannot be used without that inner ring. Finally Avent got it right!!!

Lakisha Sycamore, AL

lo maximo en coqueteria

todo el mundo me pregunta donde los compre, son espectaculares y elegantes para las niñas… lo malo es que con la leche adentro quedan muy rosa clarito, a diferencia de los azules de los varones que mas bien les favorece la leche, porque resalta mas el azul.

Hilary Winifrede, WV

Very easy to wash.

I knew what i was getting so no surprises there. I love these bottles because they are very easy to wash and because the lid closes tight so you can carry full bottles in your diaper bag with no leaks. My baby still prefers Dr.Brown’s.

Millicent Pine Ridge, SD

too expensive for what they are…

Bought these after having a girl because they looked prettier than the plain clear ones. however, they are much pinker in the pics than in real life. There is BARELY a pink hue that can be seen on them, and you have to look carefully. Unless you compare them to the clear ones, it is really kind of hard to tell they are actually pink. Would not spend what AVENT are charging for them again. Better just to spend the money on the regular ones, since they are overpricing the pink and blue ones due to novelty factor…AVENT should have made these much better coloured.

Kristina Florence, SC

My wife loves the bottles, I dont.

Most of the times the Avent bottles cause a mess. Don’t know why sometimes they leak.The pink color is nice.

Alfreda White Plains, VA

Love this bottle

Avent bottles: Biggest complaint is leaking. Have I had this happen to me? Yes. Have I fixed it? Yes. If you look at the nipple, there is a small seal at the lip of the nipple which is what PREVENTS leaking.If you’re bottle is leaking? Unscrew and try again. Test it by shaking the bottle over the sink (this saves you from messy babies!).If it STILL leaks, then I suggest you need to replace the nipple and/or a new bottle screw ring.What different about these bottles than the normal bottles? Philips AVENT 9 Ounce BPA Free Bottles, Pink, 3 Pack There is an extra valve ring to help seal.If any of my Avent bottles leak, I follow the steps above. Never had it leak twice in a row on me. I have used Avent bottles with my son (2) and my daughter (4 months). With him I got frustrated about the leaking UNTIL I found someone else’s review sharing this information. Please keep it in mind. As with all products, there can be “user” error at times. I am sure some leaking is the actual bottles fault, defects do happen.Also, why Avent? You can convert the bottles to a sippy cup with ease. LOVE THAT FEATURE!I don’t use Avent bottles for “newborns” until like 1-2 months old (also I have established breastfeeding on both my children) so I can’t speak to the size 1 flow nipple until that time period. I love the playtex dropins bit more expensive overall but I have NEVER had a leak, plus clean up is a snap if you are a VERY busy mom like myself!

Olivia Marion, LA

Great bottles!

I really am happy with myPhilips AVENT BPA Free Infant Starter Gift Setbut the bottles were too small to pump into so I bought these to pump & its been great! Not really convinced that they completely eliminate air out of the milk as my baby still has a ton of gas but a good burp & some gas drops seems to to the trick!

Caroline Whitney, PA

leak all the time!

the bottle look smokey pink and cheap! not only that, it leaks all the time and the nipple suction is poor!!! have to take it off my daughters mouth to get air and for her to get milk again,

Verna Buffalo, WY

Great Bottles

I used these bottles for my son when he was younger and they were great. I will use this same brand for any future babies I have.

Crystal Cedar City, MO

Good but i would go for the alternative

It does what it is made for effectively, it’s not like it leaks or anything being bpa free is also a big bonus but i would go for the five pack that works out cheaper per bottle.;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B00433OQO6&linkCode;=as2&tag;=nealo10a-20

Patty Corning, NY

My breastfed baby really did not like these bottles

Let me preface this, EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT.Objectively, here’s what I can say. The design is really nice, the bottles are ergonomically designed, and seem to be good quality. Nevertheless, my son hated them. He is exclusively breastfed at home and only has bottles of expressed breast milk at daycare. When our daycare provider began giving him milk in these bottles, he consistently refused them. After continuously trying to give him these bottles, we tried a few other brands and he ended up accepting one of those. According to our daycare provider, he seemed to dislike the wide base of the bottle. I was very surprised considering how much everyone else loves these bottles. Like I said, every baby is different.

Marian Brighton, MI

Love the color

I love the blue tint and ordered this for travel when my youngest child was born. It was very easy to keep track of due to the color.Also ordered the pink ones for a friend.

Ma Ogden, KS

perfect philips Avent !

no complaints at all about this product, I recommend it without doubt the best for your baby excellent no complaints at all about this product, I recommend it without doubt the best for your baby and take it all in good quality

Mayra North Bend, NE

Olivia’s mom

I love these bottles, because they’re the only ones my 5 month old uses that don’t cause gas! The pink color is unique so they don’t get mixed up at daycare.

Sandra Shortt Gap, VA

Never once had a leak with ANY Avent bottle

I’ve never had any leaks. I hand wash my bottles, and I do not sterilize them. I just don’t trust my dishwasher to get them totally clean because I have a hard water problem, but this is the case with any bottle. I think that perhaps some people have problems with them leaking because the heat of the dishwasher’s dry cycle may warp them in an imperceptible way.I dry them overnight, assemble them in the morning, and have never had a leaking problem. My daughter is 5 months old and I’ve been using the stage 2 nipple since she was three months and it’s perfect.

Lavonne Charleston Afb, SC

Border line

These bottles are large and short….bulky. My baby is only a month old so she is still on the stage 1 Avent bottles. These Avent bottles like to leake a lot of milk. They do help with gas though. It’s a hit or miss.

Annie Roann, IN

Five Stars

Perfect shipping, good price, good product

Patrice Port Hope, MI

Great bottles

I really like these bottles. I like that they are blue, I like how easy they are to clean, I like that they come with #2 nipples and not #1’s, I like that they don’t leak-ever, I like that they can convert into a sippy cup, I love that we haven’t had any issues with gas using these bottles, and I like that they hold up to the dishwasher.Things I’m not super stoked on are the fact that they are fairly fat and harder for small hands to hold. When filling up an 8oz formula bottle there is barely enough room to add the formula. I have spilled over the top before when I’m not careful.Other than that these bottles are great. Highly recommend.

Rosemarie Lyme, NH


LOVE LOVE LOVE THE AVENT CLASSIC! I was using the Breastflow bottles while nursing but when I stopped nursing my son decided he no longer liked those bottles. So we tried these and he loves them! and so does mommy!

Lottie Callao, MO

Great bottle

Used it for more than 4 months and still as good as new. The quality is really good.Cheaper if you get this though;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B00433OQO6&linkCode;=as2&tag;=travguid0ca-20

Viola Arnegard, ND

love it

Love Philips Avent,now there are in these pretty kool colour i buy blue because i have a son will always buy this brand for my son.

Angela Buhler, KS


These bottles are great. My daughter who was 5 weeks when I started using these bottles has had no troubles latching on or with drooling. I had worried that the flow would be to fast for her but it is perfect.

Morgan Blue Grass, VA

Great bottles for long term use

These are our favorite bottles. We have used it for 2 years and has held up well. The pink color gives it extra nice touch. I must confess that sometimes they leak when I shake it to mix the formula. And this is just like maybe once a week or even less than this. I was told that if you have had it for a long time that it will start to leak because you have to change the rings which you can buy here in amazon. Doing that solved the problem 🙂

Sandra Greencastle, IN


I got these at my baby shower and originally didn’t use them because I had bought the Dr. Browns bottles. While I do love the Dr. Browns, these are SOOO much easier to use and clean! I breast feed and have to supplement with formula and with the dr browns trying to shake up formula there was no way it didn’t leak, and these I have only had one issue where they did leak because the ring on the inside of the bottle wasn’t matched up with the nipple other than that I love these bottles. The nipple on them is not completely contoured like a breast but if you want to spend more money you can buy the ones that are but my daughter does well going back and forth between these and the breast.

Leola Junior, WV

Love pink!

I’m a huge Avent fan so these bottles were even better with the pink color. I just wish the ring lock was pink too!

Phyllis Columbia Cross Roads, PA

LOVE These bottles

We were already using Avent bottles but I just had to buy them in blue for my son. They were just too cute :)It makes it easier for the daycare employees to spot his bottles in the fridge and I just think they’re cute.We love Avent bottles–easy to clean, durable, easy to hold.

Rachael Mystic, CT

I like these

My son uses these and has no issues.I like that they are wide, it makes it easier to get the formula into them.

Juanita Makinen, MN

Best bottle on the market!

Between my own biological children, foster children, and kids I have babysat for the last 15 years…these are by FAR the best bottles you can buy! We have used Dr Browns, Playtex (drop ins), and Nuk. The Avent are the best quality and price for the product. The large nipple is more like the natural breast. Great for babies with feeding difficulties and babies who are gassy/spit up alot. HIGHLY recommend these!

Queen Waymart, PA

Avent 9 ounce bottles

I love these bottles from Avent; they really did a great job here. I got only one from Safeway to test it, it has #2 nipple, which was very suitable for my4-month old boy. I am going to travel to the middle east and I’m planning to purchase 3 more bottles of these, though as someone mentioned, they are hard for the baby to hold because of their wide waist.

Theresa Irene, SD

Leaky little buggars!

We purchased these after reading the reviews, thinking that they would be awesome for our baby. NOT! After following the instructions on the bottle, these bottles leak. BAD! There are websites that explain how to keep these bottles from leaking and they did not work for us at all! They leak through the vents that are in the side of the nipple. By the time our daughter is done eating, more milk seems to be on her than in her belly.

Ophelia Wisner, LA