Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Polypropylene Essentials Gift Set

Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Polypropylene Essentials Gift Set

Avent Essentials Set The Philips AVENT Essentials Set provides everything a new parent needs for safe, easy feeding and sterilizing. Each of the four BPA-free Classic bottles included in this kit features a clinically proven anti-colic valve within the nipple that reduces colic for less air in your baby’s tummy and a more comfortable feeding experience. The express microwave sterilizer cleans six bottles in two minutes. Set Includes: (2) 9 oz bottles (2) 4 oz bottles Classic nipples Bottle-to-first-cup trainer Powder dispenser – great for travel! Bottle brush Newborn silicone pacifier Sterilizer

Main features

  • Bottle feeding made easy
  • 9 ounce bottles and 4 ounce bottles
  • Bottle brush, formula dispenser, pacifier, trainer cup, express microwave sterilizer
  • Great for gifting
  • (2) 9 ounce bottles and (2) 4 ounce bottles

Verified reviews


We use it several times a day.

Super easy to use and very convenient for all bottles, pacifiers, breast pump parts, etc. Way easier than having to wash with soap everytime.

Tabitha Somerville, TX

Good for an expectant mom

Received this as a gift and gave as a gift. The set is great for an expectant mom. However, the sterilizer you’ll use sporadically. The newborn nipples are still a bit too fast for my 1-month old, but to be fair, I’ve not found a brand where the flow is slow enough for her. We need to stop and go when using a bottle to make sure she doesn’t spill all over herself or choke. If this is your baby’s case as well invest in bibs.

Earlene Conneaut, OH

The best starter kit to have of gift.

I was well pleased with this starter kit. With my last baby I was using first years bottles but all the parts of the bottles with the cleaning and all really got to to me. At that time Avent had not yet launched the BPA free bottles. All my girls who had already experienced motherhood would swear by the avent bottles before that. So this time when on having my second baby this little thing came in right in time and when I had an option I knew this was going to be it. The quality of these bottles are the best. Cleaning is a snap. I already had both the microwave and the iQ sterilizer. And hands down prefer the microwave one because of sheer convenience and also because its saves electricity. I dont think keeping the sterilizer warm for extended periods is necessary. Just 2 – 3 mins for a bottle are we are done. Besides the microwave one does not occupy much space. So this is really a great starter kit for new moms.The bottle brush is a thoughtful addition. So are the pacifiers. I am not so much into formula milk but for those that are this also come with a formula dispenser. I think this is a great baby shower gift. Well rounded and complete. I am sticking to mine. Its too good to part with.Love it.

Shelly Thedford, NE


These work great came on time. Will recommend to all mothers. The best set ofbaby bottles you can ever use

Millicent Maysville, OK

Great set for a good price

I bought this set for my friend for her baby shower. She was very excited and loved this set. I saw her using it and she said the quality is great and she would recommend this to every parent.

Gilda Tioga, PA

Great starter set

This set contained everything I needed to get started for formula feeding my baby. It is a simple easy to use system and seems to reduce air/colic issues. I would highly recommend.

Jean Carmichaels, PA

Leak even with the ring

Do Not wast your money and buy this set. My son was crying when I fed him by these bottles because they leak the milk I really regret buying this bad set.

Consuelo Penrose, CO

Great bottles

I love the avent bottles and that all the pieces are interchangeable. We are now using the sippy cup parts and the snack container. Admittedly, I’ve only used the steamer twice. I bought it because the heat dry does not work on my dishwasher, but I feel that they are clean enough after hand washing, so I never use the steamer.

Lelia Butler, MD

Great starter set for new parents.

We have newly born twins and this Avent starter set is great. The sterilizer is easy to use and the array of bottles are great. One thing to not is that this product is not made in China like many other bottles. I wanted to point that out as some people like to know that info. This is a nice starter set but you will need to buy additional bottles just to have enough on hand. While it’s hard to tell how much the bottle prevents colic they do seem very nice and the nipples seem perfect for our newborns.

Sharon Antelope, CA

Perfect Starter Set

Just having a newborn a month ago I was in the market for new bottles and was trying to decide between Dr Browns and Avent because I heard that both were good. While I do use both still, I like the simplicity of the Avent over the Dr Browns since there is only one piece extra on top of the nipple and threaded top instead of two so it makes them easier to clean and put back together in bulk after a day or two worth of bottles. The nice thing about this set is that you get a few of each size bottle, a nice quality cleaning brush, and a bunch of other little things along with the sterilizer which is pretty easy to use once you figure out how to pack it for different configurations. The only one issue I’ve had with Avent bottles is that the number 2 nipples are still kind of fast for my daughter and I don’t have that many number 1’s so I have been using my Dr Browns bottles more often until she is able to handle the larger flow volume and then I will start to use these more.

Geri Cisco, UT

LOVE the sterilizer!!

This is an incredibly awesome kit. Sterilizing nipples by heating them in boiling water is no fun at all. I’m always paranoid that I will accidentally melt or damage the nipple. The microwave steam sterilizer makes this incredibly easy to do. The great thing about this sterilizer is that it works with any bottle nipple, so I never have to boil a bottle nipple or pacifier again!The bottles we were using before these were the kind with the drop in liners; they worked great for the purpose of air elimination, but because the baby was only drinking a couple of ounces and the smallest bags were 4oz, they had become cumbersome. We were hoping that these bottles would make it a little easier to feed in small amounts and also more flexibility to add more milk during feedings. The bottles did a good job of controlling the air intake and reducing colic. Overall, I’m thrilled with this set and these bottles.

Leah Sumatra, MT


I was skeptical when I first purchased these bottles but now I’m 100% sold. I sterilize bottles every night before bed so I know they will be perfect in the morning. Since my original purchase I’ve have bought 5 more of the bigger bottles. These are the only bottles my son will take and has had no confusion switching from breast to bottle or bottle to breast. The only thing I would change is the brush. I would like the bristles all around the top not just on the one side. Other than that its perfect!

Alissa Great Bend, KS

Nice starter set

This is a nice starter set that includes the basics needed to bottle feed your baby. I think it is a perfect set for a new mom who does not know her specific needs yet because it gives her a variety of things to try out. I especially like the sterilizer. Even though bottles can be washed with soap and water, I like to sterilize things now and then and this sterilizer has unlimited uses unlike the Medela Quick Clean Mirco-Steam Bags that I have also used before (which can only be used 20 times each).So many of my friends use AVENT bottles with their babies. Some complain of occasional leaking but other than that, everyone is satisfied.

Lauri Westford, VT

Very Practical

It is ideal for travelling or for those who doen’t like the big electrical sterilizers. It also brings all the essentials things you need for the feeding of the baby.

Brittany Trexlertown, PA

Awesome gift for a new Mommy or Mama to Be Good for both breastfed and bottle fed.

My grandson loves these advent bottles. He gets only 4oz now, and these are easy to use and keep clean with this set. I love that this is BPA free and no harsh chemicals.This is an essential pack for any new mom or expectant parent. It includes bottles with nipples, feeding cup, pacifier, brush for cleaning and even a microwave sterilizer to make sure it is all is safe for baby. It can be used for breastmilk or for formula fed as it inlcudes a handy protable powder dispenser, but since we use liquid formula we used ir for mommy snacks. We also appreciate that it comes with a pacifier and First Cup Trainer: Nipple and soft spout for easy to go from bottle to cup.Makes a great baby shower or christmas gift for a current parent of and infant.

Susan Rarden, OH

My Husband is grateful

Works like a charm and saves us so much hassle when cleaning bottles! My husband does all of that and said he would die if he had to do it all in the sink! Great thing about this particular unit us that it fits in my very small microwave!Wedding use any of the extras yet but it’s still early! We didn’t use these bottles either we switched to Medela.

Kristina Woodlawn, VA

Avent Classic Essential Gift Set

Purchased as a shower gift noted on the registry. Recommended by three mothers for BPA-Free, ergonomic shape and excellent flow.

Joni Waterford, PA


Very useful and convenient for families with babies. One of the repetitive tasks you have to do is to boil the bottles so it’s nice to be able to sterilize them in the microwave instead of having the boil them in a big pot of water.Pros:1) This set has a lot of stuff in it and is really great as a gift set because it has all you need. I won’t list them here, you can see them in the product description, even has a brush!2) BPA-free. BPA is Bisphenol A and can affect the body’s hormones, you definitely don’t want to have this chemical in a baby bottle.3) Very convenient, I think it almost works best as a travel set because once you sterilize the bottles, they will be kept sterile for 24 hours until you open the lid.4) Bottle/nipple has anti-colic valve.Cons:It’s pretty big, you have to have a full size microwave in order to use it and not one of those small ones.Summary:A very good all in one kit, and I think best for traveling. It’ll make a great gift set, that’s for sure.

Jaclyn Harperville, MS

Nice Starter Set and Sterilizer

Having used Avent products in the past with my two older children, I was happy to receive this BPA free feeding and sterilizing essentials set. In addition to having a nice starter collection of bottles and accessories, this set also includes a microwave sterilizer. I was quite happy to use Avent products with my first two babies and I look forward to using them again with our baby on the way. Since I originally used Avent products nearly ten years ago I can see that some improvements have been made regarding a few of the components in this gift set.The microwave sterilizer has a nice improvement regarding how the lid attaches to the base. On the old model you had to fight with the snap on design to get it to open. It was frustrating and the worst part of an otherwise good sterilizer. The sterilizer in this set has nice hinged latches to secure the lid to the base. This improvement makes opening and closing the unit a snap. The tongs included for handling the freshly sterilized have been modified from the original design, but I would still classify them as useless.The bottles included in this set are three 4oz bottles with stage 1 newborn flow nipples, and two 9oz bottles with stage 2 slow flow nipples. Also included in the set is a soft spout sippy spout insert (takes the place of the silicone nipple) and trainer handles which can be placed on a 4oz bottle to create a training sippy cup. Having tried the sippy spouts in the past with my children, I can tell you that I don’t recommend them. My children had a difficult time getting liquid out of the cup with the Avent spouts. We much preferred the Playtex sippy cups for this stage of feeding. The sippy spout has been redesigned. It is now a two piece set up instead of a three piece design. The overall look of the spout is still that same, it’s simply one less piece to clean.The bottle brush included in this set is my favorite. The brush is durable and will not scratch your bottles like many other bottle brushes on the market will do. With my older daughters I had tried many different bottle brushes and this one was my absolute favorite hands down.The newborn pacifier in this set is one that neither of my older children ever liked. For some reason Avent pacifiers would not stay in their mouths. The only thing I really liked about Avent pacifiers is the snap on cover that keeps the nipple clean when it is stored in your diaper bag or purse. Since it can take trying a few different brands of pacifiers to find one that your baby likes, it’s nice that this one is included in the set.This set also includes a powdered formula/snack dispenser. If you’re using powdered formula, this dispenser has three sections for storing formula. The divider is actually a cup that can be removed from the cup so you can use it as a snack cup later. The opening for the dispenser is small so you could give this to a toddler and he or she would not be able to completely dump the contents in one fell swoop. Overall, the design of this dispenser seems thoughtfully designed.I’d certainly recommend this essentials gift set as a nice and useful sampling of the Avent line of feeding and sterilizing products. This set would make a very nice shower gift.

Cynthia Lisbon, NH

Great starter kit…

This is a great starter kit for your lil one. It’s durable, quality product love that it has a sterilizer, serveral bottles, cup, pacifier and cleaner brush as well. No complaints really…this will easily meet your little ones needs for the first year or so.

Marie Newbern, AL

Truly a set of “Essentials”

We have used several of the individual components from this set for quite awhile, including thePhilips AVENT BPA-Free Bottle BrushandPhilips AVENT Formula BPA-Free Dispenser/Snack Cup. I have seen the bottles in the store, but have always been partial to thePlaytex BPA Free Drop-Ins Premium Decorated Nurser 4 oz – 3 Pack (Colors Vary). We also have thePhilips AVENT BPA Free Infant Starter Gift Set, and having now tried the AVENT bottles, I am very impressed with them.I appreciate that the bottles are BPA-free, as we have been working to eliminate sources of BPA in our household for a couple of years now. I also liked the physical size (diameter) of the bottles. The clear nipples are great, as I had no question whether they were clean.Believe it or not, this is the first sterilizer we have owned. Not having a dishwasher, sterilizing everything by hand has been time consuming. This microwave sterilizer has been wonderful. There is less labor involved (no boiling water) and I can do other things while the microwave is working its magic. In my opinion, this sterilizer is the main reason to choose this set over the Starter set (mentioned above).Highly recommend this set!

Luann Fruitdale, AL

It’s all you need in a starter kit!

Can’t go wrong purchasing this starter kit. It has everything you need. My son is five months now and I haven’t had the need to purchase anything else or any replacements etc. I will recommend this to a new mother. You can always get more stuff later on if needed.

Jacquelyn Olpe, KS

great price for a nice starter set

As a new mommy who has been unable to breastfeed, bottles are essential in my life. I had been sterilizing everything by boiling it on the stove, but it was a pain in the behind to do all the time. I also have the Playtex Drop-In system and was curious about trying the more traditional bottle that doesn’t require me to have inserts on hand.Included in the set:1.Philips AVENT Express II Microwave Steam Sterilizer- best part of the set. It is easy to use and sterilizes everything quickly. I don’t have to deal with a pot of boiling water and waiting for it to boil. Two minutes in the microwave and it is done. It fits everything I need (check out the instructions for how to arrange lots of stuff in a certain order).2.Philips AVENT 4 Ounce BPA Free Bottles, 3 PackThe bottles include both UK and US fl ounces as well as ml lines. The bottles will hold 125 ml, which is just over 4 ounces. I used these with my baby and he does really well with them. He doesn’t get lots of air and they are easy for him to latch on to. I pace bottle feed, so he sits up and I hold the bottle parallel to the floor, and these aren’t perfect for it since I have to lean him back or the bottle up to keep from too much air getting in his mouth. I prefer the Playtex Drop-Ins for paced bottle feeding. I haven’t had any leaks with them.3.Philips AVENT BPA Free Bottle, 9 Ounce, Dual PackMy baby is still only taking 4 ounces in a feeding, so I haven’t used these yet, but I see them as the same as the 4 ounce bottles. They have the stage 2 nipples, so they flow faster for an older baby.4.Philips AVENT BPA Free Translucent Pacifier, 0-3 Months, ClearI already owned some of these pacifiers before I got this set. My baby likes these, but actually prefers NUKs. I really like these because they come with a cover, so when not in use they can easily be tossed in the diaper bag or anywhere and not get dirty. Also, they don’t sit directly on baby’s face, so he doesn’t get the pacifier marks around his mouth.5.Philips AVENT BPA-Free Bottle BrushA nice brush making it easier to clean the bottles.6.Philips AVENT Non Spill Soft Spouts, 6 MonthsOne of these is included. It fits directly onto the bottles, so the bottles can be used longer when baby is older.7.Two Avent Magic Cup Trainer Handles (colors may vary)Goes with the above item to help re-purpose the bottles.8.Philips AVENT Formula BPA-Free Dispenser/Snack CupSince I am formula feeding, this is nice to have. The dispenser is actually an insert with 3 compartments. The insert can be removed and used as a snack cup when baby is older. I do find that it is difficult to get all the powder out of the compartments because of the way the the opening is offset from the edge of the compartment. It usually takes a little shaking and shifting to get most all of it out.Added up the cost of this set is a great deal. For anyone who is planning on using bottles to feed (either with formula or breast milk), this is an excellent set. It is perfect for a shower gift for the new mommy.

Mae Huguenot, NY

Great for the sterilizer if anything!

I haven’t really used all of these bottles yet because my baby’s only 9 weeks old and I’m breast feeding, but I’m sure I will. He’s used the bottles a few times, but right now he prefers the Avent natural shape bottle that has a more rounded top, which I also very much recommend! The sterilizer makes this package totally worth it! We use it every day! Just 4 minutes in the microwave and you’re done with whatever you need to sterilize! I use this for my breast pump gear, pacifiers, medicine droppers, breast shields, and of course the bottles. The cleaning brush is also great!

Ora Brownsville, TN

Great for new parents!

This is a great starter kit! It includes everything you need to get started, as seen in the product description. As parents we want to provide the very best for our baby, so it is important to us that these bottles are made with BPA-free materials and include anti-colic valves to help keep baby comfortable. We were also pleased with the sterilizer. While we are generally fine with hand-washing, the sterilizer helps give us that extra peace of mind.

Lashonda Stet, MO

My best purchase

This is an amazing set which includes all you need for the first 6 months of bottle feeding. No need to buy a bunch of different stuff and I am in love the express microwave sterilizer. I have a 2 in 1 sterilizer from Philips Avent but I didn’t even use it yet as this is so simple to use!

Gertrude Millsboro, PA

Convenient, BPA free, no leaks so far…

This is a nice starter kit. It comes with different bottle sizes, a pacifier a cleaning station (for use in microwave) a brush and a storage container (for baby formula).So far, it’s been very good. These are our favorite bottles (we got 2 others).The pros:- They seem to reduce the amount of air going to the baby- Easy to clean (in microwave – though honestly we typically just clean them by boiling water)- All the materials are good quality (there is nothing that feels “cheap” in the set.- Baby loves the pacifier…- The storage container is nice to carry in the diaper bag- Bottles haven’t leaked (2 months of use)- The ring to keep it from spilling is fairly big – you won’t lose it too easilyNeutral notes:- Use sparingly if breastfeeding, as baby gets lazy and won’t breastfeed as well (milk comes out too easily in comparison)Overall, we’ve been pleased with this product and would recommend it.

Jo Carlos, MN

very good

I became very happy to get this. The product is produced with good material. I recommend to everyone. It’s is usefull

Deidra Yale, OK

Very unhappy

I purchased these after a lot of research. I was so unhappy with the plastic bottles, they leak, and for the price I paid, they should have been the best. I would not recommend them to anyone.

Gayla Panama City Beach, FL

Great gift.

This is much cheaper than if you buy in the big box stores. I own the Avent "starter" kit (does not have the sterilizer) and I love the bottles. I gave this set as a gift, but I don’t know how necessary the sterilizer is. I just boil mine now and then.

Angelita Camilla, GA