Philips Avent BPA Free Contemporary Freeflow Pacifier, Colors and Designs May Vary, 0-6 Months, 2 Count

Philips Avent BPA Free Contemporary Freeflow Pacifier, Colors and Designs May Vary, 0-6 Months, 2 Count

Philips Avent Free Flow – Fashion 0-6m Orthodontic. Designed for natural oral development. Ideal for sensitive skin. Extra airflow. BPA free.

Main features

  • Orthodontic symmetrical collapsible nipple
  • Taste and odor-free silicone nipple makes for an easy transition between pacifier, breast and bottle
  • Includes two pacifiers with extra freeflow air holes for sensitive skin; ideal age range: 0-6 months
  • Warning: Do not tie pacifier around child’s neck as it presents a strangulation danger
  • Colors and designs may vary; Customer may receive either Contemporary or Fashion design
  • Orthodontic symmetrical collapsible nipple so right side up or upside down, Philips avent pacifiers help ensure natural development of teeth and gums
  • Taste and odour-free silicone nipple makes for an easy transition between pacifier, breast and bottle
  • Includes two pacifiers with extra freeflow air holes for sensitive skin. Ideal age range: 0-6 months
  • WARNING: Do not tie pacifier around child’s neck as it presents a strangulation danger
  • Colors and designs may vary

Verified reviews


Not as great at other moms say it is

I thought this was a good purchase until it finally arrived. I did not like how the soap and water got stuck inside the pacifier. Not only is it difficult to get out and clean, I feel that it’s unsanitary to give to a baby if you don’t sanitize it in hot water after every use. I sanitized it in hot water for 5 ~ 10 minutes before use and my son did not accept the pacifier at all which I don’t mind because it would be a pain to sanitize after every use. The only positive thing about the pacifier is the cover that it comes with because if it didn’t I would have given it one star.

Kelly San Manuel, AZ

not solid colors

I know it says colors and designs may vary, but I assumed since solid colors are pictured I was going to get solid pacifiers…

Lacy Arecibo, PR

Great pacifiers

Our child isn’t big on any pacifier but he’s taken to these ones the best. They don’t have a top or bottom so we don’t have to make sure it’s in correctly which is nice at night. They also come with plastic covers that clip right on so when it’s in the diaper bag or in a pocket the part of the pacifier our son sucks on doesn’t get dirty.

Alma Jacksonville Beach, FL

Heavy, poorly shaped.

There is not enough shape to the nipple part. Combined with the heaviness of the plastic, baby can’t latch on to it, and if she does – it falls right out because of the weight. I would have expected much better for the price. I use only MAM now, but I can imagine just about any other pacifier would be better than these. I gave an extra star because they do seem made well, but functionally, these are only a 1 star.

Rosanne Cumberland, NC

I like the cap!

I like that this pacifier has its own cap for it so that it’s easy to keep clean when rolling around in the diaper bag. My son isn’t a huge fan of pacifiers in general, but he’s taken to this one more than others.

Shelley Jenks, OK

Age range Newborn to 6 months?!

It’s a very pretty pacifier, but sadly my newborn girl gags on it. The mouth piece is way too long for her… Just wondering how a pacifier could possibly fit a newborn as well as a 6 month old?! My fault, should have thought about it before ordering…

Susana Lohman, MO

Daughter seems to like, they save the day

My daughter loves these pacifiers. Wish they stayed in her mouth easier but it is nice how there is no "upside down" and have the handle which is helping baby learn to put her pacifier back in her mouth. The handle is also great for pacifier straps, not all pacifiers can use standard straps.Also dislike that you can’t choose colors, probably will just purchase the next level at Target so I can choose.I waited two weeks before breaking down and giving my daughter a pacifier. Now we both love these!

Kelsey Chemung, NY

Not even close to the pacifiers pictured!

When they say colors may vary they are not just talking about the ones pictured. I assumed that I would received two of the colors pictured but what I got instead was 2 clear pacifiers with some crazy design on the front in blue and yellow. So I gave 2 stars based on the fact they work. Otherwise the pacifiers I received were hideous for a little girl. Ended up not even using them and gave them to a friend who was having a baby boy.

Inez Stamford, NE

The only binky my children have used!

We’ve tried other types of pacifiers but both my children liked these pacifiers best. They’re really attractive as well & come in a variety of different colors. Love them.

Katrina Long Pine, NE

Avent Freeflow Paci

My son isn’t a big fan of pacifiers. I only give it to him during bedtime or naps if he is having trouble falling asleep and wants something to suck on. He tends to spit it out of his mouth so I have to keep a finger nearby to assist in keeping it in. I know this has nothing to do with the actually paci but I wonder if maybe he would take to a different one better? He usually just try to chew on it these days. When he uses it, it’s fine. The thing I don’t like about these pacifiers is when you watch/rinse them they can take in water that’s hard to get out. It leaves water marks and also I don’t know how sanitary that is.

Alissa Fredericksburg, IN

Easy to use, easy to clean, good price

These are the only pacifiers my baby uses. She sucks on them in the usual manner but sometimes she also uses her hands to turn them around to chew on the plastic edges when her teeth/gums are bothering her. So far, these have held up after 3 months of daily use. They are cleaned and sterilised everyday.The price is good for the product and it is handy to have more than one, especially when baby is cranky.Highly recommend!

Allie Flintstone, GA

Great pacifiers, I wish you could choose your colors.

Great pacifiers, I wish you could choose your colors. The clear ones are really hard to find around the house. I wish they made more packages with two colored ones and I wish Amazon let you choose your colors. I have boy/girl twins, so I don’t care about the blue/pink issue, but most packages come with at least one clear one.

Regina Nelliston, NY

Will not buy again!

Waste of money! My daughter would not suck these to soothe herself when she was upset or to sleep! Think the spout/bulb part that goes into her mouth is a weird shape and not comfortable to suck or easy for baby to keep in her mouth!

Margarita Plainville, IN

Son didn’t like this paci

I’ve used another brand and this one doesn’t stay in baby’s mouth, it goes flying out of his lips all too often and the base is just not shaped to baby’s face. He prefers the other brand much better.

Gwendolyn Winooski, VT

baby’s favorite

These are great pacifiers. Our daughter rejected the "Gum drop" brand pacifiers. The nipple is softer & shorter than the other brand. These also come with wonderful nipple caps. When they aren’t being used, the caps keep the nipple clean.

Tessa Sycamore, IL

Philips AVENT BPA Free Contemporary Freeflow Pacifier

I have other 7 type of pacifier, my son loved this the best, they leave no mark or print on the mouth surroundings. Philip Avent BPA had it great design on this one. All edge are tiled opposite of the mouth skin, dodging the nose contact. I will give a PERFECT to this pacifier. 1000% reconmended. Trust me. it is a great pacifier.

Denise Stickney, SD

Baby really likes this one

I got the 6-18 months for my 3 month old and he didn’t quite like it but he really likes this one. He was used to the soothie before and took this one easily. Its great that it comes with a cap to keep it clean and taking it along when you go out.

Diana Braceville, IL

i like it

i like Avent for simple and safe designs .. and these pacifiers and cool looking pretty colors i have 2 more sets of these

Ruth Mascotte, FL

Our child seems to like it

Who knew the shape of the pacifier really matters. Especially for infants, the shape allows them to suck without their nose being smashed

Viola West Van Lear, KY

I liked these

I lked these, my baby not so much. In the end she only used it a couple of times and then never again, wich was better in the end so there was no need to take them from her later

Janine Strausstown, PA

helps calm the baby a lot

helps calm the baby a lot, its shape prevents strain on the teeth of the baby and has cute colors

Mia Mallard, IA


My baby likes the pacis and they’re great. There’s no smell and they haven’t torn despite constant use and sterilization.

Lourdes Arcadia, CA


My son is almost 4 weeks old. He likes this pacifier compared to the soothie or soother one we got from the hospital.

Maribel Denniston, KY

Too long

A little long for the mouth of a baby under six months. My baby was fine chewing on the end of these, but if she tried to suck on it, it would reach all the way back into her mouth and choke her. And she is a big girl! (9 lb 3 oz at birth) I think they need to change the age suggestion up a year or so.

Tabatha Montesano, WA

Better Than Usual Design, Seems Functional

I think this is a great pacifier. The only reason I can’t give it 5 stars in good conscience is that my baby hates all pacifiers. He thinks if something is in his mouth, it should be delivering food.Let me tell you why I think this model is well designed. They are made of silicon and bpa free. I have a latex allergy and I have noticed how much better silicone parts hold up over latex in my house. My child prefers silicon as well since there is less odor and taste. The nipple is collapsible and the pacifier doesn’t have an up or down which means if you are fumbling in a bassinet at 3 am, groggy from no sleep, you can’t put it in the baby’s mouth wrong. The shield has large air openings and seems to curve back from the face so you don’t get those deep red lines of irritation from pacifier use. They seem sturdy and well put together. I don’t fear the nipple coming off. Avent included nipple caps to keep them clean when you throw them in a diaper bag.These pacifiers are my hands down favorite of the lot on the market now.

Rene Pleasant Plains, IL

Best pacifiers out there!

These pacifiers are great. They have no top or bottom to worry about and have holes for air flow. My daughter loves them!

Theresa Grantville, GA

Our baby loves these and so do we!

Best part of these pacifiers is they do not leave marks on the child’s face lk the other brands we have tried.

Ma Camden, SC

They sent clear.

I just wish the ones that they sent weren’t all clear. Makes them hard to find. My son liked them though so that’s what matters.

Sheryl Stoneham, MA

BPA free

I’m trying to keep BPA away from my baby. I was glad to find these pacifiers, that’s one less thing I have to worry about. I received the colors shown which are purple and green.

Erica Newburg, MO

Great pacifiers if you need one

Our first child never used a pacifier, and truth be told, we were dead set against using one. Our second child is another story. She’s very alert and kind of hyper at times, and we found that pacifiers helped her relax and fall asleep. We haven’t tried any other pacifiers, as she likes those. They’re easy to suck on and easy to spit out. No complaints.

Lynda Cambria, CA