Philips AVENT BPA Free Essentials Gift Set with Sterilizer

Philips AVENT BPA Free Essentials Gift Set with Sterilizer

Philips Avent PES Essentials Set

Main features

  • Philips Avent Express II is ultra fast and easy to use, sterilizes 6 bottles in 2 minutes
  • Avent bottles are clinicially proven to reduce colic, BPA-Free
  • Milk Powder dispenser is ideal for travel
  • Bottle brush cleans in the hard to reach areas
  • All items are dishwasher safe

Verified reviews



A MUST TO HAVE! For us, the best baby feeding solution !You can reuse all the products, easy to combine with other options.

Georgia Linesville, PA

Good Sterilizer

This sterilizer is compact and conienient for travel. It steams in the microwave in as little as 6mins and holds six bottles. It uses steam to sterilize, the set includes a bottle brush and a powder dispenser which is great to have in the baby’s bag. I love this set

Gena Denver, KY

Love it!!!

This sterilizer is GREAT. I sterilized bottles in boiling water over the stove, in the dishwasher and in this microwaveable sterilizer. I found that this product was so much easier than boiling and the dishwasher. When I boiled the item, I would often burn myself with the hot water and I’d have to boil it for 10 minutes or more. The dishwasher took me even longer because I would have to wait until I had enough items in the dishwasher before I could run it. The microwaveable sterilizer takes me the shortest time and its easy to use. Fill the bottom with 7 oz. water, put in the items to be sterilized then put it in the microwave for 4 min. wait another 2 minutes then open up the top. I shake off the water on the items then leave it to dry.

Kerri Kulm, ND

the best thing out there

because this is my first child i was confused about what i should get to him,u know glass vs plastic,the type of sterilization,microwave vs steaming ,but after a long research i have decided to go with Avent as we know this brand and from the positive reviews that this product received over many on line web sites,and the bottom line that we loved this product no leaks what so ever ,light weighted and very durable even after eight months of use ,highly recommended

Casandra Salamonia, IN

BPA Free and Great Price

If you were to buy all these items separately, you would probably pay around $20 more, possibly even more that that depending on where you buy them. The sterilizer is great, very convenient and fits in a standard microwave. It probably will not fit into one of the smaller sized ones, but if it will fit in yours, you should definitely buy it! I used to boil my bottles and nipples to sterilize them and didn’t think it was such a hassle, but this is a million times better. I actually used to use the avent bottles to store breast milk, since they are large and worked well with the Avent pump, which I also recommend. Anyway, I am now using the Playtex Drop-In system and this sterilizer works great for that too. I can sterilize about 12 nipples at a time and they last me all day. The scrubber and snack jar are nice additions as well. This works as a great gift too.

Mari Benzonia, MI