Philips AVENT BPA Free Formula Dispenser/Snack Cup

Philips AVENT BPA Free Formula Dispenser/Snack Cup

The Philips AVENT formula dispenser / snack cup keeps formula or snacks fresh and secure. It holds three 9 ounce . pre measured portions of formula in separate compartments, ideal for travel, or remove the inner compartments and use as a bowl or cup.

Main features

  • Holds enough powdered formula for three 260 ml/ 9 oz feeds
  • Entire dispenser serializable, microwavable & dishwasher safe
  • Inner part can be removed
  • Philips avent formula dispenser / snack cup are ideal for travel
  • Sterilizer, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • They are BPA-free

Verified reviews


Not perfect, but great for the money.

The good?
• It’s inexpensive
• It’s very sturdy
• The lid stays closed/locked
• The formula doesn’t mix with other compartments
• You can fit a lot of formula in each section (at least 6oz, I haven’t tried 8oz yet)
• The cup will be good for snacks when formula is doneThe bad?
• It takes a bit of tamping and shaking to get all the formula out (and even then you might still miss some–but it’s not usually that big of an amount to worry about)
• It’s a bit bulky.

Michael Bazine, KS

Milk Mate Storage Containers Better

I see some reviews complaining of the “shake shake shake” to get the contents out, so I then started to look around my house for things I could use to portion my son’s formula/cereal, then it hit me! I tried myMother’s Milkmate Mother’s Milkmate Bottle Packcontainers and I love them! Large enough opening to easily get the milk/cereal in and out of the container. The twist lids made contents very secure for both liquid and dry. These containers can be opened one handed since they are small enough in diameter. Obviously not recommended for snacks but there are other storage containers to work well for that.

Hazel Helvetia, WV

very handy item for on the go babies

I picked this up at a local baby store for less than the price listed here today, but this is a good product that does the job of keeping up to three bottles’ worth of formula separate. I’m pretty fond of all Avent products and this doesn’t disappoint. When you pour one section of formula out into the bottle you sometimes get a tiny bit of powder from another compartment, but largely I have not had trouble. Now that our baby is a bit bigger it’s also good as a snack carrier (Cheerios and the like) — it’s great to stretch out the usefulness of a baby product!

Shirley Given, WV

Take up less counter space in your kitchen!!

Who wants a big ugly formula tub on the counter all the time? Who wants to measure formula in the middle of the night? How many times do you want to tell your babysitter how may scoops and how many oz of water…This product saves that.I was buyingEnfamil Premium Lipil Single Serve Powder Packets 17.4 g Sticks, 16-Count Boxes (Pack of 2), they will make 4oz of formula and are in packages just like sports drinks…HOWEVER the packaging SUCKS. Baby formula does not pour well and can get caught in the tinest of wrinkle and then come rushing out when it makes it way past. It’s very light and fluffy so spills go everywhere. The single serve sticks are also larger, longer in length and can take up space in your diaper bag, you can’t fold them up it’s just awkward all around, especially to pour them in the car or at the mall, etc. Not to mention EXPENSIVE. Really EXPENSIVE, 8 packs for $12-$16. Meaning 8 bottles for that, when a whole formula case is $25. MAKE YOUR OWN SINGLE SERVE SOLUTIONS!Most moms have and use either theMunchkin Powdered Formula Dispenser Combo Pack, Colors Varyor a variant of it ( hear its not as good as this one and I believe it). We got aPhilips AVENT Formula BPA-Free Dispenser/Snack Cupand I think it’s excellent quality and wonderful, the dividers do not “leak” into each other at all since it’s one piece mold, and you can just take it out if you want to use for snacks, it’s a must have. That said, its so big in my diaper bag. I like to have as much room in my bag as I can, and every inch counts. So I got These plastic bags make it possible. Plus if I have sports powdered mixes, etc I can use these as well for myself. Why not make your own single serve pouches? I looked into a few kinds and these 500 Poly Bag Clear Zipper Shipping Bags 3″ X 4″ were the best economically, (bags for cost) I can pack 3 or 4 bottles worth in the same space that a pack of altoids would take up, less actually. About 2 or 3 on top of each other is the thickness of my iphone 4. I can fit about 8 bags inside the avent formula dispenser. This is way better than the size more conventional formula dispensers hold. The best way to pour it into your cup or baby bottle ( from experience ) is to pinch it at the ziplock seam, open it so that the left corner is touching the right corner, and pour it out. Never spill a drop, no mess all over the place, love it.That said I would NEVER Give up this formula dispenser, I actually bought another because I love using them at home. I sit these out on the counter and I don’t have to clutter up the kitchen, plus when a baby sitter comes over I just tell her pour one compartment into the bottle and shake. I also fill up bottles of water and have them waiting at the ready so I practically have to nothing to make a bottle when I am tired or relying on others. These are a must have. If you don’t want to fuss with the baggies, I would say this is the best compact formula dispenser for your money and on the market, hands down it sweeps the competition. Don’t buy the cheaper ones, their dividers SUCK and the lid is iffy. This is the one that works best. Also, the best way to pour it out and get it all out quick and fast is to line up the hole with the bottle and SHAKE SIDE TO SIDE Rapidly. Back and forth, left to right, three or four times and it’s all out! Don’t worry, you wont spill and the formula wont get mixed up in the compartments. Hope this helps.

James Clearbrook, MN

I love this

I keep one in the diaper bag and I have one in the house for when a babysitter is watching my son. I prepare bottles with the proper amount of water and then all you have to do is dump in the pre-measured formula… Room temperature water is fine… baby bottles don’t need to be warm.

Cherry Bartonsville, PA

Don’t get it unless you’re using the Avent bottles too

I’ve tried three different brands of formula dispenser.This one is the easiest to fill and get the lid on and off, but it’s hard to get all the powder out, and the little corners tend to dry very slowly, so unless you are very careful you can wind up with little lumps of damp powder in there.We’re feeding with "traditional" glass Evenflo bottles. This doesn’t fit into the mouth of the bottle very well – although you can wedge it in.I bought three, so we’re continuing to use them, but I wouldn’t buy them again. Maybe if using the Avent bottles.

Helena Hunter, ND

Already had one and I bought an extra one because …

Already had one and I bought an extra one because they are very practical to carry the baby milk powder

Pamala Chattaroy, WA

Good, but can be better

I bought it keep several feeding of milk powder when my son goes to childcare. It is compact, but the design is not perfect. there are 3 compartments, and while the design allows you to pour out from one compartment, you might end up pouring from two compartment if you fail to place the cover correctly.I tried Munchkin brand below and I think is better;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B000RFCXIK&linkCode;=as2&tag;=travguid0ca-20&linkId;=MM6VSTTMUEVAB5I6

Hilary Ammon, VA

Usefull item

I love this product, it’s good to have a baby product that you can use not only for one purpose and stay on for several month (get your money worth). Yes, it does leak a bit from one compartment to the other but I don’t think it’s a big deal. Sometime I still used the separator for separate different kind of snack (cherrios and puffs).

Susanne Palos Hills, IL

very handy

This is great for moms and dads on the go. It was so great to have one less thing to prep ready for the diaper bag knowing that we already had formula ready and measured to go.

Jeannette Weeping Water, NE

great invention

Now when am going out with my son he can have safe feedings.i just need water and my dispenser filled and we can hit the road.and when he out grows it it’s his snack cup. love it!

Marcie Abilene, KS

Love this!

The thing I love about this dispenser vs. the others on the market is the size! Every other dispenser I see is HUGE and this is a nice size to fit all the formula in AND have it fit nicely in your bag without taking up too much space. Highly recommend!

Summer Eucha, OK

Super convenient

I find the Philips Avent formula dispenser super convenient. It holds three portions, has a minimal footprint, and is easy to use. I simply turn the cap to the EDGE of the compartment I want to dispense formula from, turn it over, give it a few gentle taps, and that’s it. As long as you align the "spout" with the inner edge of the compartment, there’s no issues dispensing the formula into the bottle.One of my friends stopped by with her baby son and got out of her diaper bag a huge multi-level formula dispenser. When I showed her mine, she decided that hers was a complete waste of space (at least for formula; I guess it will be OK for snacks).

Alta Whiteford, MD

Very convinient for the price, although some mux up occurs

when this dispenser is in the diaper bag and gets moved, i find that the materials from one compartment do get mixed up with the one beside.

Maggie Stillmore, GA

What you never knew you needed

I have 8 children ranging from 24yrs to 5 weeks. I have never used a formula dispenser before. I found this product by accident and thought I would give it a try. What a lifesaver in the middle of the night and for diaper bag use. It saves me time and effort. It also saves the formula from landing on the floor or the bottom of the diaper bag. It also allows you to work one handed. It’s a small addition that makes life easier.

Robin Simon, WV

but the design is not perfect. there are 3 compartments

I bought it keep several feeding of milk powder when my son goes to childcare. It is compact, but the design is not perfect. there are 3 compartments, and while the design allows you to pour out from one compartment, you might end up pouring from two compartment if you fail to place the cover correctly.I tried Munchkin brand below and I think is better;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B000RFCXIK&linkCode;=as2&tag;=nealo10a-20&linkId;=MM6VSTTMUEVAB5I6

Petra Perote, AL


I love that this one the formula doesn’t mix in the other compartments! I’ve had a few that have and its very irritating! I also love that it comes out and can be used just as a Tupperware for snacks etc. Its not too big, and you can probably fit up to 4 scoops of formula in each compartment, I’ve only done 3 so far. But it works great no leaks and the top stays pretty tight.

Julianne Sizerock, KY

Great for Toddler Snacks!

We just spent a few days at Disneyland and this container was great for bringing snacks with us. We were able to use the divider and put 2 different kinds of puffs + 1 kind of yogurt drops. Worked perfectly. Lid stays on. Sturdy (our little guy threw it multiple times). Great container! Could also be used for just 1 kind of puffs. Fill it up!

Chasity Diggins, MO

So handy

I love this dispenser. It is BPA free which is so important. I am still using it as a formula dispenser, but it will come in handy with snacks, too. It is very easy to shake out the formula and you can easily get every last bit out. It has a great, tight seal on the lid as well. I had trouble with moisture with another dispenser and my formula would be ruined and stick to the sides. Never had a problem with this one. It holds a lot, but is compact enough to not take up too much room in my diaper bag or purse.

Elise Cape Girardeau, MO

Good formula dispensor

I bought this to have for formula/snack storage, and it works great. It seals really well so you don’t have to worry about it leaking to dumping contents into your diaper bag. It also comes apart for easier washing and holds up great to the sani cycle on the dishwasher. Overall this is a great buy for the money! I also look forward to using this as a snack dispenser when the baby gets a little older.

Kristen Lanesboro, IA

must have for formula feeding on the go!

dont know what I would do without these. My mother in law discovered these and i thank her. they can later be used for kids snacks when not needed for formula.

Araceli Beverly Shores, IN

Perfect for traveling or out and about

Just what I was looking for. This keeps the powder formula in it’s section and when baby is old you can take the divider out and use as a snack cup for like cheerios.

Shawna Russellville, AL


Works really well! Easy to use. Easy to clean. The top is nice and secure so I’m not afraid it will spill. Will work well as a snack cup when my daughter is a little older. Very happy with my purchase.

Winnie Milan, NM

A little bulky, but otherwise GREAT!

I love Avent products, and this formula dispenser is no exception. There are three components: A clear outer container, light blue insert with three sections for formula, and a light blue lid. I have had no leaking, no formula mixing into other compartments, and it it very durable. However, it is “chubby”. I think it would fit in diaper bags and purses (even cup holders) better if it were shaped more like a bottle instead of a can.

Florine Levittown, PA

This is a MUST own product

Although there are other brands of products like these, I prefer Avent and this is definitely an item that is a must in my diaper bag. I use it all the time until my girls grow out of bottles.

Melinda Valley, NE

Formula dispenser

I have been using this for several months now and i am quite pleased with it. The cap is tight so no powder leaks anywhere and you can remove the 3 way partitioned cup so you end up with a whole cup for a larger amount of formula. My only regret is that it’s not graduated and i don’t know if this is an option in other brands but sometimes i like to have 3 scoops in one and 4 in the other etc and i don’t know which is which especially if I used one of the 3 doses. If you can find a graduated one, then it’s better if you buy that.

Sofia Annapolis, MO

The best formula dispenser for travel

I have this and the Munchkin 3-compartment dispenser. The Munckin one leaks powder between the compartments, this one doesn’t. The Munchkin’s top is really difficult to remove, this one isn’t (but it doesn’t pop off in the diaper bag either). The spout is small enough to line up inside almost any size bottle (we use the skinny Dr. Browns’).

Eugenia Forest City, MO

Best One!

This is the best formula dispenser I’ve used and I’ve used a few!The best selling point: THE FORMULA DOES NOT MIX!Second best selling point: It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up almost the whole diaper bag, because there are quite a lot of big ones out there!AVENT is a great company and it’s no surprise to me that they’re the only one I’ve found who’s formula doesn’t mix–and really, that’s all you want with a formula dispenser!So highly recommended!

Judith Burna, KY

This is the best dispenser

I have tried just about every one of these and this one is by far the best one that I like. The cap seals really well and it is easy to load and dispense.

Luisa Panorama City, CA

Not just for formula

I love this “snack cup”. I know the dividers are supposed to be for formula and then removed for snack cup use. I never used formula. I actually left the dividers in and pack three different snacks. I keep mine packed in the diaper bag at all times in case of emergency. Usually with puffs, yogurt melts, and some animal crackers or arrowroot cookies. It’s the perfect size.

Pamela Morgan, PA