Philips AVENT BPA Free Infant Bottle Starter Set

Philips AVENT BPA Free Infant Bottle Starter Set

Philips Avent PES Infant Starter Set

Main features

  • Anti-colic valve flexes to allow air into bottle to prevent vacuum build-up; air bubbles move away from nipple and into bottle, not into baby’s tummy
  • Naturally shaped nipple promotes proper latch-on, easy to combine breast and bottle feeding
  • Wide bottle shape for easy filling and cleaning, dome cap seals nipple for spill-proof mixing and transportation
  • Accurate feeding measurement markings on bottle
  • Dishwasher safe and microwave safe

Verified reviews


Leaks Like a Sieve

I have had it with these fancy bottles. They are a waste of money and expensive as well. I have tried many “tricks” and nothing works consistently. You think you have a handle on the leaking and the next thing you know the baby is soaking wet!!!The baby HATES it when I take the bottle away, there’s real tears!How hard is it to make a bottle that holds liquid?For this price you shouldn’t have to have any “trick” to make a bottle work right.I shelved all of these and got Playtex, guess what, no leaks!I have read many mom blogs and there are quite a few “tricks” out there as this bottle had caused much grief. Do yourself a favor and skip these!A leaky (I am not talking about a few drips, more like half the bottle in 10 seconds drains out!)bottle is more fussing and more mess, who needs that?

Elisa Odon, IN

The 4OZ bottle is with a wrong graduation of scale!

I’ve fed my new born baby for a month with Philips Avent bottles. And one day when I used the 9OZ bottle to pour water to the 4OZ one, I realized that 1OZ from the big bottle equals to 1.5OZ of the small bottle. Then I checked what the problem is. You know what? the 4OZ bottle is with a inaccurate graduation of the scale.I don’t know if there’s any other moms find it out? OR if I am wrong, I will write a pubilc Sorry letter to Avent, Otherwise, I will keep my right to sue Avent to cause my baby’s bad feeding of the past one month.

Dayna Dennard, AR

Good started kit… no leaks

So we had this on our registry and was a gift. We didn’t check amazon ratings and put this on our list after reading Baby Bargains. After reading Amazon reviews, I was a little concerned. However, after almost one week of usage with our new infant, I’m no longer worried. These bottles don’t leak like many other user have reported. Perhaps they fixed the design or had a bad batch. The Free Flow works well and there is absolutely no leakage. Its a little pain to put the nipple on to the ring after sterilization but I can see there are enough silicon around the ring for a good seal, unless the silicon hardens over time and usage, I don’t see how these bottle would leak at all.

Trina Petersburg, WV

Don’t buy these honey-colored PES Avent bottles; buy the cloudy PP bottles

For our first baby born in July ’07, we used (and loved) the original Polycarbonate Avent bottles the first few months. Then the BPA paranoia overtook us, and we switched to Born Free bottles, which are made of honey-colored Polyether Sulphone (PES). The Born Free bottles worked well enough, but we hated the 2 extra complicated parts per bottle that we had to clean. For our second kid born in Sept ’09, we wanted badly to switch back to Avent, but read poor reviews of the PES BPA-free Avent bottles (apparently they leaked for many users). Fortunately, right around that time, Avent introduced a second line of BPA-free bottles made of the cloudy Polypropylene (PPE), and initial reviews indicated that Avent fixed the leaks (by adding a simple removable collar between the bottle and nipple). After 1 month of using these new PPE Avent bottles, I can attest that they indeed don’t leak, and I don’t need to take special care or do any procedure to make them leak-free. They just don’t leak. Yes, the newly added collar is an extra part to clean, but at least it’s a simple part that’s easy to clean. So for all you Avent fans out there, take heart! Avent fixed the leaks. Tip: the leaky PES honey-colored bottles come in yellow-colored boxes. The new leak-free PPE cloudy bottles come in blue-colored boxes. Buy the blue-colored boxes.

Haley Indianola, MS

Not so great bottles!

I received these as a gift & when I couldn’t breastfeed resorted to using them. My baby has done great with these! I like the look & feel. Best of all, there aren’t tons of parts to clean or inserts to fuss with!**UPDATE** Still like the look & feel of these bottles BUT they DO leak a TON!!! You have to put the top on JUST right to avoid giving your little one a milk bath. It’s a huge pain. Unfortunately, my little one has gotten used to the nipples & isn’t adjusting to other bottles I try very easily, so I’m stuck with these. They are very expensive…much too pricey to have this poor quality issue!

Ruby Jerry City, OH

They leak.

As others have said, these bottles leak. A lot. And the ones that Avent will offer to send you as replacements also leak. A lot. Buy a different brand.

Louisa Riverside, NJ


we thought these would be the best bottles. but they are leaky, no matter how hard you tighten them. we bought these from amazon and from toysrus. both leak. I even stopped shacking the bottles to mix the milk, and instead used a spoon. still did not help.My sister bought the same bottle design, also avent, from france. Those bottles were transparent ( do not have the honey colored hue of our bottles) and never leaked. She paid even less and they are BPA -free.

Haley Deerfield, MA

Muy bueno

Me encanto este producto, lo use con mi primer bebe y para el segundo continuare con esta marca, el cepillo aun esta en muy buen estado y el envase para la leche es super practico

Abigail Cressona, PA

There should only be one way to screw on the lids–the right way

I received this as gift but I will not buy more avent bottles. There should only be one way to screw on the lids–the right way. Yes, there are tricks to putting them on properly but who wants to mess with that at 3am in the dim lighting? And who wants to have to test whether the bottle is leaking over the sink before feeding to your crying baby? And who wants to teach other care providers the tricks to screwing the lids on properly which may or may not work all of the time? Bottom line is that there are better bottles out there. I like the avent nipples and brand but it doesn’t seem too challenging or demanding to request a bottle that doesn’t need tricks in order not to leak all over your child’s outfit, your couch, your outfit and whatever else might be around.I didn’t receive the powder dispenser with my set. I don’t think it was purchased from Amazon though. I bought it separately and really like it because it can be used as a snack dispenser later on. Also, I bought 2 more level 1 nipples since our baby gags on the level 2 medium flow nipples.So we still use the avent bottles but I use all of my other bottles first. Since I’m breastfeeding and bottle feeding, I was looking for a bottle/nipple that would simulate the breast as much as possible. I just bought playtex ventaires (wide bottles with slow flow nipples) and I love them. They are more affordable and they have similar nipples to the avent bottles.

Nadine Mocksville, NC


Poor raw material. The information wasn’t enough to differentiate this model of the best raw material of the brand that doesn’t need adapters.

Alice Rock Falls, IL

Easy to clean

Pro’s: Loved that they were so easy to clean (any brush can fit in them to clean them) and there were not a lot of pieces (like with the Dr Brown bottles). Great deal for the price.Con’s: brush is cheap and bristles bent after only a few uses. Wish that they came with a “disk or cap” for travel to prevent milk from going into the nipple (Dr brown bottles do, so we just use them when we go outside of the house).Overall, I like the product and would recommend it to others.

Katherine Hendricks, MN

It leaks.

It’s a good bottle but it really leaks sometimes. When I have my next baby I probably won’t choose this baby bottle again.

Lessie Long Eddy, NY

Never a Leak Problem

I have never had a problem with leaking. I have the yellowish BPA-free PES ones as pictured here. Didn’t like the extra ring in the newer polypropylene ones. It seems like the problems with leaking are caused when people don’t follow instructions, but honestly, I can’t say that I have any particular method; I just don’t overtighten and make sure it is on straight. This is a general principle that applies to any threaded/screw-on thing–gas cap, mason jar lid, pipes, baby bottle lid… I love these bottles. I love the whole Avent system. I love that these bottles fit directly onto the breast pump, that you can put these in the freezer with a sealing disc in the same ring you use to hold on the nipples, that you can get different flow nipples, that everything is interchangeable no matter what size bottle, that they are so wide, and that you can get no-spill spouts and handles to convert these bottles into sippy cups. I’ve never used another bottle so I can’t say whether they are superior for gas reduction or not. But it’s a great system. We wash most of the parts in the dishwasher with the extra sterilizing rinse. I don’t do the silicone parts in the dishwasher because they come out feeling greasy.

Melinda Scroggins, TX

Bottles Don’t Leak, you’re welcome to contact me, I swear by them!!

Honestly, I have no idea what people mean by “the bottles leak.” Seriously, I haven’t experienced a single leak at all. In fact, I filled every single one of my Avent BPA Free Bottles and threw them around wondering if someone was tossing them and they were leaking… not a drop. I use the bottles like intended, as a normal person would. I LOVE THESE BOTTLES and they deserve all the credit in the world. We tried a few other bottles before we used our Avent bottles. I was a little reluctant because of the reviews but I have 8 Avent bottles I received through various gifts, so I took them out and used them. Our entire little family loves these bottles. Not only do they NOT LEAK, but they have virtually eliminated our baby’s gas problem. No fuzzing, not at all, and he gets no gas. In fact, our son recognizes the nipples of the Avent Bottles and won’t have any other nipple but these. The Number 1, slow flow nipple is perfect for our new born, and we have no bottle-to-mouth leakage as our baby gets every single drop. They are pretty bottles and although I was concerned (Medela bottles have a neck that fits most all nipples while Avent’s necks are specially difficult to use with any other nipple or cover save for Avent brands), about the wide neck not fitting into other tops and nipples, but we rather spend the money for Avent products because we’re so happy. These bottles don’t look half as cheap as the Medela, Dr. Brown, or Evenflo bottles (we have them all), and yesterday I went and tossed all my evenflo and dr. brown bottles – I just won’t use them.The design of the Avent bottles are also very stylish and classy. What my husband and I found to be one of the best features, surprisingly, was the “clear” nipples to go with the bottle. When I pump, every single drop of milk is like liquid gold. We want to make sure he finishes every drop of my breastmilk but it’s hard to tell without taking the bottle off our baby’s mouth. The Avent clear nipples allow us to see that he’s drinking every drop before we take the bottle off his mouth (no crying, no fighting, no trying to fit the nipple back into his mouth – which has been a challenge for us since our baby tends to keep his tongue on the roof of his mouth). These little things are things I never thought about before I had my baby. Every baby’s different, and for ours, these bottles seem to have been made especially for him.I can’t tell you enough or clearly emphasize how much we love these bottles.

Dorothea Fulks Run, VA

Buy Dr. Brown’s instead

Do not buy these bottles unless your babies can absorb formula through their skin. The lids leaked within just one week. Further, the bottles are not finely graded, so when you are trying to keep track of how much a newborn is eating, it’s not very accurate. The leaking was the most annoying thing to deal with on top of everything else. I recommend Dr. Brown’s starter set instead.

Melisa Wray, CO

Not hassle free

The bottles have three issues:1. They don’t seal easily, which means they might leak. This is especially an issue when you have a hungry newborn in one arm who wants his milk right away.2. The bottles change color – I don’t know if everyone will experience this, but some of our bottles changed to a brownish/blackish clearn tinge after we used the Avent microwave disinfecting/cleansing system.3. You have to buy a different nib every month in the beginning – while others such as Dr. Brown’s has the same nib for the first 3 months. It doesn’t seem to add value to me to have to buy a different nib regularly.

Louise Fredericksburg, IA