Philips AVENT BPA Free Insulated Cup, 9 Ounce, Colors and Design May Vary

Philips AVENT BPA Free Insulated Cup, 9 Ounce, Colors and Design May Vary

The new Philips AVENT toddler cup range was designed in cooperation with a nutritionist and a child psychologist to include the features that parents request most. Available in several fun and educational storytelling designs, colors and sizes relevant for different developmental stages, the cups also feature interchangeable spouts -softer ones for transitioning from a bottle, and harder bite resistant ones for older toddlers.

Main features

  • A non-spill, easy sip cup that keeps drinks fresh and cooler longer, The insulated cup has a flip-top lid for leak proof transport and is easy to clean, BPA free, Available in 6 fun colors and animal designs colors and designs may vary

Verified reviews



I purchased only one of these cups and at first I thought it’s kind of expensive. Do I really need to have my child have something that keeps drinks cold? The answer is yes, when it comes to milk I am glad I got this cup! It keeps the milk fresher longer and works well. At 12 months old he would drop it due to the weight but now at 15 months old he tends to hold it much better.I also purchased the playtex sippy cups too around the same time. The playtex ones looks used and worn out already after only three months of use. They were easier for my child to hold at 12 months and he didn’t drop them on the ground. The playtex were spill proof as well and did hold up other than the chewed up sippy cup look!The Phillips Avent has lasted longer and still looks brand new even with him chewing on it.The top lid, I will agree was a pain but if you just take it off it’s still spill proof and works! To be honest the lid is kind of like a bottls lid and is good if your sticking the cup back into the fridge but other than that there is no reason to give the lid to a child.Overall, I plan on purchasing more of these sippy cups at least 7 and use the playtex ones for running around in so if I lose one I am not loosing a fortune along with it.

Karla Birney, MT

Nice flow of liquid and easy to clean

I needed a sippy cup that doesn’t have a really soft nipple so my toddler doesn’t sit and and drink from it like it’s his bottle. I was also concerned about the rate of flow of liquid. Many sippy cups are completely leak proof but require the child to suck too hard. This Avent cup fits the bill. It has a nice hard spout but with a soft rubbery cover so that it doesn’t hurt his teeth. I tried the cup out and found the flow of liquid to be super easy- not much sucking required. When you turn it upside down the liquid doesn’t come out of the spout although a few drops do come out of the tiny venting hole above it. I also noticed that even when the cap is on and the bottle is turned upside down, a little bit of liquid does come out of that hole and makes a bit of a mess when you remove the cap. Still, I don’t find that to be too much of a nuisance since I’d rather have the nice flow of liquid. The cup is easy to fill quickly, take apart and put together. Cleaning is a breeze and I do like the cap which keeps the spout clean for transport. The insulation is also a bonus. I only wish the inside of the cup was clear so I could see how much liquid was inside but I guess that might interfere with the insulation properties. I use these daily for milk. Overall, a good buy.

Tamika Exeter, NE

Favorite cups

These are our favorite sippy cups. Our daughter loves them because they are brightly colored and have animals on them. We love them because they are insulated, break-proof, and for all intents and purposes, they don’t leak.** The cap is very difficult to use, but fortunately unnecessary.Pros:* Very watertight.** We have thrown these in diaper bags willy nilly and never had a significant problem with them. My daughter is now almost 3 and has outgrown sippy cups for normal use, but these are so leak-proof** that we still use them for overnight. She takes the cup to bed with her and has cool water all night long. No other cup we’ve tried will not leak overnight.*** Durable. My daughter had a single cup like this for over a year, and hauled it everywhere with her. It was practically a lovey. She dropped it countless times on the sidewalk. After over a year of abuse, it developed a small tear in the rubber of the mouthpiece, which she managed to peel away a bit more. At that point, we bought three more and put the original away. But we still use it as a backup. It’s still working hard!* The valve is simple, sturdy, and easy to clean. We’ve never had to replace the valve on our two year old abused cup.Cons:* The cap is stupid. It is extremely difficult for me to operate and impossible for a toddler to operate. We immediately removed the caps from all of the bottles and saved them for when we were packing spare water for a long trip (eg: car, plane, hiking backpack). When a cup is actively in use, the cap is a nuisance.* With this listing, you have no idea what pattern you will get. Which seems a bit silly. But we ordered three at once and got three different patterns, all of them nice.**Note: All sippy cups leak a little. It is the fact of sippy cups. Trying to find one that won’t leak ever, yet will yield to a toddler is a lost cause. These will occasionally leak a few drops with normal use. We have found them more than leak-proof enough for our needs

Lizzie Eutawville, SC

maybe for someone else

It’s not bad but the cap on this comes off entirely. It’s difficult to flip the lid without removing the whole top and it’s constant frustration for our kid. It’s also helpful when we can see what’s inside so the opaqueness is kind of annoying too.

Lorie Langhorne, PA

I love this

The spout holds up against gnawing more then any other sippy I’ve bought. My grandson even likes to carry it around with him when it’s empty. I have bought 3 more of them.

Annie Hampton Bays, NY

couldnt choose the design I want

I’d like to choose the cup I want. I bought four, and wrote an email to the cust service, but was told I had to depend on my chances as I couldn’t choose. So far Ive received two different designs, hopefully the other two will be different.

Jordan Ludlow, CA


Love this product bought tons of it since they give good deals when I buy in set. Gave it as a gift to friends babies and they love it.

Gwen Cardiff By The Sea, CA