Philips AVENT BPA Free ISIS iQ Duo Twin Electric Breast Pump, White

Philips AVENT BPA Free ISIS iQ Duo Twin Electric Breast Pump, White

Philips Avent Isis iQ Duo Twin Breast Pump (BPA Free Bottles)

Main features

  • The first breast pump to combine all the features that can improve milk production
  • Electronic memory learns your personal pumping rhythm for precise control
  • The let-down massage cushion gently stimulates the area around your breast and the petal massage and hospital-grade vacuum make pumping easy and efficient
  • DUO works with the Philips Avent natural feeding System, so you can express and store milk into any Avent bottle or cup

Verified reviews


Excellent “as-close-as-you-can-get” pump

This is a great pump for moms who are looking for a more natural pumping experience. It has soft rubber inserts for the horns & it allows you to set & control the rhythm of the pump. If you’re expecting & have no idea what pumping will really be like (you won’t until you do it) believe the crazy la leche league ladies & get a little hippy about it! You really can get more milk by using pictures, videos (or even sound recordings on your phone!) & that’s where the “set your rhythm” feature of this pump really comes into play. it allows you to use it as a manual pump to mimic those initial sucking motions of your baby to encourage the “let down” (fast-flow) & then you can just hit the button & it goes into automatic. It was easy to learn & easy to use once i got a “system” down.However, I will say that it wasn’t very good in the portable category. While it comes in a nicely organized bag, it’s not a hands free pump & I found it a little awkward to use if you don’t have a little privacy, but I don’t know that any other pumps are either, from what I’ve heard. Yes, even the Medela Freestyle. . .I mainly used mine at home for a “fake” night feeding just before bed. (a friend recommended to do that after you get somewhat settled with the nursing to increase milk production & just to have a base of back-up supply in the freezer for when you do have to go back to work – best advice ever!)A lot of reviews complain about the bottles tipping & spilling, & yes, that is an issue. It comes with little “trays” but basically you need to disconnect the horns & bottles from the pump before setting the bottles down. & if the bottles aren’t very full, the horns will still cause them to spill, so just be a little more careful. Another complaint is that milk pools in the reservoir between the horn & the pump attactment but you can just pour that into the bottle, problem solved!Lastly it is quiet! Seems insignificant, but I nannied for a mom who used the medela k& I could hear it from 2 rooms away. Added bonus, the AVENT bottles are great, simple bottles & you can pump, store & serve all from the same bottle instead of adding even more steps to an already labor-some process. And I know medela makes nipples for their pump bottles, but I’ve yet to see any mom use them but I’ve seen them all buy them. . .

Wendi Oakes, ND

Better than medela for me

I used a medela single electric pump with the soft flex shield things with my first child and was never able to get the amount of milk I do now in such short time as with this pump! I can’t believe i stuck with medela for so long. I thought the problem was me. It took me an hour with the medela single pump. I use the avent one now and get twice the milk in 15 minutes with the dual pump. It’s the little petals I think. And the ability to control how long and intense the pumps are. I like a long slow draw after initial let down. I have large ddd breasts and moderately big nipples but did not need a larger flange. I even bought a larger flange for my medela thinking that may have been the problem but that didn’t help. This thing is super quiet too compared to the medela. Buy this pump!

Mable Somerset, VA

solid pump–no bags?

Got this for our first baby and it seems to work great. Wife is getting good output and it’s easy enough to setup and get going. The parts and pump seem solidly made and durable. I researched a fair amount but I bought because of the Philips name, the let down features, and the compactness of the package. My wife has yet to return to work but this will make it a little easier.One thing I didn’t appreciate as a rookie and am still trying to figure out…there are no storage bags for this unit. Instead Avent sell containers that are easy to use(quick switching between cap and nipple top) but can only be used three times (according to babiesrus lady) and then need to be tossed. Pumping directly into a bag is desirable to us for all kinds of reasons: easier to store in freezer, label, no clean up, sterilization, less to throw away than a whole bottle. There may be competing brands of bags that can be used but they aren’t sold by Avent as far as I can tell and I already tried the Medela ones with a yellow strap and those were too narrow.

Jodie Freedom, WI

Best electric pump on the market

In my opinion this is the best electric pump on the market. It allows you to have full control of the suction speed and the silicone inserts help to simulate let-down faster. (I also own a Medela PIS.) Of course, every pump has its trade offs. Here is my personal take on the Avent pump (as compared to the Medela)Pros:1) The Avent is a closed system. That means that there is no danger of the milk getting into the motor and growing bacteria there – meaning no later milk contamination. This also means that it is completely safe to hand down to your friends and families, or obtain a used one, without fear of contamination.2) The shield size is slightly larger than the standard medela and slightly smaller than the 27 mm, which is a good size for me.3) I really love the petal inserts – that is why the manual Avent is the best manuel I have ever used (and I have tried a lot).4) Being able to control the suction speed also allows you to some degree control the suction strength. I found the Medela painful when I was just beginning to nurse (even at low suction) but I never felt that way about the Avent. Later on, when I wanted a stronger suction on the Avent, I just chose a lower suction speed.5) You can seamlessly go from double to single pumping without having to make any adjustments on the pump. (No loss of suction if you decide to stop pumping on one breast.)Cons:1) Takes longer to set up than the Medela.2) More parts to clean.3) The suction on the two shields isn’t exactly the same; so, it works best if you alternate which side using the control handle each pumping session.Finally, the pump works best if you boil all the boilable parts periodically. For instance, the silicone inserts may not fit well after a month of use; but, after boiling for some reason they fit better again.In all, I highly recommend this pump. I don’t believe you will be sorry if you choose it.

Alisha South Lancaster, MA

very good pump

I hope this will help pump shoppers because let me tell you what, I did a lot of research and was extremely undecided until I came across this pump. I found a video on utube. It works great and the price is decent for what all you get. They have a cheaper one around $160 if you don’t want the extra stuff. So here we go:- The speed is controllable right at your finger tip, great option.- It is comfortable with the use of the breast shells.- Parts to clean- breast shells, diaphrams, valves, horns, seems like a lot but I think that’s pretty standard and it’s not that bad.- Love the long cord I can move around the room with the pump if I need to.- Replacement parts easy to find on Amazon at a great price.Cons- comments to other comments I’ve seen:When you buy the bottles, don’t buy the clear ones with the seal ring, they suck and leak. Get the good hard plastic ones like the ones that come with this pump. You will know because they have a honey colored tint to them. They cost a little more but so worth it, no leaking and easier to clean. If you don’t want to use their bottles get the adapter to fit others, found on Amazon.***************Nipples are great for breast to bottle transition for the baby plus when you are done with the 4 oz bottles and level 1,2 nipples, get the storage sealing disc and use them to store baby food!!!!Tipping: You have to use the discs to keep them propted up if you are setting them down. If they still fall it’s because of pulling on the cords or bumping them. If you use containers bigger than 4 oz. they won’t fit in the discs, but they will sit on their own you just have to be careful.Very minor cons, that’s the only reason it didn’t get 5 stars. Definately works good and save the money over a $300-400 Madela.

Staci Oldtown, MD

I’m torn on this product

I actually bought this based on the reviews here on Amazon and in the Baby Bargains book. Looking back, I wish I went with another product.Pros:- Easy to set up- Long extension cord- Parts are pretty sturdy- Takes about 15-25 minutes to double pump and empty both breasts- You can adjust the length and intensity of each pump yourself, like you would with a manual pumpCons:- Did NOT come with a manual pump set up- Does NOT run on batteries – I don’t know why Amazon advertises this. This is a AC adapter only.- Funnel is wrong size for me, can’t order a bigger or smaller funnelI started out exclusively breast feeding, but was advised to move to a pump after I had a bout of mastitis and my milk supply was very low. I use this pump about every 2-3 hours at home. My nipples are so sore after using this though. The petal ‘inserts’ catch my nipple during the pump and have caused purple bruising around that area of the nipple. They have also caught my nipple and cut it a bit. The mm size with the petal insert is a standard 24 mm. If you take the petals out the funnel becomes a 27mm size. I need the 24 mm size, but don’t like using the petals. I wish Avent made different sized funnels. My nipples also become sore and partially numb after each pumping session. I have to slather on lanolin like crazy after using this pump. I broke down and decided to rent a hospital grade Medela pump for a bit before deciding if the issues were me or the pump itself.There is NO WAY I could take this pump with me to work though, very bulky bag and set up. I have no idea how people can consider this entire unit a portable product. The travel bag is the size of an airline carry on bag.I don’t know, I’m torn about this product. Yes, it works, I just wish they made different funnel sizes.

Kate Frankton, IN

one small flaw

I love almost everything about this pump. This is the only breast pump I’ve ever owned, so I can’t compare it with others, BUT I bought it because of an important difference: you can pre-program both speed and depth of pull. Since your actual movement is what programs the pull, you can really tweak it. I use this twice a day and no problems yet. EXCEPT: you have to make sure that you don’t let the bottle tip over when attached to the horn. It leaks everywhere very very quickly and you’ve wasted two non-renewable resources (milk and time). Also: the new polypropylene bottles make this more likely because they are lighter in weight. I don’t know, maybe the newer pump uses polypropylene parts so this imbalance is not going to be a problem if you get both pump and bottles in the newer versions.

Joyce Whittier, NC

Couldn’t live without it!

This has been my lifesaver for almost a year now. It’s very quiet and I like the fact that I can adjust the rhythm and suction strength. It’s easily portable and I appreciate the manual pump that’s included, as it makes a good option when you can’t just plug in the electric one. My biggest praises are 1) that it isn’t painful to use and 2) it’s easy to clean. (My sister in law had a Medela pump that starting growing mold when they rinsed it out instead of using the dishwasher.)

Felecia Cowansville, PA