Philips AVENT BPA Free Manual On the Go Breast Pump

Philips AVENT BPA Free Manual On the Go Breast Pump

Philips AVENT Manual On The Go Breast Pump Set. Unique active massage cushion for optimum comfort.Being stressed or in a hurry can make it more difficult to release your milk and can alsoaffect your milk supply. So feeling comfortable and relaxed really helps. Our pump hasbeen designed to increase your comfort when you are pumping.

Main features

  • Silicone
  • Designed for comfort
  • Patented soft 5-petal massage cushion
  • Gentle and effective
  • Unique system for easy milk storage

Verified reviews


Sufficient, nothing more

I’ve been using this pump for 4.5 months now. I chose a manual because I’m a stay-at-home mom and wanted something inexpensive for building a small supply for when my husband and I go out and leave baby with her grandmother (about once a week). Since this is the only pump I’ve used I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I’m unimpressed with the fact that I can only pump successfully if I’m engorged and practically leaking. My sister tells me that I’d probably have better luck with an electric pump. I should say that when I am able to pump it usually goes pretty fast and easy. I chose this particular pump because of the travel bag and ice packs – they work fine for *short* trips, but they thaw rather quickly and do not keep milk cold if we’re out several hours (obviously they are more efficient if the milk is frozen, but it can be challenging to find a place to warm it when you’re out and about). I’m not so disappointed that I’d return it, but I wouldn’t recommend it either. I’m sure there’s better out there for a comparable price.

Corrine Universal, IN


This set has more than I expected, I have not started use it untill baby born. I look forward to using it.

Addie Mantoloking, NJ

Great for New Moms

A friend of mine asked for this as a baby shower gift and was very pleased to receive it. She had researched the transportable breast pumps on the market and decided this looked like the best one. Since receiving it she has since tried it and says it works quite well. She’s been very pleased with its portability and ease of use.

Beverley Lyndon Center, VT

The BEST manual pump, hands down!

I was put off by the cost of the electric pumps so I settled on this after doing A TON of research on pumps. The biggest benefit is that it doesn’t hurt – those little inserts really work to protect the tatas! I also find it to be quick for a manual pump – I can pump a 6-8 oz. bottle in 10-15 minutes.I used this exclusively for the first month or so, pumping 4-5 times every day. I eventually put out the money for the Avent double electric pump (which is SUPER AWESOME…for a breats pump!) but I still use this when I visit family or go away for the weekend.It takes just a few minutes to clean, which is a benefit. I have been using it now for 9 months and it just recently starting squeaking a little at the handle, but it doesn’t really bother me – just thought it was worth a mention.Works seamlessly with the Avent bottles, which is a plus (I love those bottles). Overall, I feel like it’s a very good value and could definitely be a primary pump. Very happy with this – highly recommend.

Jeannie Trout Lake, WA

You get more than you paid for with this pump

I did read these reviews prior to ordering, and even though it was a gamble that I would not get the complete set, I ordered it anyway. This pump is simply the best value I’ve come across. It out preforms pumps five times the cost. It’s easy to assemble, and so easy to use. The instructions detail how to get the rhythm that actually produces a good amount of breast milk (2-4 oz) in a short amount of time (10 minutes). It doesn’t leave my breasts sore. The pump also could not be easier to travel with.I did end up receiving the complete set, as pictured. One of the bottles that came with the set leaks when paired with its nipple. So I’ve been using the bottles to pump and store and then transferring the milk into other bottles when feeding. The standard newborn bottle (4 oz) by Avent is interchangeable if desired.I had used the pump years ago with my older son (now 3 ) and did not hesitate to purchase again when needing a pump for my newborn. It still manages to get the job done affordably. I have recommended this pump to my friends and family in the past and will continue to do so.

Kris Sandwich, IL

Not enough suction

I purchased this pump for a four night trip when I was going to be away from my baby. I am used to an electric pump but thought a manual would be fine so that I would not become engorged and stay comfortable. These item had high ratings and I thought would work for me but it didn’t. I ended up manually expressing. I think if I would have had more practice it may have worked but I wouldn’t recommend this product, especially if you normally use an electric pump.

Dorothy Upton, MA

Perfect for on the go!

This pump is so small that its easy to take anywhere and use. And once you get used to it its easy to pump a full bottle in no time. Amazing travel size, I don’t know what I would have done with out this!

Jamie Carrollton, GA

Great for back-up pump

I use an electric breastpump quite often, and got this one for an emergency backup. It works great, just very tiring on my hand muscles. I wouldn’t want to use it every day, but for once in a while it’s nice to have.

Randi Mi Wuk Village, CA

Alotta Work

This works ok to get my milk out but the handle on the pump is loose and sometimes falls out. The soft rubber insert also seems useless as I had to take it out for my milk to flow properly into the bottle. If I don’t it runs out the other end under the pad. It is better than a cheap rubber pump though but the best part of the product is the portable bag. Great for pump and baby bottle.

Lynda Lisbon, NY

pros and cons, but overall a great product

Love the size, efficiency, and ease of use.Lots of parts can be intimidating, but once you figure out assembly/disassembly it improves…This is really all you need if you plan to only pump occassionally ( such as stay-at-home-mom). I have this along with a double electric pump and I use this much more often.

Patsy Felton, MN


While waiting for my electric pump to arrive in the mail, I used this pump exclusively for about 2 weeks (5-6 times per day). Yes, it’s more of a pain than the double electric pump, but it’s quick and easy to use and clean. Now, I have this pump packed in the diaper bag to use on-the-go. I have used it on airplanes and in the car and it works like a charm. I recommend a manual pump for all pumping moms for travel and to just have as a back-up. Also, I have the Avent double electric pump, and I love that the parts are interchangeable. It makes doing the dishes easier not having to keep all the parts separate. The cooler bag and ice packs are good, but for long-term storage to keep bottles cold, I recommend something better, like the Munchkin Cool Wrap Cooler Bag.

Alyce Shorterville, AL


I use an electric double pump and returned to work a few weeks ago. I bought this manual hand pump in case i was traveling or somewhere and couldn’t use my electric pump. The first time I used it was after a wedding and it seemed to work fine. It was very efficient and I was impressed with how much milk I got considering it was manual. The pump was a bit loud but it worked. However, I used it again the other day and my experience was not so great. I forgot a part to my electric pump at home and remembered i had this one in my car. I decided to use it instead of driving home to get my parts. I figured it would take longer to pump but would still be effective. Unfortunately it was very painful and i had to stop pumping. I usually pump 3 times at work and could only do one regular length and one really short time. I’m still sore and raw the next day and its painful when my son nurses. I’m disappointed. It was the first time it actually hurt to pump. The pain I’m feeling is not worth using this pump again. Next time I’ll drive home to get my parts!

Marina Huntsville, UT

Really great for pumping extra bottle whiile EBF’ing

I am exclusively breastfeeding, however, I like to have a small supply in case of emergencies in the freezer. This little hand pump does a great job of really emptying the breast and is nice and quiet, so I can still hold the baby in my lap and not wake him up.For my first baby I had a hospital grade pump rental that did a great job of pumping, but had lots of little parts to clean and sterilize. I love that this pump has so few pieces and no little hoses to clean.Very nice, efficient, and quiet pump.

Francine Wichita, KS

excellent value for $

I really liked this set, practical and gives everything you need for being on the go. I love the silicone insert for the breast area and its very effective as far as I’m concerned. I can’t be bothered with electric pumps and this is easy clean and easy to maintain and will probably last forever..its easy to assemble as well. The only thing I find as a minus is sometimes milk gets suctioned behind the silicone cone insert and will squish out of the lip and make a bit of a mess. I’ve learned to keep a cloth on hand for catching any errant drips..but I almost always end up with some milk mess so I prefer to do this not in my ‘day clothes’ unless I have a flannel receiving blanket to use as a drape.

Ella Rawlings, MD

Not the best

I got this pump when I was pregnant and after I started using it saw it could be improved. It has several small pieces that makes it very boring to wash it every day. Instead of this one I highly recommend the medela mini electric pump. Is very small, lightweight and can be operated on batteries.

Casey Leesville, TX

Buy this pump if you think pumping takes forever or if you want an awesome milk supply!

This is my second child and second time nursing. I used a double electric pump at first but soon realized that it took forever for my milk to let down and i felt like i was not draining each breast enough. This time it has been an issue with time to nurse and pump with a two year old and a newborn so i decided to try the manual pump. I originally purchased it so that i could carry a pump with me if i was away from the baby but realized that this pump is much more efficient and now its the only pump i use. It would take 2-4 min for my milk to let down with the electric but the suction on this manual pump is so awesome that it immediately brings milk out. I am able to pump for about 5-10 min on one side and get 4oz easy. That would have taken me double the time with the electric and only get maybe 4oz on one side! SO LISTEN UP FIRST TIME NURSING MOMS…..get this pump because it will help establish a great milk supply and keep it up! I wish i would have had this pump with my first child b/c i would have nursed her longer. I also like this pump b/c you control the speed. You can speed up pumping when you see your milk coming out and stop pumping if you have a crying baby or toddler to tend to. No cords to mess with too! I thought my hand may get tired of pumping but it isn’t too bad. I don’t mind having to switch hands to keep pumping when i am getting a bunch of milk and fast. An added benefit to this pump is the clean up time…double pump equals double the equipment to wash. This pump i only have a few pieces to wash….yay! The only complaint that i have is that they should include an 8oz bottle so you can keep pumping and not have to empty the 4oz. Really it is not much to buy a bigger bottle but would be nice to have the package contain one 4oz and one 8oz. Cant say enough good things about this pump….hope this info help:)

Gladys Monarch, CO

Excellent pump

I’ve used a couple different hospital pumps, and one other brand of manual pump. Needless to say, the double-sided electric pumps that hospitals use are extremely convenient and fast. A manual pump like this one, however, is much more affordable and practical. Now that I know how easy manual pumps are, I can only imagine an electric one would be necessary if you pump multiple times per day, every day.When I first started using this pump, I found it to be much messier than the other manual I had used, with the added unpleasantness of pain. I had to align the flange JUST SO in order to keep it from hurting. Milk kept getting under the cushion despite ensuring it was sealed all the way around. I didn’t feel like there was enough room for my nipple to move. After a few different attempts, I decided to pump without the “let down cushion.” Amazing enough, it immediately became the most comfortable pump I’ve used yet! The surface of the flange WITHOUT the cushion is very clean, smooth and comfortable, and has plenty of room to keep the nipple from rubbing against it. It’s easy to adapt speed and suction to your own preference and comfort. I can pump a good 3 oz in about ten minutes on one side and my hand doesn’t tire at all. I highly recommend this pump without its gimmicky cushion.By the way, I did receive the entire product: carrying case, extra bottles, ice pack, and spare parts.

Simone Erie, IL