Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Essentials Gift Set

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Essentials Gift Set

The most natural way to bottle feed. The natural essentials gift set includes all the essentials for sterilizing baby’s bottles and accessories and makes a great gift. The set includes microwave sterilizer, 2-4 ounce . Natural feeding bottles, 2-9 ounce . Natural feeding bottles, 2 soothie pacifiers, and a bottle brush. The microwave sterilizer is ultra fast and easy to use, sterilizing 4 bottles in 2 minutes and eliminating harmful bacteria. Its compact, lightweight structure also makes it convenient for travel. The wide, breast shaped nipples on the natural bottle promote natural latch on so you can easily combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The unique comfort petals inside the nipple increase softness and flexibility without nipple collapse, and the innovative twin valve anti colic newborn flow nipple helps newborns feed comfortably and easily. The soothie pacifier, used by medical professionals to calm newborns, is made from hospital grade, BPA free silicone and is designed to ensure natural development of teeth and gums. The bottle brush has a curved brush head and molded tip for thorough cleaning of hard to reach areas.

Main features

  • Polypropylene
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Microwave sterilizer
  • 2-4 ounce natural bottles
  • 2-9 ounce natural bottles
  • 2 soothie pacifiers
  • Bottle brush

Verified reviews


Baby shower or Grandma’s house this is great.

It sterilizes 4 bottles in the microwave in 2 minutes. The bottles stay sterile for 24 hours if they are kept in the case.So all you need is a bag and you have a great night time set for travel or grandma’s house. Provided she has a micro wave.Yes you can easily sterilize in a dishwasher BUT it’s not always convenient to run a dishwasher and some people don’t have one. Almost everyone has a microwave. Even hotel rooms.So it is a great travel set. But also a good starter set.The pacifiers are for 0-3 months with hospital grade silicon.There is a bottle brushThe bottles have a natural wide nipple that is suppose to help with nursing mom’s who switch from breast feeding to bottle feeding.It is a newborn set so keep that in mind when you get it.Check prices online and if you don’t have a microwave or don’t travel then consider one of the other configurations.

Allene Newbern, TN

Still have concerns

This is convenient and very easy to use. The bottles are plastic, however, and I have concerns about ANY plastic in the microwave. They may be BPA-free but plastic is petro-based. So, I will not use this for long-term use. It may be fine for travel when you are restricted as to how well you can clean the bottles. The bottles themselves are nice, well-designed, and comfortable for the baby as well as the person doing the feeding. The brush is great and cleans well, in fact it is my favorite part of the kit–it works so much better than the two brushes I already have. A nice feature is that the bottles in the unit remain sterilized for 24 hours if the unit is not opened. Anyway, it appears to work well enough but I don’t have a lab to test how well it kills germs and bacteria.

Hilda Noyes, MN

Essential Is The Operative Word For This Item

Once it’s time to start bottle feeding, this is wonderful to have on hand. It comes with it’s own sterilizer and makes having ready to use bottles safe and convenient.

Esperanza South Richmond Hill, NY

Use It or Gift It – Either Way, Everyone Will Be Happy!

We used Avent bottles and their accessories when our kids were babies and were always happy with their quality and performance. The bottles cleaned easily, rarely leaked, fed well with little bubbling/gas; and the sterilizer and bottle brush made the routine chore of bottle care much easier.Now that other members of the family are having babies of their own, we’ve gifted this set to a few of them in the past and it’s always a hit – a combination of practical and high-quality that everyone can appreciate.

Eve Campbell, NY

Average quality bottle feeding set – great for bottle-fed babies, probably not too hot for breastfed babies.

Four infant feeding bottles (plastic, but the label says BPA free), nipples, rings, caps, two pacifiers, a bottle brush and a microwave sterilizer. Just ok. The nipples are silicon and not as soft as claimed. They are not "natural" shaped, even though the work "natural" is found all over the box and literature. The pacifiers are yellow versions of the nipple in heavier silicon.If a mom is bottle feeding from the start, it doesn’t matter what kind of nipple she uses, or bottle system – baby gets used to what is offered. So for a bottle-feeding mom, this is probably just fine, easy to clean, and the silicon nipples are more durable than rubber. But it would be hard to convince a BF baby to take this in his/her mouth. Also, it is nearly impossible to take the cover off the bottle one-handed. I have large hands and had to try and try to pop off that cover one-handed. That means the cover is SECURE, not going to pop off in the diaper bag – but if you’re in a hurry to feed a screaming infant, it would be nice to be able to use only one hand to pop it off.

Marion Ruth, MI

Poor design and quality

I got this set for my daughter-in-law and this is her feedback:The bottles leak and have a poor design.My baby has acid reflux and these bottles made it worse. They don’t push the air out like the playtex angled bottles (with theopen air flow at the bottom of the bottle that forces the air out).The nipples fade and take on color after a few uses and look dirty. Some of the nipples have cracked already and I’ve only used them for a couple of months.Do not recommend these.

Keisha Sinnamahoning, PA

good starter set

This is sold as a gift set, and it makes perfect sense as a great gift for a baby shower. It’s a started kit, and by no means the most comprehensive kit any expecting mother can get. generally speaking, this would last the first few months of a baby’s life, but one will need to buy additional bottles or pacifier, etc. One will eventually need more than two pacifiers and more than four bottles, but it’s a great starter kit.The mega item in this set is the microwave sterilizer, which is very helpful in ensuring clean bottles. Putting things in the dishwasher is an option, but having a personalized sterilizer is much better, as well as much more convenient (you do not need to run the whole dishwasher for a few bottles).Most crucially, this entire set is BPA free.Whether the baby will love the set is personal treatment. From personal experience, I know that my niece would not use any other nipples – she would only drink out of Avent bottles and spit out all the other pacifiers.

Fran Cyclone, PA

Perfect for new parents

Being old school, I believe in sterilizing bottles – at least for newborns. This set, with the microwave sterilizer, was perfect. No more boiling. Also included are four bottles, a bottle brush and two pacifiers. This gives me more than enough bottles to have on hard when my new granddaughter comes to visit and enough (along with the starter kit of the same brand) for when my expected granddaughter comes to vist at the same time after she is born in February.The only part of this kit I’m not fond of is the bottle brush, will use and old-fashioned bottle and nipple brush instead.If you’re looking for a baby shower gift this is a great set. Especially if the new mother does not own a dishwasher. A few minutes in the microwave and the bottles, rings and nipples are sterile and ready to use.

Nadine Fred, TX

Phillips Makes a Good BPA Free Starter Feeding Set for New Moms

Every expecting couple at some point thinks about how they’re going to feed their newborns. Some mothers choose strictly breastfeeding. Others strictly choose bottle feeding. Others do a mix of both. When looking for bottles, there are tons of choices, and there is no right answer. However, for some, Phillips’ version of the Natural Essentials Gift Set is a good way to start.UNBOXING:The Avent BPA Free Natural Essentials Gift Set comes in a 10″ x 11″ x 11″ box. It weighs about 3 lbs 12 oz. It comes with the following: 1 microwave sterilizer, 2 small bottles with nipples and bottle covers, 2 large bottles with nipples and bottle covers, 2 silicone pacifiers, and a bottle brush. Everything comes securely packed, with no moving parts in the box.REVIEW:The microwave sterilizer is a small egg shaped box that opens in half horizontally. It fits in most microwaves. We have two: a medium and large, and there was space to spare in each. I’m not sure this would fit in one of those college-dorm sized microwaves however. Everything that comes with the set can be put into the sanitizer. Depending on your size/wattage of the microwave, it has different timings for the sanitization period. The 4 bottles are sturdy and BPA free. They will not break upon being dropped (at least from counter height), and they’re widemouthed enough to be washed comfortably (especially with the included bottle brush). The bottle nipples claim they’re good for all baby’s and mimic the mother’s breast. However, this breast-fit technology is a failure with our baby. He just doesn’t like the bottles–we use different ones that were more expensive and “specifically designed” as well. The brush is about half a forearm length, and curved to reach the insides of each of the bottles. Not bad, but I wonder over longterm use if the bristles will scratch the inside of the bottles (leaving space for bacteria to hide in). Not a big deal if you use the sterilizer. The pacifiers are great. They’re essentially the same ones you get at the hospital, except their color. We got green ones from our hospital, and these are yellow. They feel the same and our baby doesn’t really seem to prefer one over the other.OVERALL:While the bottles didn’t work for us, everything else is good quality. I know that each baby is different, and this set will probably work with most other babies. The sterilizer is nice and quick, but does take a lot of space to store. The different sized bottles are good for your growing baby, as they don’t need as much when they’re younger. The pacifiers are just like the ones from the hospital. And the brush works well at initial cleaning of the bottles. If my baby took to the bottles, I’d give it 5 stars instead of 4. However, I still highly recommend this set for new parents. For parents who’ve had babies before, I’m sure that you probably have figured out the best products for your kiddos, so I’d recommend to at least give this set a look-see–maybe it would work for you too!

Nita Orinda, CA

Great set

This was/is a perfect addition to what we needed and I imagine a perfect starter set for any new parents to be out there.You get 2 soothies, which your child will most likely love and use for a long long time. And you get 2 sizes for the bottles which your child will grow into. The brush to clean the bottles as well as the microwave steaming sterilizer round out a perfect set. As you can see from some other reviews, some people will always prefer to use the dishwasher but I and my wife are not and prefer to clean everything by hand. I’m not sure what method is best but this set may be geared more towards to people who don’t rely on dishwashers.

Sonia Vaughn, WA

Great Starter Kit

Great starter kit or if you’re like me you really like to keep bottles upstairs for convenience. The entire box is lightweight – which is good for new moms who can’t lift anything heavy (except their babies).The microwave sterilizer is handy and keeps the bottles in their own place (not mixed with the other dishes in dish washer). I have mine upstairs by my breast pump and it’s quite the set up. For new moms, it’s all about whatever is easiest as there is little sleep in those first few months. I use the bottle brush to rinse them with hot water before sterilizing.The set also includes two 0-3 month binkies – same that we got in hospital, but good to have if needed. Our son wouldn’t take one, and we didn’t force it, but again, convenient for new moms that may want the option.Bottles – there are four included – two 4oz and two 9oz. We prefer the smaller bottles as our child rarely eats more than two or three ounces at a time. These bottles are lightweight, easy to grip, don’t have BPA, and clean easily and smell good after many uses.Nipples – these are great. I like that when my baby uses them his upper lip looks similar to when he’s latched on the breast. He doesn’t seem to have to work too hard, which has been an issue with other bottles/nipples we have tried. They have a different design that says it’s to avoid colic, which we haven’t had, so I’m not sure if it’s because he’s getting less air while he eats or not. Either way, I’m happy.I will get this for friends when they are expecting.

Krystal Sanford, CO

A Must-Have Bottle Feeding Set with a Microwave Sterilize!

This is a must-have bottle feeding set for any mom.What we received in this set:1 microwave sterilize2 bottles of 9 oz / 260 ml for 1m+2 bottles of 4 oz / 125 ml for 0m+2 pacifiers for 0-3m1 bottle brush to clean the bottlesWe have been buy Avent brand for years for our baby products.These bottles are made with high quality materials, BPA free, and with very innovative design. I highly recommend this set to anyone who looking to bottle feed your baby. You won’t be disappointed!

Eloise Readlyn, IA

Love Avent products!

Avent is one of my favorite brands for all things baby. This set is no exception.We’ve been using Medela Calma nipples for my mostly breastfed baby, but after months of use they are leaking bad. I found assembly and cleaning tedious so I decided to try a new bottle. I was worried he would refuse a new nipple after all this time, but he didn’t. He had no issue transitioning from calma to breast to Avent and back to breast again. I love how easy these bottles are to assemble and clean. The included brush is a great helper. The bottle shape is easy for an older baby to hold if they want to.I won’t be using the included pacifiers because my son is older, but they were his favorite as a newborn. If you are breastfeeding use caution when introducing a pacifier to help prevent nipple confusion or a drop in supply.The sterilizer is an excellent product for parents. Anything to cut down on cleaning time. We had used the sterilizer microwave bags, but they can only be used a certain number of times before you toss them. I’m looking forward to not buying anymore!This is a great gift set with everything a new parent will need. I highly recommend it.

Sophie Hanna, WY

A good set

This is two full sized bottles with lids, two small bottles with lids, two pacifiers, a bottle brush, and the sterilizer for the microwave. Every baby is different and some will like this nipple, some will not, but I can tell you that I wish I it had been an option with my children. I like the shape for breast fed babies. While my breastfed baby didn’t use a pacifier I think if she had this would be a great one.So these bottles are a standby for mom when my grandson is visiting without her. One thing we really like about this set is the sterilizer. At the ranch we don’t have a dishwasher so this is a great help. We like that this set is BPA free. The brush does a good job a cleaning the bottles. This is a good set for new parents or parents of new babies

Madeleine Wanaque, NJ


This is an amazing gift set. All the essentials you will need to get you started with feeding your newborn.

Mallory Tallman, NY

Great bottles from a trusted brand; microwave sterilizer is a great idea if you travel

Courtesy of the Amazon Vine program, I have received a Philips Avent BPA-Free Natural Essentials Gift Set for review. This set contains a microwave sterilizer, two 4-oz bottles, two 9-oz bottles, two pacifiers, and a bottle brush. Philips Avent is a major trusted brand in infant products, and upon opening the box I can see why: these are very high quality bottles. No rough edges from the plastic molding process, and the plastic is BPA-free. This is a really great gift set for any new parents. The distinguishing feature of this set over other sets from Philips is the microwave sterilizer. There are pros and cons to this. Yes, you can use the sterilizer to avoid the dishwasher or the traditional method of boiling on the stove. In theory you can even use this during travel (think hotel room). In practice, however, notice that the sterilizer is not small and so bringing it on trips is a commitment (but worthy in my opinion). But if you do not plan to use it for traveling, then it is one extra item to take up space. Any new parents know about the explosion of infant-related items, and this is one item that you may be able to do without… 🙂

Christie Bedminster, PA

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Essentials Gift Set

This is a nice alternative to boiling bottles in a pot like I had to do when I was a young mother. I can appreciate a lot of the new baby items now that I have grandchildren. This makes cleaning and sterilizing baby bottles a breeze. I like the shape of the nipples on both the bottles and the pacifiers.This would make a great starter gift set for any new mom and would be a great baby shower gift.

Myra Arkdale, WI

Good starter set

This is a good starter set and makes a lovely baby shower gift. I like using the sterilizer in particular because it makes the job so much easier than the old-fashioned method of putting the bottles in a boiling water bath. I find that I do the sterilization so much more often with this tool than I did when I just relied on the boiling water bath–more like every couple days instead of just once per week.If this line of bottles is what you plan to use exclusively, however, be prepared to buy more bottles and nipples. Just two bottles of each size is not nearly enough to handle most babies’ daily needs, especially if those babies are in group care situations where you have to provide the entire day’s worth of bottles every morning.

Terri Westfield, ME

Great starter set but I would probably try buying 1 bottle first to see if your baby will like it

This is a great starter set in that it comes with a sterilizer, two 4 ounce bottles, two 9 ounce bottles, 2 pacifiers and a bottle brush. However, our baby did not like this bottle. Our baby actually liked the Avent "Classic" bottle shape. I would recommend that you purchase 1 bottle if you can of different brands and see which one your baby likes more. Our baby would spit up more with this "natural" bottle because there is a much larger nipple area and it seemed like our baby did not want to open his mouth as wide. He much preferred the "classic" shape. Even though our baby did not like the "natural" bottle, I still think this is a great starter set if you baby likes this "natural" shape!

Lilly Tumtum, WA

Bottles help easily transition between breast and bottle.

I used these bottles with my son and we loved them! They are easy to clean, he never had any issues with gas, and they stay nice looking. Some bottles after a while can look pretty icky and these stay looking very clean.My favorite part about the bottles is that my son nursed immediately after birth but then due to some health concerns was transferred to the NICU and was unable to nurse for a few days. I exclusively pumped and bottle fed my son using these bottles for two and a half months. All of the lactation consultants and nurses said he wouldn’t go back to breast. But HE DID! At two and a half months he started nursing again and had no problem going back and forth between these bottles and my breast for the rest of his first year. I know if I was using a different type of bottle that wasn’t as "naturally shaped" he wouldn’t have been able to make this transition.The gift set is a good place to start and gives a new Mom a few options to grow into. the bottle brush is nice and the sterilizer gives you piece of mind.

Amelia Log Lane Village, CO

A right bottle for every boob

It’s been my experience when considering a bottle that most mothers particularly pay attention first to what their friends use or what the experts recommend.When I look at the bottles MY friends use I simply think "That’s probably pretty close to what their breast looks like in some way."At any rate, if you happen to have a rounder, wider breast these bottles will work well for you. This is a good packaged deal compared to the Tommee Tippee bottles I once used and are also another favorite for the more melonous of us women out there.It’s nice to have the sterilizer too, but with everything, consider using it in moderation. BPA-free or not, plastic is plastic and microwaves are radiation and radiation breaks stuff down. This isn’t fear mongering, it’s just to say consider using the sterilizer in moderation.

Lesa Sutton, ND

Can’t go wrong with Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Essentials Gift Set

This set is great because I remembered I needed more bottles, nipples & a sterilizer to add to my Avent collection. I am quite pleased with the overall quality of the Avent products, and this set does not disappoint. The bottles are easier to clean and you can use them to store & heat other things in (such as baby food). The sterilizer is awesome for sterilizing bottles, pump parts, pacifiers, etc. in just 2 minutes! This would make a great gift for a new mom if she is choosing to use the Avent line.

Hazel Sandy Lake, PA

Every new or new-again parent needs this

We have three children, and we learned with each. We learned that safety and health matter to newborns. And we learned that certain products helped us learn more and worry less about what went into our new borns.I’m not a germophobe, but I do understand germ theory and it makes me a bit worried — especially when it comes to infants. This gift set is ideal for those parents who want to make sure their bottles and bottle nipples are sanitary without the use of abrasive cleanings (wear and tear) or chemicals. I mean, it takes 2 minutes to sterilize a bottle for your infant. 2 minutes. No more boiling of water and then waiting for everything to cool off. 2 minutes and you can trust the sterilization.It was easy to setup and easier to use. It comes with everything you need and should be a must for parents with infants.

Aileen North Chicago, IL

Perfect starter set

This set is great for new parents. You get 4 bottles – two 4 oz bottles and two 9 oz bottles, 2 soothie pacifiers, a bottle brush, and a microwave sterilizer. The bottles are BPA free which is really important. There are two types of nipples which one has a slower flow for your newborn. The bottle brush makes it really quick and easy to clean your bottles and the nipples. The microwave sterilizer is large enough to fit up to 4 bottles at a time and it sterilizes in two minutes. The pacifiers are newborn pacifiers for age 0-3 months and they are made of hospital grade silicon. For the price this is a great set for new parents

Doreen Russian Mission, AK

Love Love LOVE IT

Nice set for a newborn or a first time mom. Bottles were packaged nicely and everything was in it that was suppose to be. The pacifiers looked ready for use and the sterilizer was packaged separately so you didn’t see it right away. Definitely will enjoy this set when needed and ordering one for my new baby cousin.

Flora Coalgood, KY

avent gift set

This is a must have for any new mother. it’s great for the home and makes travel very easy. there are two small and two larger bottles with lids. There are two new born pacifiers which is the same as the ones they used on my grandson in the NICU. It comes with a baby bottle specific brush so there are no germs transmitted from your regular kitchen bottle brush.furthermore it comes with a container that you can sterilize everything in 2mins and it stays that way for 24 hours.

Corine Bloomfield, KY

Excellent – now I know what people are raving about

The quality of the bottles and the sterilizer is great. And it works our cheaper if you get the set. Highly recommended.

Dionne Iola, WI


This gift set has everything a new mom will need for her new baby. The products are of great quality and everything works great. I will be buying a few more of these for upcoming baby showers!

Anne Ripplemead, VA

great bottle feeding system

We have used many bottles over the years with my kiddos. The avent system is very good and has always been the most consistent performer in regards to good pressure relief, good flow, and ease of cleaning. The other system we liked was the Dr. Brown version, but the parts can be very hard to clean. Plus it is hard to always have a place for 5 parts per bottle as opposed to the regular 3 that the avent system has.I am able to get any bottle clean quickly and easily.The Avent system is also easy to hold, heats evenly, and has a good assortment of "flow" increments.I have always given this set as a gift to new mom’s and dad’s and people have commented on how much they like the bottles.I do like the glass bottles a little more than the plastic, but the avent system is the tops you can buy in my book, plastic or glass.The little ones have no problem using it, it is easy to hold, easy to warm, and easy to clean.All good.

Tasha Day, FL

Great value for all items altogether!

This is probably the best deal there is out there for the collection of items that come in this box. Just the sterilizer is $30 if you were to purchase it on its own! I was using the Medela bottles for feeding after started to give baby mostly formula and I didn’t like the way the nipples would collapse inward if she sucked too hard. I went online to look for avent bottles after reading so many positive things about them and found this package here on amazon. I really like the natural bottles because I can still alternate between the bottle and breast even though I can’t breastfeed regularly. The nipples are very wide and thick so they never collapse. Bottles are shaped well and baby is already trying to hold with both hands, the molded center kinda helps with that. I use the sterilizer base as a drying rack when I am not sterilizing the bottles because I do not like to accumulate stuff in the house and felt I could do without one. For the size, it serves the purpose really well as otherwise it would just sit around the kitchen and only be used when sterilizing. The bottle brush will only work with wide bottles, as it would spray foam everywhere if trying to squeeze into a narrow neck. I haven’t used the pacifiers (my baby won’t take one) so I can’t comment on them, but the soothies are apparently a very popular brand/type.Overall I’m very content with this set and would recommend it!

Neva Hopkins, SC