Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Infant Starter Gift Set

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Infant Starter Gift Set

The most natural way to bottle feed. The natural infant starter set includes everything you need to bottle feed your newborn. The set includes 3-4 ounce . Natural feeding bottles, 2-9 ounce . Natural feeding bottles, a soothie pacifier, formula dispenser and bottle brush. The wide, breast shaped nipples on the natural bottle promote natural latch on so you can easily combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The unique comfort petals inside the nipple increase softness and flexibility without nipple collapse, and the innovative twin valve anti colic newborn flow nipple helps newborns feed comfortably and easily. The soothie pacifier, used by medical professionals to calm newborns, is made from hospital grade, BPA free silicone and is designed to ensure natural development of teeth and gums. The handy formula dispenser carries 3 pre measured portions of milk powder in separate compartments and is ideal for travel. The bottle brush has a curved brush head and molded tip for thorough cleaning of hard to reach areas.

Main features

  • Polypropylene
  • Imported
  • 3 to 4 ounce natural bottles
  • 2 to 9 ounce natural bottles
  • Soothie pacifier
  • Formula dispenser
  • Bottle brush
  • 3-4 ounce natural bottles
  • 2-9 ounce natural bottles
  • Soothie pacifier
  • Formula dispenser
  • Bottle brush

Verified reviews


A MUST have for any new parent!

About 1.5 years ago, I reviewed thePhilips AVENT BPA Free Natural Polypropylene Bottle, 9 Ounce, 2 Pack. Please check that review out (the top of the list).This set includes the following items:(2) 9oz bottles(3) 4oz bottles(2) newborn nipples(1) formula dispenser(2) soothie pacifier(1) bottle brushAt the time of that review I griped that the bottles were only available in 9oz. Philips have since introduced a 4oz size (included in this set), and an 8oz glass bottle (not included). If 4oz size is a nice option for newborns — no need to carry around the larger bottle if it won’t be used to capacity yet.ThePhilips AVENT BPA Free Formula Dispenser/Snack Cuphas (3) compartments for you to store enough formula for upto 3x 9oz feeds. When you’re done using one compartment, twist the top to the next compartment, and you’re ready to dispense again. If you don’t use this as a formula dispenser, this can still come in handy for little snacks.The set comes with (2) newborn nipples. As your child gets older, you can progress toPhilips AVENT BPA Free Natural Slow Flow Nipples, 2-Pack,Philips AVENT BPA Free Natural Medium Flow Nipples, 2-Pack, orPhilips AVENT BPA Free Natural Fast Flow Nipples, 2-Pack.All in all, this is a very nice set to have, or to give as a gift any new parent and I highly recommend it.

Thelma Exira, IA

Good overall starter kit to give as a gift.

I like Avent bottles, and this is a good gift set that includes:- Three 4oz bottles.- Two 9oz bottles.- Five clear bottle caps.- Two Soothie Pacifiers.- One formula dispense- One bottle brush.As a nursing mom my boys adjusted well with these bottles, but I really couldn’t tell you *your* child will adjust fine–babies have their preference. I like the clear display of ounces on the side of each bottle. These bottles have a contour in the center, and are made with slightly different plastic than thePhilips AVENT 9 Ounce BPA Free Classic Polypropylene Bottles, 5-Pack. I like the classic bottles a little better. Either set works with the Avent breast pump. The Soothie pacifiers are a nice touch, those are the ones they give you in the hospital. I found the Soothie was nursing friendly, and didn’t affect my sons. In fact, it helped my first son learn to nurse, but ultimately he was a MAMS binky addict, while my second son was a Soothie addict.The only thing I did not like about this set was the bottle brush. I really think a round bristled brush make cleaning bottles easier, otherwise you’re constantly twisting the handle to get all the spots in the bottle. Not terrible, just my preference.I was ultimately impressed that this set does not push formula feeding with lots of formula coupons and formula samples. This gift set only includes instructions for care of products :)*Box notes “This set is only available at Babies R Us.”

Erika Middletown, VA

a good set but not the bet value

This is a good starter set, with the bottles and the pacifier and the brush. The quality of this set is very good, and it appears to be durable (after a month of use).All Avent products are BPA free, which is crucial to any baby product / any plastic bottle I would use. The only thing that is lacking in this set is the sterilizer that is available in thePhilips Avent BPA Free Natural Essentials Gift Set. In terms of value, it makes sense to buy the Essentials set — for less than ten dollars, you’d have the sterilizer. Although sterilizing in the dishwasher is an option, I find that the microwave sterilizer is more efficient — less energy consuming, less water consumption, faster and, arguably, cleaner.

Nettie Mount Solon, VA

Great for expectant moms

With one new granddaughter already here and another on the way, this was offered to me in perfect time. Now neither daughter has to lug bottles to the house when I watch the grandkids.The kit includes 5 bottles, a bottle brush, a formula holder and not one, but two pacifiers. My already hear granddaughter has no problem drinking from the bottles, and the pacifier is the same type she is used to, so no problem there.Personally, I’m not fond of the bottle brush as I feel it is too stiff and that makes it hard to reach into the bottle and get every part cleaned of residue. For me, I’ll use an old fashioned bottle brush with a nipple brush to clean the bottles.All in all, the is the perfect set for a new mother. Whether she plans to breast or formula feed, it includes enough to get her and her new baby started.

Dolly Lawrence, KS

Infant Starter Gift Set – A great gift for a new mom

I got this as a gift for a new mom I know. She really liked it a lot, especially since it came with different size bottles, a bottle brush, a pacifier, and a formula dispenser. She said having all the pieces really came in handy, and she’s already bought extra nipples for the bottles, and an extra bottle brush; her daughter is now two weeks old. She recommends them to any first time mom or dad, or to a mom or dad who is needing new bottles for their new arrival, no how many children she or he has.

Geraldine Boyes, MT

Philips Avent Products

Very good time item and worth the costly price. I like the different sizes and the items included in the package.DurableEasy To Use and CleanLightweightMost of all, my seventh month nephew, who stills prefers breastfeeding, is beginning to adjust well to the nipple/bottle.

Imogene Valhalla, NY

Truly More Natural

A great combination of products. I use the brush for all my bottles and keep supplemental formula in my bag using the included dispenser. A must have when on the go. Unfortunately, my little one did not take to this pacifier.As far as the bottles go, they are my (and my baby’s) new favorite.Here is why:Nipple – The Natural nipple is wider than the classic nipple. For my baby, he has an easier time sucking with very little leaking unlike the classic nipple that does leak often. Additionally, the Natural nipple is more like my own nipple which helps lessen nipple confusion between the breast and bottle feeding.Cleaning – The Natural nipple has only three parts to clean including the nipple, the collar and the nipple cap. This is one less part than the classic which has the parts listed and an additional collar inside the bottle. This makes for one less part to clean which I like. Although it is only one part, when you are cleaning bottles everyday the time saved adds up.Baby Reaction – I mentioned there is less leaking with these bottles but I also notice that for our baby there is less burping and less hiccups when I use these bottles. I cannot completely attribute this to the bottles because there are other factors that could be at play.

Tameka Marathon, NY

The Avent bottles work really well. I wouldn’t want to go without them.

I’ve been using these Avent bottles for 7 months now and I have to say that I am a fan. They are easy to put together, they have a very realistic nipple (which allows the infant to perform a full latch), and they have been accepted very easily (by my child, at least). They are also easy to clean with the attached blue brush. (I have used the brush to manually clean these every night –and only these– and the brush is still in fantastic condition over half a year later).I haven’t used the pacifiers as I use ones I bought separately, and I am waiting to use the 9 ounce bottles until my infant can drink more than 4 ounces of milk at a time. However, I see no discernable difference in the quality of the 9 ounce bottles over the 4 ounce bottles, and they look just as easy to clean.If there is any down-side to the Avent bottles, it is that they are not cheap. You probably will need at least 5 of them, so you’ll want to either buy another set, or some separate four ounce bottles to complete your collection.Do yourself a favor, though, and try to stay with one vendor. I have two additional bottles from another vendor and it is a pain because they are slightly different and it took me some time to learn which bottles needed which nipples and so on.Highly recommended.

Josefina Bryant Pond, ME

A Great Starter Kit for Bottle Feeding!

This is a great starter kit for any mom.What I got with this kit:2 bottles of 9 oz / 260 ml for 1m+3 bottles of 4 oz / 125 ml for 0m+1 formula dispenser for when you travel2 pacifiers for 0-3m1 bottle brush to clean your bottlesI love these bottles. They are made with high quality materials, BPA free, and with very innovative design.I highly recommend AVENT bottles and this kit!

Elvira Platina, CA

Perfect for new parents

When I showed this set to my wife, her eyes lit up with excitement. We’re both pretty thrilled with the quality of this starter set, which really is perfect for new parents. If you’re expecting, do yourself a favor and add this set to your baby registry, wish list, etc.I really haven’t heard a lot about Avent, but I can see they make quality products. Honestly, I’ve never seen bottles like this before. They’re BPA free, easy to clean, and easy to hold in my hand, as well as the baby’s hand. We plan to bring the bottles everywhere we go.

Mitzi Kennebec, SD

Safe and Baby loves them

This is my fourth baby, we’ve seen our share of good and bad bottles. I highly recommend these.Pros:1-Three parts, not 15. Seriously bottle, nipple, rim. That’s it. When washing and reassembling it doesn’t take a flash light your hand in the back of a drawer and a glass of wine to figure out how to reassemble it.2-BPA free. Enough said. I would prefer if they were glass, but sometimes for church and out and about plastic falls or is thrown safer, ha.3-A lot comes in your set. We are loving the brush to clean and the cup holder/formula holder that grows with the child is genius! It’s our babies favorite passey of course.4-Plenty of variety in the set for ounces. You will love!Cons:NONE

Susanne Sparks, OK

They are easy to put together

I’ve been using these Avent bottles for 5 months. They are easy to put together, they have a very realistic nipple. NO problem with nipple confusion. They are also easy to clean with the attached blue brush. However, if you have a fussy kid, you may consider Dr Brown series which I used for my elder son.;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B00078ANK2&linkCode;=as2&tag;=nealo10a-20

Madeleine Winters, CA

Great improvement over the classic line

When Phillips finally stopped making bottles out of polycarbonate (which will leach BPA under typical wear and usage conditions) it had to redesign their bottles. All the “Classic” bottles from Philips are polypropylene, which because it is pliable, required them to add an adapter ring to make certain the seal and venting system worked correctly (it vents via slots cut into the base of the nipple). This only introduced a minor pain, but the fact remained you had one more item to clean when getting bottles ready. These are good bottles, but the nipple design is a little dated.The natural line has two improvements: the nipple has a more natural rounded shape, which should ease introducing the bottle, especially since most women who are able now exclusively breast feed for 3-6 months. The other improvement was to redesign the venting system. The valve is now built into the nipple and seats on the rigid main collar. The vents were moved up so they don’t seat directly on the soft polypropylene negating the need for a collar.It’s a greatly improved design in all respects. It’s still advisable to not over-stress the plastic (virtually all plastics and release endocrine affecting compounds if abused) so keep all the plastic parts in the top rack of your dish washer. The nipples are silicone and are pretty much bullet proof.If you are already using the Classic line you may have trouble switching your baby to the Natural line because the nipple is so different. If you aren’t happy with the classic line and want to try something different you might try Born Free, which has a similar nipple shape, but it is a little softer. The venting system on Born Free is really good, but it has two extra pieces which adds some cleaning overhead.

Renee Tekoa, WA

breast-fed baby friendly?

My son is exclusively breastfed and I need to be away from him periodically. He took these once or twice but as he’s gotten older has lost interest. I realize this is anecdotal and some babies may switch with ease but mine didn’t, so I question how breast-fed friendly they are. Other types of bottles have gotten better reviews for situations like mine. Having said that, it looks like there are some other nipples that fit these bottles so I plan to try that.Otherwise it’s a nice set. I like the smaller bottles because in our routine, that’s pretty much all we ever need and when you’re pumping four oz it’s disheartening to put it in a 9 oz bottle. So that was nice.The brush is high quality, I like that the formula dispenser can be used as a snack cup, and the pacifier two pack is nice (though my son wouldn’t take those either).Overall it’s a nice set but is really geared toward heavy bottle usage with formula. I wish they would focus on that instead of trying to be breast-fed friendly. Or they could have one set geared toward breast feeding (e.g. with smaller bottles and a bottle warmer with no formula dispenser) and another geared toward formula feeding (e.g. what’s in this set).

Kasey Naoma, WV

Great product from AVENT

I’ve been using these Avent bottles for 5 months. They are easy to put together, they have a very realistic nipple. NO problem with nipple confusion. They are also easy to clean with the attached blue brush. However, if you have a fussy kid, you may consider Dr Brown series which I used for my elder son.;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B00078ANK2&linkCode;=as2&tag;=theaventblog-20

Candice Vail, AZ

I am back to using Avent

I wrote a scathing review about Avent almost 7 years ago because they had sold bottles that were not BPA free. I threw those bottles away and used others. But aside from that issue, I actually loved their design. My first baby grew up using Avent and we wanted to use it again.When our baby was born, we now went track to looking for bottles. Thankfully Avent has made their bottles BPA free and we are back to using them. Their engineering design is impressive and quality unmatched. My baby loves it and does not get gassy using Avent bottles. I have bought dozens more of these bottles and nipples.

Luz Augusta Springs, VA

Great bottles from a trusted brand; formula dispenser is a nice addition

Courtesy of the Amazon Vine program, I have received a Philips Avent BPA-Free Natural Infant Starter Gift Set for review. This set contains three 4-oz bottles, two 9-oz bottles, a pacifier, a formula dispenser, and a bottle brush. Philips Avent is a major trusted brand in infant products, and upon opening the box I can see why: these are very high quality bottles. No rough edges from the plastic molding process, and the plastic is BPA-free. The distinguishing feature of this set over other sets from Philips is the formula dispenser, which is essentially a capped jar with three milk powder compartments. Honestly, it is not clear to me that the formula dispenser is really needed… we just measure the milk powder and put a portion in each bottle. 🙂 Therefore I think the buying decision should be on whether you need the microwave sterilizer or not. (Compared toPhilips Avent BPA Free Natural Essentials Gift Set, this set has an extra 4-oz bottle, but one less pacifier.)Overall, this is a really great gift set for any new parents. I would not hesitate to buy it for any baby shower list.

Brianna Pine Valley, CA

Every item a winner!

Every item a winner! I used the formula container both at home [at night, when you can’t think!] and on the road for quick bottles. Soothies are the same ones given at the hospital and they work great as well. The bottles are easy to use, clean and hold with less air getting into tummies. I never used anything else!

Margo Honeyville, UT

Bottles for the breastfed baby

I used these bottles with my son and we loved them! They are easy to clean, he never had any issues with gas, and they stay nice looking. Some bottles after a while can look pretty icky and these stay looking very clean.My favorite part about the bottles is that my son nursed immediately after birth but then due to some health concerns was transferred to the NICU and was unable to nurse for a few days. I exclusively pumped and bottle fed my son using these bottles for two and a half months. All of the lactation consultants and nurses said he wouldn’t go back to breast. But HE DID! At two and a half months he started nursing again and had no problem going back and forth between these bottles and my breast for the rest of his first year. I know if I was using a different type of bottle that wasn’t as "naturally shaped" he wouldn’t have been able to make this transition.I never used formula so I can’t really rate the formula dispenser for that purpose. However, I did fill it with Cheerios and it never spilled in the diaper bag. I can’t recommend these bottles enough if you are going to nurse and offer a bottle.

Ursula Oakland, TN

great alternative to breast feeding

these are great alternatives to breast feeding and readily accepted by my neice. Her mom had to go back to school so she pumped and we tried these to see how her daughter would accept. Fortunately, she really latched on! Good quality, clean easily

Tamera Carlisle, IN

Beats Similac bottles. Get just the bottles instead though?

If you’re breast-feeding, you may not need this many bottles, but if the bottle is how you kid gets milk, the number in this set is about right if you wash them regularly, with its three small and two large bottles. The brush is necessary (at least SOME kind of brush. This one ain’t terrible, but I actually prefer theMunchkin Deluxe Bottle Brushfor its suction cup base and 360-degree bristles. My kid never really took to Soothie pacifiers, and I haven’t fed formula, so that cup has gone unused (the divider in it looks handy for formula feeders though). Anyway, since I didn’t use everything in the kit, it may make more sense to just buy theAVENT Natural Bottlesby themselves and save some money.We did use thePhilips Avent Single Electric Comfort Breast Pumpquite a bit for our kid, and that’s where getting a large set of compatible bottles like these really shines. With bottles that screw right on to the pump and then go straight to our kid, you don’t need separate bags or storage bottles, which streamlines the feeding task. We also usedSimilac Bottlessometimes, and switching the milk from one bottle to another doubled the number of containers to wash, and I ended up liking these Avent bottles better anyway. They’re still vented, but we found the Similac bottles leaked on us pretty regularly, while we’ve never had a leak with these Avent bottles.Anyway, they’re good. If you don’t need everything in the set though, I’d suggest getting just the bottles, and a different brush.

Deborah Manteca, CA


This set is fantastic. I’ve used Avent bottles with my past babies, but had given them away. The updated design in these is a bitlarger/rounder bottle then it used to be. The nipple design flows easily and the shape will be easy for baby to hold when they’re older. I especially love how these work well when breastfeeding and pumping, and have always found them to be easy for my children to use when I’m unable to nurse. Includes 4 bottles, a formula dispenser, nice bottle brush, and Soothie pacifiers. This is just what I need since I don’t pump too often.

Rosalia Newington, GA

Good Kit

We started off with Medela brand of bottle and breast pump and had good success with them. But my wife liked the Philips Advent bottles as well. The Soothie pacifier is also a nice addition. Our daughter seems to do better with these than any other type. Most of the other ones she would kick out of mouth with her tongue. I would say that the large bottles will not be very useful at first as newborns will not eat that much in one feeding and it is not recommended to have milk sitting out for an extended amount of time. However, as the baby gets older they will come in handy. They can also be used for breast milk storage though you will need caps. The bottle brush is another essential. We don’t give our baby formula that requires mixing (we only used the premixed bottles) so we have not used the formula dispenser. All in all, a good set.

Beatriz Burkettsville, OH

Great start for a new mom

I really like the variety available in this product, especially for a new mom. My baby is not yet using a bottle, so I will have to come back later and update once he has tried them. I especially appreciate the inclusion of a bottle brush and pacifier.6/18/14 ETA: These Avent bottles are my baby’s bottle of choice. Plus, they are easy to clean and I’ve never had a problem with leaking. I am currently buying more of the larger size!

Mai Sinclair, ME

Simple but well-designed

This review is from a grandma’s point of view. Back when my kids were born, I just went down to the grocery store and bought bottles and nipples of no particular note made of heaven knows what. Now there’s a whole new world of baby bottle technology and construction. My daughter, proud parent of a 9 month old and owner of a dishwasher, chose a complex system with an interior attachment designed, I guess, to eliminate air-swallowing. Not hard to assemble but a whole lot of parts to wash. Thus, bless that dishwasher.My son, on the other hand, lives in Europe in a somewhat simpler, dishwasher-free environment. I bought this starter set for his newborn, and he and his wife are pleased with the ease of construction and cleaning. I suppose baby thrives, grows, and ultimately drinks from a cup like the rest of us, but this is a very nice way to bridge breast to cup, and makes a very nice present.

Amy East Dennis, MA

Great Starter Set Of Bottles

When it comes to bottles you just don’t know what your baby will like so it’s often best to not stock up on a particular brand of bottle until you know what works for your baby. With my past three children they’ve all taken quite well to the Avent classic bottles. With another baby on the way, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try out a set of Avent’s new bottles from their "Natural" line.The first thing I noticed when I opened up the starter set box is the same bottle brush that I really like from the old Avent bottles is part of the set. It’s a great bottle brush that does a good job of cleaning out the bottles.The set also includes a travel powdered formula dispenser that can also double as a snack cup. If you’re nursing your baby this is one of those items that you may not find particularly useful. I still have two unused Avent formula dispensers from my last baby so I view this a non-essential items. It’s nice to have if you use formula or think you’ll want to use it to hold cheerios or puffs for the baby when he or she is older.A two pack of Avent Soothie pacifiers is included in the starter set as well. They’re supposed to be the same as the pacifiers that you get at the hospital. None of my babies have ever had a hospital pacifier so I really can’t tell you if these pacifiers are something to write home about or not. It’s all one piece so when it comes to sterilizing it you won’t have to wonder if theres anything in the little nooks and crannies that didn’t get sanitized.Let’s talk about the bottles now, after all, that’s probably why you’re really looking at this set. With this starter set you’ll get three four ounce bottles with the newborn flow nipple and two nine ounce bottles with the stage two slow flow nipple. I like that the set includes two different flow rates for the nipples since most babies are using a faster flow nipple by the time they graduate to drinking from a nine ounce bottle.The bottles have a nice ergonomic feel to them. They’re more comfortable to hold than the Avent classic bottles. The dome caps which cover the nipple are a bit easier to remove from the bottle than the classic dome caps as well. The bottle is just four pieces (bottle, collar, nipple and dome cap) which is quite a nice change from the five piece configuration of the Avent classic bottles. With the older style if you forget the ring insert that sits between the bottle and the nipple/collar unit you’ll find yourself with a soaked baby. So the Natural bottle gets my approval.The big question I had with these bottles was whether or not they were compatible with the old Avent pump that fits the classic style bottles. The answer to this is YES! If you have either an Avent pump or the breast pump adaptor pieces that allow you to pump directly into an Avent bottle a pump such as one by Medela you’ll be happy to know that the old Avent Classic pumps and pump conversion pieces are compatible with the new Natural bottles.The biggest difference between the Avent Classic and Natural bottles besides the bottle design appears to be the nipple shape. The Natural bottles have a bit more of a natural shape but the part of the nipple that goes in baby’s mouth both look very similar.Overall, I think this starter set is a nice collection of items for the mom-to-be. It gives you enough bottles to determine whether or not this bottle design is a good fit for your baby.

Erica Tappahannock, VA

very pleased

These bottles exceeded my expectations. They are so well made, and honestly they just feel good in your hands. I love that this kit comes with the pacifier and cleaning brush, and it’s a perfect kit for my expecting sister in law.

Marcy East Rochester, NY

Great Starter set

This set is a great starter set especially if you are formula feeding your baby. This set comes with 3-4 oz bottles, 2-9 oz bottles, a soothie pacifier, a bottle brush, and a formula dispenser. The bottles are BPA free and have two different stage nipples. The bottle brush is wonderful for cleaning the bottles and the nipples. The soothie pacifier is for 0-3 months of age and is made of hospital grade silicon. The formula dispenser is great for travel. It has three pre-measured compartments for formula which makes it so easy and convenient on the go. Overall this is a great set to have for new parents.

Nola Cerro Gordo, NC

It’s a decent set of bottles that aren’t perfect

We’ve gone through several sets of bottles already: Platex (disposable liners), Lasinoh, Tomee Tipee, Mimmijumi, and Tomy. All have their strengths and weaknesses, and so far all of them weren’t good enough for our family.[Good]Plastic Bottle: Unlike glass bottles, they are a lot lighter and they won’t break into a million pieces if you drop it.Ergonomic: The bottles are easy to hold. It’s also nice that it’s cylindrical instead of the ball shape bottle designs, making it easier to feed the last two ounces without tilting your baby too much.Silicone Nipple: It’s more durable than natural rubber nipples. It’s also resistant to mold, so this will last longer than a rubber nipple.Nipple Shape: Like a lot of newer bottle designs, this also mimics the shape of a real breast nipple, which is great since we are both nursing and supplementing with formula.Nipple Flow: Unlike some competing products that state that they are low flow, the “1” low flow nipple included in this set really is low flow. Our baby chokes a lot less on these bottles.Brush: I didn’t think much of the brush until we started using it. It’s great and designed for cleaning baby bottles given its shape, size, and curve.[Bad]Plastic Bottle: Yes it’s BPA free, but there are other chemicals that can leech from plastic. I would be wary about heating this or putting liquids that are too hot. In Phillips’ defense, the same can be said for most competing bottles that are not glass. If it weren’t for its weight or it’s likelihood of breaking, glass is still a safer material for storing and serving warm food.Silicone Nipple: Same as above. While it is BPA free, other chemicals can leech from it. The same warning applies with heat. In Phillips’ defense, the same can be said for most competing bottles.Smell: Even after multiple washings and uses, the silicone nipples still smell horrible. This is not horrible but bad enough to tempt me into taking away another star. The same warning applies with heat. In Phillips’ defense, the same can be said for most competing bottles. It’s so bad that when a particular baby formula can’t overcome the smell with its own, our baby will drink a lot less. However there are more choices on the market that do not have a strong chemical odor like Mimijumi (which has its own set of problems).[Misc]We don’t like pacifiers, so we didn’t use them.We didn’t use the milk / formula container either.[Verdict]It’s good set of bottles with a decent design. While not perfect, this is our go to bottle for our baby until we find the mythical “perfect” baby bottle.

Estelle Whiteland, IN

Bottles are great!

I have used Avent bottles since my first child was born. The design has changed in that time, but I still love Avent products. I mainly needed these bottles because I have an Avent breast pump and these bottles fit that pump. I love that it came with a bottle brush. The formula dispenser is completely wasted on me, an exclusive breastfeeder. And the paci is a waste since my baby won’t take them. This really isn’t a breastfeeding friendly set. But if you are a formula feeder (part time, full time, or occasionally), I can see this set being more helpful to you.

Josie San Acacia, NM