Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Medium Flow Nipples, 3 month+, 2 Count

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Medium Flow Nipples, 3 month+, 2 Count

Philips AVENT New Natural medium-flow nipples are designed to help babies feed from both the breast and the bottle. The nipple’s wide shape is similar to the shape of a breast, and its soft, rounded nipple encourages the same peristaltic movements used to breastfeed. Twin anti-colic valves keep air in the bottle and out of babies’ tummies, making feeding and digesting more comfortable and reducing colic. The nipple is made of soft, durable silicone and has a petal design that prevents it from collapsing while your baby feeds.

Main features

  • Plastic, Silicone
  • Imported
  • Natural nipple helps combine breast and bottle feeding
  • Comfort petals make nipple softer and more flexible
  • Nipple shape promotes natural suckling motions
  • Twin anti colic valves make feeding more comfortable
  • Durable silicone is odorless and easy to sterilize
  • BPA-Free and made of soft, durable, flavorless silicone
  • Wide, breast-shaped nipple promotes natural latch-on and makes it easier for baby to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Comfort petals make nipple softer and more flexible to prevent nipple collapse
  • Innovative twin valve design reduces colic and discomfort
  • Includes 2 Natural Medium Flow Nipples

Verified reviews


Always Philips Avent

My daughter has bought all the Avent products for her new baby and now she has to change the nipples, so we bought this.

Lessie Stephensport, KY

Good nipples, baby don’t like them

I know the title seems weird, but it’s true. These nipples are sturdy, strong, no leaks – so they are well made. My baby took to the Level 1 with no problems at all, so I bought more bottles. Level 2 was still small for her (she is 2-and-half months and would struggle to suck milk) and so I bought the Level 3. For some reason, she doesn’t like these as much. I thought at first it may be because she is too small for Level 3 but she wasn’t gagging/choking on the nipples as you would expect. She pushes out the milk from her mouth at times, but just doesn’t seem comfortable at all using this bottle any more (sadly considering thePhilips AVENT Ounce BPA Free Natural Polypropylene Bottles, 3-Packare rather expensive compared to Dr. Brown’s). I will try the bottles again once she is over 3 months and see if she takes to them then, and post an update to this review.

Tamara Groveton, NH

Love the new bottles

Love the new Avent line of bottles. The nipples are more shaped like a breast which makes it easier to switch back and forth from breast feeding to bottle feeding.

Fannie Bradford, PA

Not a fan

I love the regular Avent bottles so I thought I would give the natural flow bottles a go. My son was two months old when I purchased the bottles and did not like them from the start. I was not sure if it was the bottles or any number of other things. I decided to try the medium flow nipples thinking that he was getting frustrated by the level one nipples. He is now four months old and still does not seem to like these particular nipples. He takes the regular Avent nipple and Dr. Brown nipples just fine. I know that all babies are different, but unfortunately my little guy is not a fan of the natural flow.

Lacey Wassaic, NY

Great accessory

These are the #4 nipples. Great product. I’ve used the natural bottles now for 10 months. The only downside that I see is that most current diaper bags are designed for slim bottles. Most bottles today are fat. It would be great if the bag makers actually noticed the change in bottles but I am not surprised that they don’t care.The natural bottles and accessories have worked great.

Marie Netarts, OR


the Avent system is great. I recommend to moms out there. Well made and safe product. i use all of the bottles and feeding products.

Nona Lawson, MO

Love the bottles, love the nipples

My daughter isn’t exactly fond of bottles and the Avent Natural are what works the best. These nipples are excellent, durable and easy to clean. I love how easy it is to switch the nipples as my daughter requires faster flow. The entire Natural line is handy that way. Simple to insert the nipples, and a quality product at that.

Abigail Point Washington, FL

Love love love Avent products

I just bought more of these for my 3.5 month old baby. The Avent Classic bottles are her favorite by far (which I have reviewed elsewhere), and these nipples are very sturdy. We moved her up to size 2 at 2 months, and might have been able to do it sooner. Some of the nipples were starting to wear out after constant use (each one was getting used 3-4 times per day until we bought more bottles for daycare two weeks ago). I think we may be been abusing them a bit with the bottle brush, stretching out the hole, because the flow was getting quite fast, similar to the level 3. Now we have just been using the brush on the base and using the nipple cleaner (we use the OXO tot brush) and I think try are lasting longer. Regardless, it’s a small price to pay for what works!

Petra Odell, NE

Much more like the real thing!

Having to bottle feed sometimes, I found that my son would be funny about bottle’s standard nipples sometimes. I am a big fan of Avent and once I found these, it made all the difference in his latch and bottle feeding comfort. It is much more like the real thing which provides better ability for less air and a good latch – and for him to take the bottle easier when he was feeling fussy about not having the real thing. He looks more normal sucking on these then many standard shaped nipples.

Wilda Redrock, NM

love avent

so glad I have gone with avent products. the medium flow nipples work well because they are a close match to my let down, so it has helped LO go between breast and bottle. the slow flow was good to use with pumped milk when he couldn’t yet handle my fast letdown. I definitely recommend

Arlene Appleton, NY

Great product

You can’t lose with Avent. These replacement nipples were bought for my daughter at her 3 month mark. I’ll but the 6 month ones when it’s time. Again, great product line.

Jessie Caratunk, ME

Great Nipples for Avent’s Glass Bottles

My daughter has not problems with nipples confusion with these and in my opinion, it is the perfect flow for 6 months and up.

Elda Stockland, IL

Good quality

good quality and good brand for a years, i always using this branmds fo my kids and its was amazing that the nipples are not damage till not ( 2 years )

Belinda Shiloh, NC

A must!

I would recommend these to anyone with a baby! They work great and are easy to take apart and clean.

Allyson Wharncliffe, WV


when my son was 2mo,he accepted bottle feeding. But after he was 2 month,i almost brestfeeding.and now he doesnt drink i buy two pack of this nipples.i hope he can love them.

Esther Glade, KS

Best Bottles

I think these are the best bottles! I have only used them on my first child but when I have more kids this will be the only bottle I use. He has never had gas or been colicy.

Glenda Lytle Creek, CA

Just right

These nipples are great. My daughter likes the faster flow. They fit as expected and don’t leak at all. Love my Avent Natural Flow bottles and nipples.

Celia Valley Park, MO

Love these

We’ve purchased several sets of these from #1 up to #3 now. Our LO started on #3 at 3 months and she’s 7.5 months now and still using #3 nipples. Love that we can just swap these out with the bottles as she outgrows the previous nipples. Would buy these over and over again.

Brandy Maiden, NC

I love it

I recommend this product 100%… It is that I expected… You can buy it and trust that it is a good product…

Sue Clovis, CA

Best Nipples Invented!!!

I love this nipples my baby ove them from the first try he always like this nipples and they are 2 month of use and they looks like new.

Rosanna Sherman Mills, ME

Great bottle Great nipple

I Love advent. Perfect flow nipples. Both my preemies (26 weeks and 35 weeks) took these bottles great. Perfect buy

Julianne Saint Paul Park, MN

Best bottle!

Never leaks! I it is easy to use/clean and I never had a problem with leaking! It is very easy to show a new person how to use. I will be using this for all my future children!

Penelope Steuben, WI

good product

I love all avent products and this has not disappointed me. i started using them when baby was 3 months and he liked them from the beginning.

Phyllis Novinger, MO

Great product at a great price

We really like the Avent line and what you see is exactly what you get. The great thing about these nipples is that there is a number indicator on the nipple so that you know exactly which stage of nipple you are using. The Medela nipple does not have this and you do not know if you are using a stage one or stage two nipple. I will continue to stick with Avent bottles and nipples.

Terrie Potts Grove, PA

We have a winner

I was really losing my faith in Avent. All the changes in the last 3 years drove me nuts when trying to bottle shop for my second son. I usually stick to the classic bottles, but on a whim I gave it a try.Winning! I think it’s a little soothing for him to drink because he closes his eyes when drinking out of these bottle. Pretty similar to my (tmi) wide nipple area.It’s even easier for my nearly 4 month old to hold in his iddy biddy hands. No leaks and no need to keep up with the extra parts.

Lucy Morrill, NE

Medium Flow (Size 3) Natural Flow Nipples May Occasionally Be Defective

The product itself is great. I’ve used the Avent Natural newborn size (1) and slow flow (2) nipples with great success and now that my daughter is eating 8 ounces at a time, I’ve switched her to medium flow size (3). With the size 1 and 2 nipples I had no problems at all. With the size 3 nipples I’ve noticed that my daughter can compress some of them when she sucks from the bottle. She seems to be able to pull a vacuum while she’s eating so that the nipple gets pulled into the bottle. I thought initially it could be something she was doing on her own, but she was only able to do it with two specific nipples out of the six size 3 nipples that I bought, leading me to think that it was likely something wrong with those nipples. Because of this inconsistency I took off one star, but the product, when not defective, works very well.

Charmaine Brice, OH

Love them

Should have ordered more of these nipples. Great buy bought every penny. You would not be disappointed. Six months plus.

Bridgett Swengel, PA