Philips AVENT BPA Free Natural Polypropylene Bottle, 4 Ounce

Philips AVENT BPA Free Natural Polypropylene Bottle, 4 Ounce

The New Philips AVENT 4 ounce Natural bottle is the most natural way to bottle feed. The wide, breast shaped nipple promotes natural latch on so you can easily combine breast and bottle feeding and the unique comfort petals provides an extra soft, flexible nipple without nipple collapse. In addition, the anti-colic newborn-flow nipple helps newborns feed comfortably and easily and the ergonomic shape makes it comfortable for parents to hold and easy for small fingers to grasp. Assembly is simple with only a few parts and the wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy. This AVENT Natural bottle is made from polypropylene, a BPA-Free material and works with all nipples, rings, and caps from the Natural line .

Main features

  • Nipple is soft and breast shaped to promote comfortable latch on
  • Twin valves prevent babies from swallowing air to reduce colic
  • Ergonomic bottle is easy for parents and babies to grasp
  • Wide neck makes filling and cleaning easier
  • BPA free polypropylene material is easy to sterilize

Verified reviews


I love the bottles, but the nipple flow is too fast for a newborn …

I love the bottles, but the nipple flow is too fast for a newborn … My baby keeps on chocking and spitting up when using the nipple when she was just born. But now, she got use it and can manage the nipple and the flow better. She is not fussy after drinking, and she can burp very easily, so that no gas stays in her little tummy. The bottles are very easy to clean, I don’t even need the brush, just wash them with regular sponge.

Mayra Sheridan Lake, CO

terrific bottles

Great bottles, easy to clean because they are wide mouths. There are only 4 parts- bottle, nipple, nipple connector, and lid. Dishwasher safe and light enough for baby to hold. All of the Avent bottle parts are interchangeable and grow with baby, nipples may be switched from the newborn (comes with this kit) to higher flows, then to sippy parts and handles. 4oz is perfect for each feeding for 0-6mon babies.

Crystal Manchester, WA

Good but not great (in my daughter’s eyes)

I purchased these in hopes that my new born daughter would be able to handle the milk better than the other bottles that she had. The problem we were facing was that even with the slow flowing nipples other brands offered the milk would come too fast for my daughter and she would start to choke. Since the tops of these were more like a real nipple I was hoping that when she pressed against them she could control them more. It helped some but was still not ideal. I can’t fault Phillips for that. I am sure that every kid is different. The one thing that I wish was different about the product though was that it would be great if it would hold just one more ounce. My daughter already eats more than these hold and she is only 4 months hold. Other than that minor gripe these have been great.

Mary Goodhue, MN

great for supplementing without nipple confusion.

I truly believe that "Breast is Best" for Baby, but when Baby wasn’t back up to birth weight by the end of the third week, our doctor asked us to supplement with formula after each feeding, which I did from 3 Weeks to 9 Months. I thank Avent for the nice wide nipple on the Natural Flow bottles as I believe this contributed to Baby not having a problem going back and forth between the breast and bottle, particularly in the early weeks.I also believe that any breast milk is better than no breast milk, and that the longer you can breast feed the better. I do believe that the Avent natural nipples helped prevent nipple confusion. Our Baby never had a problem latching on the Natural nipples. There were times in the early weeks when Baby was too fussy in the evenings to be patient nursing, but there were other time when he preferred the soft, warm breast. I pumped with the Medela Pump in Style before bed any night that he was too fussy to drain me well to keep my milk supply up and then added my milk to his next bottle.Every few months we bought the next higher flow natural nipples (from Amazon) to replace the slower ones. The 4 oz. Natural bottles come with #1, and the 8 oz. natural bottles come with #2. You can order #3 (medium) and #4 (fast) as your baby outgrows the smaller ones (we knew when we needed to buy the next size nipple when our baby started to suck air around the nipple and he was getting frustrated). It’s great that you can just buy new nipples and reuse the same rings. We currently have the #4 nipples on all of the four small and four large Avent natural bottles in our collection.

Eliza Means, KY

NOT natural for my baby

These bottles get 2 stars from me for being decent quality – no leaking or other issues, volume markings are clear on the outside. Unfortunately, they were not at all natural in my (primarily breastfed) baby’s mouth and did not work for us. Just because it looks like a breast by eye doesn’t mean it will work for every breastfed baby. Make sure to check that your baby’s latch on the bottle nipple looks just like it does/should on the breast. For my 6 week old daughter, her latch on the avent natural nipples caused her lips to curl completely in/under instead of flanging out. The transition from tip to base is just too abrupt, it’s too sharp of an angle. Worst of all, she frequently choked while drinking from these, which was rather scary. I assume, based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, that these must work for many babies. Just don’t make the mistake of assuming they will work best for every baby; try multiple bottle nipples until you find the right one for your baby. For us, it was the Lansinoh mOmma bottles.

Estelle Duluth, GA

Great bottle, caps could be improved.

I love these new bottles and nipples as they are more realistic in shape and comfortable to hold. I DO NOT like the caps that fit over the nipples. The are extremely hard to take off, especially if your hand is wet.

Beatrice Ho Ho Kus, NJ

I’ve tried so many bottles

These are the best. And I just want to mention that we’ve had no nipple confusion since I introduce bottles really early. So my babies aren’t picky. We have tommee tippee, playtex ventaire, similac, avent classic. I had munchkin I think, gerber glass bottle. What I like best about avent natural is the caps and lids. No adapter ring thingy. The cap comes off and on easier. The nipple can’t possibly bend with cap on. The classic does the, you have to push it on straight and the nipple gets pushed in. The lid, there’s no way my husband can over tighten it. So the other bottles, TT, I have to twist the cap off, playtex, LO puts the whole nipple in her mouth, you have to get it just right and we all get frustrated trying. Similac, I just don’t care for and it did leak one time, it was just laying on it’s side, and it leaked a lot. I love the shape of the avent classic nipple best. It really works for us. It doesn’t leak yet but I’m worried it will eventually. With natural, worry free and the nipple works for us too. I just wish I got more of the naturals. But next baby we’re going all natural. I highly recommend.

Latoya Cumming, IA

Great for babies who are both breast and bottlefed

I used this bottle sporadically when my baby was very young to offer milk when I was out. My baby accepted it with no problems.When she was about 3 months, my milk started being insufficient for her, so I would always offer beast first and then formula. She would switch form breast to bottle very easily. Also she never rejected the breast even after continued use of bottle. She did however got a bit lazy during breastfeeding, she will stop when the flow reduces, before the milk is really over.The only con is that Avent microwave sterilizer was not really adapted to this new shape. It fits only 4 bottles instead of 6.

Lisa Valley Spring, TX

Much improved

SOOOOO much better than the original ones!Anytime I fed a baby with the originals I had to be prepared for the milk to pour out of the ring. We have not had one leak with these. We have used these with our twins who came home at 3 pounds 15 ounces and 5 pounds 5 ounces. Our smaller twin used them well for a couple days then had a lot of leakage out the sides of his mouth. We went back to the hospital preemie nipples until he was closer to 6 1/2 pounds and now does fine. I don’t like that the cap doesn’t seal. When warm their bottles (expressed breast milk) in a bowl or cup of hot water and if the bottle falls over the cap fills with water. This also means if the nipple were to leak in the diaper bag it would all come out the cap and trash the bag. Since I know this I just make sure the bottles are always upright in the cup holder.

Gwen Bristol, VA

Our first and last bottle selection, our baby loves these!

I didn’t have to try any other bottle with my baby girl, she took to these right away! They are very easy to clean. The wide/contoured body style makes it very easy for an adult hand to hold.

Natalie Arnolds Park, IA

Nice bottle but too fast for us.

I really wanted to love these bottles! I love the size, shape and design, but in the end, they were just too fast for our newborn. We had better luck with the Avent classic nipple, but ultimately settled on the Nuk orthodontic bottles for now. It’s nice there is no o-ring like the Avent classic bottles though, less parts to clean.

Ollie Compton, CA

Nice shape

I love the new design. I didn’t like the old design so I went with tommee tippee with my baby in 2010. I went with this one with my new baby (now 1mon old). I think the nipple could be softer. He can drink out of it fine without leaks on the side of his mouth. But necause he’s breastfed, he prefers me over the bottle. So we’ll see in due time.

Carrie Bassett, AR

Baby Preferred

My son prefers these bottles and has no problems drinking from them. We switched to these after trying the Dr. Brown’s bottles. I’m sure every baby is different, but these worked well for him.

Alyson Boulevard, CA

Great new born bottles

Baby has no trouble taking to these bottles. (We are supplementing until the breast milk comes in). As with all bottles, always burp the baby after feeding!

Constance Richfield, PA

Great product for colicky newborn.

I started our newborn daughter with a few generic bottles for her feedings. As she started becoming gassy and colicky, we needed bottles to help with the amount of air she swallows. Saw these with a high review on Amazon and helped a lot.I gave these bottles a 5-star for quality,size, price, and use. Our daughter swallows less air and the nipple was easy for her to latch on quickly. The size is great for travel and I bought 3 more of them!I recommend this to anyone looking for quality bottles for their newborn.

Erin Sherrills Ford, NC


My baby took to this bottle quick. I had no problems whatsoever. They did last long, I already have my baby on the 9 ounce bottle… I would definitely recommend buying!

Darla Bryn Athyn, PA

Love it!!!

well let’s star saying that this bottle if my favorite, my 2 month old baby simply love it from the first moment, he was born my wife breast feed my baby but also give him some formula, the bottle is very easy to clean not to many parts to assemble and looks very nice.but have tu say that you need to make sure you put the cap very well because some times it will drip if it is no well attached, and the oder thinks is that the other thing is that the bottle wil no go empty unless you put it very vertical.

Jeanie Marion, KS

No leaks

I have started using this when my baby is turning 4 months. Previously I was using Breastflow when he was younger to be able to control the flow of fluids. But since he’s already bigger, I decided to switch mainly because of the leaks and It’s a bit of an effort to clean the parts of his old bottles.I’m glad I bought this item. I only need to clean 3 pieces per bottle. Plus NO Leaks for me. It’s also smaller and after 1 month of use, my baby is learning how to grip on it. Although this model is wider than the old one. I bought the older one also. Had 5 pieces of this and 3 of those, enough for 2 sets of cleaning per day. Plus it’s perfect for my avent sterelizer. I can fit 6 bottles with enough room for heat circulation and pacifiers.

Olivia Graham, AL


My daughter used this product 3 days after she was born and it worked like a champ, she did not have nipple confusion and would go between bottle and nipple and passy easily, I hope you are blessed with an easy child as well!

Martha Wilton, WI

Good bottle but not for what I needed

We’ve had breastfeeding issues since my baby was born 3 months ago, so I have been trying to find the "perfect" bottle for a breastfeed baby that wouldn’t spoil him with overflow or whatever else can go wrong with the wrong nipple. But to be honest I’m not entirely sure these were any different from the Tommee Tippees or the other bottles I’ve tried. I would love them if we weren’t supplementing, but I feel the Medela Calma’s are better for my baby. It makes him work for the milk like he would while breastfeeding. But every baby is different so give it a shot.

Leslie Dunlap, CA

Perfect for newborn

We love this particular style of bottle. These small 4 oz bottles are perfect for newborns. We have the larger ounce bottles as well, because our little guy is a piggy and was eating more than the small bottles hold by 2 months old!

Latisha Conda, ID

new and improved

I have used Avent bottles with all my kids and have loved them. These are not like the classic AVENT bottles. The plastic is lighter and the bottles have more of a shape. I love the classic ones but, the lighter ones are easier to grip.

Chelsea Collinsville, TX

Best bottles

These bottles are absolutely great! The nipple never collapses like similarly shaped nipples I have tried from other bottle brands. Also, it is very easy for my exclusively breast fed baby to eat from because of its similarity to the real thing. Also we haven’t ever had a problem with gas or too much air flow. Its a wonderful bottle for my little one. I only wish they made a middle size for these bottles. 4 oz is ok but 8 oz is too much. so maybe a 6 oz would be nice.

Brooke Kelley, IA

Great infant bottles

Easy to use, easy to clean. What more could you ask for? Great bottles for my newborn. I bought the 4 oz size, and my newborn eats so much that I imagine they won’t last too long – but quality is great.

Josie Natural Bridge, VA

Too fat, but good latch!

My baby naturally latches to these, I don’t have to ‘fight’ to get her to latch to it like a nipple, as the playtex nipple. However the bottle is too fat and I wouldn’t be able to stack them upon each other.

Vonda Washingtonville, OH

Exactly as prescribed

Recommended by family and friends. Best bottle around. No gas, great latching on to nipple of bottle due to nipple fit perfect and low gas

Leann Hoisington, KS