Philips AVENT BPA Free Natural Slow Flow Nipples, 2-Pack

Philips AVENT BPA Free Natural Slow Flow Nipples, 2-Pack

Philips AVENT New Natural slow-flow nipples are designed to help babies feed from both the breast and the bottle. The nipple’s wide shape is similar to the shape of a breast, and its soft, rounded nipple encourages the same peristaltic movements used to breastfeed. Twin anti-colic valves keep air in the bottle and out of babies’ tummies, making feeding and digesting more comfortable and reducing colic. The nipple is made of soft, durable silicone and has a petal design that prevents it from collapsing while your baby feeds.

Main features

  • BPA-Free and made of soft, durable, flavorless silicone
  • Wide, breast-shaped nipple promotes natural latch-on and makes it easier for baby to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Comfort petals make nipple softer and more flexible to prevent nipple collapse
  • Innovative twin valve design reduces colic and discomfort
  • Includes 2 Natural Slow Flow Nipples

Verified reviews


Very good material for mod

Sliced open the nipples to make a great pre-sippy-cup. Works great with rice cereal (less spillage/wastage). The thickness of the material is substantial enough to tamper with. It doesn’t take much to Extend Lips: steady, kit, patience, technique (a few passes with a micro-serrated pearing knife did the trick). Oh baby Will not know that nipple only works in one orientation, so if it turns sideways: Sorry! Caveat emptor!

Bobbie Scotts Mills, OR

Works Just Fine for Baby

These nipples seem to be pretty good. We started out with the size 1, then 2, now we’re on to 3. We’ll probably buy another pack just so we have plenty around. I guess these are designed to limit airflow to reduce the likelihood of colic which is good because no one wants a constantly screaming baby. Anyway, our baby has no problem with these nipples.

Kay Chimney Rock, CO

we love our avent natural bottle sets

great quality, been using them since DD was 5 weeks old when I went back to work.ordered new nipples to change the sizeeasy to clean

Gina Channahon, IL

Like it better than older style

I have the older style Avent nipples and I have to say they were shaped weird for my baby, so I was glad to find out about these. He seems to do a bit better with the new style. I don’t give him a bottle very often though, so milk/formula still leaks out the corner of his mouth while he’s eating. =P

Kari Hobbsville, NC

nice product!!!

it worked well, i used about one months and half since the newborn flow was too slow for him. i recommended for new moms.

Esther West Lafayette, OH

Good Quality

These are of really good quality, we went down the Avent route with our first child and stayed with Avent for our twins. I am happy to recommend this product and would definitely purchase again.

Angelina Warsaw, IL


These nipples work better with my baby and doesn’t get clogged like the DR Brown’s nipples. Also my baby doesn’t gag and vomit because these nipples are not as long and don’t cause the gag reflex. The problem is that these nipples along with the Phillips Avent Bottles make my baby gassy.

Mindy Duluth, MN

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Slow Flow Nipples

This nipple works very well for babies that need a slower flow of formula because of swallowing problems. Great nipple

Edwina Athol, KS

works good

Using these bottles because I didn’t want to mess with bottle liners, and baby is very pleased and satisfied with them.

Angela Eliot, ME

Firmer nipples – don’t collapse, don’t leak

With the exception of Dr. Brown’s, every other bottle nipples that I’ve tried are way too soft and they collapse. I love how these are a bit firmer – they’re just perfect for my baby! I’ve heard of people complaining that they leak but it’s never happened to me.

Terra Grady, AL

so good

a very good product with excellent quality, no complaints about that I own and I want to recommend it to other buyers without any problem, has no leaks when used with the corresponding baby bottles

Leola Aibonito, PR

The Only Nipple Our Son Uses

Our son hated bottles for a long time, but we needed to use them. Eventually, we found these and he has used them for ~8 months now. They work well and last a while.

Renae Webster, NY