Philips AVENT BPA Free Night Time Pacifier, 6-18 Months, 2 Count Pack

Philips AVENT BPA Free Night Time Pacifier, 6-18 Months, 2 Count Pack

Avent Night Time Orthodontic Pacifiers 6-18M.. With glow in the dark handles. Philips Avent. BPA free. Philips.

Main features

  • Orthodontic symmetrical collapsible nipple so right side up or upside down, philips avent pacifiers help ensure natural development of teeth and gums
  • Taste and odor-free silicone nipple makes for an easy transition between pacifier, breast and bottle
  • Includes two pacifiers, ideal age range: 6-18 months
  • WARNING: Do not tie pacifier around child’s neck as it presents a strangulation danger
  • Colors and designs may vary

Verified reviews


Not as Good as the Other Avent Pacifiers

My son really likes the Avent Pacifiers that is shaped like a sideways figure 8. Those have air flow and doesn’t squash my son’s nose. However with this one, if my son puts it in upside down, it will squish my son’s nose. I read about the length of time the glow in the dark feature lasts, and all of the reviews are correct…it doesn’t last that long. I think the sideways figure 8 Avent Pacifiers are better.

Sara Milmay, NJ

eh…you can do better

i thought these looked pretty cool when i first saw them, but once i got them i realized not only are they lame, but they are annoying as well. the only part that glows in the dark is the dinky little “handle”…on top of that, the shape of the pacifier makes it so they are only meant to go one direction, with the flat side up. this is annoying, especially fumbling around and trying to get it back in the baby’s mouth at night. get the ones that aren’t curved on the bottom so they work either direction.

Mattie Linden, CA

Love Avent pacifiers, but the night time one does not retain its glow at all

Just stick with the regulars — this night time one loses any “glow” so quickly that it’s no different than a regular one. I love the avent pacifiers otherwise.

Tasha Pleasant Lake, MI


I only bought this pacifier because it was supposed to glow in the dark and I thought it would make it easier to find it when my daughter dropped it in the middle of the night. It does glow a little, but not for long. After a few minutes in the dark the glow disappears and in the middle of the night when you most need it it is long time gone.It also has a different shape than the regular Avent. It is not symmetrical and has an up and down side. So, in addition to be as hard to find as a regular pacifier, I still have to figure out in the dark which side is up and down. Conclusion: not really good for nighttime.In a side note, Avents are good quality pacifiers and this one is not different. Better as a day pacifier though.

Geneva Gandeeville, WV

LOST its GLOW after we sterilized it!

We were thrilled to find this product and see how it worked… until we sterilized it!It lost its glow after that and became a regular pacifier.

Phyllis Sedgwick, KS

Avent pacifiers

The nighttime pacifiers don’t stay illuminated very long in the dark. After charging the glow in the dark handle it stays glowing maybe 5-10 minutes. And only the handle glows.

Faith Deer Island, OR

Doesn’t really glow

The pacifier itself is great, but it doesn’t really glow in the dark. I was hoping it would help me (and my baby) find it when he drops it in the middle of the night, but it does not glow at all.

Nadia Clarkdale, GA

Love Avent

We tried this binky at 6 months when our baby would only take wubbanubs but wouldn’t just suck to suck, and didn’t really care to have a binky in his mouth. He is breastfed and didn’t want him using me as his comfort suck like my 2nd child did since he ended up doing the same thing and we just ended up not giving him a binky.We tried every binky in the book, and this is the only binky that he absolutely loves and will take. Now he wont take the wubbanubs but that’s okay, made my own version of those with the avent binky.There is some cute designs on amazon too that you cant find in stores.

Traci Spragueville, IA


My son already has many Avent products, these were bought because of the fun design. It’s cute, fun and good quality and my son can find it in the dark without our help.

Vicky Oliveburg, PA

Boy Favs

Those are the favorites of my buy altho hes not using ’em always the way that it should be .. 😀

Esther Norco, LA

God night time pacifier with one slight flaw

These are great for they make my kid sleepThey’re specially designed to sleep to go deepJust kidding but they are really niceFor the glow in the dark part makes it worth the priceBut mind you it’s for kids starting at 6 months. The Only thing I don’t like is that there is a right side up in this one as part of he plastic is lower for the nose. If it’s upside down it might not be good for the child as it Might obstruct breathing.

Billie Elmo, TX

Glow in the dark

Whoever invented the concept of the glow in the dark pacifier deserves a prize. These are a life saver, and glow pretty well, making them relatively easy to find in the bed in the middle of the night.

Gwendolyn Vernon Center, MN

Great, comfortable and easy to find

These pacifiers are life-savers at night.The glow-in-the-dark bit does not last that long but it does last a few hours if you’ve had them in a good light beforehand – or about 30 minutes if you have just had the light on for a few minutes.That makes them excellent at night as my daughter can find them in her cot and settle herself.Also they do shine and reflect the night-light a bit better than the non-night pacifiers and so even when the glow-in-the-dark has worn off, they are still easier to find than other pacifiers.Easy to clean too – although slight con is that every few days you have to clean out around the plastic bit as dust and other gunk tends to collect there.My daughter loves them and they keep her happy – how can you get more positive feedback?!

Rochelle Gause, TX

Cute nookie for space baby!

These are our fav. We used the smaller sizes as well. The stars lured me in, the glowing handle is neat but not super useful, but we still love them.

Stephanie Sugar Grove, NC

A good purchase

I like Avent pacifiers as they come with individual covers that keep them protected from dust and other contaminants. I did not find this in any other pacifier. This is especially useful when you need to throw them into ur handbag/ diaper bag without looking. The glow portion just glows for a few hours. so I have to still feel around searching for it in the dark which is a bummer. Not sure if other pacifiers glow all night through.

Della Moultrie, GA


brilla en la oscuridad cuando mas necesitas encontrarlo, tiene un tamaño ideal y trae tapa, es perfecto para mi bebe.

Nelly Buffalo, MO

I keep coming back to these

Neither of my kids are super pacifier dependent, but I’ve used the Philips AVENT with both for a few reasons:1. There is no “right side up.” Because when that baby needs a pacifier, you aren’t taking the time to figure that out. These eliminate any screw-up.2. Handy carrying snap-on cover. I’m not into sanitizing everything every two seconds (hell, I’m not adverse to letting the dog clean the paci in a pinch), but it’s nice to pop the cover on to reduce purse lint when I take it out. I do have more cases than pacifiers now despite my best efforts, but still. Very convenient and keeps them somewhat sanitary.3. Maybe it’s just my good luck, but neither of my kids have had any problems with pacifier/breastfeeding confusion or complication, and I’ve used these exclusively. Despite being told I would ruin all chances of successful bfing if I used a paci before 4 weeks, I caved within days (it was a paci, or a permanently pruny finger), and never had any issues.4. The glow in the dark ring is cool. First, it looks cool to see your kid with what looks like a glowing nose ring. But it actually is handy to help find the darn thing in the dark when it falls behind the crib.

Therese Mt Baldy, CA

Love these paci’s

We love these paci’s! Mostly love these because they come with a cover to keep them clean in your purse or bag!! They sometimes will start getting some condensation on the inside though and that is impossible to clean and looks dirty.. I am hoping by boiling and steaming they are still clean though! The Night time ones are nice, but not worth it.. they only light up for about 5 min after the light goes out.. Still a great paci though!

John Wapanucka, OK


Nice design , great fit in the mouth, lights indeed up in the dark, has easy cap to keep clean when not in use. Delivered as promised

Nadia Sloughhouse, CA

Great Avent pacifier, horrible “glow” pacifier

I love Avent pacifiers and have used them with both of my children. I saw a friend with one & thought I definitely needed a pacifier that would glow in the dark! Very disappointed. It doesn’t glow unless left in the light and even then only glows for maybe 30 minutes. I thought that by the looks of it that at least some of the stars would glow but no, just the ring. If you just want a pacifier then buy this but if you want one that you can find in the dark, don’t expect this one to be what you’re looking for.

Jacklyn Dayton, OH

Great pacifier; helps us keep organized!

We have several of Avent’s ‘regular’ pacifiers at home, which my daughter likes and uses on a regular basis. When I purchased these, the glow-in-the-dark feature was not important to me, as I really didn’t expect the glow to last for long (c’mon folks, it’s glow-in-the-dark – the technology hasn’t improved much since 1985…haha). As other reviewers have noted, the glow really does not last too long after the lights go out.I’m sure most parents who use pacifiers for their babies would agree with me on this – we have pacifiers floating all over the house, but it seems whenever you want one, none can be found. For this reason, I did like the nighttime pattern on the pacifiers; it helps my husband and I to remember that those are the ‘bedtime binkies’ and when we find them around the house, to put them back into her bed, so we *always* have a pacifier for bedtime. Yes, the base of the pacifier is larger than Avent’s ‘regular’ design, but I find that the larger base prevents the pacifiers from falling through the slats on my daughter’s crib, which happens to the ‘regular’ design frequently. Perfect if she wakes in the night; she can find her binkie and replace it herself – which she does. I’m really pleased with these, as I have been with all Avent products I have purchased.

Elaine Fairmont, MN

very nice

the blue stars are so nice on this model; I also had the 0-6 months in yellow but this one is very boyish. Good quality as always with Avent products.

Briana Alpena, SD

Bedtime pacifiers? More like all day pacis

My daughter loves these pacifiers. We’ve tried Nuks, Soothies, Gumdrops, but these are the only pacis she doesn’t spit out or lose. We received a pack of them as a gift and we bought 2 more after. The glow definitely doesn’t last, but I wasn’t expecting it to. The design is very cute too. Overall, very happy with these.

Yolanda Eielson Afb, AK

My baby’s favorite pacifier and it glows in the dark

My baby definitely prefers the Avent pacifiers. We like these because they are so much easier to find at night in a dark room. I just wish the glow lasted a bit longer.

Bettye Pine Top, KY

Wish there was “cutout” for nose on both top and bottom.

Our twins love these pacifiers. The “handle” is the part that glows in the dark (not the whole pacifier). This feature makes it easy to find the pacifier if it falls out within the first hour of putting the babies to bed. My only complaint about the pacifiers is that there’s a nose cutout only on “the top”, but the babies are old enough to put the pacifiers in and take them out on their own, and the babies don’t know there’s a “right way”…. so the pacifiers end up “upside-down” about half the time and slightly poking them in the nose.Other than that- the pacifiers are great. We boil them on occasion to sterilize.

Delia Kingstree, SC