Philips AVENT BPA Free Nighttime Infant Pacifier, 0-6 Months, Colors May Vary, 2-Count

Philips AVENT BPA Free Nighttime Infant Pacifier, 0-6 Months, Colors May Vary, 2-Count

With glow in the dark handles for nighttime soothing and comforting, Philips AVENT orthodontic pacifiers ensure natural development of teeth and gums. Philips AVENT pacifiers are available in a variety of sizes, stylish colors and designs and are BPA free. Colors vary; you will receive 1 of the following colors: white and yellow or white and blue.

Main features

  • Orthodontic symmetrical collapsible nipple so right side up or upside down, Philips advent pacifiers help ensure natural development of teeth and gums, Taste and odor-free silicone nipple makes for an easy transition between pacifier, breast and bottle, Includes two pacifiers, ideal age range: 0-6 months, WARNING: Do not tie pacifier around child’s neck as it presents a strangulation danger, Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors: white/yellow or white/blue

Verified reviews


I like them so far but baby not here to use them

They look good but my baby is not here to try them yet! Good solid looks. nice nipple. nice glow handle

Esperanza Mc Kenzie, AL

They don’t stay in the babies mouth…

My child is both breastfed and bottle-fed. And while I get that every baby is different, these pacifiers are poorly designed. They slide out of my child’s mouth way too easily. They need to be curved to stay in. When breastfeeding the nipple is supposed to touch the roof of the baby’s mouth; these pacifiers just go straight back, hence the reason they fall out constantly. Don’t waste your money.

Josie Warden, WA

Love these!

The handle glows in the dark which makes it easy to find for 20 minutes after lights out. When the fall they almost always land on the back side.

Vicki River Pines, CA

My baby don’t sleep without

Is really good for the first months very usable when you need pacify your baby on night or day. very recommended

Diane Underwood, WA

Latching onto this Pacifier seems to help Daughter to Sleep

At 6 weeks old my daughter demanded cuddling throughout the day. I was determined not to use a pacifier until at least 8 weeks (being scared of the confusion). I gave in & tried this with my daughter. Initially she refused to take this pacifier.Now she will occasionally take this pacifier. I have found that when she is extremely fussy she will latch onto it for a minute or two, spit it out, & go to sleep. The soothing latching that she has with this in her mouth seems to allow her to give in & go to sleep. That alone makes me love these pacifiers. We have not noticed the slightest bit of confusion, though we use this pacifier very intermittently.This pacifier is small & easy to stash in a diaper bag. The Soothie & Gum Drop pacifiers are much bigger! We usually leave one right in the seat of the carseat & the swing. The small handle is nice if you want to attach it to a ribbon & clip it onto your baby’s clothes. We feel confident in these pacifiers because they are BPA free.We are fiercely determined not to use this pacifier at night, so I cannot comment on the benefits of the “glow-in-the-dark” feature.We alternate between these & the Soothie pacifier, though we usually have more success with these pacifiers.

Dee Kenyon, RI

These were the only pacifiers my baby would take

I tried three other types of pacifiers and these were the only ones that my baby would take. I also like how these come with tops so that I can keep the nipple of the pacifier covered when not in use.

Brigitte Wolsey, SD


i love these! im so glad i got the blue ones too. it said color may vary and i was worried i would end up with a girl color. i have other pacifiers i received as gifts but so far i think these are the best. its so cool they glow in the dark.

Georgia Chino Valley, AZ

My baby’s favorite pacifiers

I have a few pairs of these and they work great. I don’t just use them for nighttime… I use them all day long. The good thing is that avent pacifiers can be found anywhere… so just in case you lose it you can pick up another quickly.The only thing I didn’t care for is that you have no control on what color is sent to you. The description states clearly that colors are random packaged. Luckily for me I received the blue set for my son.

Jeanie Greer, SC


they glow in the dark and are pacifiers what more is there to say? they come with plastic covers which are nice for traveling or tossing into a diaper bag/ purse

Gretchen Armstrong, IL

avent pacifier is my go to ones for now

i’ve tried tommee tippee, mam, and avent pacifiers with my son. tommee tippee pacifiers are a bit too thin, not substantial enough so my son spit it out almost right away. mam ones are better, my son likes the 0+ months ok but wouldn’t take the 2+ months. however, there’s no ring on the mam ones and so it’s hard to hold on to it (when you have a crying baby on your arm, or when you are extremely sleepy and you have to grab the pacifier to the sink for a wash and shake the excess water out)my son took avent pacifiers (both the night time and freeflow ones) since he’s 1 week old. what i like about it is every pacifier has a cover attached to the pacifier. so it’s not like i need a container by the bed to hold a few of them so they don’t get dirty. you could also throw these directly into the diaper bag as well. however, i do have to say, i still keep them in a ziploc bag before i put them into my diaper bag, so it’s easier to find.also, the ring on the pacifier makes it so much easier to hold. my son like to spit out his paci after he fall asleep. the ring makes it easier to retrieve when it’s buried near his body. it’s also easy to hold onto the paci when i have tons of other stuff in my hand, i just put it on my pinky. another thing i like about it is when it drops to the floor, i go to the sink and wash it up, then shake out the excess water on it before putting it back into my son’s mouth. having the ring is so much easier since it wouldn’t come out of my hand (believe me it’s happened to me numerous times with the other brands). also, i sterilized them by boiling them, having the ring make it so much easier to retrieve as well, i just put a chopstick into the ring to fish it out.the only reason why i took off 1 star was these nighttime pacifiers were suppose to have glow in the dark rings. when you put it under the light during the day, it’ll make it glow when it’s dark. but it’s only a very faint glow, or not really glowing at all, which makes finding them in the crib at night hard!!

Bette Mapleville, RI


After trying many different pacifiers this is one that we use the most. I like that it glows at night so when we drop it its that much easier to find.

Cynthia Bloomfield, NM

great product

Likes it

Florine Lostant, IL

There can be only one

Both of my kids love these pacifiers and refused all other types. They are durable and hold up in the dishwasher. The glow in the dark handle is surprisingly helpful at night. One caution, make sure you buy the right age size, the 6-18mo size is considerably larger and my boys refused the larger size even when they were much older.

Lindsey Sandusky, MI

Our 13-day-old boy’s faves

These are the ones that our boy likes the best. I bought a few different kinds so that he would be accustomed to accepting different nipples and less likely to fight the bottles when I go back to work. (Someone I know refused to allow anything but breastfeedings to go in her kid’s head and when it was time for her to work, the kid had to be brought to her for every feeding until he could drink from a cup–no kidding! It was a nightmare for her family.)

Ethel Veradale, WA

Like it but the baby doesn’t

I like these, however the baby doesn’t. The build quality is super great, however our baby girl doesn’t like it. The plastic surround doesn’t form to her face like the MAM’s do. One other nit point is the sterilization box that they came in (at least we thought it was a sterilization box) didn’t make it through one time in our Philips AVENT steamer/sanitizer. The box the MAM’s come in holds up to the sanitizer and is also good in the microwave. All that said, each AVENT pacifier comes with individual caps and they make it through a microwave session.

Bernadine New Johnsonville, TN


Baby loves the pacifier and does not reject it at all. Seems to fit beautiful face perfectly great company and good choice in pacifiers

Helen Wasco, CA

great pacifiers that glows in the dark

great pacifiers and these do glow in the dark for a period of time, which made them easier to find.

Brooke Beryl, UT


Super cute! However, I thought I would be getting yellow and they sent me blue but I dont care becuase the blue ones are just as cute!

Lucille Rye, NY

No go for baby

The shape did not work for my baby at all. He much prefers the gumdrop pacifiers. We completely gave up on these after a couple of days. We did wash them in the dishwasher and they came out just fine, so that was a plus as far as cleaning goes.

Melba Amistad, NM


The pacifiers themselves are great. But the ‘colors may vary’ concept caused us to end up with a girls set rather than a boy’s set. But other than that these are great. 🙂

Geraldine Flagler Beach, FL

Baby’s favorites 3-6 months

I also like these as they are easy to find in the crib in the middle of the night because they glow in the dark.These hold up well to daily use and being put into the microwave sanitizer.These have become baby girls favorite. Pricing was fair.

Latoya Shrewsbury, PA

Good product

Like most of avent products, these ones do the work well. No complaints.would be better if you can choose colors, design, but not a big deal

Sasha Henderson, AR

Cute pacifier, baby likes it most of the time

I bought these for my 2 month old. He like them most of the time although sometimes he prefers a differently shaped pacifier (guess he like variety). I like that the handles glow in the dark, that has been helpful. They seem to be holding up well also as I sterilize them daily.

Florence Augusta, AR

Love it

we just got these pacifiers for my son and he loves it! And the kid in me loves the glow in the dark handle. Not really useful as it only glows for a few minutes but its still cool!

Candace Corte Madera, CA

The only ones he’ll use…

A friend let us try out one of these pacifiers after we stocked up on the "soothies," which he refused to use. He likes these and still uses the same style at 1 year (we didn’t buy the older type). He only uses them for sleep. The glow-in-the-dark feature is nice but doesn’t last the night.

May Agra, KS


they have a nice design, with glow in the dark features. I love that they have a nipple protection so when you keep it in your bag it does not get dirty.

Jill New York, NY

Baby loves them

The thing is, luckily our baby is not into pacifiers. He likes them only for a bit and these do the job.

Greta Van Voorhis, PA

Baby loves it!

I am breastfeeding and give this to my two week old. He had jaundice and had one in the hospital and he really liked it, so I went for it. He settles right down with this and has had no confusion; he latches on fine. He gets fussy at night, and I’ve seen him push this back into his mouth when it starts to fall out. I was skeptical of pacifiers, but he is really comforted by these.

Geraldine Lake Cicott, IN


Bought these as a gift for a new mom and didn’t even realize that the handles glow in the dark.I have a 6 month old and might just order a few of these for myself. SO handy at night!

Kris Hutchinson, PA

Nice pacifiers

My daughter requested these for her new baby. They seem to be good quality and are very cute. Nice product.

Eugenia Alloy, WV