Philips AVENT BPA Free Nipple Protector, Standard

Philips AVENT BPA Free Nipple Protector, Standard

The Philips Avent Nipple Protectors protect sore or cracked nipples and minimize pain during breast feeding.

Main features

  • Includes 2 nipple protectors
  • Made of soft, odorless, taste-free silicone
  • Bpa-free
  • Available in 2 sizes: small (15mm) and Standard (21mm)

Verified reviews


Good idea, hard to use

Nipple shields in general are hard to use, but these were nearly impossible. It’s a great idea to have so much open space to allow for more mouth to skin contact from the baby, but I just couldn’t get them to stay on because there was so little area around the shield. If you’re a pro at using shields, then these are probably great. I just couldn’t get the hang of them.

Eva Hartville, WY

Helpful when needed

These nipple shields were the best ones that I tried. I like that they aren’t a full circle so the baby’s nose wasn’t being covered with plastic when he was feeding. It was really nice to have at the beginning but once we were able to feed without it I was definitely glad to get rid of it! 🙂 The one downside was that my little one would grab hold and pull it off and get milk everywhere. However, I think that would be any nipple shield. Definitely would recommend if you are in need of some additional assistance with latching.

Francesca Kittanning, PA

These work okay

I bought these because I wanted very badly to breastfeed my daughter but we were having latch-on problems. I was told that nipple shields could be helpful for this.I went with the Avent because overall, I am super impressed with their products. I only use their bottles and pacifiers and have been a happy customer in the past.I don’t really recommend these specific nipple shields. I can’t get them to stay in place and they are really akward. My daughter dislikes using them and I can’t get her to nurse with these.If you are in the market for a nipple shield, go with the Medela brand ones. Those are much easier to use and less akward for baby.

Simone Acme, MI

Not like the other Avent Products

I used these temporarily since initially my nipples were cracked and bleeding. My husband had gotten me NUK-barely there at Walmart. I ordered these (since I had their pump and loved it) and another brand through Amazon to see if they were better, and they both failed miserably. My daughter latched on without problems with the NUK-barely there, but she hated these. I believe since they were thicker and bulkier she disliked them. After trying to use them multiple times, I gave up and ordered extra NUK-barely there nipple shields. Don’t waste your money on these.

Kaitlin Wind Ridge, PA

They work but not my favorite

I had to use shields due to inverted nipples… may baby could not latch on without them. I started using the medela shields but wanted to buy a few more to have on hand and these were cheaper. The material is thicker and less pliable than the medela shields. They work okay but I don’t care for the thickness. I also had them leak while nursing. The nipple size is also fairly large. For me, I like the option to order a different size. The 20mm works better for me than the 24mm and the Avent doesn’t have size options. So over all the product works and the price is nice but I found the Medela Contact Nipple Shield a better option for myself.

Leeann Berea, WV

Life savers!

These shields are amazing! I’ve used them to breastfeed my DD since she was born (now 2 months old) – BF without them is incredibly painful for me, even with a very good latch. My baby has a super powerful suck and also tends to bite down as she falls asleep while nursing (as she often did in the first weeks) and without the shield, i’d get painful damage. Wearing the shields has made the experience bearable. They are super easy to use and wash and sterilize quickly and easily.

Brooke Meta, MO

Best Nipple Shields

These were my favorite nipple shields by far! I tried the Medela brand prior and always had trouble with it staying in place. The Avent nipple shields allow more of your skin to touch baby and they are soooo much more afordable which enabled me to purchase more so that I had a few to get me through night time feedings. Also very durable and didn’t seem to get as flimsy as the Medela with repeated washing & sterilizing.

Deann South Woodstock, VT

Works as expected

Great price for 2 of these shields… I have been using shields since day 1 with my daughter so I am quite experienced. I have no trouble using them, and actually like the thickness of them as I wear them daily. Daughter has no issues with the shield either. Overall great price for 2 shields!

Charlotte Gilmanton, NH

The only ones I use

After 6 weeks of plugged ducts, engorged breasts, and painfully raw nipples, these were the only shields that offered some sort of reprieve. I tried 4 different brands and these were by far my favorite. They had a nice stiff nipple so that you could get really good suction (no worrying that they were going to get sucked into the baby’s mouth) and the shape allowed for the most skin to skin contact. Overall, a wonderful purchase!

Deana Britton, MI


I was struggling immensely with the pain of breastfeeding. So much so that I would sob every time our little girl latched and fed. It was horrible for our experience and for my husband to sit by and watch. Using a nipples shield changed everything! Our baby is now ten weeks old and I still use the sheild and experience no pain. I will continue to use it the entire time I feed her. I feel like she is able to get more milk with it and that her and I are able to bond and enjoy the experience of breastfeeding more. I use Lansinoh and The First Years lanolin free nipple butter after every feeding as well. The combination of everything kept me from giving up on breastfeeding and/or suffering through the pain. Added bonus, baby took a bottle instantly. I believe this was in part due to the similarity between sucking on the shield and a bottle nipple.

Elinor Polk City, FL

Very useful

A lot of lacting consultants hold off on recommending to use this products. I think it is a must after a couple of days or the second day of having the baby. Prevent before being sorry. This product was very helpful until I created resistance.

Kimberley Wantagh, NY

Like these better than medela!

These are abit thicker than the medela ones they gave me in the hospital but me and my baby seemed to like them better. Great for latching problems!!

Jessica Kootenai, ID

to big for baby

For my last child I had to use nipple shields for a while and they worked fine. I don’t know if my experience is unique- but I just ordered these with my second child and they were far to big for her- they made her gag. Could not continue use of product.

Kimberlee Pinckard, AL

Good but not the same size as others

I got these thinking they were the same size as other brands size small.. Boy was I wrong they are smaller than extra small sizes in other brands.. So buyer bewear! But they are good shelds, they work good and stay in place.

Virginia Lind, WA

Not works!

My nipples are difficult to be latched for my baby. And I feel very pain when I feed her everytime. I really hope this one can solve my problem but it disappoint me. It is hard to stick tightly on the breast, when my baby latched rubber nipples, it will become warped up on both sides, then it sticked on my baby’s cheeks, it’s so funny. The other important thing is it smells not good after I sterilize it even thought the ads said it odorless. I only tried once and will not use it again.

Bessie Vernonia, OR

Really big holes!

These are ok and worked great for me but be advised, if you don’t have inverted or flat nipples and are using them solely for cracked and bleeding nipples, the baby could suck the ends of your nipples through the holes. It also leaves the baby choking on milk from too fast a flow.

Cathy Moorefield, KY

Compared to Medela and Tommee Tippee Nipple Shields…

I couldn’t find any comparative reviews on different brands of nipple shields when I was trying to decide which one to purchase. I ended up buying the Medela Nipple Shield (20mm), the Philips Avent Nipple Protector and the Tommee Tippee Nipple Shield. Here are my reviews and pictures of the 3 different brand:Medela Contact Nipple Shield (20mm)This is the brand recommended by my lactation consultant. It’s made of the thinnest silicone of the 3 brands and “sticks” the best. The height of the nipple part is a little too high for me and baby often makes a choking sound when trying to latch in the beginning. I LOVE how the Medela brand makes these in two sizes: 20mm and 24mm. It comes with just one shield, which makes it the most expensive of the 3.Philips Avent Standard Nipple ProtectorI purchased this based on looking at the product pictures, hoping that it would not be as high. Unfortunately, it is just as high as the Medela Nipple Shield, but also wider and thicker, making it difficult to stay in place and get baby to latch. Comes with 2 shields.Tommee Tippee Nipple ShieldThis nipple height was the least of the three brands. In theory, the extra cut outs along the side of the nipple part is supposed to promote more skin to skin contact, but as another reviewer stated, all it did was making my nipples sore because it would get sucked through the holes. Comes with 2 shieldsTake a look at the pictures to see the differences side by side. I hope this is helpful to those in search of nipple shields.

Trudy Roanoke, VA

a waste

Not all nipple shields are created equal… these don’t stay on very well, they are thick (not nipple like) and large. Just fork up the money for a Medela shield…

Trina Shanks, WV

Too thick

The silicone was too thick for this, hard to keep it on. Might be handy if your kid is a super biter and otherwise doesn’t have any feeding issues.

Millicent Adams, TN

Not so great

These are alright. I’m still using them and they saved me a lot of pain. I like that the baby can touch skin with her nose. At the hospital, I was given shields that cover the entire nipple and I wasn’t a fan. Though, they don’t stay put and I need to readjust them many times during each feeding.

Chrystal Herron, MI

Perfect for their purpose

These shields are durable, easy to clean, handy to take along when out and about, and very easy to use. Our son was born a bit on the small side and I’m very large-chested so a shield was a necessity. At two months in we are still using it until he grows a little bit more. The shields we received from the hospital had a round plastic base that would NOT stay stuck on, would leak milk, and was hard to keep off our son’s nose. These, on the other hand are easy to use with one hand, keeps the plastic off his nose, and stays in place better without leaking. Plus, because they’re not very expensive, we have tons of them so we have a couple for the diaper bag, a couple for the downstairs nursing station, and a couple for the nursery, plus if we accidentally leave one at the pediatrician or something, it’s not a tragedy.

Cherry Fowler, IN

One Star

Horrible! Too deep..

Kay Lockhart, AL

Not quite as good as the medela nipple protectors

Good quality, nice soft plastic. I had trouble with the sides flipping up onto my little boys cheek. Not the biggest problem ever, but it was distracting to him. I think the medela shields are worth the few dollars more.

Anna Massey, MD

Good purchase for new mom

These are great for when you first start nursing and your nipples are sore. However, I found the nipple part to be pretty big for my newborn, reaching all the way to the back of his throat. It was pretty awkward for him, but he still managed to nurse and I didn’t feel any pain! I only needed these for a day to heal enough, but they were worth it.

Marguerite Lancaster, TN

Three Stars

thicker and make it harder to wean off of for baby.

Freda Goshen, MA

Does the job

This and the Medela shields are must haves for some nursing mothers. You gotta love the BPA free material. I would give it five stars but sometimes it doesn’t stay on the nipple well.

Hazel Moran, TX


It is small.May be I don’t use it. Don’t know whether to use. But feel like the quality of this brand is good

Monique Amity, OR