Philips AVENT BPA Free Standard Breast Pump Conversion Kit

Philips AVENT BPA Free Standard Breast Pump Conversion Kit

Philips Avent converters allow you to express directly into Avent Bottles or via cups. Insert a sealing disc or screw on lid to store breast milk in the fridge or freezer. Simply replace sealing disc or lid with an Avent Teat for feeding – no need to transfer milk. This conversion kit works with most manual and single or double electric pumps on the market.

Main features

  • Works with avent reusable storage
  • Easily adapts breast pumps to fit avent system
  • Dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


One side fits Medela; Other does NOT fit Born Free

I really, really needed this conversion kit to work so that I can cut down on the amount of hand washing I do each day. After reading other reviewers comment they used it with their Medela pumps, I was hopeful. Sadly, while this kit DOES in fact work on one end with the Medela pumping parts, it does NOT work on the other end with my Born Free glass bottles. While the width seems like it would work with the wide-mouth glass bottles, the parts are simply not threaded the same.

Brandi Bath, ME

fits medela pump, make sure to use the inner ring!

it does the job that i wanted it to do…which is to fit a medela pump and pump directly into an avent bottle. however, i noticed that milk leaks to the outside of the bottle while pumping. this has happened quite a few times, which is very disappointing. i finally figured out that you need to use the inner rubber ring with the converter. in retrospect, i missed something that was pretty obvious, but i wish there were some instructions that specified this.

Bernadine Ouaquaga, NY

Doesn’t fit The First Years Breastflow Bottles

I’m sure the product is fine, however, it doesn’t fit The First Years Breastflow bottles as I had hoped. Hopefully I can help out another mom by posting this review. I couldn’t find any information anywhere about whether it would fit the breastflow bottles, so I went ahead and ordered this. It turns out they do not fit. Not even close.

Augusta Elliott, IA

Works ok, if you can keep them from leaking. Also don’t need both kinds.

I only use the smaller adapters that come in this set. So I don’t think it’s necesary to send both. We should be able to buy just the ones we need.Also, when I first started using these, the milk would flow out between the adapter and the bottle, since it has threads that don’t go all the way around, causing it to leak down the side of the bottle. It would be better if avent just made the threads go all the way around… But I did figure out how to keep it from happening, and haven’t had any problems since. The key is to aim the valve on the inside properly. I use medela parts, so for my equipment I’m referring the little yellow valve piece with the white silicone flapper… I aim the white flapper so that it lines up and directly faces one of the four sets of threads. If the flapper is aimed anywhere in between those threads, then it can get up inbetween and escape out. If it sprays out the flapper up against the threads, however, then it is forced down into the bottle.I hope I described this well enough… It’s hard without a picture :/

Wendy Hazen, AR


You would figure that using this kit is a no brainer, screw it in and pump right? There are no instructions that come with the set. Although I guess common sense should have told me to use the ring with the system, I didn’t. The first time I pumped the bottle leaked on me. So I learned… use the ring! I am not lowering my rating based on this since it is my error for not using the ring.I also have found that I can pump directly into different brands of storage bags using this connector when I used my Medela pump with the very old Avent Naturally drop-in liner bottles (no longer sold but I occasionally see it on ebay). The drop-in liner bottles I have were given to me by someone who bought them ten years ago. These are the drop in bottles that came before the Avent Tempo Drop in bottles. I do not know if you could pump directly into the Avent Tempo with any type bags as I have not tried it. But with the original Avent Naturally drop in bottles, I can insert any brand storage bag with the zipper below the screw in part, attach the pump connector to secure the bag, and pump directly into a storage bag. This way I don’t have to transfer from bottle to bag.Based on the product pictures and product description, I could not figure out a couple things:1. How many conversion connectors came with this set?This package comes with four connectors, 2 for the regular Avent bottles and 2 to fit the VIA storage system.2. Which pumps does the conversion kit work with? (these are the pumps as listed on the box)Medela pumpsEvenflo Comfort SelectAmeda Purely YoursLansinoh Double ElectricPlaytex EmbraceDr. Brown’s Natural Flow Electric/ManualUPDATE: 01 April 2012I have been using the adapters for a couple weeks now and have had no leaks when using the ring. In the mornings I will pump directly into the avent bottles withPhilips AVENT BPA-Free Classic Bottle Sealing Discsin place to store in the fridge. That way, my mom can just attach the nipple to the bottles. No more transferring from the Medela bottles (with the awful nipples that collapse due to the vacuum created when the baby drinks).As for pumping directly into storage bags, I have used the Nuk, Medela, and Lansinoh bags with the Avent drop-in bottles and find that the Lasinoh bags work the best with this system. I am ordering other types of bags to try… but so far Lasinoh bags work the best. If anyone is interested, I can post a picture of the adapters connected to the drop in bottles with the storage bags.

Caryn Rich Hill, MO

very useful!

I use this to pump with myPump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Backpackand pump directly into my AVENT bottles. So glad I got this because I was sick of pumping into the medela bottles came with my pump & then transferring the milk into the AVENT bottles so giving me extra bottles to wash all the time! Just make sure you still use the ring to seal the converter to your bottle or you will spill your milk everywhere! I learned that the hard way!

Earnestine Henryton, MD

Answer to my prayers

I hated switching from a standard bottle to the avent bottle and now I can just pop an avent bottle on my original pump. I am going to clear out all of my “normal” bottles and only have the avent bottles in the house. This is going to clear up so much space.

James Long Green, MD

never ended up using….

Seemed like a great kit, but unfortunately, we never ended up using it bc our daughter would ONLY take playtex drop-ins bottles. So all of our avent bottles got packed up and put away for the next kiddo… hopefully we will be able to use this kit then!

Lola Catawissa, MO


Honestly, I love my AVENT bottles, however I DID NOT LOVE MY AVENT PUMP! After returning my AVENT pump and realizing that I would have to go with a different brand I immediately bought these. I rented the Medela hospital pump and these worked perfectly. Much better than having to buy additional bottles just for pumping. I only used these with the hospital pump so I don’t know how well they work with other brands. These are also dishwasher safe, which I completely appreciate. When I bought these, it came with four (4) "rings" – 2 for regular AVENT bottles and 2 (I think) for the wide, breast milk storage bottles. As other reviews have mentioned, there was no instruction manual, but really you just screw on the top of the AVENT bottle and screw into the bottom of the pump system – very easy. I would completely recommend these if you plan on using AVENT bottles without the AVENT pump.

Teresa Ola, ID

Sealing discs are helpful

Be sure to use the sealing discs between this and the bottle or milk will get everywhere!

Millicent Point, TX


These converters worked perfectly with my Medela Swing Breast Pump and my Medela Pump in Style. I loved not having to transfer milk from one bottle to another.

Carmela Points, WV

fits medela pumps & avent bottles

The kit came with two sets of adapters to connect directly from the Medela pump to most bottles, the one pair fits Avent (old & new style Natural) bottles perfectly. So much more convenient to pump directly into normal 4/9oz bottles!

Leta Woodside, DE

Works great!

Now I can pump right into my bottles with my Medela pump. You do need the adapter rings that come with the bottles though. Wish I would have realized that the first time because I leaked. But with the rings, they work perfectly.

Lizzie Tampa, FL

Huge Timesaver! You get two sets!

One thing to point out in particular, you get two sets. There is no need to purchase two if you double pump. I made that mistake. I have used these many times and I have not any leaking problems. Although, I did listen to other reviews and I do use the blue sealing disk when using the avent bottles that require them. The plastic is heavy duty and prevent from having to purchase the bottles that go with your machine specifically which can be expensive. They have saved me a lot if time too. Previously, I would pump into medela bottles, then pour into avent to feed. Now I have one less bottle to wash every time I pump. Huge Timesaver. I would definitely buy again.

Lavonne Ramsay, MI


I love this product! It really cuts down on the amount of time it takes to make my baby’s bottles now because I can pump directly into her bottles. It also cuts down on the wasted breast milk since I pump right into what she feeds from. I use this with the Medela Pump In Style Advance. Make sure when you buy this product it comes with two of each of the adapter rings. The old conversion set only came with one of each since ring. This has two for the bottles and two for the Via nursers. Love it!

Anna Wentworth, SD

Just what I neeeded.

I use these with my Medela pump. We love Avent bottles. I didn’t want to buy Medela nipples and rings. Now I pump right into bottle and don’t use bags. So much easier!

Goldie Worthville, KY

Does not work with Playtex bottles

I was so hoping this would work with the drop ins bottles so I could pump right into the drop ins, but no. It was a waste of money for me but I’m sure a dandy product.

Beatriz Shamokin, PA

works with my medela

i use this with my medela to pump directly into the avent bottles. as another reviewer has mentioned, the nipples on the medela bottle tend to collapse. i definitely recommend getting some extraPhilips AVENT Adaptor Bottle Rings(to prevents leaks) – they’re small and easy to lose.

Shelly Darlington, PA

Does Exactly What It Is Supposd To Do

I bought these so that I can attach my Avent bottles directly to my Medela breast pump. It connects perfectly and makes it easy for me to pump direct into the bottle rather than having to transfer the milk from container to container and risk contaminating it. I also like that it came with adaptors for the Avent Via breastmilk storage containers as I use those as well.

Arlene Cleveland, ND

It’s okay.

It is great for pumping with my medela pump, but I lost a lot of breast milk by capping it and transporting. Just don’t transport with it attached.

Rosie Wellman, IA

Excellent purchase

Glad I got this, made it possible to pump directly into my Avent bottles rather than the smaller ones that came with the pump.

Pauline Green Creek, NJ

easy to use, work well

I didn’t use these for long, as I switched from Avent to Tommee Tippee due to baby having problems with fussiness due to gas. The products work as described with no leaking and attach easily to my Medela pump. Love that you can buy the Avent in a two pack for your double pump. I had to buy the Tommee Tippee converters individually.

Maggie Bogard, MO


This products comes with 2 different conversion rings (2 of each). I have been using one of the two types of conversion cap for my Medela pump and Avent glass bottle and it fits well. I am knocking off 2 stars because milk leaks out if the bottle is tipped. Also wish that the 2 different rings were sold separately, I have no use for the other type.

Suzanne Hockingport, OH

Great Accessory!

This is an excellent accessory to get along with any Avent breast pump and/or Avent bottles. You don’t have to worry about transferring milk and risk spilling it. These seal well. Save time and trouble!

Harriett Rochester, MA

Allows to pump into large Avent bottles

This conversion kit allows me to pump into the large 9 oz Avent bottles, which is very helpful as the Medela bottles only allow up to 6 oz.

Alyssa Big Lake, MN

Works fine with Medela pump/

I used these to pump into Avent bottles with my Medela pump. I use the "smaller" sized adapter. I’ve used it with the Medela personal double electric and the manual Harmony. I haven’t had any issues with leaking. We ended up not using Avent bottles, but I still use these with an Avent bottle set to pump and transport milk between work and home.

Luella Paicines, CA

Perfect Fit

Bought these because we were using a Medela pump and Philips bottles. Of course the breast pump and bottle industry can’t make it easy for everything to work together. These adapters fit great onto the pump and the Philips bottles. Don’t feel forced to buy all new bottles or a brand new pump just to make your system work!

Ruby Pewaukee, WI

Cuts your dishes in half

Wow! I can’t believe it took me 2 months to find there but I’m so glad that I did. I am an exclusive pumper so my breast pump and I have become best friends since the birth of my son. I used to pump into the Medela bottles that came with my pump then dump into my Avent bottles. However my son takes 6 oz bottles and sometimes each one of my breasts will produce up to 10 oz. So before these converters I had to stop pumping, dump out, blah blah blah it took forever and I always spilled at least a little bit and it interrupted my flow of milk. Now that I can pump directly into the bottles I am getting significantly more milk in less time. Also I have a ton less dishes to was and store since I have eliminated the Medela storage bottles. These are a must buy!

Annmarie Mc Elhattan, PA


These worked with the Medela Breast Pump. Two different sizes comes in the box. One size did work with the Natural Flow bottles.

Kirsten Leon Junction, TX


Okay, so you’re probably wondering why I’m so excited about a simple product like this, huh? The answer is simple – this is a great, almost mandatory, accessory for breast pumping. Our children are and have always been fed with exclusively breast milk. During those feedings when my wife can’t feed them directly, she pumps and we feed them refrigerated (or frozen) milk. The little 4-oz bottles that originally came with the pump worked great at first – but our twins are growing fast, and now regularly eat more than 4 ounces per feeding.That left us with two options: my wife could start taking a large cooler with her so that she could pump into more than one bottle per side each session (which would be a long, inconvenient, and somewhat messy process to change bottles mid-pumping) or to pump into larger bottles. Using these adapters, she can pump right into the bottles that we use for feeding – saving transfer steps in many cases, and the size of the container can grow with our kids. We think these are great – and would be a great value at several times the price!

Sofia Lincoln, ME