Philips AVENT BPA Free Toddler Weaning Spoons, 6+ Months

Philips AVENT BPA Free Toddler Weaning Spoons, 6+ Months

The new Philips AVENT Toddler Mealtime range is designed to “encourage eating through fun learning.” With help from child specialists, Philips AVENT developed fun graphics to engage toddlers at mealtime. The graphics feature a range of characters that help teach children through storytelling based around nutrition.

Main features

  • Microwavable
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip handles are easy grip and rest on bowl without sliding
  • Soft tip is gentle on baby’s gums

Verified reviews


Works for me and my baby

I like the long handle and the fact that it is made out of safe plastic for baby. Works for my baby’s first time eating cereal!

Claudette Otis, OR

not so stable

the spoon is designed with some ergo in mind but that leaves the spoon unstable when left in the bowl. Otherwise, its ok as a spoon. Spoon head shape is perfect size for the little one.We got this based on brand, thinking we can trust Philips AVENT but spilling food is frustrating so the search will continue.

Stella Saranac, NY

Great first spoon

I really love these spoons for a first spoon for baby. It’s just the right size and shape for baby’s little mouth. Plus, the bunny is pretty cute. 🙂

Jaime Russellville, MO

LOVE these spoons.

First off, the spoons are in a 2 pack. It took some research to see if I was going to be surprised with getting only one spoon, or 2, or ???– and indeed, they arrived quickly in a 2 pack. The quality is good, and the spoon is balanced nicely for your hand, which I think is important since feedings can take a while for a baby new to solids, which mine is. The baby seems to like the very subtle/slight grained texture on the part that goes in his mouth (like raking those new & sprouting teeth against), and the opening/shape has met the least resistance out of a few spoons we’ve tried that were hand-me-downs from his older sister. They do nicely in the dishwasher, though most of the time I hand wash as I only use these 2 spoons to feed him. I will purchase more at least as gifts for friends. Great buy.

Judi Youngsville, LA

Good spoons for when they’re little

We bought the whole set of feeding utensils and plates and bowls from Avent. These spoons are nice for when babies are smaller and don’t take big spoonfuls. Now that my son is 10 1/2 months old these spoons don’t scoop as much as he’d like. Definitely time to upgrade to a bigger spoon!

Mallory Desdemona, TX

love baby spoon

It is good size and soft spoon.It is a perfect spoon to take food to baby mouth and safe for dishwasher.

Madeline Baskett, KY