Philips AVENT BPA Free Translucent Pacifier, 6-18 Months, 2-Pack, Colors May Vary

Philips AVENT BPA Free Translucent Pacifier, 6-18 Months, 2-Pack, Colors May Vary

Avent Classic Avent Orthodontic Pacifiers 6-18m. Philips Orthodontic for maximum comfort. BPA free.

Main features

  • Orthodontic symmetrical collapsible nipple so right side up or upside down, philips avent pacifiers help ensure natural development of teeth and gums
  • Taste and odor-free silicone nipple makes for an easy transition between pacifier, breast and bottle
  • Includes two pacifiers, ideal age range: 6-18 months
  • WARNING: Do not tie pacifier around child’s neck as it presents a strangulation danger
  • Colors may vary, you will receive one of the following colors: pink, blue or clear

Verified reviews


Baby spits it out but it has a cap

I have very mixed feeling about this pacifier. On one hand, it has a cap, which is so convenient that words can’t describe it, on another hand, my baby does not hold it in her month for too long ad spits it out due to its shape I believe. Also, the fact that it is clear doesn’t help in locating it, the bigger sizes offer options with a colored center, so that gets better, but the shape doesn’t. I tried born free pacifiers, and those worked like a charm with my baby, who always takes them and does not spit them out. However, they do not have the caps, which is somewhat inconvenient, but worth it in the end for me.

Shelley Burnham, PA

Hits his nose

These are great because they have a cap. However if your child has a small face then beware that they will hit his nose – this isn’t huge problem but the plastic does rub and make his nostrils red. I would like this better if the cutout for his nose was larger and didn’t rub. My child is 1 month old.

Lenora Ruby, VA

Great Pacifier

I prefer this brand of pacifier above all others, and also my son wont use any other. It’s easy to clean and I like the clear rubber part so you can see if it gets yucky inside. Can be used right side up or upside down. I like that it comes with a little cover so you can toss it in your bag and not worry about it getting dirty.

Chelsea Healy, KS

Avent pacifier

These pacifiers are okay. My 22-month-old seems happy with them, and I like that they easily attach to various pacifier clips (my favorite is the booginhead clip). However, the grip part can be noisy and distracting because the baby can play with it by flipping it up and down while sucking on the pacifier.

Sierra Jarrettsville, MD

Good nursery “work horse”

These pacifiers have held up well to the constant use they receive from our baby,who got her teeth early.We own several. They have a top that allows easy drainage after washing. Good product. Worth every penny.

Magdalena Springtown, PA

What is better than an invisible pacifier

What is better than an invisible pacifier? You don’t want your baby to look like it is wearing a muzzle! And the shape of the Philips pacifier is very confortable for any child.

Hilda Benkelman, NE

Great price and baby loves them!

Baby absolutely loves these pacifiers! I love how the mouth piece doesn’t concave in and hug their mouth. It seems more sanitary. I have purchased several dozens of these and love them! After purchasing so much pacifiers, my son loves these the best and they are great price!

Deidre Doucette, TX

Great pacifiers except the clear ones are almost impossible to find sometimes!

Our 8 month old likes these pacifiers as the shape seems to be agreeable for him. My only complaint is the clear color once it falls on the floor is very hard to find on lighter color carpet!

Corine Curtis, MI

Good pacis

This has been the only pacifier my baby has used. He loves it and uses it when he sleeps. I like that it has a cover to keep it clean. I clean it in soapy water and sterilize it in my Avent steamer.

Anastasia Pound, WI

Great pacifiers

I love these pacifiers and these aer the only ones that my son will take. These are easy to clean and cheap!

Laurel East Wallingford, VT

great for the price

Cheaper than at a big retailer like Target or BRU. I like the clear ones because you can see if there is gunk in the pacifier,

Daphne Mcpherson, KS

Great Product!

Product is a bigger version of the 0-6 months pacifier i liked those pacifiers so i bought the 6 – 18 month pacifier and the baby is happy can’t ask more than that! more than that!

Bette Mangham, LA


I have purchase Avent products since my baby was born and it is the only brand of nipples that he will take. good quality, like the protective shell they come in as it’s easy to travel with.

Gertrude Moseley, VA

Good Product

Product met expectations. Our daughter did not use them long though since she prefers her thumb. She continues to use the Avent bottles.

Serena Roulette, PA

Baby loves these

If you have a fussy pacifier baby then this pacifier may work for you. For some reason these are one of the few pacifiers my child would use. At first I thought my baby didn’t like pacifiers, until I came across this one.

Chelsey Carlsbad, NM

Keep the pacifiers sterilized!

I bought these pacifiers for my son who goes to daycare. Unlike most pacifiers, these pacifiers come with individual caps so you can sterilize them and keep them sterilized until used.

Deborah Strong City, KS

Great Pacifier

Works well for my little one and I have used these same pacifiers for both of my other 2 children. Would highly recommend……

Lucy Simmesport, LA

Great pacifiers!

These are the only pacifiers that my baby likes. they look great and the cap keeps the cleaner for longer. I wish there was a way that the cap could be tied on paci grip because the caps are easy to lose because they are clear.

Marie Shady Cove, OR

These seem to work well…

with no known side effects so far.

Terra Sullivan, IN

My baby liked them!

I originally choose Avent because of the Orthodontic recommendations. I had previously used the AVENT Orthodontic Infant Pacifier for 0-6 months. The (0-6 months) pacifiers had symmetrical nipples as well as mouth guards, so no right side up or upside down. As my baby grew and it seemed as if he was almost able to swallow the whole pacifier I knew it was time to get a larger size. So because he had been using the Avent ones with no difficulty I purchased, what looked like, the same product but in a larger size. But that wasn’t exactly the case. The NIPPLE was symmetrical but the mouth guard was not. It wasn’t a huge deal really, I didn’t return the products. We purchased both the clear and clear with blue center. The blue colored ones were easier to find, especially at night.I will say that we are lucky that our baby decided he didn’t want/need to use pacifiers at 8.5 months on his own.These were very useful for us while we needed them. We boiled, hand washed and cleaned in dishwasher and there was not any discoloration or visible breakdown of product with daily use and wash for 3 months.

Freda Hornell, NY

My baby love it.

My baby love it and he likes to play with this little thing before he goes to sleep. It’s good.

Megan Berrysburg, PA