Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags, 6 Ounce, 25 Count

Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags, 6 Ounce, 25 Count

Philips AVENT 25 count breast milk storage bags provide safe and secure storage for your precious breast milk. They can be stored in the fridge or freezer and are pre sterilized for immediate use. The self standing bag is easy to use with a wide neck for easy filling and pouring. The tamper evident seal, reinforced seams and dual layer bag makes storing your breast milk completely safe and hygienic.

Main features

  • BPA free
  • Leak proof: secure double zipper
  • Completely hygienic: pre sterilized; Tamper evident seal
  • Strong and durable: reinforced seams and dual layer bag
  • Easy to use: self standing bag, wide opening for easy filling and pouring

Verified reviews


Stiff bags in a damaged box

First, these bags come in a box only. My lanisoh bags come in a plastic storage bag with a zip lock closure, or tissue slit for easy removal but protection. The avent bags come in a box without this extra protection. When I opened the box it was delivered in, the bags feel out as the package was ripped open. Considering these bags are just plastic bags I expected a little extra protection.The bags are also a stiffer plastic. They are “standing” bags, but the stiffness also makes it difficult to pour the milk in without it getting on the zip closure. They have the a convenient label to mark when, how much, and what time the milk was pumped. It has a double zip lock (lanisoh also has 2). You rip the opening to poor in the milk, but you can also rip closer to the zip lock (removing the name, date and measurement label) to make an easier pour from the bag to the bottle. Removing the label would make it easier to pour milk into the bag, but then you lose the label.The maximum capacity is 6 ounces or 180 mL (lanisoh allows for 8 ounces).It is an acceptable bag, but I truly like lanisoh better.

Kathryn Krum, TX

love these bags

From my wife’s perspective:I had been using a couple different milk storage bag brands, depending on what had been on sale. A breast feeding/pumping mother can go through a lot of storage bags. I love these Avent bags. They feel like a harder plastic than most other storage bags. Because of that, they stand up on their own. Most bags can do this depending on how full they are with breast milk. But this stands up with even a small amount of milk. Depending on how you store your milk that might not be as big a deal as I’m making it seem. I find it best to freeze milk when laying the bag flat. My point is that you can feel the difference in the plastic bag. Which if I had anything negative to say about the bag it would be that because of the harder plastic I find it slightly harder to get the breast pump bottle in the bag to easily pour the milk in. The competitors thinner plastic folds easier when inserting the bottle.These bags also have a double tear system for the milk. You first tear open the bag to add the breast milk. It has the label section for dating info. Then below that is the second tear off section and then the zip lock area. When you decide to use the milk you tear off the label portion of the bag. Then just pour the milk into the bottle for use. Some of the competitors leave that label area on to make a spout for easy pouring into the bottle. My husband likes that feature. I find that I spill more milk using that. I like that the Avent bags tear off and you pour directly into the bottle from the zip lock area. It’s all personal preference.I really like these bags and would recommend them. Especially if freezing your milk. I just like the thicker plastic when freezing the milk. What I will say, is that if you pump a lot, your normally using a lot of storage bags. So use which ever bags you get a good deal on. Sometimes I can pump, store the milk in a bag and it gets used later that day. At that point the plastic bag is going in the recycling so quickly that the bag just needs to do its job for a short time.

Marisol Taberg, NY

Not my favorite

Please note that this review is from a father’s perspective. I only ever handle the bags once they have been filled.AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags are totally decent. I have yet to have an issue with leaks, and the bags are some of the most durable we’ve used. However, the durability might be attributed to the thicker material utilized in the construction of the bags. Because the bags are relatively rigid, they are more difficult to store and transport than other brands. This might not seem like a big deal, and really it’s not.That being said, I preferSimple Wishes 50 Count Honeysuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags. I can get more bags at a cheaper price, and they are durable enough to fulfill their purpose and flexible enough to store, transport, and handle with ease.The AVENT bags aren’t bad, but I think there is at least one better option.

Kathrine Posen, IL

Great Storage Bags.

I definitely recommend these. The one thing I like about these storage bags is the tamper evident seal. You just tear the top of the bag, which opens it, and pour the milk in. Then reseal it and write the date and ounces. If you’re undecided on which storage bags to get, I would go with what’s the cheapest because these aren’t much different from any of the other brands.

Jeanette Duck Creek Village, UT

good for the road

These bags are great in a pinch to take with you on the road. They are BPA free which is a must. They are also stand alone, which is nice for convenience. They are relatively inexpensive so the plastic bottle police won’t come and get you when you lose one (or several).

Allison Stebbins, AK

Self-Standing … kind of

While these say they are "self standing," they actually work best if they are inside of a glass to support them.They seem to seal well, the double zipper is especially nice. And they DO freeze flat. It would be nicer if they were more "self-standing," but I do appreciate how sturdy and safe these are in freezing and how the wide opening works well for filling and for pouring into a bottle afterwards. There are several varieties out there, so you will likely have your favorite, but I wouldn’t hesitate to at least try these.The Philips Web Site has guidelines on using these safely including answering the most common questions about freezing and storing mother’s milk.

Lauren North Metro, GA

Good size, bad price.

25 count for this price is not that good, honestly. There are better options, but if you like Philips (good brand), these are the best of that brand I’ve found.

Celeste Cedar Bluffs, NE

VERY convenient

Convenience is so important. These are self-standing and have a wide mouth that makes transfer so easy. They seal well also.Great for nursing mothers to have on hand.

Madeline Eau Claire, MI


These are ok and kind of stand up on their own. We won’t be repurchasing as they’re a lot bulkier than other milk saving bags. They work. But they’re not a favorite.

Sierra Harvest, AL

Not my first choice

There isn’t anything wrong with these. They are easy to fill and do stand well. Like most breast milk storage bags, the measurement lines are in oz and ml. The lines are meant to be a guide. Because the bag is, well… a bag, the measurement will change depending on how the bad is sitting. I was able to get the ml to match up with what I poured in the bad, but not necessarily at the most natural standing position. This shouldn’t really be a concern, however, because this is generally the case for just about every brand of storage bags I have tried.The most important thing to me in a storage bag is how they freeze. I freeze my bags lying flat so they are easy to store. I want to be able to stack and store them easily in the freezer. For Fiona, I had over 100 bags in the freezer, and little milk bags add up to a lot of storage space. These bags do not go flat and do not stack well. They take up more room than my favorite brand,Lansinoh. If you are freezing a few bags, it is not a big deal, but when you are stock piling milk for when you go back to work, fitting 20-30% more in a box can make a big difference in freezer space.

Sallie Caldwell, TX

AVENT storage bags

As others have said, these bags are fine. They absolutely work. I think their best application would be parents who are very concerned with how sterile the bags are – I found the extra tearing and fumbling around to be obnoxious, but if I was pumping for a preemie I’d probably be thrilled with it. I also thought the extra plastic on the top made it easier to spill and I had a hard time pouring the milk in without spilling. If you end up with these, they’re fine to use, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy them.

Estella Pinehurst, NC

Work great

These work great with the Philips Avent bottles. They are 6 oz and they have 25 in the box. I have not had any problems with leaking or breaking they are working great so far.

Ladonna Fifield, WI

I like the wide-mouth, but the standing leaves something to be desired

I think I was more excited than I ought to have been for these bags. Prior to this, I’ve been using pint-sized freezer bags for milk storage and found those to be absolutely wonderful.That is not to say these bags aren’t nice. I love the measurement, I find them very easy to fill without spilling, and I even like the idea they are pre-sanitized.But when it comes to the standing, they really… don’t. And why would one need them? I found that a silly and vain feature.However, the plastic is great, they are easy to fill, and they hold up well. Worth the investment for me? Not really, but they are a solid product for those who want them.

Corinne Fletcher, OH

PERFECT Breast Milk Storage bags for infants.

Pros: complete instructions for storage and defrosting and using for Breast Milk.BPA Free.Presterilized tamper evident seal so you know it is clean before use.Wide opening for easy filling and pouring.Self Standing bag.Dual layer reinforced plastic with strong leake proof double zipper seal to ensure milk is protected when stored.Separate labeling area at top so you do not puncture bag when writing.cons : only 25 in box

Megan Murdo, SD

A good product, but the competition is, too.

Unto themselves, these milk bags do what they’re intended to without issues: no leaks, no premature cracking (they seem pretty durable, really.) With that durability comes a bit more bulkiness, but it didn’t really bother us very much. All in all, they do the job they’re intended to do, much like other break milk bags. With that said, maybe try these out if your existing bags aren’t working well for you…I’d personally recommend these, but not over some others that I’ve used: the good ones work, so we shop by availability and price. The bad ones leak and we don’t buy. Solid strategy.

Silvia Arizona City, AZ

So easy to use

I really like these bags. I had no trouble filling them, and labeling them. They lay flat in the freezer for easy stacking and storage, but can also stand tall in the fridge for using sooner. The bags seal perfectly and it is easy to squeeze the extra air out. The measuring marks on the side were spot on accurate for me, which was very helpful. When it is time to defrost, these bags do just fine. Even in a bowl of warm water the bags hold up without any problems. There is a lot of bags in the container for the price, making it a good value. I just wish the bags came in an outer liner to keep them clean in the diaper bag before use.

Kelli Spring, TX

Worth the price, these are the best!

Let me admit, I am frugal. Very frugal. I pride myself on never paying full price and always getting the most for my money. I started with the Avent bags and kept coming back to them. Once you pull a bag of breastmilk from the freezer and realize that it is freezerburned and going in the trash just because it was in a cheap bag you want to go nuts!! Trust me, spend the money and get a quality bag to protect your liquid gold. If you aren’t freezing your milk the cheaper bags will do, but for the freezer you have to pay.

Sharlene Callensburg, PA

From a Dad’s Perspective: Don’t Spill, Easy to Seal, and Good for Storage

This is written from a dad’s perspective. My role in the breast milk thing is to manage storage and administration of the milk in a bottle. This is often a messy venture. My favorite way to store it and give it is directly in the Medela breast pump bottles. This means that there is no transfer, no bags to mess with, as the bottle that hooks to the pump functions as the bottle to feed the baby with.But if I have to use breast milk bag, these are very nice. First off they are sterile. They are totally sealed until they are opened. The plastic is thicker and more rigid than other bags that I’ve used, which makes these easy to have stand up and stay open while filling. I am very prone to spilling stuff, and I need all the help I can get; these help me not spill. The ziplock-type zipper closes the bag securely keeping the milk from spilling. For freezing and storage, this makes these bags optimal. Finally, the rigidity of the plastic makes it easy to pour back into bottles.The bags are a bit more expensive, but in my mind compared to the lost milk and annoyance of cleaning up spills, I think that it is worth the increase cost over some other bags we’ve used.

Margaret Gettysburg, SD

Easy to Use

Easy to use, easy to store and easy to warm back up. These work great and keep milk fresh, recommended!

Earnestine Tyrone, PA

Easy to use and seal

This is slightly larger than the bags that I used when I was pregnant, but they worked great in a pinch. My best friend recently had her baby, but he was too premature to try nursing right away. For the first few days, he was only on a feeding tube, but she really wanted to breast feed. We needed bags quickly and cheaply. Avent is usually a brand that I trust on the fly, so I grabbed these on the way to the hospital with a pump. I liked the fact that they are sterile right off the bat. We are worried about the babies health, so that is a plus. They clearly show the measurements, so we can tell right away how much is in each bag. They are easy to reseal. Overall, they were perfect for the days we needed to get the milk going and then easy to use with a bottle as the baby started to take small feedings. Since we were being extremely careful with how much he was eating, the measurement for each bag was imperative. I appreciate that these are SO easy to read.

Terrie North Tazewell, VA

Expensive but they are BPA free

ThePhilips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags, 6 Ounce, 25 Countare pricey, and because they arrived sealed and sterile, they are being used. More stiff than I’d expected, they do stand up for filling, then if not filled fully, can rest sideways in the fridge or freezer. We reuse the bags and intend to do so until they are moved to the recycling bin. Because they are very sturdy, I would not hesitate to put these filled bags in a deep freeze, knowing they will withstand storage time and they are not likely to open or be punctured.

Dana Haldeman, KY

No complaints!

I started using these last week, and have been pleased with them. They’re easy to use, and appear to seal well. I haven’t tried thawing any frozen breastmilk yet, so I can’t vouch for whether they leak during that process, but they have not leaked in my freezer so far.The only thing I deduct a star for is the measurement markings. I don’t think they’re accurate. When I pump 2 oz into a bottle, it reads as 3 oz once I pour it into the bag. So I wouldn’t rely on what the bag says — write down how much you’re putting in!

Blanca Phelps, KY

I like the Nuk/Gerber milk storage bags better

These Avent bags are really only ok. The bags are very stiff and while they say the stand up, they don’t stand up easily. Because they’re so stiff, pouring milk into them isn’t as easy a pouring the milk into the NUK/Gerber storage bags. Given that you want to be sure the bags are really clean, I don’t like that the box doesn’t even come wrapped in plastic.

Lupe Bluford, IL

Decent Storage Bag, More Economical Options Out There

With so many Breast Milk Storage options out there, I’m not sure I can say that Philips AVENT storage bags are the best. It’s true, they work just fine, stores will effectively, and they don’t leak, however they are much more expensive than other brands that work just as effectively. In some cases, there are also storage systems that work more effectively where you can store the milk with a cap that can go directly to a bottle, such as the Playtex Storage system. That said, these bags do work very well, and we did not have any issues or problems with the bags themselves. However, due to cost, I can’t say that these are the best option.

Ellen Bergenfield, NJ

Sturdy and easy to use.

I really like these bags so far. They are easy to fill, the measurement marks are accurate, and I really like that they are individually sealed. Also, the bags are very sturdy, thick plastic, while also being BPA-free, which is great.I know other reviewers have said that they didn’t like how bulky the bags can be when standing in the freezer, but I actually don’t mind that. Then again, I don’t use these bags that often, so we don’t have as many in the freezer at one time.I will agree, however, that these bags are pricey compared to other options–and, while I like these Avent bags, I think you can find something that works about the same for a better price. I really think this is one of those products (like so many other baby products) that comes down to personal preference. There are so many reasonably-priced bag options out there that it can be worth it to look around a bit before settling. Overall, though, you certainly won’t be disappointed with this bag.

Leeann Lena, LA

They work

They’re bags designed to hold breast milk and they perform this task adequately and without leaking. These hold more than other bags I’ve used but have a much larger footprint, meaning I cannot fit as many in my freezer. Like I said they do what they’re designed to do, it just comes down to personal preference and these are simply not my favorite.

Karen Madison, NC

Good seal.

These are reliably strong and they are also truly standing bags. These seals work well, and the material protects well from odors.

Debbie Plymouth, MI


These bags have to be the best brest feeding bags I have ever used. This is not like the flimsey ones that if you drop it or refrigerate it they pop open like the other ones I have purchased. Easy to store and very convient. I have to say one of the best on the market today.

Elizabeth Sisters, OR

They work alright

I typically use the Lansinoh brand milk bags, but thought these would be worth a try. They do hold the milk well, seal nicely, and freeze flat, but that’s where the "Pros" for them stop! They are very difficult to get the milk into-I had a really hard time peeling them open-the inside of the bag seem to stick together and I got worried I was going to tear a hole in the bag b/c it took that much force to open them up. The bottom is cut so they look like they can stand up, but once I started pouring the milk in, the bag collapsed, spilling the milk. Overall, they work OK, but I am going to stick with the superior Lansinoh nursing bags.

Minerva Ingalls, MI

Good bags, bad packaging…

The quality of these bags are great! They hold about 6 oz of milk although I’ve never frozen that much in one bag. I haven’t had one leak or burst in the freezer. They are easy to pour into. My main downfall with them is that they are put directly in the box, and I prefer the Lanisoh packaging because they are inside a plastic bag inside a box. We are talking about something that is going to be holding milk that will go in my baby’s mouth, so I prefer an extra layer of protection. The bags over are great and do what they say. I just think the packaging could use an overhaul.

Elda Newberry, MI