Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage

Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage

Allow Baby to have the benefits of breast milk for the times when you can’t be there to feed him. The Avent Breast Milk Containers are ideal for use with the Avent Isis Breast Pump (sold separately)—breast milk is expressed directly into the bottles. Warm milk up when you need it with the Avent Express Bottle and Babyfood Warmer (also sold separately). Safe for use in the fridge, freezer or microwave, containers can also be used for baby food. Their wide-neck design makes cleaning and filling easy, too. Set includes four 4-oz. bottles with lids. Dishwasher safe. Imported.

Main features

  • Reliable storage containers for short- and long-term storage of breast milk or baby food
  • Compatible with the AVENT Feeding System, so you can pump, store and feed without ever transferring milk between containers
  • Includes four 4-oz storage containers, silicone sealing discs and screw rings (nipples not included)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in England

Verified reviews



Yes they leak, I mean POUR milk from under the sealing ring. Don’t waste your money. If you are crazy enough to buy them SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!

Jessica Stafford, CT

Love these containers

I love these breastmilk storage containers. They make it so easy to collect the milk, cap it, and store it. When I need the milk, I just take them out of the freezer, heat it in the bottle heater, put on a nipple and go. They are great. Perfect size for my baby who still only drinks about 3-4 ounces per sitting. I will definitely continue to use these after she outgrows them for milk as baby food containers. They are great.

Trudy Lincolnton, GA

great but don’t freeze

I use these storage containers for mixing breast milk and rice cereal to feed my daughter while we are out. I love these containers for this use. I don’t have any problem with leaking and I can feed my daughter straight out of the jar.I gave these 4 stars because I didn’t get any use out of these for storing breastmilk in the freezer (which is why I registered for them in the first place). It takes FOREVER to defrost the breastmilk in these bottles. I just ended up using the Lansinoh and Gerber milk storage bags because they defrosted quickly and took up much less room in the freezer.

Octavia Munford, TN

Great for storage

These are very convenient if your child is already using the Avent bottles. If you use a Medela pump, you can get an adapter and pump straight into these containers, eliminating a step in the breastmilk collection chain.I also find that the small sizes are convenient, especially if you normally pump four ounces or less out of one or both breasts.I didn’t give this product five stars, though, because, really, these are just four more Avent bottles with a sealing disc. If you have a bunch of bottles anyway, you can just buy a pack of sealing discs for about $4 and use those instead.

Merle Garrison, TX


If you are using Avent bottles, these storage containers are a must. Very convenient and versatile (use as bottles, sippy cups, storing breastmilk, babyfood), easy to clean. Nice size to take to work or anywhere. You can use these with the Medela Pump in Style breast pump, but you need to buy an adaptor from Avent.

Latoya Sycamore, GA

A bit too small

These are fantastic for freezing/storing/reheating breast milk. Unlike some of the reviews I read, I have experienced no leaking thusfar. I use a Medela pump and transfer my milk into these containers because they have proven to be so wonderful (and they are acrylic, so reheating is much easier). My only complaint is that they are slightly too small. I usually pump more than 4 but less than 8 oz. and so I am forced to either use two containers or sacrifice my milk (which is too precious!). However, I can deal with the smaller size because overall it is such a great product!

Brigitte Grays Knob, KY

Great Bottles!

These storage bottles are great because you can use them to store breast milk or formula. I like making a few bottles at night then later at night as I need them I warm a bottle take storage top off and add a nipple and I am ready to feed my daughter. I love all the avent products because of how easy everything is to use.

Wilda Gadsden, SC


I love this containers. First of all, I am a big fan of the Isis Breast Pump, so these containers are perfect for me. I express into these containers–freeze them–thaw them out–replace the sealing disc with the nipple–warm it up. Then my husband is ready to feed the baby. It’s one of their times together, and I get to spend time with my older children. Perfect.

Erika Mckenna, WA

Great storage containers for breast milk

I use the Medela pump – but their thin bottles and simple caps don’t seem like they have the ability to keep the milk fresh. I love the heavy Advent bottles and the caps have a rubber ring in them to really seal the bottle.

Elvia Springfield, MN

Excellent containers

Love this containers. These work well with the Avent on the Go breast pump system. I haven’t had any problems with freezing them and they haven’t cracked. Love the fact that they are small containers (4oz) so they freeze well and when it’s time for the milk to be defrosted it doesn’t take long. I plan to make my own babyfood and I am going to use these containers. LOVE THEM

Karen Petrolia, TX

It’s Avent so its a great item…

These are great. They don’t leak and are nice and sturdy. The tops come off and nipple tops can be directly attached. After he stopped with these bottles, I used them since they had flat closed tops, to shake up his formula. I love Avent products and these are wonderful.They attach to the bottom of the Avent VIA Isis pump directly which was nice. Great for storage of baby food later on as well. Tops can be used with 9ounce bottles as well.

Pearl Milford, NH