Philips Avent Breast Pump Conversion Kit

Philips Avent Breast Pump Conversion Kit

The Avent breast pump conversion kit allows you to use your Avent bottles with almost any breast pump Allowing you fill your Avent bottles directly without the unsanitary inconvenience of having to poor your milk from your breast pumps collector into your Avent bottles With the breast pump conversion kit you can use the same bottle to collect freeze heat and feed breast milk

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Makes most pumps compatible with Avent bottles

This conversion kit helped me save money on bottles by allowing me to use my Medela Freestyle pump with existing Avent bottles that we’d previously purchased. The alternative would have been to pump into the Medela bottles and then transfer the milk to the Avent, but this kit makes it so much easier. There are four pieces per kit: 2 converters to pump directly into any Avent bottle/Avent milk storage set that are identically shaped as the bottles and 2 converters to pump directly into the Avent VIA line of milk storage. The converters screw onto the bottom of the flanges where you would normally screw a Medela bottle, adding just one more piece to the normal pump setup.

Caryn Amherst, NE

Great Idea!

A friend of mine got an Avent breast pump and loved it. The only down side she found was if you were going somewhere or in a rush you’d have to transfer milk quickly. She ended up getting this conversion kit after a short time to make things more convenient.

Cindy Pinopolis, SC

Why didn’t I know about this earlier?

This is fantastic if you are pumping and using avent bottles. They are a must when pumping at work when seconds count so you don’t have to clean collection bottles or transfer milk. They work 100% of the time with no leaks like pumping into some of the collection bags out there and then it is so convenient to pump directly into the bottle you or Dad will give to baby. I wish they had these when my younger child was born!

Sherrie Rufus, OR

Okay for what it is, but not needed

This conversion kit allowed me to pump milk directly from my Medela pump into Avent bottles. I used it only a few times before realizing it was unnecessary and just added to the dishes I had to wash. I had to move milk between bottles anyhow, so it was just as easy to pump into the Medela bottles (or other compatible brands) and transfer the appropriate quantity of milk into the bottles the babies used, without the added complexity of using the conversion kit.There is one way that this pump might help you — the Avent bottles are shorter than any Medela bottles I used. If you have a particularly short torso or need to pump while doing something else (like typing or feeding a baby), using the conversion kit might buy you an extra inch of freedom to move around.

Elaine South Dos Palos, CA


I use a Medela symphony pump and Avent bottles. These allow me to pump directly into bottles, which means fewer opportunities to spill. The adapter plus the bottle plus the milk can be a little heavy, so make sure you have a strong hands-free bra. This was a great investment for me.

Jolene South Haven, MN

works well for Ameda and Medela pumps

I bought this to use with both my Ameda and Medela pumps. It saves me a ton of time and bottles by allowing me to pump directly into the bottles for a feeding. They work well and I have no problems/issues. I have two sets (one for home and one for work). The kit comes with 4 adapters (two of each kind).

Katie Endwell, NY