Philips Avent Comfort Breast Shell Set, 2 Count

Philips Avent Comfort Breast Shell Set, 2 Count

This Comfort Breast Shell set from Avent features ventilated breast shells to protect from soreness and helps relieve engorgement by applying gentle areolar pressure. Gentle, soft cushion backings. Dishwasher safe. 3-1/4Hx3-3/4Wx2D”

Main features

  • Meant to be worn inside your bra, to collect excess breast milk and help protect sore nipples
  • Helps ease engorgement
  • Can be used when breast feeding or pumpin
  • What’s included: ventilated breast shells (2 count), Non-ventilated breast milk saver shells (2 count), ultra-soft backing cushions (2 count)

Verified reviews


They get the job done

I use these in the morning with the first feeding because I leak on whatever side my daughter is not nursing from. I use them more so the milk doesn’t go to waste than to protect my clothing. If I used them for protection of clothing or for sore nipples I would not have rated them as high as I did. First, they are not made for really large breasts. They set nicely over the nipple, but certainly do not cover much more than the areola area. If I were to wear these out, my breasts would look like large mushrooms. They are nice in the privacy of my own home, though. The shell that fits on the breast is comfortable. It is easy to clean and soft. I would recommend these for the use of collecting leaking milk while pumping and feeding only. I would not recommend these to wear out when you are going to miss a feeding and know you will leak. Wear disposable pads. Also, I wouldn’t recommend them for the sore nipple problem either if you are large breasted.

Aline Boiceville, NY

did not work for me!

It made my breasts look funny, it made my nipples more irritable & it left painful marks on my breasts. Hardly ever used it. 🙁

Rena West Newbury, MA

Tried and failed

I purchased these to attempt to use with my breast pump (Medela Freestyle) to ease the pain and to wear at night. Neither worked. The did not fit on the flanges and I lost a lot of milk when I attempted to use them with the pump. When I attempted to wear them to ease pain and collect breast milk, that also failed. The shape is weird (which means they cannot be worn without being very noticeable) and they seemed to leak no matter what I did. On top of that, they actually made me more sore. I would not recommend purchasing these.

Carly Apple Grove, WV

A Lifesaver!!!

Initially, I purchased the Avent breast pads, thinking they would suffice. However, I found them to be itchy against my already irritated breasts. These breastshells were the answer!!! Not only do they catch all that embarassing leaking milk, but they soothe away irritation!

Gussie Juncos, PR

These work ok, but…

These do save mik and allow your nipples to breathe, but there are things to consider before trying…If you have short nipples you should be aware of the following:- The back piece has a hole that is not flush with the breast. It is about 1/3 inch from the base of the nipple at the areola, so if you have nipples that are short, the milk won’t make it into the cup and instead catches between the silicone back and your breast. If that gap fills up then the milk will go into the cup. MESSY to remove at that point.- You have to wear a nursing pad over the bottom of these for the reason listed above, or wear a soggy shirt.If you have large breasts you should be aware of the following:- These are not shallow, they stick out almost an entire inch. I am a 38DDD and these things made me look like I had GIANT mounds for nipples.- These will really press into your breasts and may get uncomfortable for anything over 10 minutes.For all gals with any sized breasts, know this:- You can only wear them 40 minutes at a time, according to the insert, because they put undue pressure on the base of your milk ducts.- When I rest one of these shells in my hand it is bigger than my palm, be aware that these are not small or discrete; you would probably only want to use these at home or if you didn’t care if people think you possess giant, puffy nipples.- An hour after I used these my left breast had sharp pains, I PRAY it isn’t an indicator of a blocked duct. FYI: I had no pains before using these.I gave 3 stars because they do what they say, just not very comfortably. But if you have perky & petite breasts with long nipples, these may work really well for you.

Bobbi Garden City, UT

Not for everyday wear

It’s quite possibly the sleep-deprivation causing me to have missed a complete description of these, but upon receiving them the instructions say they can only be worn 40 minutes at a time. So they are not a solution for persistent milk leaking; they are really only for collecting leaks while nursing/pumping the opposite side. They’re ridiculous-looking and huge so there’s no way you would wear these out of the house anyway; not even around the house in my opinion!I found them difficult to position and keep in place – you probably need a tight fitting bra/top. It’s also quite awkward to pour the collected milk out of these. So even for their intended purpose I’m not sure they are great; however, I don’t know much about alternative methods for collecting leaking milk so maybe it’s the best you can do.What worked for me instead was to use Lilypadz Silicone Nursing Pads to prevent leaking from happening at all until I’m ready to nurse/pump that side.

Katie La Joya, NM

They Do The Job!

I use these at night time since my little girl decides to sleep about a 6 hour stretch at night. I sleep with them on, and they don’t move around. The only problem is that sometimes the milk gets between the silicone and the hard plastic which sometimes causes it to leak and I then wake up with a big mess. It has only happened a couple times though and I use them every day. I also wear them during the day when my nipples get worn out from feeding, helps the pain!

Janis Eunice, LA

not for me

I bought these hoping to have a nice alternative to losing the milk that escapes when I become too full but these are definitely not the product for me. There is no way to hide these things, they are hard plastic and very apparent.

Helga Marietta, GA

Didn’t use

I bought a pair of these breast shells when I was pregnant to know the product imagining that maybe I would need another pair after my baby was born. Well, they are okay, they do what they are supposed to but maybe it was me, but I didn’t use them at all. Maybe a few times right after my baby was born, but never again.So, the product is well made and has good materials, but I didn’t see the usefulness of it.

Christa Refugio, TX

Never Used.

They are pretty bulky so I never used them. But they look like they would work well for their pupose.

Heidi Mobile, AL

Five Stars


Aimee Highland, IL

Great Product

These breastshells are wonderful. They helped me continue to breastfeed as they eased sore and cracked nipples. And I love being able to save the breastmilk that leaks out for use later. Great job, Avent!

Roberta Hayward, WI


I really wish I’d bought these before the birth. I got them a few months into breast feeding and loved them. They are really best for wearing in the privacy of your home as they will be visible unless you’re wearing a bulky sweater. However if you are at all interested in reserving every last drop of precious breast milk you will appreciate these! Also, for soar nipples they provide a little relief.The fit in the bra and a hole around the nipple allows leakage to flow undaunted, I found that the fit was good and everything leaked in the reservoir as designed. Wearing them around during the day helped me collect an extra ounce and a half of milk (foremilk, but still good stuff – hydration is essential!) that would otherwise have been wasted into my clothing.

Geneva Wyoming, MN

Just what I needed

I tend to leak all over the place when I’m breast feeding or pumping so these are awesome for catching and saving breast milk.

Reva Stamping Ground, KY


This is very useful for collecting milk on other breast while breastfeeding. Comfortable and used all the time. Good product.

Samantha Springfield Gardens, NY

Great Buy!

A must have! Every mother needs this in the first 2 months of breastfeeding. It works very well and It is comfortable and easy to wear.

Gayla Morehouse, MO


I used these a few years ago with my second baby, and it didn’t seem to have as much information on the product at the time. I used it for the protection it gave my messed up nipples after feedings, and for short periods of time, I preferred this over the further irritation of a nursing pad right after a feeding. But I think wearing it more than a few minutes between feedings stimulated further engorgement (it seemed like the fit was constantly putting pressure to express milk, which I was told later actually sends a message to your body to make more milk…). I can’t remember how long I wore them after feedings to relieve nipple pain, because the feedings were ALL THE FREAKING TIME, and sometimes if my kids fell asleep afterwards, I forgot them on (they were not uncomfortable initially). Mainly, I would recommend only using these for very short periods of time.I will probably try them again with my next child, now that I’ve read a little more information on how to use these (like having one on the opposite side that you’re using during a feeding, etc).

Kelly Abercrombie, ND



Adelaide Dundee, MS

best accidental purchase ever!

i was not fully awake (caring for a newborn and all) when i ordered these and thought i was ordering extra breast cushions for my pump (which would be nice) so clearly i did not read carefully and was surprised by what i got. However, i am thrilled because i also was looking for something like this (a different name was recommended) and these work great. when i pump or nurse i leak on the other side. When nursing i would soak myself and my daughter and pumping was not much better, at least my little girl wouldn’t be soaked. 🙂 using these i typically catch an ounce in them which is worth so much to me. my daughter doesn’t seem to notice that she isn’t getting soaked, she didn’t seem to care before but i sure did.i’m so happy with them that i came back to order an extra set for my emergency pump kit for the car.i do enjoy saying its my best accidental purchase so far :-)-Traci (using shared hubbys account)

Fanny Meshoppen, PA

best I tryed

love those, very useful to calm pain at the beginning and very handy to save milk (and bras) I still would not wear them out in public but great ally for easy breastfeeding and easy to clean!

June Pitsburg, OH

I wish I knew about these sooner

These are the best inventions for breastfeeding moms!When I first started breastfeeding, milk would leak like crazy on the other side I always thought it would have been nice if someone design something to catch the leak so the milk doesn’t go to waste. Then I found these and they work amazingly! I remember I was able to save 1 oz of milk during 1 feeding session.When I am engorged in pain at night, say 4am, and my baby didn’t wake up to feed, I no longer have to go wide awake and wonder if I should get up and pump. (and that is not an easy decision because I’d hear my baby cry every time AFTER I finished pumping!) Nowadays I would get up and put these shells in and go back to sleep. Milk would leak out from my nipples and give me some relieve so I can continue to sleep. The only problem is because the plastic doesn’t mold perfectly over your breasts, milk would sometimes leak out on the edges/sides instead of letting the cup catch it. I’d try to lay in a position that milk won’t leak out on the edges. But even if it leaks, these are still lifesaver because at least I won’t be in pain anymore and am able to get some rest until my baby cries.I wish I knew about these when I was still pregnant – I dealt with crazy engorgement pain when my milk first came in. I was crying when calling the lactation hotlines. Back then I was in so much pain and was so sleep deprived that I could not process any advice. I wonder what it would have been like if I had these shells back then!Overall I highly recommend this product!

Francesca Bishopville, MD

Good concept but needs improvements

At first I thought the idea of collecting breastmilk this way was kind of weird, and then I had a baby. I realized how much is lost through letdown on the other side or when you just have an overproduction. I used these a lot in the first few weeks but there is no way you can wear them out of the house, plus its not good to keep the ladies cooped up like that anyhow. I would just pop one in anytime I was going to feed/pump when I was at home. You would be surprised how much gets collected.I just wish they weren’t a hard plastic. It would be nice if they were made with a more pliable plastic or silicone.

Vilma Holmen, WI


Unfortunately even when used properly they leaked. I ended up returning these because they didn’t do the job. I haven’t found a decent alternative so I’ve been pumping one side as my daughter nurses on the other.

Amparo Renfrew, PA

Great product

This is one of the essential products for every mom. I used it only for 1 month though, during the time my nipples were sore.It was a sanity saver.

Estella Arvilla, ND

I reach for something else

I used these only to remain dry while my baby was nursing the other side. I reach for the nurse-dri shells that I received for free in the hospital first. These are big and bulky and I hate the design of them compared to other shells. I only reach these when my other shells are dirty. Plus i hate that they only recommend these for a certain length of time.

Penelope Coffey, MO


Maybe good for moms who struggle with breastfeeding but I thought it was really poorly shaped and uncomfortable, there is no way you would ever wear this under clothing outside your own house!

Tonia Carversville, PA

Good product

These definitely keep my sore nipples from chafing or sticking to my bra. They look funny thru my shirt, kinda like a pointy Madonna bra, but who cares when you’re in agony from cracked nipples? My only complaint is that I wish I could wear them all the time. The directions say to not wear longer than 40 minutes at a time since they put pressure on your milk ducts. But, I’ll take whatever relief I can get!

Felecia Morrilton, AR

Good for collecting small amounts of leaking milk (1 oz?)

My wife gets a lot of milk leaking from side A when she feeds from side B. We bought these and some O-cal-ette nursing cups at the same time. These are in my view far superior in design to the O-cal-ette (which has a hole where the milk will leak out), because they have no hole for the leak to milk out, well actually they come with two cups, one with holes, one without, and we use the one without. Great. Also they’re apparently comfortable enough to put on while feeding.However!These are not 5 star because… they don’t hold enough milk! So we are still wondering if we can find such a product which will fit inside a bra in similar way, but passively collect a larger amount of breastmilk.

Cortney Rosendale, WI

Good for flat or inverted nipples. Kind of show under clothing though

I bought these and the Medela SoftShell Breast Shells for Sore or Inverted nipples. I would say the Medela’s are better for keeping your bra off your nipples. They’re great if you’re sore or want to get more air to your nipples. The Avent are better for flat or inverted nipples. I opening of the Avent shells is much smaller so it almost keeps your nipples pushed out, however, the Avent definiately show under your bra much more easily. The Medela are more shallow and the opening over your nipples is bigger so it’s almost as if the nipple and the areola are getting aired out. Both are comfortable and I forget I’m wearing them. I use both. I use the Avent around the house and make the initial latch easier, and I wear the Medela out because they don’t show as easily under clothing. The Avent do come with solid shells too so they can be used to catch milk from the non-nursing breast during letdown too. If you don’t have the solid shells on then remember, don’t bend over 🙂 The Medela come with little foam absorption pads to catch milk from letdown but you can’t really collect milk in the Medela’s. So it really depends on your purpose for the shells.

Erika Chattahoochee, FL


These are great and help protect my sore and cracked nipples. Just don’t bump into anything while wearing them…ouch! But I prefer the hard shell to insure my sore nipples are protected. You can’t wear these out with a regular bra because they give you a weird shape. I wear them to work with my contoured t-shirt bra and you can’t tell I’m wearing them. My breasts look bigger, but there is no weired shape with the contoured bra. I wear them with my nursing bra when at home.

Constance Jamesville, VA