Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and New ECO Mode

Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and New ECO Mode

SCD525/00 Features: -Monitor provides crystal clear sound plus built-in temperature sensor.-Soothing lullabies and nightlight comforts baby to sleep.-Volume control and talk back and minus, two way communication at all times.-Keep the climate comfortable and consistent in baby room.-Technology guarantees a secure, private connection with zero interference at a range of 1,000ft.-100pct Interference-free DECT technology provides extra long range of up to 1,000ft.-New Eco mode helps reduce energy consumption when monitoring baby from a shorter distance.-Giving mom or dad complete control, comfort and assurance.-Built-in nightlight and soothing lullabies help lull baby to sleep.-Allows you to comfort your baby from anywhere in the home, giving mom or dad complete control, comfort and assurance.-Eco-friendly. Dimensions: -Overall Dimensions: 5.5″ H x 7.5″ W x 12″ D.

Main features

  • 100% interference-free dect technology provides extra long range of up to 1,000ft – new eco mode helps reduce energy consumption when monitoring baby from a shorter distance, Temperature sensor, Soothing lullabies and nightlight comforts baby to sleep, Volume control and talk back−two way communication at all times

Verified reviews


No complaints whatsoever

When I first discovered that this unit had temp/humidity alarms, I was temped to monitor my basement where I brew beer, but I then remembered why I ordered this unit. Worry not, I didn’t put the baby in the basement with the beer to accomplish both aims, but the thought may have crossed my mind. The problem is that this unit does such a great job at monitoring sounds and sending them magically over with a clear crisp sound, so it would be a waste to just use the temp/humidity ability. So few monitors get this basic ability to send clear sound all wrong, so kudos to Philips for doing it right. The lullabies and light on the base is another plus, and before you know it, you’re wondering why you looked at anything else.$100 is a lot, but it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Kristine Vienna, GA

Get Back In Bed Kids! Compact and High Quality.

When I got this baby monitor I was impressed with its quality! I have three, going on four, kids and we’ve used a variety of monitors from various manufacturers and this one impressed me the most. The audio quality is great, DECT makes things interference and feedback free, there’s a handy “page” feature for if you misplaced the receiver, and there’s no hassle getting the anything paired or on the right channel like cheaper monitors.I also liked the ability for two-way communication, which the manufacturer claims is good to “sooth your baby”. I personally don’t trust that claim (cranky babies liked to be held, not talked to), but it is EXCELLENT if you want to keep an ear out for troublesome toddlers who are supposed to be going to bed! You might be surprised to discover how quickly they dart under the covers once a booming voice lets them know they’ve been discovered playing around!As far as the quality goes, everything about this monitor seems well thought out from the ergonomics of the charging dock to the ease of instrumentation, impressive range and intelligent power throttling features (better battery life). You get your hands on this monitor and it just feels slick and careful in design.It’s smaller than it looks in the picture (considerably smaller than other monitors I use) which is great! This is the first monitor I used where the receiver can easily slip into a pocket with room to spare. It’s thicker than an iPod Classic, but shorter and not as wide. However, it also comes with a belt clip and lanyard if you prefer.The monitor, despite its power, is tiny too: squarish and smaller than my fist. It would easily tuck into a corner of a dresser without taking up much space.The only thing I would have liked to see is a video camera which other monitors of similar price points come with. That said, I think this monitor is well worth the price, and it’s certainly the best designed monitor I’ve used.

Roberta Nemours, WV

Excellent quality, appealing features, compact size

I guess the only difference between a baby monitor and a room monitor is the Lullaby feature – if you ignore that, this could be used for much more. Baby monitor, room monitor, keep an ear on the teens party monitor, plant area monitor and more.What’s in the box:Receiver (about the size of a large pager)Transmitter (aka monitor) (about the size of a coffee mug)Padded carrying bagTwo AC transformersLeash for receiverInstructionsIt’s pretty much plug in and go. You have to pair/sync (whatever you want to call it) the receiver to the transmitter – simple as turning them on in a specific order – first the transmitter, then the pager. Then it’s done.The transmitter has this little thingie sticking out the back I initially thought was an antenna. Nope – it’s a sensor. Both pieces display the room temp and humidity. Pediatricians agree that BOTH room temp and humidity are important, especially when seasons change. This makes it that much easier. If you’re running a humidifier during the winter, you can look at the receiver and check the humidity status. Eventually you’ll use this for something else than baby monitoring. There are a lot of possibilities, especially since the temp and humidity are also monitored.Automatic alert: The pager starts beeping if the monitor detects persistent loud noise (crying, shouting, etc.) There’s also a visual display made up of five blinking LED’s that indicated the level of noise in the room.Two-way communication: The receiver can also transmit back to the base unit.Range: 1,000 feet – pretty impressive.Interference: When the receiver gets too close to some electronics with speakers I noticed interference – similar to what you hear with some cell phones. My main computer sound system is susceptible to this interference – my Droid X drives them crazy. Same for the Avent receiver – it has to be at least five feet away from the sound system. My other two computers? No problem.Other features: The receiver (marked “parent”) has a belt clip, rechargeable batteries (included), speaker (to listen in) and mic. It drops into a base that charges the unit. The two power supplies have different connectors so you can’t put them in the wrong device. The quality is really impressive – the receiver looks like it can take some real abuse. Both the base and receiver have back-lit LCD’s, and the base also has an amber night-light.The included carrying case makes transporting everything easy, so you can take it on vacation, etc.

Kayla West Point, NY

Item works and looks as described.

This item arrived very fast, and seems to work in "like new" condition. We will have two children under two years old, so we want two monitors. We already have this one for our first born, and now we have one for our second as well. REally like this product.

Loretta Maiden, NC

Among the best of baby monitors

While pregnant, I read thousands of reviews on tons of products. I was rather worried about purchasing a baby monitor as I found that all the monitors had very mixed reviews. I originally had decided on the Basic model of this baby monitor which is almost the exact same except that this one offers the temperature monitor. We purchased this because at the time it was on sale & was actually the same price as the Basic model. Surprisingly, we have used the temperature monitor several times since we live in a hot & humid environment & we don’t have AC in our son’s room. It’s nice to take a quick look at the screen & see whether you need to adjust the fan’s speed.We were also worried because it seems that most monitors receive poor reviews based on the capability to hear well through the receiver. I have to agree that this particular monitor should have been designed to allow the receiver to have a much higher volume, but the blue lights across the top help to relieve worries when we’re watching a movie, etc.. I have no problem hearing the monitor while I’m sleeping at night & that’s with a fan & window AC unit on.The battery life for the receiver is great & the range is wonderful. We live in old military housing so we have cement walls. I can go downstairs, out front, & across the street to the mailbox & still hear the monitor.Overall, I’m pretty happy with the monitor & would recommend it to other parents.

Natalia Mount Carmel, UT

Good Signal – even through Cinderblock Walls …

Just for comparison, the Baby Monitor which I received (and am reviewing) is actually not the one pictured. The one which I received was thePhilips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature and Humidity Sensors, SCD530, White / Blue, the 530 model.This model includes the temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, AND lullabies. You can select a favorite, or you can play them all, depending on what is most soothing for your child. It also has a nightlight, which helps during the night, since it means not having to turn on the light to check on baby.There are two things I particularly appreciate about this monitor.1) It uses a DECT signal, which does not interfere with my internet router or other electronics. It also means a stronger signal, and I had no difficulty in connecting through cinderblock walls from our basement to the opposite corner of our home, or from outside the house.2) I love having the “talk” feature from the handset. So, not only can I hear, and monitor the room temperature and the humidity, I can “talk back.” Sometimes it only takes a sentence to calm down a fussy child, and knowing Mom (or in my case Grandma) is near, helps to soothe a fussy little one.

Lori Jet, OK

worth every penny

I didn’t think I would need a monitor since my house is so small, but I love this product. I like having the temperature display. The LED lights catch my attention if I don’t hear her right away. The sound sensor that sets off the LED lights is very sensitive. THey light up when the train whistles blow behind our house.

Meredith Gage, OK

More volume please!

This is a nice monitor. Good size. Attractive. Love the "zero interference/100% privacy guarantee". Love the temperature gauge. We live in an old house with an inconsistent thermostat so it’s nice to see what the temp is from room to room.My only two criticisms are:1. This thing really needs more volume. The beep that tells you the battery is dying is louder than the volume on the actual sounds that come through the monitor. Sometimes I have to hold it up to my ear to confirm if the baby is making noise or not. I don’t see that this would work to put in another room and listen to while cooking, watching tv, etc. You definitely need to use the clip to attach it to yourself if it won’t be sitting right next to you.There is a row of blue lights at the top edge of the monitor that shows how loud of a noise the baby is making on the other end (little laughs or chatter might get just a blue light or two, where a loud cry would light up the full row). This sort of makes up for the lack of volume except in an instance where you’re not looking at the lights. Having somewhat poor hearing, this is a pretty big turn off.2. I sleep at night with the monitor laying on the bed next to my pillow to ensure I’ll hear our baby if he needs me. The battery dies quickly. Make sure that you keep the monitor on the base at all times when not in use. It will only live off the base for about a day and a half. I consistently forget to put it back on the base, and it never fails to alert me at the most inopportune times (3AM) that it needs to be charged.

Kimberly Parkston, SD

has everything and CLEAR!

This has everything I need – temp, link indicator, out of range indicator, sound lights to see how mad she really is, a low battery indicator and you can talk to your baby by pushing a button like a walkie-talkie. Some of these seem like a no-brianer, but you’d be surprised at how many monitors don’t have these features you take for granted.Battery life is great too – A must for any registry

Olga Summit, UT

Wonderful baby monitor

I have used this for just over a week, but it’s crystal clear. It has so many features. I used the music feature today and my wife was quite surprised and happy about the feature. The temperature alarm is nice and the noise handling seems excellent. The lights do light up more based upon the amount of noise and it even has a mode to alarm with noise so this is a great item.There is a night light included, but that particular feature is actually a joke. It is more of a glow than a light and so I would assume the feature did not exits. Given all the other features and since the primary goal is that of a sound monitor, I do not consider this to be a critical issue. Love the item3 weeks now since our little girl has been born. I am likely the temperature reading more and more as to ensure her room temperature is not to low. Our little one was born early, so keeping her warm has been very important and with hot days, the room temperature can vary through the day. My wife also constantly adjusts the volume, so she has definitely found this very easy to use. The battery life on the rechargeable batteries for the remote seem great.9/22/2013 – We have now been using this monitor for 2+ months. We remain extremely happy with this monitor. The lights on the monitor also indicate noise and allow my wife to use a blow dryer and visually know the baby is not crying. The base for the remote has 2 times had the cord come out and thus the monitor stopped charging. I am not sure if it’s not tight enough in the connector or if we have bumped the cord causing this.

Pamela East Jewett, NY

Excellent, but..

Really nice monitor for the money! Crystal clear and very accurate.However, the receiver went bad on mine before it was a year old. There is a possibility it could have gotten damaged (my baby got a hold of it and banged it against the floor at one point), but it could also have been a flaw with the device. It would turn on and have monitoring, but then the receiver just stopped transmitting and I could not hear anything going on in the baby’s room after that. A restart picked up the transmission again for a few minutes at a time, but then it quit working again.

Liliana Saint Matthews, SC

Must-have stress relief monitor

As an anxious new mom, this monitor is amazing for me. Our nursery isn’t very well insulated, and we were worried about how well we’d be able to heat it during our New England winter. Thus, a monitor with a temperature reading was key. When we first bought this, I actually put two other temperature gauges in the room with the monitor to double-check the monitor’s accuracy–and it was spot-on. The monitor always displays the current temp, and I can even set it to beep/alarm if the temp goes higher or lower than I want it–love that. Besides temp display, I also really like the blue LED light that flashes whenever it picks up noise. Again, as a worrier, this is really helpful if i’m playing music and am concerned that I might miss a noise. I just put the monitor where I can see it, and the blue is super-bright, so it’s hard to miss. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the power on/off button–you’ve really got to press hard to get it to go on/off. That may, however, be a safety function so you don’t inadvertently shut it off. This product is one of my most valued of anything I’ve purchased for my new baby. Highly recommend to nervous parents!

Karina Carrizozo, NM

I did not receive the item pictured

I’m not sure if I was shipped the wrong item, but the monitor I received was not the one that is pictured. Since Amazon leaves off the model number, I’m not 100% sure which monitor they are selling here. The monitor I received was the Avent SCD530 which is the newer model. The one pictured is the SCD520.That aside, I am very pleased with this monitor. I had the SCD520 and liked it, but found the temperature to always be way off. Avent seems to have improved this in the newer model. Being able to monitor temperature and humidity is helpful too because we live in a high humidity area and, in the summer, that can make a big difference as to how comfortable the baby’s room is.I never thought I’d use the two way talking functionality, but I am surprised at how much I do! My son’s bedroom is upstairs and I find I use it as kind of an intercom. I can hear what is going on upstairs when he and his sister are playing and am regularly talking to them saying things like, “Is someone jumping on the bed?” I’m not so sure it would really soothe a baby, but it is handy as they get older.The parent unit sits on a rechargable base like a cordless phone. I love this! We have had numerous baby monitors in the past and my biggest issue was that they constantly had dead batteries when I would unplug the unit and want to take it with me somewhere. With this monitor, the unit is always fully charged. This is probably my favorite feature of the whole thing.Reception is great. I haven’t had an issue with any feedback, hearing other people talking on the monitor like I did with other ones, or not being able to hear what was going on in the baby’s room. The reception is crystal clear.So, aside from the issue with the pictured item being wrong (which is an Amazon issue, not an Avent issue), I have no complaints about the product at all and would highly recommend it.

Elsie Eastpoint, FL

BEST out there, forget analog, get digital, get this one!

We had the Sony Analog baby monitor that was highest rated among analog monitors. Figured we’d save a couple bucks and trust that Sony quality. Yeah right, long gone in the ’90s my friend . . . in comes this little guy that we got for a steal and it has been absolutely amazing. It is much smaller than the pictures make it appear and has a lanyard to carry around your neck very comfortably. Would highly recommend to any other parents out there! Well worth your money, don’t do what we did and end up wasting money on an inferior product that will just wake your kid up!

Jeanne Kingsland, AR

Great features but too quiet

I like all the features of this monitor, but the sound level on the parent unit is way too quiet even at its highest setting and with the sensitivity on the baby unit set to high as well. Any other noise in the room pretty much masks noise from the baby.This monitor is smaller than I expected from the photos – the parent unit is roughly the length & width of a credit card (but ~3/4″ thick). I like that you can talk to the baby (but haven’t used this feature yet – our baby is too young for it to be useful). Both units can operate plugged in or on batteries which is handy for travel or just temporary use in a different location. it would be nice if the baby unit had rechargeable batteries too. You can set the unit to alert you if the temperature in the baby’s room is outside a certain range, although the highest minimum temperature you can set is 66 F, which I’d colder than I’d like.

Lidia Colony, KS

We have no complaints

We received this item as a gift and so far it has proven to be worth every penny we didn’t spend.We keep a lot of white noise going in the baby’s room including an air conditioner and a white noise generator in addition to that. I have the baby unit placed in the crib in the corner nearest her head and I can hear even the faintest sniffle despite all the white noise. This really enables us to get to her before she starts fussing a lot.It’s also quite convenient that the baby unit can be used with standard batteries so that it is portable. So far we have used it for several weeks for hours at a time on battery and it hasn’t run down the first set of batteries.Other than the temperature feature and the monitoring we haven’t used many other features on this unit so I can’t speak to those, but the primary features are well implemented and that’s really all that matters to us.

Lindsey Hickory, PA


I LOVE this baby monitor. We’ve had it for four months now, and have yet to have a single problem with it. It never buzzes, it never has interference, we never lose signal, and it’s super sensitive, and displays the little blue light as soon as our son makes a noise. The sound IS a bit harder to hear, but my hubby and I actually like it that way since it doesn’t drown out everything we’re doing at the time, and if we really need to hear (if we’re watching TV or playing a game or doing something loud while he sleeps) we just turn the volume all the way up and it works great.Setup was cake. I opened the box, plugged it in, set the handset on the charger, and VOILA! After a a full charge, we were roaming.We can leave the handset on for 18 hours without a charge, and we’ve turned it on and off daily for up to a week before charging it. We hardly use the lullaby sounds on the main set, but the “walky talky” feature works great when we’re outside and trying to run back inside to get the baby.I love having the temperature sensor right on the handset, so I know if the fan is blowing too hard, or the heater is set too high.We have about 9 wireless networks in our immediate area, and as I said, we’ve never had an ounce of interference, nor have we ever been able to hear the neighbors’ kids over our own monitor. I feel so much safer knowing that this is about as secure as it can get right now, and my husband (the techy) likes the DECT technology.I am disappointed that this is the same price as many video monitors, but the thought of a video monitor creeped both of us out – hence why we settled for this one. I also don’t like that we can’t control the lullabies or the night light from the handset. I’d like to be able to turn the lullabies on from the other room, rather than going to to possibly wake up the just settled to sleep baby, but that’s what the mobile with the remote is for.All in all, an excellent product, and we have thoroughly enjoyed having it.

Kaitlyn Newton Upper Falls, MA

Clear sound, absolutely no interference, great range!

I love this monitor. I can take the parent unit outside and have never once lost transmission or experienced any sort of interference. I also have a Graco unit and it goes crazy with interference next to a cell phone (or even if the parent unit is too close to the baby unit), while the Philips does not. The night-light is less than great, and is super dim – I don’t even use it. I’ve never used the lullaby feature since we use a white noise machine in our baby’s room.Which is the other great thing about this monitor – where the Graco unit would blink ALL night, picking up the sound of the white noise machine, the Philips would register the background noise only for 5 seconds or so – it apparently recognizes ambient sound and clicks off – only reactivating if baby stirs. LOVE this feature, it saves the parent unit’s batteries, and alerts us only when baby makes a sound (plus we don’t go crazy from the blinking lights going off all night). The volume level on the parent unit isn’t super loud, but I think it’s loud enough for us and the bright blue indicator lights register sound enough that I know when my baby is crying just by looking at the lights track across the monitor. At night the highest setting is more than loud enough to wake us up if baby cries.The temp reading and ability to set alerts if the room temp goes above/below certain levels is a nice feature as well.My only complaint – and the reason i took away a star on my rating – is the location of the “Talk” button. I do like having the talkback feature, and we’ve used it to talk when I’m sitting in the nursery and my husband has the parent unit. However – the button is on the side of the unit, walky-talky style. I’ve accidentally pushed the button a few times, inadvertently waking my baby up because she hears our loud chatter (the baby’s base unit’s volume is quite loud). That is less than convenient, and now we have to be careful how we pick up the parent unit so we don’t press the Talk button. It’s just in a really bad spot, right where you want to hold the unit. At the very least, the button should be recessed into the side so it’s harder to push. Not only is it not recessed, it sticks out and is the largest button on the parent unit. Moving it to the front where the other buttons are would solve this problem.Overall – we love this monitor, and it is well worth the price. Wonderful features and crystal clear transmission make for parental peace of mind! And if you have ambient noise like a sound machine, this monitor won’t continually register the sound like other monitors will.

Pearlie Kirkville, NY

I love this!

Great reception, I can hear my baby so clearly and not background noise, static. I love the fact that you can talk back to the main unit and speak to your baby from another room. Additionally, the ability to play lullabies to the baby is excellent. The night light is not very bright, but I didn’t buy for that, so its not an issue for me. Bottom line, if you want an affordable baby monitor, that is simpel to use and works clearly, I highly recommend this one. So far, I am extremely happy.

Millicent Parker, SD

Don’t bother with anything else

After our three year old Philips Avent died, we decided to buy a cheaper baby monitor. After much research, I found that every monitor available has a wide range of high and low star ratings. It seemed that none was an excellent choice, but the ‘Sony 900 MHz BabyCall Nursery Monitor with Receivers’ and the ‘Graco Secure Coverage Digital Monitor – 2 Parent Units’ were the two we tried out. Both were appealing because they include two receivers and both had generally high ratings from a large number of reviewers. Sadly, the reality is that the Philips Avent DECT technology is the only monitor that offers zero interference and crystal clear sound. It’s a bummer, but in this case you do get what you pat for. The Sony and the Graco both produced continual (and very annoying) interference noise and both beeped and changed channels a lot. Our son slept beautifully, but we were woken up throughout the night from the monitors. The sound on the Avent is so clear that I can hear my son breathing and turning/moving in his bed. I never have to worry when I’m not in the room and I always hear him when he calls for me at night. The only downsides to the Philips are: 1) the battery life off the charger is ~3hrs and 2) This is a single receiver system. It would be so helpful to have 2 for different sides of the house (or for each parent). For these two concerns I have removed a star. Other than that it’s excellent.

Dale Garvin, MN

Poor sound – can’t hear soft baby noises

This monitor only lets you hear when the baby full-on cries. You can’t hear if he’s having trouble breathing. Also, the maximum volume on the parent unit is so low that you need to be in a quiet room or keep it near your ear in order to hear it easily.One wonderful feature of it though is the music. It’s a gentle lullaby on a beautiful instrument. I wish I could get the same recording on another device, as I’ve returned this monitor and replaced it with the Angelcare monitor, whose sound quality is far superior but doesn’t have the lullaby.

Andrea Deering, AK

Not worth the money

I paid up for this product due to the temperature reading and 2-way capability, but I don’t use either of those options very often (or really at all).I’ve been using this for over 7 months and do think the clarity is wonderful and I love the neck strap. I don’t think I have any nearby neighbors with little ones who also use monitors but I’ve never noticed any type of interference. Having the light indicator in addition to the sound is fantastic.But for the money, I wish I’d opted for a video one now. When they’re little, having one with video isn’t necessary but now that my baby can stand up in his crib and doesn’t always cry as soon as he wakes up because he’ll play for a few minutes, it would be nice having the picture.

Eugenia Sumner, MO

Really good monitor

We wanted this monitor because of the many good reviews, and also because it has a temperature display. Our daugter’s room gets very cold at night in the winter time. We wanted the temperature display so we could know how cold it was getting in there so we could make sure that she was warm enough.We also like that this model doesn’t get interferance and that others won’t be able to listen into our monitor because of the DECT technology. The range is great. We never get static. We can go upstairs or downstairs from the monitor and still not loose signal.The only items that we were not 100% pleased with were the sound level, & the temperature readout. The sound output is a little on the quiet side. It isn’t too quiet though. It can still wake us up in the night when our daughter starts crying, but we have it turned up to the highest volume all the time and we have our sensitivity up high as well. This means that the batteries wear out quicker on the base unit when not plugged in, but we have it plugged in almost all the time. The temperature readout seems to be about 3 or 4 degrees warmer then what the room is actually at. I don’t 100% trust it, which is a little disappointing.Overall, I am very happy with this monitor. Everything works great. We haven’t had any problems with the montor itself. The little items brought it down from a 5 star rating, but overall, we still really like this monitor.

Jan Albertville, AL

Works Great!

This baby monitor has worked well for us in a house with lots of other electronic/wi-fi gadgets. I like that you can turn the sound off and still see lights when the baby makes noise. The "talk" button is easy to accidentally push when picking up the unit, but that’s not a big deal. I also use the temperature feature more than I realized I would. I don’t use the music/lullabies, but they are pleasant sounding if we did want to use them.

Candy White Heath, IL

Handier than expected

I bought this monitor because it had two way talk, which I am yet to use since my twins are only 4 months old. However, I love the temperature on the monitor. I didn’t care about this before, but it’s very helpful. It also has a good range. I can be in my large backyard and am still connected to the monitor without static or interference. I can also see how loud the crying is with the bar of lights. I find this helpful and like this feature.The things that were disappointing were the volume control. If it’s loud in the living room or if we are sleeping with the windows open, it can be hard to hear when my boys cry. This is when the bar of lights is especially helpful.I was excited about the music when I purchased the monitor, but never use it now. The music is great, but it is loud on the hand held end of the monitor. This wouldn’t bother me, but I play it for the babies and then go to bed right after. I lay in bed and have to hear it as well…. When all I want to do is sleep. Also, the light on it is kind of a joke. It isn’t even bright enough to be a night light. It’s just kind of a dull glow.Although there are things about the monitor I don’t like, I still would buy it all over again. The important stuff works well. It’s mostly the bells and whistles that aren’t what I expected.

Ruthie Carrollton, GA

Wow! Love them!

I live in an apartment building with many other tenants. Each apartment in my complex has at least one set of cordless phones and a wireless network. I tried many digital monitors in my apartment but it seems the only ones that would work are way over my price range. I also tried analogue monitors, however, these did not work either.Looking at the description and photo of this item, it looked a little large and I had wondered if it would fit anywhere in the baby’s room. When it arrived, it was much smaller than I had imagined.Pros:1.8 Ghz Technology (works great with no interference)Price (Costs more than the unreliable cheapies, but alot less than a comparable digital monitor)Size (fits well in the nursery)Rechargeable battery is the parent’s unit (less disposable battery consumption)Wall plug in the infant’s unit along with optional battery back up (4-AA)Infant unit will function without wall plug if you are unable to plug it in for some reasonEco-Mode saves battery lifeAdjustable sound sensitivity (it makes me feel better if I can hear him moving around)Intercom Feature (if I am in taking care of baby and request that someone listening to the monitor bring me something, they can let me know that they heard me, also they can offer assistance to me if the baby is crying for more than a minute or two)Temperature Gauge allows for me to monitor the baby’s room’s temperature while he is sleeping and go in and adjust it if needed so he doesn’t wake up too hot or too cold.Cons:No video feature (This is not a deal breaker for me and I am not particularly impressed with any video monitors at the moment, however it would be a nice feature to have. I am not lost without it though)The conclusion is that I love this monitor and hope that it will continue to function well as time goes on. I plan to use this monitor for many years to come.UPDATE (3/29/12)I’ve had this more than a year and it still works as well as the day I got it. I’m very impressed by the durability and when I’m using the backup batteries in the infant unit, it actually doesn’t eat through them too quickly. The battery on the parent unit lasts me about 24 hours before it needs a recharge.

Sarah New Gretna, NJ

Cannot Hear Until Your Child is in Complete Distress

I purchased this monitor after reading the reviews both on here and on consumer reports and figured it would be great fit for our loft home. For the first two and half months we didn’t really need this as our child never slept out of sight/earshot, but once he started going to sleep and staying asleep we figured we would put him down one floor away from us. We could not hear a THING on this monitor until he started screaming (which he has never done before as he usually grunts or makes whimpering noises before getting this upset). We heard no grunting or moving around (both things we hear when in the room). The only way we heard him was by being near the stairs. The worst part about this was we had no noise going on – other than the breastpump! Now at first I thought I was crazy because it was the first time he was not in the same room as me while sleeping, BUT no I tried again (this time being really attentive to the monitor and the stairs) and still the volume was terrible. THIS IS NOT WORTH IT! I am hoping to return this since I have used it twice and both times it was not a monitor at all.

Bridget Lometa, TX

Works great

No interference from the house WiFi – so the DECT technology is quite handy. The monitor works great – easy to use. Love the temperature setting – especially handy with tiny baby as it takes the guesswork out of sleepwear.

Cheryl Organ, NM