Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode

Advanced monitoring for you and your baby, with night light and lullabies, and with vibration alert and docking station for the parent unit. The Philips AVENT scd570/10 baby monitor delivers a reliable connection to your baby. DECT technology guarantees zero interference from any other transmitting product like other baby monitors, cordless phones and cell phones. It also provides high quality, crystal clear sound so you can hear your baby anytime. Data encryption provides a secure and private connection. A customized temperature sensor allows you to monitor the climate in baby’s room, immediately alerting you, through the digital display on the parent unit, if the climate changes, as your baby cannot regulate her body temperature as well as you can and will get restless even with a slight change in temperature. If your baby is restless when you put them to bed, you can help soothe and calm your baby to sleep with the warm tranquil glow of the night light or you can select one of five gentle lullabies. Other great features include sound activated lights to indicate the level of sounds in baby’s room, the ability to talk back to your baby, a range of up to 330 meters, a rechargeable wireless unit that with a comfortable deck cord so you can move around the house, a docking station that allows you to recharge the parent unit, and an alert on the parent unit when power is low or if you’re out of range.

Main features

  • Zero interference and private connection: DECT technology guarantees zero interference and 100% privacy
  • Customized temperature sensor with vibration alert
  • Night light and lullabies
  • Talk back feature
  • Range of up to 330 meters

Verified reviews


Easy to use and works ok

As it happens I am expecting to be a grandfather any minute! So as I wait I figured I’d have time to get my review in.For listening this little unit works great. No problems with several walls and about 50 feet in between. And it looks good, should go with about any decor. You can listen in on baby, check the temperature in the room, have it play a lullaby, talk to baby, and it has a night light. The problem is you can’t control the main unit. So if you want to turn lullaby on or off you have to walk into the room. And if you take the remote with you and get it close to the main unit it could send off one of those loud shrills.While we are waiting for our baby to try it out on we haven’t been able to test the sensitivity levels, yet.Personally, I think we need to get up and “exercise” and you shouldn’t rely on equipment to take care of your baby so I don’t think video is important. But I do think this is overpriced for audio only and so little you really can control. It would be better if you could turn lullaby and the night light on/off. It is great for listening to baby and checking the temperature especially now heading into winter.

Terra Delta, PA

extremely clear sound

Here’s what I like about this monitor.-you can adjust the sensitivity, so when there is no noise (or whatever level of noise you set it to), the monitor will sit off, and then come on when your baby starts making noise.-my previous monitor’s quietest setting was still too loud for me, especially in the middle of the night. This monitor has a lot more levels of volume and the quietest level is very quiet.-the sound is very clear and I don’t here any "echo" like I have with other monitors. When my baby wakes up, and if I am close by his room with the monitor, the sound of the monitor and his crying are as far as I can tell, exactly in sync. Ialmost can’t even tell I have the monitor on. It is great!-the screen display shows the time, which is great! It is in military time however…not a huge deal but kind of annoyingA couple things I don’t love about this monitor…-the lights showing the volume level are extremely bright in a room that’s completely dark in the middle of the night.-if the screen is supposed to have a back light, mine doesn’t work and I’m not able to see the screen in the dark. This is really frustrating.

Jessica Exeter, CA

Worth your consideration

For the money, most customers are probably wondering what makes this device better than competitors featuring video. This is the fourth baby monitor I’ve reviewed and the only one without video, so this was certainly on my mind too.Don’t let that stop you from at least considering this model. It’s an audio monitor, but it does the audio very well. The night light and lullaby features do their thing as advertised, but honestly I don’t use them much. I find the temperature sensor to be brilliant. I hadn’t given enough thought to this, but if you keep the baby’s room at a comfortable temperature, you’re going to be able to head off problems as the baby rests better.The prime feature is the clear and crisp audio. The range is excellent and it’s perfectly clear… much better than the audio on my other monitors. While I can’t say I’m an expert I do believe this is much more secure from weirdos monitoring the feed.Think about what it’s like to use a video monitor with unclear audio. You wind up glancing at it 100 times an hour. With an audio monitor you can relax a bit. And if there’s a needy cry, instead of complacently looking at the video and assuming everything looks ok, isn’t it necessary to go ahead and check on the baby in person?In my experience, less might be more when it comes to baby monitors, and you might be better off with a great audio monitor than an OK video one.But regardless of your thoughts on that matter, this device does a great job at checking the temperature and listening in.

Francis Hume, NY

A Lot of Features For the Money!

I got this for my newly arriving 10th grandchild. It is really easy to use, easy to set up. So here are all the great things this monitor does:
• Its range is 330 meters out doors- 1082 feet- 360 yards. (A standard house lot size is 100′ X 130′) This monitor allows you to go outside of your yard with the monitor and still pick up the sound in the baby’s room.
• Its indoor range is about 50 meters- 164 feet- surely your house is not longer than that!
• You get to decide just how much noise you want to pick up from the monitor- If you don’t want to hear your baby breathing and turning over, you can adjust the volume to hear just a good wail.
• It plays lullabies- blocking out other noises so your baby can sleep.
• It takes the temperature of the room and you can set a range of temperature so that if the room temp. goes above or below the setting, an alarm will go off. This is especially helpful in the winter if your main source of heat is a wood stove or fireplace away from that room.
• The parent unit is rechargeable so you never have to run out of batteries.
• You can talk through the parent monitor and wish upon a star that that will be enough to soothe your baby back to sleep.
• If not, and you have to go into the baby’s room, it has a night light- you don’t have to turn on a glaring light or fumble for a switch- you can see in the room immediately.

Lolita Greenleaf, WI

A whole new kind of monitor

This is my third baby monitor over the course of two children. I thought all monitors were the same – which one has the best video screen without breaking the bank. And none were really that good. This Avent monitor has new features I’ve never had in a monitor before in this price range. While I thought I could not live without video, I think this is actually a better choice because of the quality of the other features. The monitor exceeds in two of the most important areas – temperature monitoring and sound quality. The two way talk feature is also a HUGE added bonus. I cannot tell you how handy this feature is.I have found our old video monitor to be very one dimensional and limited compared this Avent. We simply get more valuable information, and it helps us keep in communication while eliminating the unnecessary disturbances. Our child’s room is subject to wild swings in temperature, there is also a loud creaky door that alerts everyone of my presence, which is not good. Now I don’t have to risk waking them up and can hear everything that is going on. For example when my son is uncomfortable or about to cry, he scratches at the sheets. To give you an idea of the sound quality, I can her him doing this on this monitor while I cant hear anything on our old one until he lets out a wail.The most paranoid of us basically want to know two things – that our child is in safely bed and breathing. Video monitors with bad sound do not do this, and a hot bedroom is a huge risk in winter. I can hear everything now, and no longer have to enter the room to know the whole story.

Petra Conewango Valley, NY

Impressed with features, design & quality

This is a well-built and well-designed baby monitor. I will say that it is a light blue color and that may matter to someone. It doesn’t take up much space and in a small room or when dresser or table top space is limited that matters. My daughter pointed out that she would rather have a clip for her belt than the neck loop.Our house does not stay the same temperature in all the rooms, so the monitor for temperature sensor is important to us. Some of the things that we didn’t need, but like are the night light, and lullabies. The monitor works as far as the barn, about 100 yards from the house.We are impressed by the features on this monitor, the design, and the quality of this monitor.

Jayne Winner, SD

Excellent Baby Monitor With Multiple Useful Features …

The “Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor With Temperature Sensor and Night Mode” is an excellent addition to your child’s nursery or for grandparents who have frequent little overnight “visitors”. The unit is compact; its sleek, contemporary appearance and lovely pastel robin-egg blue color are very attractive. Its practical features and clear sound capability elevate it above other baby monitors currently on the market.Set-up of the “Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor With Temperature Sensor and Night Mode” is fairly easy – if you read the directions and follow them carefully. To link the parent and base units, you should hold down the power button for two seconds. If you exceed that amount of time, the units do not link; I learned that the hard and frustrating way.Both the sound quality and transmission power of the “Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor With Temperature Sensor and Night Mode” are outstanding. The temperature sensor is particularly helpful if you live in an area where temperature extremes and power outages occur with some regularity. By having an alert sound when there is temperature change, parents are able to prevent a baby from getting too cold or from becoming overly warm.The two-way capability is a real plus in the middle of the night if the “first responder” needs assistance from the parent who has stayed in bed. It is also useful when the child is older; the parent is able to tell the child something without having to play the sleep-delaying game of “mommy/daddy, I need you”. Grandparents having a little visitor who talks incessantly before finally succumbing to sleep will find the “Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor With Temperature Sensor” provides an excellent source of entertainment.Another significant feature – at least for light sleepers – is the ability to set the sensitivity level of this monitor. Rather than hearing every little rustle, particularly if your baby is an “active” sleeper, you can set the sensitivity so you only hear the level of noise that you feel is significant. The seven volume levels allow you to customize the sound to the volume you desire.The lullaby function is pleasant sounding. The melodies are familiar ones and done in a soothing manner. They are not loud, raucous, or overly stimulating; lullabies repeat after 15 minutes.. The ability to control volume further enhances this feature. If you choose to use it, the nightlight function provides a soft, non-distracting light.There are several small improvements that I believe would enhance the “Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor With Temperature Sensor and Night Mode”. The time shown on the parent unit is in military time – e.g. 1 PM is shown as 1300 – giving parents the option of choosing a 12-hour clock or military time would be nice. The various control buttons are not visibly marked – the markings are raised, but white like the buttons. It would be helpful to have them marked so that one does not have to memorize their location and function.Overall, the “Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor With Temperature Sensor and Night Mode” is an excellent choice as a baby monitor. If you need the temperature sensor with customized alert, you may want to purchase this particular model. Parents who do not need a temperature sensor can economize by purchasing the “Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor With Temperature Sensor.” I highly recommend either monitor for your child’s nursery or for grandparents needing a baby monitor in their home.

Ophelia Zoe, KY

Impressive signal range!

Too many times I’ve tiptoed the length of our house to verify the weak, scratchy signal from our old monitor. Sometimes I’ve awakened the little guy from his nap while I checked him. We live in an old row house that has walls of wooden lathe and plaster, and each wall has been covered with 1/8″ drywall. This presents a barrier for many of the signals that pass easily through a newer house. Our Wi-Fi signal fades, as does the cordless phone signal, over the 75′ or so between nap room and kitchen. The Avent DECT Baby Monitor handles the signal in two directions with no distortion. Amazing!But wait! There’s more! Once I actually read the instructions, it was easy to direct the other features, sound level, two-way operation, vibrating mode, feed timer. The temperature sensor is especially helpful in this old place, as temperatures can vary.This monitor, with its dependable signal, is a huge improvement over the three-year-old model it replaces. Good job, Philips.

Maude Vails Gate, NY

They thought of nearly everything

If you’re not going to go the video monitor route, then this audio monitor is the way to go.The base unit (the part that stays by baby) includes a number of great features that are absent from my previous video monitor system, including a built-in nightlight, five built-in lullaby tracks, and a temperature sensor. This last feature seems extraneous to us, in a home with central heating, but if your heating is room-by-room, or you rely upon a space heater to keep the nursery warm, then I can see how this additional feature would provide additional comfort. The base unit plugs into a wall outlet, but also has room for four AA batteries to provide continued operation even in the event of a power outage. Finally, the base unit includes a "find" button that will help you locate the remote unit should you misplace it.The remote unit (the part you’ll carry around) includes an LCD screen that indicates the room temperature, the time, the communication signal strength, and the status of the (included) rechargeable batteries. There is also a walkie-talkie button that allows 2-way communication with the base unit.The quality of the sound coming through the monitor is very high (much better than the sound in my previous video monitor setup). With careful placement of the base unit, on the highest sensitivity setting, you can hear your child’s breathing, which for me provides the same level of comfort as the video feed did.

Kate Pacolet, SC

This Philips baby monitor is probably as sophisticated as you’ll ever get from a sound-only baby monitor

With 4 kids we have used just about every baby monitors out there, both the camera ones and the simple ones with just the voice features. The camera ones are in principle really neat, but a lot of them could be hard to set up and are not very user-friendly. 90% of the times you just need the monitor to tell you if your baby is crying. For all such situations camera could be overkill. If you’re a techie, you’ll love the monitors with the camera feature. If your not a techie a voice monitor will do just fine.This Philips baby monitor is probably as sophisticated as you’ll ever get from a sound-only baby monitor. It is well designed, sturdily built (a very important consideration for a baby monitor), and easy to set up and use.The setup was very straightforward. One of the advantages of using a self-contained unit like this one (as opposed to the ones that rely on smartphones and other third-party devices) is that the setup and operation are really robust and easy.I’ve used this monitor to check up on my toddler, as well as to interact with him on an occasion. The two-way communications is a lot of fun, but I am not really sure how useful it really is. When your baby is crying, he/she wants you to come over. Almost nothing else will be good enough.One of the features I like the best about this monitor is the ability to set your own level of noise that activates it. Babies vary, and one baby’s anguished screams are another’s business as usual.The stated range of this monitor is 330 meters outdoor. I have not directly tested this, but the range seemed more than adequate.Overall, we have been really satisfied with this baby monitor. It meets almost all of our needs for such a device, and it’s really well made. Highly recommended.

Miranda Hedgesville, WV

So happy with the features

This device seems to have a feature for everyone. For my needs, I enjoy the following:1. Clarity…you can adjust the sensitivity to pick up very quiet sounds your child makes. I keep it on a shelf about 6 feet away because of the outlet cord but you’d think it was right by her. The voice quality is great and I like I can talk to her on it or the husband in the other room if needed. That’s a plus when he hollers out something like “where’s the wipes?” even though they haven’t changed where I store the spares ;).2. Music…I’ve tried other devices that only last a few minutes and this has a few choices that play a steady tune for 10 minutes. Usually this is enough time for my child to fall asleep and she asks for it if I forget to turn it on. Major blessing when something calms a child to sleep!3. Nightlight…I use this sometimes or just turn it on to see around in the room without waking her.I’d highly recommend this model unless you must have a video monitor. There’s just so many positives to it…the clarity and music being the two best.

Carlene El Dorado Hills, CA

Very Happy!

The monitor is very well put together. Use it nearly every day wandering around the home. Would purchase this again.

Stephanie Arnegard, ND

Good monitor except for bright lights

We originally had another Philips Avent monitor that is very similar to this one except it doesn’t play music:Philips Avent Basic Monitor TechnologyI compared that one to the First Years True Choice monitor here:;=B002WN2BY6&nodeID;=165796011&store;=baby-productsI want to compare this Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temp Sensor and Night Mode to the first Philips Avent monitor, the Basic one, but hopefully this review will help you out in making comparisons between several Philips Avent monitors available now. I’ve listed pros and cons below.Pros of this monitor with Temp and Night Mode:
• a temperature reading for the baby’s room, yay!–we have an old, drafty house, and we were always checking the temp by going into the room at night before we go to bed, so cross that duty off the list now
• ability to play soft music–this is also a con if you don’t care for that function yet you’re paying for it
• charging dock for the parent unit–the unit is very oval and will stand on its own, but I wouldn’t trust it without the dock if you wake up to a baby screaming and you flail around like I do
• directional mike on the baby unit–picks up noise more easily, but the basic monitor is very sensitive, too
• night mode–this is a bit of pro and con; it’s nice they created a night mode where the lights are dimmer, but since they upped the blue noise indicators, it’s moot, because the blue lights are BRIGHTCons of this monitor, compared to the basic monitor:
• blue lights are BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT, even in night mode–the basic monitor is pretty sensitive, too, and I had to put that parent unit facing down when I faced that side of the bed, and this one I will absolutely have to put tape over, like another reviewer did, just to get sleep. It’s too bright for my hubby, too, who in the interests of disclosure needs the lights as he’s mostly deaf without his hearing aids–so what to do in that case? Only use the tape when I’m around, and take it off when he’s using it, but he makes sure to sleep facing the other way? Ridiculous options….
• lullaby mode–who really wants to get their baby hooked on music so that they can’t sleep any other way? Not trying to rant, but I figure that the air filter in her room is enough white noise for going to sleep-BUT, you can choose not to use the music
• tippy oval parent unit–don’t set it upright if you are walking around with it, unless it’s in a good location in case it falls-yes, it’s “prettier” than the old unit, I guess, but is that necessary when it could have been sturdier? Sheesh.
• sensitivity–not the same as the blue lights problem-it picks up things from outside the room, so if I want to just hear the baby breathing, I may hear the cat meowing, the dog shifting on the bed in the hallway, and the washing machine down the waySo, if you’re set on a Philips Avent monitor, which I recommend (the old one lasted a very long time with only one extra battery purchase), if you feel like you need the night mode and the music, pick up this one. Otherwise, check out the similar ones with just the temp sensor, because I think that’s the best part of the new monitors.

Sheree Montezuma, NC

really nice monitor

I like the fact that it has a thermometer on it and you can see the temperature in the room where the monitor is from the parent end of it. I also like the fact that you can speak from the parent end to the base. Will be nice when our son is older and I can check on him from our room or whereve I am since the parent piece has a strap and can be carried anywhere in our house. We have a story and a half house along with a basement and the base is upstairs and we are able to pick up signal anywhere in the house. We tested it put by walking all over the house before our son arrived to make sure sound would be picked up anywhere.

Ruthie Rapid City, MI

So pleased to have one!

Follow the directions and set up is a breeze.Work with another adult to ascertain that all functions are operating correctly.It is as simple as that!With a personally selected sound sensitivity, we are able to hear baby’s cries, gurgling, laughing. We can play lullabies, have a soft night light going. We can time feedings, check room temperature if we so wish.The parent unit is easily transportable, via a neck strap, throughout our home and the range covers multi levels. A find feature, should you happen to set down the parent unit and forget where, is a useful addition.It is comforting for the parent to know how baby is doing; and baby will always be heard.Great unit!

Beth Bridgeville, DE

A Great Audio Monitor, but a bit pricey

I have a video baby monitor, that I like for the video aspect. It does not have great sound. Even at the highest setting you can’t hear it very well sometimes, so I thought I would get this not only for the sound, but also for the temperature monitor. According to some SIDS research it is important to keep your baby at a moderate temp range (no more than 72 F), so for that fact alone I would have gotten this monitor since the room that the crib is in tends to be cooler than the rest of the house. I don’t want the room too cool, but I also don’t want it too hot.The monitor does everything that it promises to do, and it does it very well. My only criticism is that I think that at this price point you can buy a video monitor. While I like the features on the audio monitor, I don’t think I would want to do without the video monitor. I wish Avent would have made the ultimate monitor by having the quality sound, the temperature monitor as well as the video too. I would have been willing to pay for them to be all in one. If I only had the money to spend to buy one monitor then I would spend the $160.00 to get the video monitorPhilips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision, despite all of the great features on the audio monitor.

Aline Shenandoah, PA

Clear Static-free Sound

This is a great baby monitor and well worth the price. Static is usually the main problem with monitors but this one is crystal clear. The sound quality is very good and that really is the key feature in a baby monitor. For that alone this gets a recommendation. Other details: the indoor range on this is listed as 50 meters which is about 165 feet. This also has a night light on it for the baby’s unit. On the other unit there is a light feature which can also be used to notify you when sounds are being made. This has two-way communication so you can talk into the unit for baby to hear you but must likely if you hear a cry you are going to your baby anyways. But the most important feature is still the quality of the sound and this does the job. Recommended.

Lou Schley, VA

Quality product!

Baby monitors rarely excite me. I’ve been a mom for 13+ years and owned multiple monitors during that time. I’ve been meaning to pick one up for our one newest little, but because of past disappointments I continued to put it off. When given the chance to review this product I figured why not. I was impressed with the sleek design and appearance as soon as I removed it from the box, but was it just another pretty face? Only one way to tell. We took it upstairs and plugged in. The monitors I have used in the past were just your basic plug in listen to baby (and maybe your neighbors phone conversation). So I was a little shocked by all the bells and whistles this monitor offers. Music? Check. Night light? Check. Intercom so my husband can wake me up when I doze off with baby? Check. Temperature sensor? Check. The best part is it actually does what it is designed for. Not only can I hear baby when he cries, but the little blue lights in the front (I’m sure they have a name) wiggle up and down with noise. Perfect for when I’m doing dishes and can’t hear if he wakes up. just watch for blue. Love the rechargeable battery. If your house is anything like mine all the batteries are in Xbox controllers and TV remotes. The last thing an exhausted mom needs to do is hunt down a couple of AA batteries.The sound on this is wonderful. Very little interference. I wish the volume would go louder, but that is really my only complaint. It is very sensitive and picks up sounds even outside baby’s room (with the door closes). It has a decent range as well. This is a really great monitor. Functions well and is also visually appealing. I definitely recommend it.

Nadine Hayward, CA

An Effective Way To Monitor Baby

This baby monitor works like most monitors in the sense that it will detect a crying infant and alert its parents that the baby is up and possibly hungry or in need of a diaper change. However, this monitor had some extras that I had never considered for inclusion in a monitor. Aside from allowing a parent to comfort a baby remotely, it can also allow parent (or as in my case a grandparent) when a room’s temperature is disturbing a baby’s sleep. While I knew that babies cannot control their body temperatures internally like adults, I never considered this as a problem regarding impeding sleep. This monitor will alert a parent to changes in room temperature. It also provides a night light feature as well as a selection of 5 lullabies to lull a baby to sleep.This set contains the monitor, a charging base, and a portable phone-like unit that should cover a range of about 330 feet from the base unit. Despite all the whistle and bells, the most valuable feature is just alerting you to a child’s needs.This is supposedly not going to interfere with the signals from other mobile units such as cordless phones. Since my house is littered with phones as well as other junk that runs off signals, this seems to be true. I borrowed my infant grandchild for the day and I had no problem in this respect. I found myself going upstairs several times during the day. There was no problem with the sound quality on this system.Small and unobtrusive, this is a great item to give to new parents. While it is possibly not something a family might not want to buy due to its price, it is certainly a worthwhile product. I’m thinking of buying an additional set for my nephew and his wife who are expecting a baby in March.

Christi Montchanin, DE

Great Product

This is a wonderful baby monitor system with added features that make it fun to use. Not only can you hear your baby, but you also can monitor the temperature and humidity in his/her room. You can play one of five lullabies to soothe your baby, or you can let your baby hear your own voice.It’s a great product. Enjoy. And congratulations!

Teresa Narragansett, RI

Very Effective Baby Monitor

We have used several different baby monitors, both the camera ones and the simple ones with just the voice features. The camera ones are in principle really neat, but a lot of them are hard to set up and are not very user-friendly. 90% of the times you just need the monitor to tell you if your baby is crying. For all such situations camera is an overkill.This Philips baby monitor is probably as sophisticated as you’ll ever get from a sound-only baby monitor. It is well designed, sturdily built (a very important consideration for a baby monitor), and easy to set up and use.The setup was very straightforward. One of the advantages of using a self-contained unit like this one (as opposed to the ones that rely on smartphones and other third-party devices) is that the setup and operation are really robust and easy.I’ve used this monitor to check up on my toddler, as well as to interact with him on an occasion. The two-way communications is a lot of fun, but I am not really sure how useful it really is. When your baby is crying, he/she wants you to come over. Almost nothing else will be good enough.One of the features I like the best about this monitor is the ability to set your own level of noise that activates it. Babies vary, and one baby’s anguished screams are another’s business as usual.The stated range of this monitor is 330 meters outdoor. I have not directly tested this, but the range seemed more than adequate for my one family home.Overall, we have been really satisfied with this baby monitor. It meets almost all of our needs for such a device, and it’s really well made. Highly recommended.

Deann Lostant, IL

Surpassed our Expectations …

Foremost, our main concern resided with how large this appeared online. We have a relatively small space reserved for a monitor and did not want a large, bulky (unsightly) product. When the box arrived, we were elated to see how petite (and aesthetically pleasing) this really is. So, know that this is refined piece of technology.Secondly, since we have a very large house were deeply concerned about how effective this product would be. Well, we took down into our workout room, into the garage, and even out to my flower beds … no loss of signal, at all. Now, that is impressive!Third, set-up was remarkably easy. Everyone, of any age, can easily set-up this product … so have no fears.Finally, we truly love all the add-ons! One thinks of them as “those things we’ll never use,” but au contraire, mon ami! The night-light and lullaby features are phenomenal. It is one “once you have it, you cannot live without it” options!Buy this product and feel much more secure. Philips has produced a fantastic monitor at an entirely reasonable price. For what more could you ask?

Herminia Normanna, TX

5 Star Audio Only Baby Monitor

For a monitor without video, this is a really great device. We actually have a video monitor that is perfectly fixed on our baby’s sleeping area that we use when he goes to bed at night, but this audio-only monitor is what we use when he’s sleeping elsewhere in the house or when we take him over to friend’s houses and he falls asleep for a nap. So far, we get crisp, clear audio without interference wherever we’ve gone and we use it almost exclusively with the battery option. I love that if my baby falls asleep in one room, I won’t have to move him if I need to take care of things in another room. I can quietly drop the monitor anywhere in the room and I’m able to hear his every little stir. I also really like the talk back option which is helpful actually for my husband and I to be able to communicate when we’re in separate areas of the house – so, for example, if I’m rocking the baby to sleep and accidentally drop his pacifier out of reach, I can quietly talk into the monitor and ask my husband to come up and grab it for me. We haven’t used it to talk to the baby yet as he’s only a few months old and doesn’t seem to react to our voices over the talk back feature, but we’ll see how he takes to it when he’s older.

Mable Pomeroy, OH

Great Product

Wonderful product.I absolutely love the temperature sensor, lullaby music and night, and the talk back features.We’ve used many different monitors and this product is one of the better ones. The only things I wished this product had was an extra hand unit and video monitoring. Other than that, I’d highly recommend this product.

Rhoda Oxford, FL

A singing baby monitor ?

Yes , a singing baby monitor……and that is only one of the many features.This has to be the most advanced monitor on the market. Temperature alert , two way communication and night mode all contribute to this product’s appeal.Well worth the price and very durable , the product will outlast the years needed for use.

Megan South Webster, OH

New baby gave us proof!

We were waiting for a new baby to arrive to test this Philips Avent DECT baby monitor. She’s here, and we’ve tried it, and we like it! Prior experience with Philips products has shown the products to be technologically up to date, well made, useful, and cleverly designed. This monitor is as good as the other Philips products I especially enjoy, which are two different kinds of wake-with-light alarms, and a blue light for seasonal “blues.” Back to the monitor, though. We already have a video baby monitor that has done a yeoman’s job for years and has served well with this baby’s brother. With a “newbie” like this little one, though, we’ve not had a chance to test whether she likes the light or the lullaby; they have not been needed yet. These look and sound exactly as advertised, and the lullabies are lovely and soothing. Doubtless our new baby girl will come to love these as they lull her to sleep in months to come. But for now, the DECT transmission quality is what we are the most interested in. The sound transmission is truly as clear as a bell and is crisp and true. The tiniest murmur comes through. This is really helpful, because she is not noisy (yet) but just makes little calls and whimpers when she’s hungry or needs something. Something interesting – placing this monitor by her brother’s separate monitor causes no interference whatsoever on either monitor – this is a real advantage when you’re monitoring two little ones. As stated, this is very early in our use of this monitor, but based on our limited experience plus knowledge of Philips products, it should be wonderful to have. I’ll provide an update in a few months when we have had a chance to use a wider range of features.

Vonda Kennedy, MN

so happy with it!

I have used a video monitor for my kids since I had my oldest 2 years ago. My house isn’t big, so I could always hear him when he cried. We could leave doors open making it even easier to hear him.When my twins were born 9 months ago I thought I could continue to do the same. Who knew how loud the 2-year-old could be and add to that one other baby and hearing one sleeping in the other room isn’t as easy. I didn’t want to have to get my phone or iPad out every time I hear a noise, so a I figured I needed an audio monitor. Also, with winter approaching and a drafty house, I need a temperature monitor on the twins’ room to make sure they sleep better.I’m super happy with the monitor. I like that it lights up when the baby cries because then I don’t even need the volume turned up and can just look to see if the lights are on. The temperature sensor is very helpful since their room is never the same as the other rooms. I usually keep it plugged in in the living room and then can take it in the bedroom overnight. The battery has lasted as long as 2 days without charging.I don’t use the light on the monitor in their room because they both like it dark, but it is nice to have in case I do need light in their room just to see around a little, but don’t want to turn on the room light.Overall, a great monitor that I am very pleased with.

Lacy Mulberry, KS

Top of the line, but not in price

the baby monitors just seem to get better and better. this unit tells you about changes in room temperature,It has a night light and plays lullabiesIt is very clear, and the sound is not muffled in any wayYou can even adjust the noise level you want to hear!You can use it to talk to your baby! How precious.It is easy to recharge, the range is pretty goodthe connection is great, even with all the wi-fi, bluetooth, i-phones, laptops, monitors, and other gadgets in the house. what a perfect baby shower gift!

Amy Gardner, CO

A bunch of interesting features in one package

There are several cool things about this baby monitor (even though it does not have video). You can set the volume sensitivity which means that you can decide whether or not you want to hear your baby breathing. You can also set the temperature so that if the temperature reaches a high or low setting it will set off an alarm. I haven’t had to use that one but I imagine it would be super helpful for some night when the furnace dies or a fire starts or something like that. It also has a night light on the baby unit so that when you do have to go into his or her room in the middle of the night you don’t have to turn on a light or other night light. The baby unit also plays lullabies which is great for when we’ve lost our glow worm toy. There is a walkie talkie feature too which is supposed to let you talk to the child but is more likely to be used by the parents (Can you bring me a towel?!)

Shelby Peru, IN

The ultimate baby monitor

There are a ton of baby monitors on the market, each of which claims to have the best features and the most advanced technology, blah blah blah. This one actually delivers what it promises. The unit is easy to set up and use. The signal range is outstanding. It has a night-light. Volume control is easy to adjust. It also plays lullabies so your baby can fall asleep more easily. Those are just a few of the stand-out features you get for this really affordable price. It’s a fantastic product…no complaints here!

Rachelle Collyer, KS