Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor

Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor

Stay always close to your baby with the latest technology in baby video monitoring. The Philips AVENT Digital Video Monitor SCD600/10 enables you to see and hear your baby, giving you the confidence that he or she is safe and sound, day and night. With advanced digital technology, the SCD600/10 provides crystal clear vision at a distance of up to 500ft, allowing you to stay connected to your baby from anywhere in the home without disrupting his or her sleep. Infra-red night vision allows for round the clock monitoring. Built-in nightlight and soothing lullabies help lull baby to sleep.

Main features

  • Day and night monitoring includes infrared night vision and 100% private connection at a range of up to nearly 500ft, Large 2.4″ color video screen provides easy monitoring with high resolution images, Automatic screen activation-turns the video screen on when noise is detected in baby’s room, Cordless portable parent unit with belt clip allows for complete freedom in and around the home, Soothing lullabies and nightlight comforts baby to sleep

Verified reviews


Excellent baby monitor

My wife and I love this monitor. We have replaced aSummer Infant Day & Night Baby Video Monitor with 5″ Screen – Whitewith Philips Avent. The sound and picture are great, and there is no interference like we had with Summer. Both day and night video feeds are very clear, and the design is clean and modern.There are some nice features like night lights on the baby unit, and the ability to have baby unit start playing lullabies by pressing a button on the parent unit. The parent unit can be set to turn the screen off automatically to save battery unless the baby starts making sounds. The camera is not fixed to the camera stand, but held by a magnet, so it can be easily adjusted in any direction, and it can be used without the AC adapter with AAA batteries. Philips manual tells you not to use rechargeable batteries because the baby unit does not have a charging function, but I do not see why one could not use low self-discharge AAAs like Eneloops.This baby monitor is covered by Philips’s Full 2-year Warranty, which I found pleasantly surprising because a couple of the Philips DVD players I own have only 90 days warranty and I expected the warranty on the Avent monitor to be no longer than a year.I noticed just two minor issues that may not even be a problem for others.1. For my setup, positioning the camera was a little difficult. We like to see the whole crib from above, so the camera needed to be setup on the shelf above and to the left of the crib. The way the Philips camera and stand are designed, I had to put a wedge under the back of the camera stand so that the camera points where I need it to point. I could not simply rotate the camera down far enough because then the lens would be covered by the stand (see pictures). I did not have this problem with the Summer’s camera design.2. The night vision infrared lights on the baby unit glow red. They are low intensity, but still visible and distracting. The Summer baby monitor also had night vision, but the night vision LEDs did not emit any visible spectrum light.While reading reviews for other baby monitors, I noticed low ratings because of interference. The performance of the monitor will depend on how “polluted” the frequency band on which it operates at your location. For example, we have absolutely no problems with the interference with this Philips Avent Baby Monitor even though my wireless (b/g) router is located in the same room as the parent unit. However, we did have some interference issues with the Summer baby monitor although baby and parent units were located in the same spots where Philips is now. At the same time, Summer baby monitor worked without any interference when we took the parent unit to the kitchen. The point is that you won’t know unless you try.If you are looking for a baby monitor, I recommend that you consider Philips Avent Baby Monitor.

Janine Brumley, MO

Does not pick up noise very well

What they fail to tell you with this monitor, is that it only outputs noise in the parents handheld when it “detects” a noise, rather than constantly streaming through everything heard. Maybe the assumption is that most parents only want to hear when their child cries out loud, rather than the deep sighs or moving around. But, I definitely want to hear it all. The reason for a monitor is the sense of comfort it gives you, in hearing what’s happening in your child’s room. I had my husband go into my son’s room, and move around the room to see if the handheld would pick up that noise and turn on. It did not! So, while it may pick up your child yelling out for you, you would have no idea if someone entered their room or if they quietly got out of bed. This was not at all what I was hoping for. However, if you are comfortabe with this feature, I would say that the picture quality is excellent.

Mollie West Pawlet, VT

Good video quality and nice features.

The AVENT digital monitor is nicely designed, has excellent video quality, and many extra features not found on other baby monitors. The video picture is displayed in color during the day and black and white at night or when the room is dark. The extra features on this monitor include the ability to play lullabies and the nightlight. Another nice feature is that on the hand-held device, the video picture stays visible unless you turn it off (other monitors only display a picture if you push a button to view and then they quickly turn off).A couple of drawbacks to this monitor system: the lullabies are not on shuffle so it plays the same lullaby over and over until you turn it off or change it yourself. In addition, there is no volume control — there is one volume only and I found it to be rather loud. Additionally, The camera has to be set on a flat surface as there is no ability to mount it on the wall over the crib. This was an issue for me because I can’t see into the crib unless the camera is mounted high and I don’t want to put shelves above the crib. Putting the camera into the crib doesn’t seem like a very good idea especially as the baby grows and starts to explore his environment. The nightlight feature is definitely very dim. It’s enough light so that you can make out objects in a dark room, but not bright enough to change a diaper by.I would give this monitor 4/5 stars for its nice design, good video quality, and lullaby feature. The reason I didn’t give it five stars was because of the lack of volume control, the inability to mount the camera, and the fact that the hand-held has a short battery life of only 4 hours.

Ollie Rozel, KS

video looks great, which is exactly what I needed

I live in a relatively small apartment. When my baby cries, I hear him, so I was mostly interested in the visual capabilities of this monitor. I have to say that the video quality of this product is really great, and I was able to see my baby while he was sleeping perfectly.Since other reviewers have complained about the audio of this monitor, I’ll add that, although I don’t use the audio function regularly, I did try it out a time or two. My opinion is that it was fine when it worked, but that was only about half the time.In short, if you are looking for a monitor with good audio, you probably should look somewhere else. But if you just want a great display, this could be the monitor for you.

Della Petros, TN

It’s made me a covert grandma!

My 3-year-old grandson comes to play and I am not very good at getting him down for a nap. We just have too much fun. I do want to do as my daughter requests, so I try. Once I kept finding him out of bed quietly playing. He tried to tell me he had taken a nap, but I wasn’t convinced. We were going to my son’s house and hadn’t been in the car very long when he passed out. Obviously, he hadn’t slept at all. Enter the Phillips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor. I knew he was coming over today, so I set up the system. I am not very technical, but this was quite easy. The parental unit needs 4 hours to charge, so be sure to allow for that. It also needs to discharge and recharge completely 4 times before it will hold its maximum charge. I put the unit in the room in as discrete a location as I could. This unit is ball-shaped and attaches to its base magnetically, so it is easy to position, but shouldn’t move easily. This unit plugs in, or can run off non-rechargeable AAA batteries. They suggest putting the batteries in even if you plug it in so it will still work if there is a power failure. Nap time came and I was able to watch him with the door closed, which he requested. It takes him about 20 minutes to actually fall asleep. That’s good to know. My daughter arrived before he woke up. We were able to observe that he rolls around and takes his time getting up after he awakens. Her monitor is sound only. She said she might want to get one of these to be able to see what he is doing. My other daughter has 15-month-old twins who talk to each other when put in their beds. She has wanted to see what they are doing as well. I think we will try this one out on them to see if we can position it to view both of them. It looks like a pretty wide angle.Do I have any complaints? There are two things I might want. One is a bigger screen. I had to use my reading glasses to see what he was doing. If I were a parent and not a grandparent, that probably wouldn’t be a problem. I think it would also be nice to have an intercom, especially with the older kids. When you see them get out of bed you could push a button and tell them to get back in bed. It does play music when a button is pushed on the parental unit. I don’t need that feature with my current grandchildren, but another is coming in the spring, so we may get to use that feature then. I am impressed with the technology. We didn’t have any kind of monitor when my kids were babies. We got excited when they first came out with cordless telephones, and the reception wasn’t very good back then. I know, I’m dating myself.

Jannie Sunderland, MD

Product Works As Described – Easy To Set Up And Use

Right out of the box, this product was easy to set up and understand, and so far, it works perfectly. The range for the handheld video device is excellent and there isn’t any interference from any other devices in the house, such as the wi-fi network or other electronics. The clarity of the images on the handheld monitor are first-rate. There are no blurry or fuzzy video connections.The handheld monitor has a belt clip which can easily be turned upside down so you can stand the device up on a counter or table without having to hold it, so you could be in the kitchen, cooking and taking care of things while being able to constantly look over and both see and hear your baby on the monitor screen.There are other potential uses for the Philips Advent Digital Video Baby Monitor, although not endorsed or suggested by the manufacturer. Tested out as a security system, with the camera mounted on a windowsill, provided a surprisingly clear constant view of the front door and porch. For small living spaces, like an apartment, this might be extremely useful for additional layer of home security.The handheld device is also just the right size. It isn’t too big or small, and yet, it feels solid in your hands. I recommend this product.

Wilda Spearfish, SD

Excellent product, but could use a couple more features

My wife and I already own aPhilips Avent Basic Baby Monitor w/ DECT Technology, but wanted to try this product out too and I was able to do a direct comparison. We did not originally get a video monitor as we felt uncomfortable with the Big Brother factor of watching our baby via video. However, we have grown to like it and it saves us unnecessary trips to the nursery to see if our baby is babbling and playing safely or is in need or help.Here’s what we like and dislike about this digital video monitor after a couple months of use:POSITIVES:1. No interference with WiFi networks and cell phones: We have a large WiFi network with 4 wireless routers, and we live in a dense neighborhood where there are several WiFi networks within range. We had no problems with reception on either monitor even when it was close to our iPhones, computer, WiFi routers, and so forth.2. No cross-talk between DECT monitors: Even side-by side and set up in the same room, the two Phillips AVENT monitors caused no interference with each other. There is no cross-talk with the neighbor’s baby monitor either.3. Good range: I’ve walked about 50 feet from baby’s room with the video monitor, and the signal is still good through several walls. The range may be farther still — I haven’t tested the full range yet.4. Decent battery life: On standby mode, the rechargeable battery lasts at least 5-6 hours. I have achieved about 3 hours of battery life with the monitor continuously on. However, in both cases I haven’t tested the full battery life of the unit and the performance may be even better.5. Simple setup: Plug it in and turn it on. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist.6. Night vision: Doesn’t light up the room and is surprisingly good. It has a bit of that security camera, black and white look to the video, but it’s perfectly good to see baby in low-light conditions.NEED FOR IMPROVEMENT:1. No 2-way communication: My wife and I like the 2-way communication feature on thePhilips Avent Basic Baby Monitor w/ DECT Technology, but this AVENT Video monitor has no such 2-way feature. It is a handy feature for my wife and I to alert each other from baby’s room rather than yelling through the house.2. Size: In the age of iPhones and the like, the parent video monitor seems like an oddly large unit. It’s too big to fit in a pocket, and too awkward to hang from a belt loop. Don’t plan on carrying this around the house too much.

Anita Canadian, OK

Very Pleased with this monitor!

Like many new parents, my wife and I have been buying ourselves the stuff we need, as we need it! Recently, we decided that it would be really nice to have a baby monitor. I read that many people who buy audio only monitors will often eventually upgrade to a video monitor because they want to be able to see their baby! It can be hard to tell if a noise the baby makes is a “waking up and is unhappy” noise or a “I am contentedly sleeping noise.” With the video feature, its easier.In reading reviews, it seems like each monitor has its own strengths and weaknesses and that each one is a compromise of features and functionality. I went with this one because so many people said that it worked well in heavy interference areas. There are about 20 different competing wireless networks in my apartment building so I wanted to make sure that my baby monitor would be able to function. So far so good! I have no interference issues at all.The range on this model is solid, perhaps not amazing, but solid. It works throughout my 1200 sq. ft 1 level apartment. I went down to the floor below and It worked there as well. So I think you’d be ok with this in a two story house or a duplex apartment. Once there was about 60 feet and 4 walls between the camera and the receiver the feed lost quality.This monitor has the VOX feature and it works well. There is no lag. The monitor does not have the talk feature which I know some people rave about. I haven’t had it before so I can’t speak to missing it…One feature I like about this monitor that wasn’t explicitly stated in the information section is that it has an out of range warning. If you get out of range it beeps and flashes, “OUT OF RANGE.” The receiver also has a battery life indicator so you shouldn’t get caught short.As other reviewers have mentioned, the camera has a tripod mount so I’d just go ahead and buy yourself a small gorilla-pod to go with this. You’ll have total placement flexibility and you can use the gorilla-pod with a regular camera as well. I feel like it is a no brainer.The camera and receiver themselves are attractive and well built. I know monitors are a lot of money but if you figure you’ll have it for a kid or two, thats a lot of years of use. If this one continues to function as well as it has I’ll be very pleased. Its a good product.UPDATE — 6/28I use this in a nyc apartment with plenty of surrounding wifi networks, no problems whatsoever. But, at my in-laws upstate, this thing totally disrupts their wireless…. I’m pretty sure their wireless router has a switch on the back of it to switch between “channels” (I don’t think they are technically channels… but functionally maybe?) but I haven’t troubleshot it yet.

Kathleen Amherst Junction, WI

Finally something that works through my walls

I have really thick walls so i went through 5 baby monitors all which didn’t work more than 1 room away! FINALLY – this one works and is everything I could ask for! Love it!

Nona Decatur, TN

Love the video, hate the audio

Having a video monitor is every great thing I thought it would be. But there’s no volume control on my audio, so everything is very loud. I don’t need the audio on at all (I can clearly hear him anyway if he’s crying), so it’s really just to see what he’s doing in the crib. I called Avent and they’re shipping me a new unit to swap out with mine, so we’ll see if that will make it better. At least their customer service is helpful.Update – they sent me a new monitor set and it works well with audio too. I just bought another one as a gift!

Josefa South Windsor, CT

Love this monitor!

We have loved this monitor. I spent a long time agonizing over which one to buy and this was perfect. The sound sensor saves the battery on the receiver and only lights up when the baby is making noise which allows me to sleep a little more soundly. The picture quality is really good, day and night. It was incredibly easy to set up and the range is fairly decent. We do outside and do yard work with it on and haven’t had a problem losing signal. Battery life is good for about a full night and a few hours during the day on the receiver.

Mildred Rapid City, MI

Good image, only one negative

Very good product, good build, looks very nice, good image with and without light.Only small but important point, is that it can’t be inclined to a downwards angle very much, and I guess most of us parents, are look DOWN onto the baby form a desk or drawers nearby, so you can’t actually do that, and if you place it level, part of the crib blocks the baby.

Arlene Old Glory, TX

BEWARE – Audio didn’t work

The audio on my unit didn’t work even when used properly. It wouldn’t activate when I was in the next room or even in the same room when my baby was wailing! It scared me when I could hear my baby crying (finally) and the monitor didn’t even register it. It happened so many times that I finally decided that I must have a defective unit. I’m returning it, and now I’m looking for another video monitor. BTW I was very happy with the video portion of the monitor. It made my baby look like she had bright eyes when the night vision was on which actually helped me know that she was awake.

Barbara Grand Valley, PA

Stylish and practical

Philips Avent’s new digital video monitor is a sleek and stylish comfort to new parents. You can see and hear the baby, without disturbing their light slumber. You can even sooth your baby with soft instrumental lullabies by REMOTE CONTROL! This is an excellent device for new moms that like to check in on their little angels without disturbing bedtime.The remote access and digital image make convenience a priority with this baby monitor. And the camera with a magnetized base is great for silent swiveling. My one complaint is that it took some time to get the ranges correct. And our mobility was restricted slightly because of it. But I plan on tinkering some more before I change my positive verdict. Overall, it is convenient and stylish with some extra perks, too. Recommended.

Judy Evans, GA

It is terrible

Get the summer infant one I had last time was much better…..(don’t ask what happened to it but is was not the fault of the camera), this was part of an amazon sale when you joined prime and is an awful product. Does, not connect, video cuts out, is very unusable. Has a tripod mount in the bottom if you happen to have one lying around, perhaps you could construct something with one of those, I don’t, but when I noticed the hole in the bottom took it to a camera shop and we checked it….not buying a tripod! Best of luck in your search for the best baby camera, let me know when you find one.

Kristina Bentley, KS

solid video monitoring

we dropped both parts numerous times, and it still works fine. no pan/tilt/zoom, and you will not be able to mount the camera part, but otherwise does what it claims. I like the feature that wakes it up when there is noise near the camera. Would be nice if the volume could be turned higher, as I can often sleep right through the baby crying. Luckily my wife wakes up to it. I think there are probably all-around options out there, but we were happy with this, and it does the trick. Would also have been nice to be able to add additional cameras/viewers, i.e. if it worked as a system. Also, no wifi or internet capability, so buyers must know the limitations. I suggest researching other options before picking any one of these monitors. Consumer Reports has a good breakdown.

Elsa Blair, SC

Excellent monitor, screw mount very useful

I have been using this monitor for about 6 months and love it! I attached it to a gorillapod and I can mount the camera onto the crib or a nearby rack. It gets me any position & angle I want in a minute. Video quality is great and it is easy to use. Love the convenience it offers! Will strongly recommend it.

Rebekah Narrows, VA

Nice Try

-Used in toddler (2y/o) room.-The video quality is great in bright daylight or at about 4ft during night view. It works from greater distances, but the detail, and IR at night suffers.-Other electronics, any really, weaken the signal and operating distance greatly.-The audio monitor portion is barely functional at best. It only cuts on and lets you hear once it’s too late and even still only intermittently. Yes, this was after all other electronic devices and interference was eliminated. My daughters loud crying woke me up long before the monitor decided to let me hear it.-The unit is not expandable, so even if you like it strictly for video, it’s the only one you can ever use.-Now that I’ve bought other units, this one is really nothing special, and HUGELY overpriced. I feel took.

Eleanor Cross River, NY

Love this Monitor!

I LOVE this monitor! Prior to purchasing this monitor, I did a lot of research. I knew I wanted a video monitor but read mixed review on just about all of them. I was worried about purchasing this one because I read there was a sound delay but I have not found that to be the case at all. The picture and sound quality have been great. There is an option to only have the video display turn on when there is movement or sound, which I recommend to conserve the battery. It is smart with the sound, meaning that the only time the monitor will play the sound is when my daughter is making the noice (it won’t play the music, misc sounds in her room). The monitor charges quickly and has a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about draining normal batteries.The only problems I have found is that it does not have a very far range, but neither do the other video monitors I researched. It works throughout our house but I am out of range when I go in the yard. Also, there is a remote music function on the monitor so that you can press a button and it will play music through the video part in her room, but it also plays on the monitor which can get annoying. It would be nice if it would only play on the video end.I have not tried mounting it yet and have read there are some issues with that. My daughter cannot pull herself up yet so we have it positioned on the rail of her crib which is working great for now.Overall, this is a great monitor and I highly recommend it to those looking for a video monitor.

Vonda Plymouth, UT

Terrible Reception

I purchased this monitor after my Summer Infant Slim & Secure that I had been using daily for 3 years stopped working. It is terrible. The reception is insanely bad. My daughter’s room is 20 meters away from mine and I will get a no signal beep at least three times a night. Also, this will absolutely not work in my bathroom, which is an additional 5 meters away. An additional con is that the infrared and "on" lights are very bright.I am a fan of Avent products and purchased this monitor due to my confidence in the brand. I am incredibly dissapointed. I have already purchased another Summer Infant monitor to replace this one.

Gina Vineland, NJ

Great Monitor with a few flaws

We are overall very happy we chose this monitor. The video and sound are high quality. Even in the darkest room, the clarity of the video is excellent. We are able to position the monitor anywhere we want by attaching it to ourJoby GP1-E1EN Gorillapod Flexible Tripod (Grey). The receiver clips onto a belt easily or stands on the table. Some reviewers complained about the the lullaby button, but in 3 months of use we have never accidentally pressed it. (Maybe it is because we were warned!) The imperfections of this product are (1) the video screen flashes a lot, which is annoying when you are trying to fall asleep, and (2) the “nightlight” function on the monitor turns itself on sporadically. If our baby stirs, the night lights are bright enough to make her wake up instead of drifting back to sleep. (We plan to contact the manufacturer as this problem started after 2 months of use.) Those two things aside, we are happy with this purchase. It seems that no monitor gets a 5 star review, but this one gets most things right so I do recommend it.

Dayna Edinburgh, IN

WiFi Killer

Really messes with our wifi. If this thing is on the 2.5ghz wifi is done. Especially messed with my iphone 4/4s, no problem with the iPhone 5/5s as it will use the 5ghz. But such a pain. The picture is ok, but I think there are much better monitors out there now.

Jeanie Hillsboro, NH

(Used to) love this monitor!

I was skeptical of the need for a video baby monitor right up until it came time to move my baby into the crib in his own room…and then mommy paranoia kicked in. I researched a few monitors and the other one I was looking at had a few too many reviews mentioning that the screen froze so we went with this one. We’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and absolutely love it. It’s well made, works great, and has not had any interference problems in our house. Does it have drawbacks…yes. Not being able to mount it on a wall and not being able to tilt it down in the base past about 20 degrees (the microphone gets blocked) being the two major issues I have. But quality wise I doubt this monitor can be beat. Solid technology.**EDIT**We have had the monitor for over 8 months now and still love it. After reading some of the other reviews we bought a tripod to mount it and it works great. Thinking down the line to our next kid it would be nice to have a system that works with two cameras, but at some point having a camera in your kid’s room has got to get creepy and I’m sure we’ll be ready to move it out in time to not need two. I hope.**UPDATE**After having the monitor for ~2 years the battery would not a hold a charge very long. An hour or so off the plug and it would be flickering off. Which is annoying but would be survivable if Phillips sold replacement batteries, which they do not.**2nd Update**My youngest is now 33 months and I have a 7 week old. With the newborn I needed a 2nd monitor and was reluctant to buy the Motorola or Samsung monitors (even with the cool pan/tilt/zoom) since I really like some of the basic features of this monitor. So rather than starting over, I bought a 2nd one (actually my third one since I had to buy a whole new system when the battery on the first went out). I have come to be extremely unhappy with that decision. The new unit has some quality issues such as not picking up the baby crying and the power button needed to be wiggled to work on the unit. And biggest disappointment of them all, the two units interfere with each other.

Gilda Marietta, SC