Philips AVENT Disposable Nursing Pads, 100-Count

Philips AVENT Disposable Nursing Pads, 100-Count

Product FeaturesSize: one size | Color: One ColorMade in Switzerland Size: one size | Color: One Color

Main features

  • Includes 100 disposable nursing pads
  • Ultra absorbency for maximum dryness
  • Soft with a discreet, contoured shape

Verified reviews


No good

These pads are too small and too thick. They fall right out of your bra when you go to nurse your baby. They also look very unflattering under clothing. I like the Lansinoh pads much better as they are thin and large which means they can be folded over when you open the bra flap to nurse. Don’t waste your money on Avent pads!

Mattie Granite Quarry, NC

These are my nursing pads of choice.

Yes these pads are thicker than most. I usually put them over my fist and try to shape them “rounder” before I put them in my bra.I like these the best because they don’t have the plastic liner on the backs. This is important to me because I don’t want “liquid” locked in between plastic and my skin. Also, I don’t feel as if they are as “hot”.I wish I could say they were too small but I have found them to be the perfect size for smaller women A-B cups. I have never had a leak-through and have been very pleased with the success of these pads.

Inez Duke Center, PA

my issue

i dint have a leaking issue with these but they didn’t stay in place well. the one little strip of adhesive was not enough to keep them in place. Maybe it is b/c I am big breasted but these did not work (loved the Avent ones though)

Hester Snydertown, PA


i found a sample pack of these in the bathroom, and after using them once, i would not waste money on them. too small and too thick. not very comfortable. lansinoh is the best i’ve used.

Stefanie Dryden, ME

All the same to me

I have used all the major name brands, had lots of samples and use whatever other mom’s buy for my showers until I run out, plus I am on my third baby. All the brands of pads work fine for me, Johnson’s leave fuzzies on my nipples but work fine otherwise.

Herminia Homer, NE

One of my two faves

I have two faves and I alternate between the two for various reasons. I am pumping 100% because my daughter will not latch on (another story – issues with losing >10% and having to supliment with a bottle with expressed milk – nipple confusion) so finding the right pad to put on always sensitive nipples is critical. Writing the same review for both.FavesPhilips AVENT Disposable Nursing PadsPROS:- Softer than Lansinoh- works really well when nipples are very tender and drying out makes it worse- regardless of what cream/balm I used, sore nipples / cracks / splits / healing wounds do not stick (only occasionally)CONS:- they are a little bulkier than Lansinoh so they may show through some bras- when I was in the leaking stage (or when I go a little too long between my night and morning pumping session) I have occasionally leaked through the padLansinoh Disposable Nursing PadsPROS:- Thinner and larger in diameter than Avent- keeps nipples drier- I don’t think that I have ever leaked throughCONS:- not as soft as Advent- sore nipples / cracks / splits / healing wounds stick to pad and sometimes tear off scabs (sorry this sounds so gross, but it happens)I usually use Avent when my nipples are in bad shape (seems to go in cycles) because they are softer and my wounds don’t stick and then switch to Lansinoh when they are healing and need to dry out.

Ashley Makawao, HI

Used to be much better

I loved the Avent nursing pads when they used to be made in Switzerland. They were soft and comfortable. With my current baby I purchased the Avent pads again but found them to be rough and itchy. I looked on the box and they are now made in China. I prefer the Johnson’s and Johnson’s brand. They are soft and made in France. Not much more expensive than any other brands.

Kristie Brunson, SC

Too small

I love avent products but they weren’t thinking when they made these. They are way too small and way too thick. Feels like a maxi pad.

Shelley Sitka, KY

small, thick, and leaky

I have tried several types of pads and these are the worst! They are very small, thick, and do not hold much, causing them to overflow and leak. I’d recommend the Gerber pads.

Jolene Rumsey, CA

not so discreet afterall

these pads are advertised as absorbent, discreet and contoured…however i can only agree with the absorbent aspect. thankfully my wife is a stay at home mom-only the baby sees her with these things! if i didn’t know better i would think breast feeding has disfigured her breasts :-(. i think due to the fact that they are thicker they don’t fit to form so you see the entire (flat) outline through clothes. also, the adhesive strip that is meant to keep it in place…there is a single strip measuring about 15*30mm…hardly enough to do justice-esp when you have to move n replace ’em to allow for feeding.all in all-though we kept them-for the extra leaky days- i definitely wont buy another set.

Wilda Franklin, KY

Function well and very comfortable

I am continuing to nurse my baby at 17 months and have found these pads incredibly useful and comfortable.Pros – very comfortable, easy to insert, not too fat and therefore are less visible under clothing than other brands. They prevented leakage very well in the first few weeks after my baby was born and now continue to provide comfort and reassurance!Cons – they don’t stick very well – but better than other brands that I have tried. I particularly have a problem at night as they really don’t stick at all to my sports bra but at least they are still in the bra by morning whereas other pads disappeared completely. They also fall apart after about 20 hours if you forget to change them – then you do have to watch out as the sticky bit tends to turn into little sticky bits which can get stuck to your breast and therefore into your baby! Also the cotton padding will just start to leak and shed.Overall – I have been and continue to be very happy with these but as with all pads, you have to change them regularly and be prepared for movement!

Toni Oxford, MI

Great for Nursing Mothers

These are great for nursing mothers. I’ve given these as a baby shower gift along with an Avert breast pump before. They were received well and I’ve been told they’re comfortable and very convenient.

Angelina Alexandria, OH


These are some of my least favorite from any brand I’ve tried. They leak for me. Won’t be ordering again. 🙁

Rosemary Fowler, CO

WAY too thick

Unless you’re wearing a baggy, bulky sweater, you can see the outline and the bumpiness of the pad underneath. Plus, the little dimple for the nipple–most people don’t have nipples that are 2 mm in height!!

Bobbie Oakwood, IL

Best yet

I’ve tried the washable breastpads and they’re no good! You soak right through them. The Avent pads were relatively inexpensive and work wonderfully! I buy the 100ct two boxes at a time.

Jeannie Owensburg, IN

Thank goodness for these

Thank goodness for these! Great packaging because I go through a lot as they should be changed often. No plastic so they breathe.

Kathie Nelson, IL

Small & thick

I didn’t like them…. They are too small and very thick, they show thru your clothes. I use instead the evenflow, they are very thin and larger than this.

Bobbi Villa Ridge, IL

Best I have tried

I have tried a few different brands of nursing pads as I am now breastfeeding my second child. These are by far my favorite. They are just softer and more absorbant than other brands I have used. These factors are really important especially in those first few weeks when nipples may be a little bit sore and there is a lot of leaking. I would give a 5 stars, but with a thin shirt on these are somewhat visible. To me this is a completely worthwhile trade-off to have soft, comfortable pads. Quite frankly, I am not wearing tight shirts in the post-partum period.Madela pads were less visible, but much less comfortable and less absorbant. They were too thin and plastic-like. They absorbed very poorly.

Kerri King Hill, ID

Don’t waste your money

These pads are a complete waste of money. I started usingLansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-packwhich are awesome! But I was hoping that these would work because they are a little cheaper. They might work for you if you have extremely light or practically non-existent leakage. But even in that case, the absorbent material used in this product performs like a thin circular cotton ball — it doesn’t draw the moisture away from your skin, which was extremely irritating to my skin and made me feel edgy and damp all the time.So here are the cons of this product:-There is no waterproof backing on these pads (which is good for preventing thrush) but is BAD for holding leaks. My shirt and bra would end up damp anyway.-The absorbent material does not draw moisture away from skin. My skin would end up wet and damp and hot. Very uncomfortable.-I had to change these pads constantly if I wanted to feel dry and comfortable–thus removing the whole purpose of replacing a wonderful product -Lansinoh pads- with a terrible but cheaper product.-The mesh material that covered the absorbent material is irritating to my skin and would stick to the skin when I removed the pad. The mesh material also allowed fibers through that would stick all over my skin which would then end up rubbing off on my baby’s face.-These pads are small but puffy, which would often show up in silhouette if wearing even a slightly fitted shirt.-

Lela Orford, NH

They do the job

I was trying out different breastpads, this among them. It came with a trial pair of the nighttime pads, they’re thicker and worked great. The daytime version works very well, they’re soft and cushy with a nice contour. They’d be perfect if there was a second sticky pad. As they are, they travel all over my bra or nursing tank and get flipped down when I go to nurse. It’s a trial to get it back in place when I’m trying to ‘zip up’ after nursing, with a curious 4 month old looking and squirming around I’m fumbling with a bunched up nursing pad. In a pinch I’d definitely pick up a package but my primary will be lansinoh’s disposables.

Donna Logandale, NV

I prefer the Lansinoh pads.

I used to use the Avent pads until I discovered the Lansinoh pads. The Avent pads are thick and smaller and they show through your shirt. It’s hard to disguise that you are wearing breast pads, which is kind of awkward. I also found that it tends to move (slightly) even when attached. It’s okay to use at night because it is thick and it prevents leaks especially around morning time. But I prefer Lansinoh and that is what I use now even at nights. They are much better than the Avent pads.

Deana White Earth, ND

Too thick and too small…

These pads are too thick and too small… I usedEvenflo 60 Count Simplyabsorbent Nursing Padbefore and liked them better. Will not buy Avent’s anymore…

Sally Rockford, TN

These work good.

After trying several highly rated disposable pads these were my favorite, even over the much raved about Lasinoh brand. Lasinoh work okay, but are pink in color on the outer shell (which don’t work well with white bras or white shirts) and they trap moisture which can lead to infection. These are absorbent, they don’t bunch up, they are WHITE and they are most important comfortable I don’t even remember I’m wearing them. Of course that could be tired mother syndrome too! The price is very reasonable as well. Like I said these work good. I am also a large chested woman and have found that these cover the nipple area sufficiently, I do however wear underwire thicker type bras which definetly help with keeping them in place. I discovered a better brand Johnson&Johnson pads, however they only come in packs of 36 these come in bulk of 100…still making me chose convenience over comfort sometimes.

Tammie Victoria, TX

A little larger please!

I honestly have to wonder what the manufacturer was thinking when they made these things so small. I am not a very large breasted woman (a 38 C to be exact) and I found these things to be too little. As long as I was relatively inactive all was fine but the minute I started doing something and they shifted even the slightest bit I would be leaking all over the place because they really don’t offer too much coverage. And sleeping in these little things? Forget it! Your bed is bound to be a wet mess by the time you wake up.Add to this, the fact that the adhesive strip is placed at the top of the pad and you can see that their design needs a little work. Why didn’t they put it in the middle? That seems most logical to me.So, all in all, if you can get them centered and keep them from moving then they will be pretty absorbant. BUT with a little nursling I think you’ve got enough worries without having to worry about embarassing wet spots on your shirt.

Eunice Jones, LA

Great value for a great price!

I love these breast pads! As a leaky mom I’ve been ordering these from the start. They are thick and comfy. I don’t use the sticky pads so I can’t comment on those. I’ve tried many other breast pads and these are by far my favorite. I love that they’re not individually wrapped because I find it annoying to have to unwrap the pads one by one every time I need one. These are the best pads for the money!

Susana Hertford, NC

Better than some but not the best

Pros:- These pads retain their shape and don’t ball up or shred after a few hours like the Medela pads do- They stay more or less in place even without using the adhesive strip- Absorbent – I’ve never leaked through the pad- Value for money – at $10 for 100 pads they’re a decent buy- They don’t show through under clothingCons:- They’re a bit too small in diameter – even a little slippage (especially common at night) can cause the pad to be off the nipple- For those who like to use adhesive (I don’t), the adhesive tab is so small that it’s effectively uselessThe bottom line: While this pad is effective under most circumstances, it’s not as good as my favorite pad, by “The First Years.” Buy it if it’s the easiest one for you to locate.

Ernestine Appomattox, VA

Soft and Thick

These nursing pads are a bit thick, so they tend to show under tight fitting tops. I love using these around the house and at bedtime when I need them to last a bit longer. The sticker doesn’t adhere very well to the bra, but I find that sticking them makes it harder to nurse

Christy Pella, IA

Not that great

I don’t care for these because of the size of the pad-i’m not a big busted girl and these barely cover me. Also i feel like they’re not that asorbant. I like the Avent 60 count pads better bcuz they are bigger & i feel like they’re more asorbant.

Florine Redlake, MN

does its job

i find this super absorbent compare to the thin breast pads i have but i’m giving this a 4 star because the tape that’s suppose to be attached to your nursing tank or bras doesn’t really adhere to the fabric. again in terms of absorbency it does its wonderful job. it has thick layers it keeps leaks away from your skin. i love it. great deal for the price.

Ma Chevak, AK

They do the job, but have some issues

These breast pads do the job from leakage, but they have a tendancy to bulk up around the edges. Also, the sticky tab doesn’t raelly hold them into your bra. I must say though I really like these pads compared to some other brands I tried. These seem to be more discreet than others I have used. You get what you pay for.

Alyssa Woodridge, IL