Philips Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer

Philips Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer

This Avent electric steam sterilizer is the fastest and easiest way to sterilize breast and bottle feeding equipment. Just add 3 ounces of water and turn it on. Based on hospital methods, the intensive heat of the steam kills all household bacteria in approximately eight minutes. Features specially designed rack for the ISIS breast pump; room for 6 Avent standard bottles and accessories; and the rack transforms into useful dishwasher basket for small items. Plastic. Includes two 9-oz. bottles. Imported. 8Wx8Lx12H”.

Main features

  • The safest, fastest, easiest way to sterilize breast and bottle feeding equipment.
  • Based on the hospital method, the intensive heat of the steam kills all houshold bacteria in approximately 8 minutes.
  • Enlarged capacity – takes 6 AVENT standard bottles and accessories.
  • Specially designed rack for the ISIS Breast Pump.
  • Rack transforms into useful dishwasher basket for small items.

Verified reviews


Infrequent Bottle User? Then buy Steam Bags instead!

I am primarily breastfeeding, but I thought this would be useful for sterilizing pump parts and the occasional bottles, etc.. I discovered Medela Microwave Steam Cleaning Bags instead, and this thing went in the closet. I feel badly for the waste of money…but the bags are SO much easier!!! And not space consuming. Plus you can use them during travel, at the office, etc.. Much more cost efficient and useful!

Alana Saint Francisville, LA

Quick and Easy but Pricey

It’s definitely quick and easy and can hold a lot. A bit pricey though for what is basically a steamer.

Casandra Stuttgart, KS


I love the Avent bottle sterilizer. I own two, one for my house and one for grandamas. You want to be sure your baby’s bottles are sterile, but who has time to boil everything when you have a baby. It has never leaked! It is very easy to wash and fits well on the kitchen counter. It makes life much easier and gives you more time to spend with your baby.

Shelley Dormansville, NY

It’s Not Exactly what I expected

I guess I was looking for a mini-dishwasher and it’s not.. You still have to clean and then sterelize and fitting a lot in there is a bit like a puzzle. If you mess up you have to start all the way over again. Overall it’s an ok product. But for the price and space it takes up on the counter I would think twice before making the investment.

Lila Liverpool, NY

Leaves Wet Bottles

I hated how the bottles were drenched after the cycle was complete. I had to dry them on my other rack. Being they were wet when they were drying, seems like the sterilization got thrown out the window. I used this for a while then I resorted to manually washing with antibacterial soap and REAL hot water. Has worked fine so far. It’s not a bad product per say, it just should really dry the items much better than it does.

Faith Mound Bayou, MS

Thank god for husbands! AND THIS STERILIZER

When I was pregnant with my first set of twins I felt that I could handle EVERYTHING. (i.e no exersaucer to babysit, not bouncers, no ridiculous toys, no uneeded baby products, and yeah, no sterelizer). Well my husband said we needed most of the stuff I said we didnt. But he let me be stuborn and didnt purchase the sterelizer. Well after 2 1/2 years of boiling bottles, pacifiers, teethers and all that other stuff, I was going crazy. Yet I still wouldnt admit it to my husband :). When the second set of twins were on the way, I was ready. I was going to buy baby wipes warmers, exersaucers, bouncers, swings, the aquarium crib soother and this sterelizer. Well this sterelizer is my hero (as well as my husband who forced me to get one!). It cleans about 6 bottles and all of the things that come with them. (actually it cleans 5 of the playtex airvent ones, but I use avent too). I did breast feed so it also cleans avent pumps (and my friend managed to get another kind in one!). My kids love pacifires so those are constantly in there, and so are all those teething rings. Let me just tell you that you can NOT put a dirty item in here, you still have to wash it a bit. This just makes sure its really clean, (my kids have maybe been sick 5-6 times, all four of them put together!) This sterelizer is great, and it uses very little water (I have a purifier so I use pure water). like another reviewer I HIGHLY RECOMEND TO UNPLUG IT WHEN NOT IN USE! I will say it again, after boiling bottles and sippy cups and pacifires and teethers all night, REGISTER FOR THIS! ITs a bit pricey but I can gaurentee that replacements for the bottles that you disintigrated while boiling and sleeping at the same time, and doctor visits and medicine for those odd illnesses due to unsanitary things that your child(ren) place in their mouth, will cost you more!*** P.S… IT MAKES A GREAT DRYING RACK TOO!

Marquita Chancellor, AL

A Most have!! Perfect!!!

This is a really great product… With just a little bit of water it sterilize everything really fast and it turn off by itself…And it’s big enought to put almost everything you want to… I really prefer this one instead of the microwave one because the other one is smaller, what means that you have to spend more electricity because you have to sterilize more times!!! And not even try to boil the bottles in the stove …. believe me, you would forget to turn it off… That has happend to me a thousand times in my mother’s house!!

Marcie Buckner, AR

Must Have!

We started off sterilizing using the old-fashioned, boiling water in a pot…what a mess and waste of time! Standing over the boiling pot and risking steam burns ran out of fun very quickly. After I got over the sticker shock for the sterilizer and got it home, I couldn’t see how we survived before! It’s quick, easy and efficient. New moms have enough to mess with, don’t spend you few, precious moments each day waiting for a pot of water to boil, splurge on this item and you won’t regret it!!

Alissa Manley Hot Springs, AK

great sterlilizer~

I have to say, I love this. Easy to use and most of all,its clean.

Alana Saint Clair, PA

You’ll Love How Easy It Is!

This one is easy. Put your stuff in, add a little water then push a button. Truely a no brainer. The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is that you do have to drain it after each use. My freind didn’t and something started growing in it. Other than that, this is perfect. If you take out the racks you can fit a ton in it at once. You don’t have to watch over anything-go ahead and take care of your baby while this one does all the work for you. Put this time saver on you registry.

Cassie Sharpsburg, GA

Best Sterilizer around! Quick & Easy to Use!!

I bought this Sterilizer and I am so glad I did. I was planning on breastfeeding but when that didn’t work out, I found myself making formula everyday, sometimes twice a day. I can fit 6 Avent bottle set-ups in the sterilizer and it works great. It is quick and easy to use, not to mention it looks great on my countertop. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it looks nice. Two thumbs up for this product!!

Melisa Louisa, VA

Worth the $$

Since we had twins we were going Through A LOT of dirty bottles. I didnt want to put the bottles in the dishwasher with all the other dishes. I didnt want to always have to boil the bottles on the stove either. So we purchased the Steam Sterilizer and im so happy we did. It has a permanent place on my counter top. I cant even count how many times i have used this in the past 6 months. And it still works at good as the first time. We have all avent bottles so i dont have a problem with bottles not fitting. Other reviews said the bottles were very wet when they came out…but if you think about it..they would be after all the sterilizing. After mine are done i just put them on the bottle dry rack and let them dry. Its just like when you wash them in the sink but this way you know they are getting clean ALL OVER. I think also that the dishwashers water gets hotter than this and does something to the nipples to the bottles. Ive had some friends who ran into shrinking nipples after putting them in the diswasher. I would rather be spending time with my children than standing over the stove boiling my bottles and part. It only takes 8 mins. Im very happy with our purchase

Maryanne Orangeville, OH

Can not live without this item

This has to have been one of my favourite purchases for baby – along with the Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer. My husband and I had some controversy going initially on whether this was worth the money or not, and even HE now admits that it is worth it’s weight in gold in terms of convenience, ease of use and overall good value for money. We keep a dish of soapy water in the sink and dump all bottles and binkys in there, rinse them off and load them into the sterilizer. Within minutes they are done and if you don’t open them for a few hours they can stay in the unit until you’re ready for them. I know that many people say you don’t strictly need to sterilize everytime but with this you can run it as often as you want, it’s a godsend for breastpump parts and according to our pediatrician, sterilizing is better for baby for the first weeks when they are so susceptible to germs. I would advise anyone thinking on this purchase to GO FOR IT. I can fit my entire breastpump and up to 5 bottles in as well as pacifiers in one go. This has made my life so easy! It also has a warranty just by the way, so those who have complained it packed up within a year, you could have had it replaced free of charge!

Delores Germfask, MI

BUY THIS *****(I meant to give it 5 stars)!

This sterilizer is GREAT! My girlfriend boiled her bottles and I can’t believe how much easier (and safer) this is! This only takes minutes and no risk of steam burns!I also sterilized the Avent breast pump and all of its parts in this sterilizer. It worked great!Another plus: the two racks with the tiny holes (not the one that the bottles rest on) can be snapped together to form a “basket” if you wanted to throw stuff into your dishwasher. I’ve never done that…I’d rather sterilize the bottles and nipples and stuff using the steam from the water and not use detergents from a dishwasher…my baby’s not even a month old yet…maybe after he’s older, I’ll use that feature as well. For now, this sterilizer is EXCELLENT! Definitely worth the money! We’re very pleased with it. We also have the Avent food warmer…another great buy!

Teri Copperhill, TN

Very convenient

This sterilizer is so easy to use. It has three adjustable racks for bottles, nipples or other items. You just put water in the bottom, your bottles (rinsed with warm, soapy water) in the racks, put on the lid and press the button to start it. It is done sterilizing within ten minutes. You have to clean it every so often by running it with citric acid (or vinegar) in there and since it has a coil heater, it should be unplugged when not it use. Basically, it requires very little maintenance when the alternative is boiling bottles on the stove which takes longer and your bottles may easily be ruined. The bottles are usually still a bit wet when the sterilization cycle is done, but you can leave them in there to dry, or place them on paper towels (putting a paper towel over the top of the bottles helps keep them sterile). The sterilizer also comes with little plastic tongs to grab things and keep them sterile, but I just use my clean hands and my baby has not had a problem. I sterilize Avent and Medela products in it and I have been very happy with the effectiveness and ease of this sterilizer.

Katy Bellbrook, OH