Philips AVENT Express Baby Food and Bottle Warmer

Philips AVENT Express Baby Food and Bottle Warmer

The Avent Express Bottle and Food Warmer offers a fast, safe way to warm Baby’s foods. Add water to indicated level and switch on. The bottle, cup or jar will be warm in only 4 minutes. Electric warming is much safer than using the microwave, which can heat unevenly and produce hot spots. Avent Warmer is ideal for safely heating frozen breast milk. Includes 4-oz. storage container and feeding spoon. Imported. 5-1/4Hx4-3/4Wx4-1/2D”.

Main features

  • Bottle warmer heats up bottles and baby food jars quickly and evenly.
  • Small size makes it convenient to plug in anywhere–even right next to your bed.
  • Avoid dangerous hot spots that can occur with microwave heating.
  • Designed for use with any bottles and jars–not just Avent brand–even disposable systems.
  • Note: it is possible to overheat bottles with this system. All usual safety precautions should be taken.

Verified reviews



Before using to warm actual food or milk for my son I tested it out. In the recommended time it was hot enough to leave blisters on my wrist when I tested it!

Concepcion Ochelata, OK

Not 100%

First, we read the directions and we follwed them. But this never seemed to work the same way twice. Sometimes at 4 min. the formula was too hot and sometimes at 6 min. it wasn’t hot enough. There was no rhyme or reason to it, we had it set the same way every time. We used it for a month and then threw in the towel.

Marcella Sheffield, PA

Waste of money

This thing is very hard to figure out. One setting gets the bottle too hot too fast, try another setting for 15 min’s and you still have cold milk! I tried to use it for 3 months… finally gave up. Save the money. Warm water in the microwave and stick the bottle in that… Sometimes we need to listen to our mom’s and grandma’s – they didnt have these and we turned out fine!

Evangelina Whitman, WV

Not Worth It

This warmer costs more than it’s worth. We have to stand there while it’s "warming" a bottle until the light turns off and then when we check the bottle it’s still cold. Having to stand hawk eyed over a bottle warmer with a crying, hungry baby isn’t fun…especially when it doesn’t warm the first time around. On the other hand, if the bottle stays in a minute too long, the milk gets so hot that we have to set it in cold water. There has to be something better out there!

Kasey University Of Richmond, VA

Horrible/fire hazard! Read this before buying.

So we have used this bottle warmer for over 8 months now. I have to say, with all the sleep deprived parents using this item, often in the middle of the night, you would think that Avent would be wise enough to put an auto-shut-off feature on this little doohickey. But, no. I exclusively feed my baby breastmilk, and that stuff is like “liquid gold” (from what everyone has told me, and I’m inclined to agree), and I can’t even tell you how often I have put a bottle in the warmer to warm it and then forgot it was in there for like 15 minutes. The milk gets boiling hot in that time, and then it’s useless and I have to pour it out because it’s not supposed to be heated to boiling. I know people are probably going to read this and wonder how one could forget that they put a bottle in the warmer, but now that our baby is sleeping through the night, it’s more for when my husband is giving her a bath, I will get the bottle ready for him as he gives her a bottle after her bath and puts her to bed (his time with her during the week). So many times I have forgotten it was in there and burned the milk, but also – and this is the really dangerous part – the light will shut off for like 30 seconds at a time (what they call “blinking”, if you can believe that), and so often it will look like it’s turned off when there is no bottle in it, but it isn’t, and it will just keep heating the water in there until it’s all gone. We have found it on after a couple of hours away from it because we didn’t notice the “blinking” light because it was off at the time, and there is no other indication that it’s on from the front. The switch is on the back and it’s not clearly marked “on/off” either. I can’t imagine how it hasn’t caught fire for other people or melted the plastic when the water is all gone. Thankfully, I have noticed it before the water was completely gone, but it was almost gone. How unsafe! Anyway, I still use it because I haven’t found one with an auto-off feature, but will be looking for one. I have to set the timer on my microwave now whenever I put a bottle in because half of my brain cells disappeared when my baby was born apparently, and I’m way too distracted to remember it’s on. BAD DESIGN!!!

Katheryn Trenton, KY

There Are Better, There Are Worse

It does it’s job. It does warm bottles quickly and the variable temperature is a great feature, but I, as well as everyone else I know who own one, have overflowed this model repeatedly. Who needs another thing to clean up when you have a little one around? There are warmers that have specific compartments for warming jars of baby food, this one doesn’t work well for jars, but then again, my son doesn’t really like his food warmed up. It’s an O.K. model to have.

Mallory Five Points, CA

Convenient and Easy-To-Use!

Very handy item to have available. Heats faster than boiling and more efficiently/safely than the microwave. The only problem I’ve found is that the heating instructions included with the warmer are overestimated. If you set it to a lower temperature (between 1 and 2) and let it warm longer, it’s easier to prevent overheating.This warmer DOES HAVE an ON/OFF SWITCH, but still no built-in timer (the oven timer works just fine).And as far as the bottle floating around during heating, you can put the bottle in BEFORE you add the water, and fill up the water to the same level as the liquid in the bottle to prevent uneven bobbing.My son is now 1-year-old and no longer uses bottles, but I still use this warmer for his refrigerated baby food and even to warm up a cup of milk for him.

Mabel Holmes, NY

pretty good

well, i purchased this at a local store despite erroneous reviews found here. its a great device, at first it seemed wasteful since i could just microwave some water (3 minutes), then soak the bottle until it warmed up (3 more minutes) but now i can just pop in a bottle and the whole thing is done in under 3 minutes. if youve got an extra $40 i recommend it.

Isabelle Lomax, IL

Good Warmer but can overheat bottle.

I use this warmer to warm both formula and breast milk. I find it easy to use. The warmer is small, compact and comes with a 4oz avent storage bottle and a spoon for baby food. Unlike other reviewers, I have an on/off switch at the back. I am not sure if it’s a different model from theirs.The warmer heats the bottle evenly and I have had no problems. Personally, I think it beats the running water method (and is much faster). However, if you don’t stand there and keep an eye on it, you are liable to forget about it and the milk can overheat. That is the biggest drawback, though I am not sure how avent would change that, since if the warmer automatically shut off, the milk might get cold!!The other issue some people have mentioned is that bottles float! They only do that if you fill the warmer with too much water. There is a Max line for the water on the warmer and for smaller bottles you only fill water to slighlty above the level of milk. That insures that the bottles remain steady…and don’t float.Overall, I like the warmer. It’s convenient, easy to use, small and nice!!

Beverley Fort Duchesne, UT

Marvelous Darling, Simply Marvelous

I was slightly spoiled, so why not pass some of that on?I got this because it was one of those things I thought I HAD to have, not true, but is sure is nice. I lost the little green insert screen, but this thing works great, even without it.There are also instructions for deliming the warmer if you have hard water, like I do. It’s not too difficult and can be done in 5 minutes.

Marian New Boston, MI

Good product

The bottle warmer works as advertised. I like the aesthetics of it and it lasted without a problem through my son’s eating-at-night period.It may overheat the bottle if you don’t monitor it, but it worked well for us. Just keep an eye on it.

Alexandra West Chesterfield, MA

So-So product

My baby is an Advent baby. I love all the Advent products, but was a little disappointed with this one. The bottle warmer, is maybe too good of a warmer, as it tends to overheat the milk even before the recommended time limit. The timings really should be precise.

Rosario Hemlock, MI

It works, but there’s have to be a better one out there!!

I couldn’t breasfeed my daughter so she have been a formula fed since she was born… So, for me this was a most have because I have to warm up my daughter’s formula all the time. The problem with this warmer is that you can’t let it finish, because if you do it the formula will be normally TOO HOT!!…The solution: If you buy concentrate formula, just warm here the concentrate formula and after it’s hot you could add the water…In this way is going to have the perfect temperature for your baby to eat…But if you use powder or ready to use you have to count the minutes and take out the bottle before it’s done.

Ruby Brighton, MA

Warmer a Must

I give 5 stars to all Avent Products. I have had no problems, whatsoever, with Avent. You may also want to purchase the Avent Sterilizer. It is fabulous.

Jasmin Winterport, ME

Warms Quickly

I received this as a gift and was surprised at how quickly this warms bottles. However, if you don’t pay attention, it will overheat the bottle. It would really be helpful if there was a timer or auto shut-off because the water can become scalding. I usually use the wide-neck bottles so I don’t have the “floating” problem but the few times I did use the slim regular bottles and did experience the floating bottle. The upside is that it does accommodate the wide neck bottles. It’s also an easy-to-clean item.

Elisabeth North Blenheim, NY

We love it

We’ve always used the microwave (most of the time) or a jug of hot water (when a mircowave wasn’t available) to warm our first two children’s bottles of formula – this worked fine for us as we knew the exact time to make the bottle just right.Unfortunately my third child had to spend some time in hospital when he was two weeks old. What we learned from his nurses is that microwaves can ‘zap’ a lot of goodness out of your formula (the hosptial used a microwave as well until they were told this). We also learned that the prescription only formula he now has to have tastes digusting when not kept very warm.Hence our decision to purchase the Avent bottle warmer. What we like about it is that it is easy to re-warm our bottles during a feed when the need arises and keeps all the goodness in the formula. The lack of an on/off switch is a bit annoying but we just turn it off at the plug. The fact that the light goes on and off as it’s keeping the water at a constant temperature is also a bit of a pain as at 2am in a dimly lit kitchen you can just assume you already turned off the plug when you haven’t if the light is out.Despite these negatives things, they far outweigh the advantages for us of keeping our son’s formula nice and warm. It’s easy to use, easy to keep clean and has worked pefectly from the day we bought it.We love it.

Angeline Solon, ME

Just okay…

It’s nice that it’s small and doesn’t use a lot counterspace. I wish it was more accurate on the settings. You really have to play around with it to know what temperature setting suits you best. Bottle sometimes comes out still cold or too warm.

Margie West Covina, CA


I thought the idea of a bottle warmer was a rediculous waste of money before I had my daughter. I breastfeed, but have a hard time functioning in the middle of the night, so I pump during the day and warm a bottle for the baby in the middle of the night. For three weeks I boiled water in a pot and held the bottle with metal tongs…not ideal for someone half asleep. Once we coughed up the money for this warmer I was a much happier, half-asleep mom. It only takes about 8 minutes to heat a 5 oz. bottle. Since the heating elements are on the bottom of the product, I would suggest swirling the bottle and testing the temperature before giving it to the baby, better safe than sorry. Cleaning of the product is ultra-easy as well, vinegar, water and some soak time and it’s good as new.

Leta Smithton, IL

It’s ok, but may not be needed

My mom got me this for a present because it used to be that you had to heat your bottles for formula. Now you can feed the infants room temp, warmed, or cold. I make the bottles as I feed so I feed room temp. and actually, this is what my baby likes most. Sometimes I buy the ready to feed and store the bottles in the fridge so I warm them, but honestly, it takes a lot longer to do that than to just make the bottles.I think that this warmer actually takes longer to warm the bottles than to just put the bottle under hot water. Just my opinion.

Summer Lyons, SD

The EXPRESS Bottle & Babyfood Warmer does the job!

The EXPRESS Bottle & Babyfood Warmer is a very obliging unit. It services all types of containers, and of differing sizes too. It can warm disposable, oversized, and odd shaped bottles, glass babyfood jars, and tin cans to name a few. It’s small in size, measuring 5″ x 5″ x 5 ” high. Thus, it occupies very little room on the counter, or bedside table. A plastic basket fits on the inside of the warmer, and is removable for larger items. On the front of the unit is a dial control. It has 3 settings, 1,2, and 3, 1 being the coolest. Next to the dial is a power light, which serves 2 purposes.1.) It indicates the unit is “ON” and working, and2.) When the water reaches the correct temperature, the power light blinks “ON” and “OFF” to indicate the water is ready.There is NO ON/OFF switch on this bottle warmer. For that reason, one must unplug it after each use. With a rather lengthy cord, 3 feet long, it is very adaptable. For those concerned about décor, the all white exterior is designed to blend in. In addition, the EXPRESS Bottle & Babyfood Warmer is portable. By that, I mean it’s lightweight; it weighs 1 pound, and is compact enough to fit in an overnight bag. We traveled frequently when William was an infant, and this unit made a nifty travel companion.Pros
• Accommodates all brands of bottles
• Heats fast and evenly
• Compact and lightweight
• It’s durable
• Heats bottle liners without melting the plastic
• The basket can be removed to warm oversized bottles, i.e. Avent Magic cup
• Grounded 3-prong conductorCons
• Overheats
• No ON/OFF switch
• An internal thermostat and an external timer would greatly improve this productMy Experience:Right off the bat, I was heating 10 bottles of breastmilk a day, as I was unable to breastfeed. Thus, I was thrilled to have a bottle warmer. Pop a bottle in the unit; plug it in, and in 5 minutes it’s done. How difficult is that? The EXPRESS Bottle & Babyfood Warmer heats fast, evenly, and it’s durable. Moreover, now there’s no more white, icky, stuff to clean off my pans.In all the time I used this bottle warmer, I never encountered any problems. Let me tell you, this unit got a workout in my house. I think my success was actually due to reading the instruction manual. I know ~ “geek alert”. Okay, that’s true, but it’s also fair to say that I quickly learned to keep a timer when warming. I overheated many bottles in the months I served warm milk, because I’d get distracted. Consequently, running a timer became apart of the routine. If Avent were to add an external timer, this would be extremely helpful to users. I almost never used the coolest setting, only when thawing frozen breastmilk, and I only used the 2nd setting when warming disposable bottles. Both were rare occasions. I generally thawed breastmilk in the refrigerator, and I used disposable bottles when I was on the go ~ outside the house.Here’s another tip, adding an internal thermostat with an automatic shut off feature would seriously improve this product. Many have complained about the lack of an ON/OFF switch. I kept the EXPRESS Bottle & Babyfood Warmer on the kitchen counter so the lack of an ON/OFF switch was never an issue. Had I kept it at my bedside this would have been a huge inconvenience; although, a power strip would solve that problem. Whether one turns off a switch or unplugs the unit either way this final step must be completed. I can NOT tell you how many times I forgot to unplug this bottle warmer. An hour might go by before I realized my mistake. Now that’s a fire hazard!Closing Remarks:When it comes to bottles, Avent is still my 1st choice. I have learned through research that several manufactures have modified their bottle warmers to accommodate the Avent brand. I guess that goes to show… input from customers can, and does influence manufactures. Avent could make a few improvements to this bottle warmer, which would certainly increase the price. However, I for one would be willing to pay for those added features. Would you? While writing this review, I’ve debated how to rate this product. I was extremely pleased with this warmer, but I also recognize its shortcomings. I’ve opted to give this product an above average mark, because1.) It did what it was supposed to do. It warms bottles fast, and evenly.2.) It accommodates plastic, glass, tin, and a myraid of bottles styles.3.) Warms disposable bottles, and bottle liners, and4.) It saved me from the stovetop hassles.Happy Feeding,Mary

Deanna Rio Verde, AZ

Great little warmer

I like this bottle warmer. It warms up the bottles quickly and that means alot at 3AM with a screaming, hungry baby. I use the Dr. Brown’s bottles with it and they fit fine. I haven’t had any problems with uneven heating or anything like that. I have even taken the warmer with me when we go to friends houses so I can heat up the bottles quickly. I strongly suggest that you do not put the nipples on the bottles while they are in the warmer. It causes the formula to overflow from the nipple. Found that out the hard way. Other than that, I haven’t had any problems or issues with the product. I would suggest this to parents looking for a small warmer.

Rebecca Ellenboro, NC

Save your money

I didnt really care for this. I couldnt tell when the bottle was ready and the light would go on and off and not warm the bottle or else get it to hot. Might be user error but I didnt care for it.

Cassie Calipatria, CA

Perfect! Couldn’t ask for a better warmer!

I think the […]. The fill line is crucial in getting the bottle warm. If you fill the water to high than it doesn’t heat as well. The water is supposed to be just at the level of milk in order for it to heat correctly. If you fill it correctly it will work. It works fast too. A bottle of cold breast milk from the fridge is warm in about 4 minutes. If you’re warming room temperature formula it will be even faster, probably about 2 minutes. I highly recommend this bottle warmer. My baby is not on solids so I can’t say how it works on baby food.

Louisa Laredo, MO

Built to last but burns the milk!

I’ve had this warmer for 3.5 years, and have used it for both of my boys. It still works, after 3.5 years, as well as it did when I bought it. The only thing I don’t like is that you have to add water almost everytime you use it, and that it doesn’t have automatic shut-off. I have burnt much milk and formula in my life! (When you’re chasing two kids, it’s easy to forget you’re cooking a bottle!) And, there have been times, too, that I’ve forgotten to unplug it for hours at a time… my fault, I know, but another reason auto-shut-off would be great.

Sally Chokio, MN

It’s OK

This bottle warmer is OK. It does its job but it doesn’t automatically shut off when the bottle is warm thus causing the bottles to be overheated sometimes. It also is only good for Avent bottles. I have put Dr. Brown’s bottles in there but you have to add more water for it to work. I also purchase The First Years Night and Day Bottle Warmer. I like it much better.

Gina Parsons, KS

Not too bad

My sister-in-law told us not to register for this because she couldn’t get it to work. Well, I wanted it and I registered for it anyway. We got it and I decided to give it a try just to make sure it worked. I used it the next time my friend came over with her newborn and it worked great. Just add a little water, throw in the bottle, and in minutes it was perfect. My only suggestions would be to add an on/off switch and a timer. But other than that, it’s another great product by Avent.

Luisa Obrien, CA

Takes too long for the price!

Save your money. You can heat a bottle faster under hot running tap water or by heating a bowl of water in the microwave and sitting the bottle in it. This bottle warmer is definitly not a necessary item. It is expensive and it takes too long to heat a bottle.

Casandra Greene, RI

Very useful and fine… but can be improved

I like this a lot when I need to warm baby’s bottles (I am not using Avent bottles but it works fine). It heats the milk evenly and to the same temperature as long as you follow the directions.But there should be a timer, or the light should turn off only when this is warm. The directions are way too complex for a mum and a crying baby. Be more simple!

Nina Cubero, NM

Great Bottle Warmer

I first purchased another bottle warmer which I promptly returned because it did not work. I received this bottle warmer as a gift from a friend who has three children, two of which are twins. So, I figured she knew what was good and what was not. And she was right, this works well. I read some of the other reviews of this product but can only say I’ve had no problems with this. It’s easy to use and always warms the bottle just right…not too hot, not too cold. I’m very pleased with this product.

Tanya Guildhall, VT

Cant live with out it

I was told that you can warm up water in the microwave or just put it in a bowl full of hot boiling water. But, in the middle of the night after weeks of bad sleep, the last thing you want to do is exactly that!! With the avent express bottle warmer is the easiest way to warm up your bottles with less trouble. The only thing that I dont like of this product is that doesnt have an on/off switch. Otherwise, its great!!! ( avent products are the best out there…)

Hannah Summit, AR