Philips AVENT Express Microwave Sterilizer

Philips AVENT Express Microwave Sterilizer

The Avent Express II Microwave Steam Sterilizer uses the power of your microwave to kill all household bacteria in only two minutes! Holds up to six 9 oz. Avent Natural Feeding Bottles, or two ISIS Breast Pumps and two 9 oz. Avent Natural Feeding Bottles. Contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours providing the lid is not removed. The lid is safely secured with two lockable clips. Cooler-touch safety grips on both sides of the sterilizer ensure easy handling. Avent Express II Microwave Steam Sterilizer also includes two bonus 9-oz. Natural Feeding Bottles featuring the Avent Anti-Colic Nipples with the Slow Flow Rate.

Main features

  • Combines the benefits of steam sterilization with the convenience of the microwave.
  • Steam sterilize six bottles, nipples, and caps in as little as two minutes.
  • Suitable for any microwave-safe plastic.
  • Lightweight and compact–great for travel.

Verified reviews


A waste of money

I thought this would be a great way to get my bottles clean but you still have to scrub them clean first yourself, THEN prepare this thing to stick in the microwave for x-amt of time, THEN wait for it to cool…. too much to do prior to getting a bottle ready for a fussy baby!<br /><br />If your baby has an immune promblem, then this may be great for you, otherwise, skip on this and just buy a nice bottle brush…. I like the one by Munchkin.<br /><br />BUT if you still decide to get this, check it in the store first, because when I got mine home it was USED- it had obvisiously been returned (someone else thought it was useless too I guess) with milk residue on the bottles- yuck!

Francis Cobb, WI

Not Necessary

I used this item 3 times, now its collecting dust. Most books that I’ve read and my doctor agrees that it really isn’t necessary to sterilize bottles. They only need to be washed in very hot soapy water. My son goes through tons of bottles a day and its not convenient to sterilize them in this item. You can only fit 4 bottles in there at a time. Save your money and wash you bottles well by yourself!

Maura Eufaula, AL

great sterilizer

This is a great sterilizer and is so easy to use. It can also double as a place to store your bottles. I and my baby hated the bottles that come with it though. They leak and are awkward to hold.

Jerri Collison, IL

The best item on my registry!

This is such a great item and I can’t say enough good things about it! I use it several times a day for pacifiers, baby bottles, and breast pump bottles. It couldn’t be easier than popping things in the microwave for 5 minutes and knowing that your baby is getting sterilized items.A word of advice- be careful about removing it from the microwave. The water inside and the steam can scald if you are not cautious. Let it sit for a few minutes before opening, because the water can splash when opening the lid.

Earnestine Elnora, IN

Very easy to use

I really like using this product. It is fast and simple to use and holds a lot of bottles as well as my breast pump accessories. It makes sterilizing your baby products so much easier. Let’s face it, who is going to go and boil a pot of water everytime you needs to sterilize stuff (which is every day when you have a baby!)Buy this simple to use product which will help to keep your baby healthy!

Ella Grayling, MI

What a time saver

This product is so convenient. I saw other mom’s deal with the sterilization issue by boiling everything, what a time consuming process. This way it’s all done in less than ten minutes and you can be doing other things during the process. The only suggestion I would make is to increse the number of bottles you could sterilize at one time. Great product.

Manuela Gates, NC

Great for SOME people, not really needed for others

My almost 4 month old son is VERY small (24th percentile!) so the doctor recomended me buying a sterelizer, in other cases careful scrubing and just putting the bottles in the dishwasher would do, and it can save you some trouble. but for those people who need or really want a sterelizer, this ones great. Its much less expensive than the other sterelizers that take over all your counter space! It cleans my bottles very well, and I use mostly avent by the way. It can also sterelize my 2 1/2 year olds “magic cups” after he gets over a virus or if he had milk (another product by avent). It is fairly simple to use and much less stressful than boiling water, in my opinion. It also comes with 4 bottles, although my house is a bottle factory as it is! This sterelizer can also be used as a drying rack if needed. I love this sterelizer and it has kept my small son very healthy, happy and playful!

Jeanette Zebulon, GA

Affordable sterilizer created in partnership by Philips and Avent

MODEL SELECTION:There are two microwave sterilizer models marketed by Philips/Avent. The first is the SCF271/07 (ASIN B001C3KXPG) and the second is the SCF271/02 (ASIN B000056OUH). BOTH actually contain the basic Express II Microwave Steam Sterilizer which holds up to six (6) bottles or a combination of other items including microwaveable breast pumps, cups, etc.The only difference is that the SCF271/02 contains an ADDITIONAL two (2) of the 9oz/260ml Airflex Natural Feeding Bottle and Nippple.Strangely enough as of this writing, Amazon is selling the SCF271/02 (the one that contains two extra feeding bottles) for a much lower price than the SCF271/07. So until prices remain like this, know what you are buying and consider it a bonus to have the two extra bottles.TO STERILIZE OR NOT TO STERILIZE…WITH THIS MICROWAVE STERILIZER:The argument is not whether you should sterilize your baby products (or expose the baby to germs as argument in strengthening the immune system) because if you’re searching for a sterilizer and reached this page, then I’m going to assume you agree with the sterilization process.The other argument in question is whether you are content with using hot running water and anti-bacterial soap or running a dishwasher and if these steps alone are enough to sterilize. Well it doesn’t help to take an extra step to go thru a short few minutes in the microwave. Again, if you’re in this page then you’ve come to accept that this sterilization process is worth the extra caution.HOW MANY MINUTES IN THE MICROWAVE AT FULL POWER AND 200ml OF WATER?2 MINUTES @ 1,100 – 1,850W, 2 MINUTES COOLDOWN4 MINUTES @ 850 – 1,000W, 2 MINUTES COOLDOWN6 MINUTES @ 500 – 800W, 2 MINUTES COOLDOWNI’m restating these from the manual because it’s important to ensure proper use. Too little water and you can end up damaging the sterilizer. Too much water and you fail to properly sterilize.Check to see the wattage of your microwave. The model number is usually a giveaway on this.How much is 200ml? Your baby bottle should give you that info.Also remember to allow 2 minutes cooling time prior to unlocking the lid unless you want to be greeted with hot steam on your face and second degree burn or worse.HOW LONG WILL IT REMAIN STERILE?The manual further states that the items will remain sterile for 24 hours PROVIDED THE LID IS NOT REMOVED. So yes you can sterilize in advance and leave it inside until you need it for the day.COMMENTS:Avent and Philips have consistently provided quality plastic products. The look and feel is what I have come to expect. It is well made and there are no rough edges or protruding plastic parts that may have not been molded properly.The manual will tell you how to position the items in the sterilizer versus simply dumping them in. The point of the sterilizer is to allow hot steam to circulate around. So incorrect position may mean not creating a good sterilization process.When all is said and done, this is a simple sterilizer you put in the microwave. For the low cost it is offered, it’s a small price to pay for extra security for your baby. Follow the included instructions and enjoy.

Beatrice Valmeyer, IL

Avent system: excellent quality bottles and nipples, some concern about BPA with heating

Despite the concerns about BPA we are using these bottles for our daughter, and using canned formula to supplement breastfeeding. The concern with BPA seems to be heightened when the bottles are washed with hot water, or sterilized at hot temperatures. We bought this sterilizer, but have stopped using it. However, we still use the dishwasher, which is fairly hot. I am keeping an eye on Avent’s statements:[…]We keep using them because they seem to be really excellent bottles and nipples, she feeds easily and doesn’t get a whole lot of gas. The nipples are designed so that you can graduate her to faster flow nipples as she gets bigger. We are hoping that the BPA concerns will turn out to be unwarranted.

Betty Houlton, ME


This product is a true time, not to mention life saver! It completely cuts the time in half of boiling water. If only it can hold more bottles.

Lorena Cassopolis, MI

Must Have! A great value! Fast and Easy!

I was not told by my doctor that I needed to sterlize my daughter’s bottles, but I do anyway. This thing is great. It fits any type of bottle. I use it everyday. It so easy to use and fast. It takes only 4 mins to sterlize your bottles, nipples, pacifiers, etc.

Laurel Java, SD

Indispensible, Portable and Affordable

This sterilizer is absolutely wonderful, especially if you take your baby on the road, i.e. to the grandparents’ house. If they’ve got a microwave, then you’re ready to go.It’s also very durable. Ours gets lots of use every day and yet looks like it just came out of the box brand new. Plus, unlike a bottle warmer appliance, there are no moving part or electrical components to wear out or break, so we expect we’ll be using ours for years/babies to come.

Emilia Darien, CT

I think its great

No more plugs to plug in or pots to boil. Just pop it in the microwave and walk away. It fits all of her bottles and pacifiers in one process and it fits perfectly in my small kitchen when I am not using it. Definatly worth buying! you will get good use out of it.

Margery Meally, KY

Great sterilizer

I love this sterilizer. It is very quick and completely uncomplicated. In 5 minutes I can sterilize bottles. The Avent bottles fit perfectly. I now use the Dr. Brown’s bottles and just have to lay them on their sides. Obviously the sterilizer is using steam and is incredible hot when it first comes out of the microwave. I ususally let it sit for about 3 minutes or so before removing the bottles.

Lauren Alachua, FL

A Must-Have!!!

This has been a lifesaver!!! It can sterilize 5 small bottles & nipples 5 minutes at a time!!! Just add the correct amount of water, pop it in the microwave, and go!!! It’s saved me so much time and hassle… At first, I didn’t think that I wanted to spend the money on a sterilizer when I thought I could boil them myself for free, but this has more than paid for itself in it’s first 3 weeks of use… A definate must have for new moms!!!

Emily Saint Francis, KS

Not great with other bottle brands…

I bought this sterilizer when I was using Avent bottles and it worked great. There is a place for everything…bottles, nipples, and caps. Our microwave is 1200 watts, so using this sterilizer saved me a ton of time…bottles were done in 3 minutes! However, when I had to switch to Dr. Brown’s bottles, I was in for a shock. Apparently the Dr. Brown’s bottles are just slightly taller than the Avent bottles, so they would not fit in this sterilizer standing up. I had to lay them down and pile everything on top of them. Its a shame because this is a great product, but I can’t recommend it to people unless they know for sure they can use Avent bottles only.

Jade Nelson, GA

Time and Energy Saver – I Love It.

This is a great product and I highly recommend it. The best sterilizing option since I don’t have enough dishes to bother using the dishwasher more than once every two days. Even if you just want to clean one pacifier, it uses less water and energy than boiling on the stove and it’s quicker too. It saves my skin from hand washing in scorching hot water (but I still give things a quick rince in warm soapy water before tossing them in the sterilizer). It is a lifesaver when pumping and bottle feeding.The only drawback is the space that it takes up – it is about 12 inches in diameter and 6 inhes tall. But I use mine so much, I just keep it in the microwave when I’m not using it!

Melanie Norene, TN

great item

This is a great item if you don’t run the dishwasher alot. We don’t need to run ours daily, so the sterilizer works great and takes very little time. Get a drying rack though, because the items will need to dry if you’re not using them immediately. Once I got a lot of bottles, I started running the dishwasher more and this became obsolete.

Katrina Catawba, VA


I LOVE this sterlizer! It is so convenient especially when you dont run the dishwasher every day! The price is a little high, which is why i bought a used on on ebay. Best purchase i have made! I sterlize all my bottles in it, and pacifiers and even some toys. However, when i bought it, it did not include instructions, i later got them off of when i got a horrible steam burn from the product. That was probably just a dumb blonde moment on my part though! I was in a hurry and not paying attention and the steam hit my hand. BE VERY CAREFUL! you will want to use and oven mit or towel to take out of microwave and keep your face and hands away when opening it.This sterlizer is great! i would reccomend it to everyone! So far i have been able to fit everything from avent bottles to large 9 oz bottles in it, and even the parts to my gerber breast pump. I look forward to using this for years to come!I found that the lid works really well for washing bottles too, instead of filling a sink full of water! I can wash them in the soap and set them in the sink for rinsing, instead of using both sides of the sink.

Michell Noxon, MT

I LOVE this product

This is one of my most used items from my registry. Originally, I thought I would sterilize my bottles in the dishwasher but someone pointed out to me that that would require running the dishwasher every day. Instead, you can throw your bottles, nipples and pacifiers in here as needed, and have them sterilized in 7 minutes. It is absolutely something I would recommend.

Bobbi Reva, SD

great for those without dishwashers

We don’t have a dishwasher so I throw everything in the sterilizer (bottles, breastpump parts, binkies, etc.)after washing with soap and water. It is easy to use, just throw items in, 7 ounces of water and microwave for 7 minutes. I use this sterilizer daily.I only gave it four stars because I put in the breast shield from my First Years breast pump and it melted a bit where the shield sat in the appropriate slot. I can still use the breast shield but there is a permanent dent melted into it. Otherwise, I love this sterilizer!

Ursula Granville, VT

the best sterilizer out there

5 reasons to have the avent express micro sterilizer:- Reasonable price!!- It comes with an extra value of 4 avent bottles ( it says here that comes with two, but I just got mine and comes with 4!!)- Its great for travel,not too big, not too small.- Very very very easy to clean- It does the job in 4 minutes!you can keep it anywhere because of its convinient size ( and its made of plastic!)* I used to have an electric sterilizer and as soon as I heard about this one, I got it and life with a baby it just became simpler than ever!!!

Sharlene Beulah, WY

Excellent Product!

I saw this and just had to get it. It’s good to wash and sterilize all bottles and breast pump parts before using them the first time.I own the Avent Isis breastpump and this has grooves for it to click into-very cool! I like to sterilize my pump once or twice a week, and once a week I sterilize the bottles and nipples.I can’t ever wait for the washer to run, so instead of waiting, I just throw everything I want sterilized into the microwave for 4 minutes and it’s done. It’s so easy and simple.And it keeps things sterile for 3 hours unless you pop open the top right away!

Carole Concordia, KS

Another great Avent product!

For weeks I boiled my ISIS pump parts and bottles, leaving on my non-stick pot calcium stain. As I was going back to work and my baby had to be bottle fed (thus more things to be sterilized), I found this great product and eagerly bought it. It’s such a great invention! Everything (pump parts, nipples, dome caps, bottles etc) has slot of its own on the rack so they won’t shift around. And if you keep the lid closed after sterilizing, contents stay sterilized for a day!Be sure to check your microwave power though, since it takes 4 minutes for a 1100watts microwave, longer for less powerful ones. Even though I have a 1350watts one, I do it for 4 minutes just to be sure! And let it cool for recommended length of time to avoid scorching yourself.Enjoy this product and you won’t regret.

Vickie Laurie, MO


This is a truly wonderful product! I got mine on sale at a local Target store, and it included 4 9-oz Avent bottles as a bonus, so it was really a great deal. :)I was pleasantly surprised to see how EASY it was to use this sterilizer. I tried boiling huge pots to sterilize all the bottles, pacifiers and breast pump accessories, and it took forever to boil and turned out to be too costly. This sterilizer accomodates all my Medela pump attachments, Dr. Brown’s bottles (that have 5 pieces each!) and a few pacifiers easily. All it needs is 200 ml/7 oz of water and a microwave, and in 4-6 minutes you get it done! Since it’s SOOO EASY to use, I also sterilize all my daughter’s plastic toys in it. It doesn’t take up much space on the kitchen counter (in fact I store mine on top of the microwave since I’m using it several times a day). The greatest thing about this sterelizer is that it gives me peace of mind that whatever goes into my 2-month old daughter’s mouth is clean 🙂

Cecilia Camillus, NY

Speedy way to sterilize

We love this sterilizer. It is quick, easy to use, and fits other brands as well. We wouldn’t want to sterilize any other way!

Hilda Batesville, TX

Great Item… but necessary?

Perfect for breast pump accessories. IF YOU ARE BREAST FEEDING AND/OR PUMPING, YOU NEED SOMETHING LIKE THIS to clean all those pesky little teeny/awkward accessories. But beyond that (as far as baby’s bottles and bottle accessories/pieces, pacifiers, small plastic toys, etc.) if you have a dishwasher it probably has an optional steam-dry cycle that works just the same as this microwave steam sterilizer.

Stella Amalia, NM

Very Convenient.

We have a dishwasher and had a full term very healthy child, and still used this product. Lids and nipples tend to turn up in the dishwasher and retain water, and what is point if I have to just rewash them?This sterilizer holds 6 bottles, nipples, tops, and pacifiers all at the same time. You can put breast pump parts in it, and anything else that you need to sterilize. I washed everything, filled this with the items and water, and popped it in at 6 minutes in our microwave to have perfectly clean and sterilized bottles, pacifiers, or breast pump parts. I used this everyday until my son was 6 months old, when we stopped sterilizing bottles. Its easy, safe, convenient, and fast.

Cheri Upatoi, GA

Extremely Useful

I bought this a few months ago and after reading a little about it, I thought that I wouldn’t use it. Boy, was I wrong. I use it for all sorts of things.My niece dropped a sippy cup of juice in my car that wasn’t discovered for a week. I washed the cup. When I removed the valve…NASTY. I don’t think it’s ever been taken apart and washed. After a second washing, I put all of the parts in this and let the microwave work it’s magic.I love the lift out tray because whatever’s in there that I’m sterilizing isn’t sitting in the water. It can also hold the Avent Isis breast pump. The sterilizer is actually a great place to store your pump when it’s just been cleaned and not in use.

Meghan Bonnieville, KY

Great product

This is a great product. I leave it on the counter and throw in pacifiers, WASHED bottles, etc all day then throw in the microwave when full. Uses much less water and energy than running the dishwasher.

Paula Yatesboro, PA