Philips AVENT Hard Spout Magic Trainer with Handle, 9 Ounce, Twin

Philips AVENT Hard Spout Magic Trainer with Handle, 9 Ounce, Twin

The new Philips AVENT toddler cup range was designed in cooperation with a nutritionist and a child psychologist to include the features that parents request most. Available in several fun and educational storytelling designs, colors and sizes relevant for different developmental stages, the cups also feature interchangeable spouts -softer ones for transitioning from a bottle, and harder bite resistant ones for older toddlers.

Main features

  • First non-spill cup designed just for baby
  • The soft white spout is gentle on baby’s gums, and the easy-grip handles help baby to firmly grasp the cup
  • The Magic Trainer Cup is such a natural transition from bottle or breastfeeding
  • All Magic Cups feature a non-spill valve that opens with ease when your baby is drinking and “magically” closes when drinking stops

Verified reviews


I agree, no magic here

These cups – the entire Avent line, for that matter – seem so wonderful in theory. But in practice, they’re pretty terrible, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how the Avent line came to be so hyped. (A friend of mine speculates it has a lot to do with the cups, bottles, etc being pretty – I’m inclined to agree.)In a way, these cups remind me of the nursery rhyme my mother would chide me with when I was younger, about the little girl with the little curl in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very, very good – and when she was bad, she was horrid!When these cups are working right, they are wonderful! But – These cups are STRANGE. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to them. Sometimes they leak from the spout, sometimes they leak from the collar, but the same cup will not always leak in the same way, if it leaks at all. Avent bottles have the same leaky collar issue and if you call Avent they will tell you that you must have over-tightened the collar, that the collar is supposed to be tightened using the clear plastic over-cap, not touching the collar directly. Huh? Who would think to do it that way? Why would you put a cap on just to tighten the collar and then remove it? But it’s a moot point because any way I do it, loose or tight, collar or cap to tighten, sometimes they leak, sometimes they don’t.All that is after you account for the fact that the larger cups only come with the harder green spouts, which are for toddlers. This is OK, I suppose… but the white soft spouts just SEEM nicer, my kid seems to prefer them, and the green spouts are much harder to remove the valves from because they are so stiff! So when I bought these cups I had to then spend extra money on the white spouts, and that is all we used – which may or may not account for my next problem. I don’t know if it strikes the green spouts or not.Over time, these cups stop working. You will hand it to your child, he will suck for a bit, get angry, and hand the cup back to you. You will try the cup. All you will get is a hiss of air, no liquid. Early on, you can remove the cap and press harder to snap the valve in place… but then after a while, nothing works. You have to replace the caps and valves. And maybe I’m just an idiot but it bothers me to throw away things that are perfectly OK, and it bothers me that you can’t figure out just WHICH part of the cap/valve set has gone bad, you have to either replace all your caps and valves at once or end up playing sippy cup roulette having an odd mixing of new and old spouts/valves that may or may not work when you put them together.In short, this cups have nearly driven me insane.Oh, and my favorite, favorite part about these cups – NOT – is if you use them with the nipple, your kid can push the nipple down inside the cup and spill milk (or whatever) all over the place. My guy first figured this out while we were out in the stroller and he had a cup of strawberry kefir. A pretty much full cup. What a mess!These cups also hold sour milk smell worse than any other cup I have tried (and we’ve tried a lot) They pretty much have to be washed in the dishwasher or else repeatedly sterilized which can get annoying. Of course this can be prevented by washing your cups immediately, every time, but let the mom who has never discovered a squirreled-away sippy full of homemade yogurt cast the first stone…I guess the biggest thing these cups offer over the competition is they have caps. Most other sippies don’t – actually I don’t know of any that do. But we’ve switched to playtex and I’m pretty happy with them. No leaks, fewer parts, only one part to go bad…Avent… ugh. I’ve used and hated the breastpump, the bottles, and now the sippies.

Marisol Garnavillo, IA

Nothing magical about these cups

These cups leak like crazy! I took pictures of them leaking. I will be uploading them into amazon’s product picture page, we’ll see if it’s approved. There is a hole at the base of the nozzle, right where it meets the colored plastic. I don’t know why the hole is there, but all of the cups have this design flaw. Don’t waste your money on these cups. They are cute, but they leak and make a terrible mess. I’ve tried gerber cups and those were a lot better.

Tara Delmita, TX


Our son is almost 16 months old and we have been using these sippy cups for about 10 months now. We have never had them leak, mold, spouts push through or anything! I suggest reading the directions before tossing these sippy cups in the trash. I cannot get over how many parents assume that the Avent line is alot of “hype” just because they failed to read directions.As for the complaints about mold and sour milk…that’s just gross. Wash the sippy cup after it’s used. I’m sure any other brand would get moldy and smelly if you left it in your trunk all summer…not Avent’s fault!Anyway, as for the green spouts being stiffer than the white ones and more difficult to clean…OK, maybe for the first few times because they are new; but they WILL get more pliable. I spoke to an Avent rep at the Baby Fair in Edison, NJ and she suggested buying new spouts every month or so (same for nipples with Avent bottles). They do wear out…especially if you’re using the same two or three sippy cups every day.I just bought (and tried) the “sport spout” and although it is quite a mouthful of liquid that comes out, our son has no problem with that spout, either. No leaks so far.All in all, read the directions and you will see the leaks disappear like MAGIC! Good luck!

Arline Otter Creek, ME

Good product!

This was an amazing find for my granddaughter! She truly loves bright colors and I am so excited that it worked so well! Low spillage

Lindsay Gore Springs, MS

The 1-Star Reviews are True!

I decided to give it a try despite some of the bad reviews, figuring they could be just unlucky. After trying these sippy cups a few times when my son was 6 month old, and again at 10 month old, I have to agree with these 1 star reviews… it’s not your child, it’s not the parent, it’s the sippy cups problem:- Leaks no matter how many times I followed the instructions, re-read, assemble and disassemble. I use a phlilips avent steamer sterilizer for the bottle part only, and I thought I had warped it somehow so that it leaks from the sides. So I brought another one (and did not put it in the sterilizer or washing machine) and it still leaks!! :(- the flow is just too fast. I tried this sippy cup when my son was 6 months and he kept choking cause the flow was just too fast for him. I thought maybe he wasn’t ready yet, and this was a good sippy cup. I was wrong. I tried a few more times at 10 months old, the flow is just still too fast he ends up either choking or having his shirt soaked with water.It’s a cute cup, I hope it’s just a matter of bad quality control only and others have better luck with this.

Jimmie Arbon, ID

A MUST have

I give 5 stars to all Avent Products. I have had no problems, whatsoever, with Avent. My Grandson, at 8 months, is completely off the bottle and is taking formula, juice, and water from his “sippy cup”. We are thrilled.

Verna Bay City, OR

Good for SHORT TERM use only.

I would recommend these for short-term use only, buying them with the thought in mind that you will one day throw them away because they wear out quickly and leak.If you plan on nursing and using Avent bottles, this is a great way to “transition” your tot into using a cup or another version of sippy cup (I recommend Playtex once your child has mastered holding a larger sippy cup- PLAYTEX WILL NEVER LEAK!). This Avent Magic Cup can be used with Avent nipples, etc.It is not the easiest to clean, but it is possible.Eventually, this Avent Magic Cup WILL leak.

Geraldine Mason City, IA

The Transition Was Easy.

A little before our boy reached one year old, our pediatrician told us to gradually make the shift to more and more solid foods. The transition was easy. She also suggested that the boy should not be using nipples beyond the year one and we should gradually shift over to using sippy cups.We’ve used Avent bottles, for the most part, and have been very satisfied with them. As such, when the transition came we simply switched over to the Avent 9-ounce Magic Trainer. It took a little while, but the transition was easy and it’s now the only bottle he uses. No problems. He picked up on the difference real fast.Gary Peterson

Catherine Nunam Iqua, AK

Valves are super tough to remove for cleaning!

Great bottles when used with nipples, terrible design with the sippy cup attachment. Valves are super tough to remove for cleaning, and they always are being cleaned. I recommend the First Years Clean & Simple, valve free! sippy cups. They don’t offer them on Babies R Us online but the do have them in the store. They have them in 3 sizes , with handles and they don’t leak! EVER! When making the purchase do it right the first time. Not like me 4 sets later :o(

Margret Rougon, LA

Perfect if you already have Avent bottles

I love the whole Avent system! These are great sippy cups, in large part because all Avent pieces are modular and fit each other. So, if you have been using Avent bottles, you can put the sippy cup tops and handles on the bottles.You can pop out the magic valve that makes this a sippy cup and fit in the nipple from the bottle. Or, you can take the collars from your bottles and fit the magic valve in it. It is wonderful! Especially since you have so many ways to fit the sippy cup together if you have already been using Avent bottles.

Diane Quaker Street, NY

Love these!

This was the first sippy cup that my boy used and its still his favorite, even though he can drink from just about any sippy cup now. Recently, I discovered that I could use the nipple and handle on regular Avent bottles that we already had. This was great for when I fell behind on doing dishes… I simply rinsed the nipple attachment and put it on the Avent bottles. It also allowed us to bring along a few different drinks on trips and simply move the nipple/handle to the different drinks depending on what he wanted.I’ve not had a problem with leaking or losing parts… I’m not sure why some would find them hard to take apart? It has like three peices? Leaking hasn’t been an issue at all, in fact these were the only type I had that didn’t leak. Of course they have to be assembled right to not leak. If you forget the valve, they will leak.I particularly like the spout design which allows him to drink without getting solids into the cup. When he drank during his meals with the Gerber cup, all sorts of particles would end up in the cup. Not so with this one.

Terra Warren, TX

Never Had A Leak!

I will first admit that there are additional parts to these cups that need to be washed, but since we used Dr. Brown’s bottles, I was used to a few pieces.The soft spout on these cups is great, and made transitioning to a cup SO easy for us. My son hasn’t taken a bottle since his first birthday, and never missed them a bit. There are two levels of spouts, one harder one softer. I’ve tried other soft spout brands, but have had leaking from the collars. Avent cups NEVER leak as long as the valves are inserted correctly. Our little guy will use any brand or spout type, but these are his favorite and nice on sore gums.I really recommend these cups despite the extra valve pieces (which I simply pop in the dishwasher in a basket). You’ll never have spills on your sofa or carpet.

Melinda Littleton, WV

They Leak

This is not a horrible product. Some young children find the spout easier than other sippies, and we used it as a transition sippy before switching over to the Playtex model.They will leak, but hardly in floods if our experience is any indication. The BIGGEST drawback is that they are a real *pain* to clean. Very difficult to clean by hand (take something else on vacation!) and not all that convenient even when you do have a dishwasher at hand. There are just so many parts!Plus the handle and the ring thingie don’t fit into our bottle washing dishwasher basket.Two stars. You might want to try it for an older baby or toddler who is not adapting to other styles. But otherwise give it a pass.

Carey Egnar, CO

Yeah! He likes it!

Finally. We bought just about every kind of sippy cup on the market. Hard tops, soft tops, short, tall, you name it, we’ve got it. And they are currently being stored. He loved this cup. Finally, I got him to drink out of a cup. Something about the flatness of the nipple and the fact that it is soft, but not too soft and longer than most. My little man drank out of it immediately. Hopefully, before too long, he’ll be getting his juice himself! Ha Ha! We had a little problem with the Avent bottles leaking, but so far, we haven’t had a problem with this cup leaking. I was a little cautious about that when I purchased this one. Because of the bottle leakage, I double check everything before I hand it over. I hate to clean and don’t need any more cleaning jobs added. My advice, try this cup. It worked wonders for us.

Pam Thompsons Station, TN