Philips AVENT Infant Feeding Set

Philips AVENT Infant Feeding Set

The Avent Infant Feeding Set is specially designed to help mothers and babies combine breast and bottle-feeding with ease. Four 9-oz. feeding bottles feature broad, soft, slow-flow, silicone nipples that mimic the shape and feel of the breast so Baby can suckle more naturally. Plus, an anti-vacuum skirt allows air into the bottle as Baby feeds, so less air is swallowed than with conventional bottles. Wide-neck design makes cleaning and filling Avent bottles easier, too. All Avent bottles are compatible with the Avent Isis Breast Pump (sold separately). Infant Feeding Set also includes 4 sealing discs, 4 nipple travel-pack bases and 1 silicone newborn pacifier. Dishwasher safe. Imported.

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Great gift

This set really is great. It has 4 9oz bottles, slow flow (number 2) nipples, 4 sealing disks, 4 travel nipple bases, and a newborn pacifier.This, combined with a 3pk of 4oz bottles makes a a great start to infant feeding. It will also save you some money because you won’t need to buy the Breast Milk Storage kit.

Jeannine Waukegan, IL

Not good for gassy babies!

I used these bottles for expressed breast milk to give my husband a chance to feed our baby. The bottles do not leak, like I have read in the other reviews. But, I used the #1 nipple which takes my daughter 45 minutes to finish and she constantly falls asleep during feeding. The #2 stage nipple took her only 15 minutes but she had horrible gas pains after she was done even though she was burped several times during feeding. I switched to Dr. Brown’s bottles which eliminated the gas problem all together.

Amanda Axtell, UT

Great Bottles, Great Set

I bought these bottles after reading reviews on them and have been pretty happy with them. They have never leaked with me BUT I have never screwed the lid on too tightly. You HAVE to remember that. When you overtighten the lid, the nipple gets distorted and the seal is broken. My husband and others in the family have had this problem. It is probably always helpful to test for leaks (when you test the temp of the milk) BEFORE you give it to the baby, just to make sure.I like the plastic they use. It has always felt extremely sturdy. They are easily to hold (thanks to the curve) and I really like the wide mouth of the bottles which make them easy to clean….and you are pretty sure they are clean!!I bought the newborn starter set and the infant set and together they are all I require for bottles and a breastmilk storage set!! This set comes with a pacifier, 4 9oz feeding bottles, 4 slow flow (number 2) nipples, 4 sealing disks, and 4 nipple travel packs (great for storage). The Avent Newborn Starter Set comes with (2 newborn pacifiers, 2 4oz bottles, 3 9oz bottles, 5 newborn (number 1) nipples, and 1 bottle brush). The fact that I got two nipple sizes was great at transition time!All in all I think they were a great buy and worth it. I would use them all over again and would use avent with my next baby too.

Lucile Buena Park, CA

Not Preferred By Our Baby

We returned the Avent bottles and bought more Playtex VentAire bottles instead. Isaiah is 3 mo’s old and he has used Stage 2 nipples from birth. He enjoys drinking from the Playtex VentAire much more than Avent or other brands. We believe it is because Playtex’s venting allows him to suck without encountering increasing resistance and needing to break his seal for the bottle to backfill with air. The Avent do seem like they would look newer longer but looks aren’t everything.

Gale Creola, OH

Great bottles

I have been very happy with the Avent Naturally re-usable bottles. I don’t recommend liners of any kind because it’s just an extra step in the bottle-making process and something more to have to go buy when you run out! With these re-usable bottles, I just toss everything in the dishwashwer and I’m good to go.I have no complaints about these bottles. They really are wonderful. There are 4 different flow speeds to accommodate your child’s needs, as well, which is nice.There are also handles that you can purchase later on to encourage baby to hold his own bottle, as well as little sippy-cup spouts. So, you can turn all of your bottles into non-spill sippy cups, which just extends the life of this product. You won’t have to spend money on sippy cups this way.I would not recommend buying any 4-ounce size bottles. Just put a smaller amount into the larger 9-ounce bottles at first. My son was drinking 6 ounces per bottle by the time he was 3 months old, anyway, so I’m glad I didn’t waste money on the 4-ounce size.

Rita Listie, PA

Leaky, Leaky, Leaky

I used these through out my daughter’s infancy, largely because I bought a whole set of them, the milk storage contraptions, the breast pump, and the pacifiers. Plus once she was used to the pacifiers and nipples she wouldn’t take any other kind.But the bottles routinely leaked, ruining several diaper bags, clothing, and nighttime feedings.Apparently you have to screw the cap on just right- which is really difficult at 3 AM!My daughter didn’t seem to have the gas and colic that other reviews talk about, but we did use quite a bit of gas medicine between 3 and 6 months.All in All, I think the paci’s are great, the rest of it I could do without.

Robbie Jewell, OH

Bottles did not decrease colic in my child

I have a ton of the Avent Bottles. It was suggested by a friend that I register for them. I should have waited until after my daughter was born. She had such a hard time with the nipples and then she would have a lot of gas. The Avent bottles are supposed to cut down on gas and colic. It didn’t work for my daughter. I ended up switching to the Dr. Brown’s bottles at the advice of my mother-in-law. We are a much happier family now.

Lawanda Granger, IA

Leaky, Leaky.Leaky

These were terrible. They leaked everywhere. I must recommend the tri-flow!

Mona Cripple Creek, VA

There Are Better Bottles

Although they have a good reputation, they definately have a drawback. They are short and fat bottles, so you really have to lean your baby back to get all the liquid to the nipple. Now that my son is holding his own bottle, we don’t use them for that fact-it’s just too hard for him to get his formula to the nipple, he gets too frustrated. All in all I’d say buy a different bottle.

Josefina Orrville, OH

Good bottles.

I think this bottle is overall the best out there. Dr Brown’ s is excellent for colicky babies but it leaks horribly. Once the bay was no longer colicky we returned to this bottle. My son enjoys the 4oz one and has been the first bottle (we tried 4 different brands) to hold. We added the handles from the training sippy cup when he was 2 months and 1/2 and he enjoyed grabbing them a lot and experiencing self-feeding with our help. I love that the sealing disks are excellent and, in general, they have all the range of accessories one needs to make the most of this bottle.The nipples are very durable as well.

Coleen Danville, WA

Excellent Bottles and System

I used these bottles when my daughter was born in 97 and they were great. I have seen reviews that complained about nipple size, but Avent makes nipples in a numebr of different “flows”. The newborn nipple is for newborns and you gradually progress as your child grows. I did have the nipples collapse, but it was only becuase I needed to switch to the next nipple stage. My daughter was sucking to hard for the newborn nipple. Other than that, I had no problems with the bottle at all. I found that my daughter was able to both breastfeed and drink from her Avent bottles with no problems at all. The nipples were not too hard and both my daughter and I were completly happy with them. As she got older I began using the traning spout and handles on the bottle which was definitely an added bonus. I would recommend this product to any mother looking to breastfeed thier child.Update: I’m using these bottles with my 2nd child and they are just as wonderful as I remember.

Estella Fort Eustis, VA

Really not helpfull

They sometimes leak and it’s really difficult to heat the milk inside because the plastic is too tick. It takes forever to warm the milk which make baby really frustrated !!! Think of nightime feeding !!!!

Deanne Haddon Heights, NJ

I agree with the others………….

Yes, these bottles do leak if not put together properly and did cause one of my twins some gas but out of all the bottles I tied (and I tried alot) the flow of the stage 1 nipple suited both my children perfectly. I have twins and my daughter was born at 4lbs (considered preemie)and this is the only bottle that suited her and her brother perferctly in terms of flow, capacity and ease to clean. So the benefits greatly outweighed the few flaws this bottle has. In regard to the gas I found that if I held the bottle at a tilt towards the babies chest it solved the problem. Might not work for you but thats how I deal with it.

Kimberly Tuckerman, AR