Philips AVENT iQ Food/Bottle Warmer

Philips AVENT iQ Food/Bottle Warmer

Philips Avent IQ Bottle Warmer (No bottles)

Main features

  • Warms frozen or chilled food and liquid, Automatically calculates cycle time required, Easy to use 2-button operation, Interactive digital display, auto-shut off and sound alerts, Fast warms in as little as 1 minute 50 seconds

Verified reviews


Time saver!

One of the most useful baby products to have! I never thought I’d buy a bottle warmer, as I thought it was one of those items one doesn’t need. But when you have a baby that is crying from hunger, this has proven to be – for me personally – the quickest, easiest and most dependable solution. Great for traveling as well.

Corinne Spencer, MA

Love it except why doesn’t it remember your last setting?!

I like this warmer which I’ve used with wide bottles, both avent and playtex (up to 9 oz bottles). It seems to heat everything perfectly as long as you follow the directions and select the proper settings. I’m able to use it easily with one hand but I can see how it might slide for some people. It’s easy to use; however, I cannot understand why you can’t re-set the default settings. Or why it doesn’t automatically remember your last setting. That feature would make it perfect. It’s annoying to always be using the same setting but to have to press the buttons like 10 times to get there.

Josefa Liberty, MS

Don’t waste your $$.

NEW: I have no reason to love or hate this product. I didn’t pay for it. You can clearly see that where it says its a vine review. I WANT to love it, but honestly – I’m beyond grateful I didn’t pay for it because I’d be going through the hassle of returning it. There is nothing at all IQ about this unless its below 70.I tried doing what others suggested, adding more water and setting it for a larger amount which in itself significantly defeats the purpose of this “IQ” warmer but hey, I wanted to give it a fair shot. I tried different bottles (Avent specifically).Still wrong. The top is still on fire, and the milk cold. Newest thing? On the FOURTH try it just flashes lights and no longer allows me to select anything. Broken after four uses? Really?There are plenty of baby products out there that will actually make your life easier…this warmer is NOT one of them.——OLD REVIEW: I want to love this. I really do. It seems so simple and straight forward. Put a little bit of water in, pick a temp, pick amount, start. However, there’s definitely a learning curve and I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I read through the other reviews but I still can’t seem to get a bottle “just right” my biggest issue seems to be that the lid and top of the bottle will be HOT while part of the bottle feels cold.Once I get it figured out, it really will make those late night bottles significantly easier, but until then its actually more of a headache.I’ll update when I get it figured out.(BTW: I’m using Dr. Browns bottles – natural flow..4oz…maybe someone has advice on what I’m doing wrong or how to get it right?)

Kathi Aldie, VA

May have IQ in the name, but it’s missing the word “Low”

We purchased this product having thought the features side by side most other warmers were impressive. However what is missing from this warming is:Ease of useWhen using any kind of engineered product, it’s the subtle differences which count the most.This warmer loses in these areas:#1. The buttons are in a bad location. The side of the warmer makes it difficult to use with a baby in one arm. Yes, you can prop it up against a wall, however “propping up” against a wall shouldn’t be any kind of work around a device relies on.#2. The buttons are not intuitive. You need to hold the buttons down to turn it on. This is not obvious at all as most people who would buy any product are not trained to hold buttons down to see their response.#3. While the steam warming action is a great feature, the need to change the water after every use is not. Turning an electric appliance on it’s side, potentially risking a electrical shock every time is impractical.#4. Finally, the way you set the warmer gives you no indication on how long you have to listen to your crying baby.I would strongly recommend anybody considering a warmer to get a Dr. Browns warmer instead. It may not be as pretty looking, but it does not have any of the usability issues which I’ve outlined above.

Cora Wittensville, KY

Works Amazing, Once You Get Started

I’m not going to completely blame the company…I am not good with directions, but I did try two separate times to try to figure out how to work it—THEN a friend showed me I was missing the part about adding water into it first 🙂 So maybe improve on directions. I say all this to say, once I got it started, it worked amazing. The settings were easy to change [bottle or baby food] and whether it’s room temperature milk, or refrigerated milk, or frozen milk. This will really come in handy if you make your own baby food and you don’t want to microwave it and or if you breast feed and want to warm up frozen milk. It works fast and has a lot of options. Love.

Fannie Smarr, GA

It’s ok

First off, my baby is exclusively breastfed and he gets a pumped bottle now and then when I have to run out of the house and leave him with Daddy. For those times we have been taking the refrigerated or frozen bottle or bag of milk and placing it in a warm bowl of water. I thought this bottle warmer would make things easier and would help my husband get the bottle warmer sooner, since he’s not so great at planning ahead or anticipating when the next feeding should occur. . . he waits for the meltdown to happen. That said, I am also very nervous about using bottle warmers because I know that breastmilk is sensitive to heat and I want to be sure never to overheat the milk so that it loses all of it’s good properties. In the end the warm water in a bowl method really does work the best, there is just too much trial and error with this warmer. It was hard to get it just right. This warmer is just a pain to use, I agree with a previous reviewer that the buttons aren’t the easiest to manage with a hungry, crying baby in the other hand. I am curious to see how this warmer will work with frozen food when we introduce baby to solids because I will be pureeing and freezing our own food. Will have to update this post when we get to that stage.

Vera Ewell, MD

It’s ok, but I seem to overheat the milk easily

Could be user error, but the milk gets too hot. Easy to operate. A few extra button clicks to get it running might scare some people. Not sure if I can put frozen milk bags in this thing… that would be useful.

Elisha Hillsboro, TN


We’ve had this for almost a year, bought two (twins), holding up perfect. Pop off the blue top occasionally to clean any residue or lint that gets in the warmer, wash with soapy water.

Susanne Monocacy Station, PA

Very nice little appliance to have around

Overall I’m very satisfied with this bottle warmer. It’s very smart and east to use, you can set it exactly for how much milk you’d like to warm. I was worried, since they say this only works with Avent brand bottles and baby food jars, that my Playtex bottles would not fit in it, but fortunately they do. I do wish they had specifically designed it to fit ALL bottles, I’m sure there are some out there that won’t fit in this warmer (like the Soothies bottles are probably to wide) – but it works with my bottles so I can’t complain.It’s easy to use, plug it in, at a little bit of water (usually just needs an ounce or so), set it for how much liquid you’re warming, and in a couple minutes you’re good to go! My previous method of warming bottles of breastmilk from the fridge was simple to place the bottle upright in a bowl of hot water for 10 minutes or so. Both methods work just as well, but having the actual warmer from Avent is faster and easier.That is warms up jars of baby food is a nice touch, but also totally optional. Some babies prefer warm food, so this might help those babies just learning to take solids to accept the food better.I think I would recommend this gadget to anyone who frequently stores breastmilk in the fridge and especially those who frequently have other caretakers caring for their babies. It’s nice to have a foolproof way for all of baby’s caretakers to warm a bottle in a flash. When all is said and done, however, this is certainly not one of those really necessary baby gadgets. It’s simply a luxury to have – and I suppose we all want the best for our babies!

Serena Garland, ME

Handy but Inaccurate

This is a clever timesaving device but is marred by an annoying flaw.The timesaver is you don’t have to run a bottle under hot water. You just pour in a tiny bit of water, press a few buttons, drop in a bottle, and let it go.Unfortunately, it’s inaccurate. It doesn’t heat milk nearly enough – pop in a 4 oz bottle of bottle from the refrigerator on the correct settings, and you will barely be able to tell the milk has been reheated. The bottle will be steaming hot, but the milk is still cold. You have to estimate how much longer the milk needs to be heated and then lie to the machine, pretending you’ve put in 6oz when you’ve put in 4oz, for example, which is a little silly.Make sure you close it all the way; if you think you’ve closed it but it hasn’t quite latched, it will still start normally, but it will stop prematurely after a minute or two. If you’re not paying attention, you might think it’s done, but it’s not, your milk was just reheated some amount short of warm.One final comment in response to many of the other reviews – you should be comparing this to reheating a bottle by running it under warm water, not using a microwave. Using a microwave is not recommended for breastmilk or formula. For breastmilk, it destroys nutrients. For breastmilk and formula, it runs the risk of creating hot spots that can burn even if the outside of the milk feels fine. In a pinch, you can use a microwave and just make sure to only quickly zap it to get the edge off and shake it thoroughly, but it’s not fair to compare this device to doing that, especially if you’re talking about breastmilk where you would be causing real nutrient loss. (Source: […]; […]. If Amazon censors those links, just do a Google search for the words microwave breastmilk and microwave formula and take a look at reputable hits. My links are an article by a pediatrician on BabyCenter and a Nat’l Institutes of Health article, respectively).

Abby Alicia, AR

There are simpler approaches

Before we received this bottle warmer, my wife and I had developed a pretty simple solution for bottle warming that was fail-safe (couldn’t overheat) and nearly hands-free. I thought our kludged-together approach probably wouldn’t be as easy as a device manufactured expressly for the purpose of warming bottles, but I was wrong.This bottle warmer requires the addition of different amounts of water, depending upon how cold the bottle is (room temperature or fridge), how much formula/milk it contains, and what material the bottles is (glass or plastic). There is no convenient way to measure the required water to the degree of accuracy called for.The user interface feels poorly thought out – buttons must be held, not merely pressed, and the iconography describing what each button does is not immediately understandable. You wouldn’t think it would be necessary for a device with only two buttons, but you will need to read the manual to figure out how the device works.The warmer is lightweight – making one-handed operation a challenge. When my daughter is crying in one arm, I wouldn’t say I even have an entire one hand free — 3/4 of a hand operation is nearly impossible.Our solution to bottle warming, to which we’ve returned, requires some sort of instant hot-water dispenser. We have aZojirushi counter-top hot water dispenserthat we use to make the many, many cups of tea that are consumed daily in our house. Warming ourEvenflo glass bottlesinvolves taking a pre-filled bottle out of the fridge, putting it into an empty coffee cup, and filling up the space around the bottle with hot water from the dispenser.Because there is limited space in the coffee cup for hot water, the total available heat that can be transferred to the milk is limited – the milk can’t get too hot. This also makes our solution a set-it-and-forget it approach — you can take the milk out at any time once the chill is off – if you leave it in the cup for 5 or 10 minutes dealing with a change, it will still be about the right temperature when you’re ready for it.The hot-water dispenser approach also provides you with an appliance (or, for those of you so lucky, a permanent installation) that has more than one use – I can’t see using the Bottle Warmer for anything other than warming bottles.

Karen Reynolds, GA

Not Mom Friendly

This Philips Avent iQ Bottle Warmer does get the job done. It warms up bottles very quickly. Even 8-10oz of refrigerated liquid warms up quickly.If only the buttons on the bottle warmer were more intuitive and easier to press and hold. It would definitely be a 5 stars productive with revised button technology. The buttons are such a big deal that I can only give it 3 stars. I constantly have my baby on my hip, the last place he wants to be is set down in the morning when he is waiting to be fed. The week I tested this bottle warmer I found I kept having to put him down so I could get two hands easily on the warmer to manuever the buttons.I used Dr Brown Wide Neck Bottles and had no fit or warming issues with this Bottle Warmer.

Leah Winona, OH

Not worth the money

This bottle warmer is not worth it’s price. Based on the test runs I put this warmer through I’d say it’s only ok if you’re looking to heat up a bottle that is room temperature. The digital features are nothing special. You have to repeatedly press a button to get the warmer set to the proper setting for what you want to heat up. Once you do that, it’s anyones guess as to whether or not the bottle warmer will actually warm the contents of the bottle or not. In heating refrigerated bottles I found that the contents stay cold while the bottle heats up. I’d much prefer the warmer to heat up the contents of the bottle rather than just the container. If you are heating a room temperature bottle I found this warmer to work adequately.The warmer is intended to be used with Avent bottles. In following the instructions for the warmer, the warmer successfully resulted in cracking the room temperature dome cap that was on the bottle at the time of warming. I called Avent customer service and they replaced the dome cap.The warmer needs a specified amount of water poured into the bottom in order for it to function properly (per user instructions). I found it irritating that they didn’t include a small measuring cup this purpose. Most glass measuring cups for baking do not have a 1oz mark on them, so for warming which required this amount of water I had to use a baby bottle to measure the correct amount. It’s a minor issue, but it irritated me that a warmer that sells for more than $50 didn’t have it.I would suggest looking elsewhere for a bottle warmer if it’s on your must have list. Nearly ten years ago I had a warmer by The First Years (I believe it was called Quick Serve) that uses the same concept as this warmer but actually performed as it was supposed to. I would suggest checking out what they have to offer.

Judith Tidioute, PA

Great bottle warmer

When I read some reviews, I wasn’t sure if I should buy it. Boy, am I glad I did, I have been using this for the past 5 years, every day, several times a day, and absolutely love it. You just need to get adjusted to it, how much water you need and for how many minutes to put. When I warm an 8 ounce bottle (born free), I pour 4 ounces of water and put it on 4, perfect, if I still need more time to warm, I just leave it there for few more seconds after it boils. 5 stars!

Renae Dutch John, UT

GREAT for warming Breast milk!

I have had this for about 8 months now, and i love it!! I dont see a need for a bottle warmer if you arent breastfeeding or storing formula in the fridge though…The only quirk with this is if you are warming up breast milk from the fridge in a plastic bottle (not the drop in style) you have to lie by 2 ounces. So say if i was warming up a 4oz bottle of BM, i would tell it it was 6… take it out right when it beeps… give it a little swirl… and it will be PERFECT!

Nichole Belding, MI

Does not live up to its hype…

First off, I don’t understand why a measuring cup was not included since step one of the directions requires the use of a measuring cup. I used an empty bottle for a measuring device instead. I also found that having to “hold” versus “quickly pressing” the power button for three seconds to be cumbersome. The warmer warmed baby food adequately but not as consistently as I would have expected. I found my old method of hot water in a wide mouth open top coffee thermos to be quicker and cheaper (not to mention easier to pack for traveling). I also found the thermos method to work fine for my refrigerated breast milk. This warmer may be ideal for some but not for me. While normally I am a big fan of AVENT products, this warmer was a bit disappointing.

Emilie Lytle Creek, CA

Better than Philips Avent Express one.

Previously I used Philips Avent Express Food and Bottle warmer. It was annoying to use and I was happy to try different one.IQ is easy to use, instructions are clear. The food is heated evenly and I love automatic switch off. There is no measurements for water and this gets me everytime. The cord is too short and warmer is a bit too lightweight for my liking.I am so happy it is summer now and my son loves milk and baby food straight out of the fridge. But for colder months it will have to do.

Luz Searsboro, IA


I used a Dr. Brown bottle warmer and I didn’t like it at all, so we bought this one, and so far NO complaints!I AM glad that I read from other reviews you need to use 2 ounces more than the amount of formula you have in your bottle to warm it up. Also, my husband and I let it sit in there until it beeps all of the beeps in the row and shuts off, and it’s SO warm that my daughter is falling asleep while she eats it!I was still worried about hot spots but after having it for a week and trying different warm up times and whatnot we realized how evenly it really DOES warm up the formula.We’re extremely happy with it, we don’t regret the purchase at all!

Hazel Moran, MI


This is a really good product. It’s really a handy device which can be kept on the night stand to warm milk or even baby food..just post my delivery I found myself struggling to walk to n fro to the kitchen n fridge to warm milk and this handy little contraption saved my sanity… I really think I am going to invest in a mini fridge too just for the baby feeds. Heats up with a tiny amount of water and in a few minutes the ur babies meal is warm. I mix it once more to make sure it’s evenly warm… I really don’t need my baby food too hot so the temperature is just right for me but for those who freeze breast milk u might need more warming time… Once I heated the milk twice and that really made the milk very hot for my liking.. Most people will need a few more or less ml Of water but I guess that must hv to do with the room temp and the temp of the milk to begin with.. Watever works.. I really didn’t know such a convenience existed before I became a mom and highly recommend this to any pregnant mom planking to bottle feed.

Nina Downingtown, PA

Functional food warmer. Not well designed.

This is my first bottle/food warmer. I am just using this to warm baby food. As a food warmer I find it functional, but not well designed.First, it’s not intuitive, you *do* need to read the instructions (I tried not to read them but it didn’t work). The thing I find annoying is you have to hold the on button for three seconds before it turns on, which requires two hands to operate; perhaps this keeps little kids from turning it on(?). The cord could be about a foot longer, and the buttons and icon are small! I feel for those who are waking in the middle of the night, still bleary eyed and tired, trying to focus on all of the icons; but the buttons do light up, so that’s a plus. It would have been better if they had bigger and bolder buttons. Also would have been better if they included a water cup measure, and more importantly a laminated card of instructions that you could keep on the counter for when relatives or sitters come to help with the kids.So after all of that, the good part is it warms well. I was surprised because all the times I’ve used it (for example: to warm oatmeal for my 6 month old), I always feel like the food is going to be way too hot, but surprisingly it’s not! I can stick my finger in the food and it’s warm, maybe a little to warm at first, but by the time I feed it to my son it’s perfect.Overall, not sure I recommend the AVENT IQ Bottle Warmer. For basic needs I think it’s okay. It’s AVENT so I had high expectations since all of our bottles are AVENT and they seem like a good trusted brand; but here I am three stars disappointed.

Vonda Avery Island, LA

Easy to use, easy to clean but somewhat unpredictable warming.

The Philips AVENT iQ Bottle Warmer is very, very easy to use but you do need to read the instructions since the few buttons serve multiple purposes. Before reading the instructions I thought I had a defective unit because it wouldn’t turn on but it was purely user error and had I read the little manual I would have known that the on/off switch needs to be held down for three seconds.So here’s how it works: turn it on, choose whether what you’re warming is coming from the fridge, room temperature, or the freezer. Add the right amount of water for what you’re warming (it’s in the manual) and set the volume correctly and go!Cleanup is simple because there’s so little water involved and I just dump it out in the sink and let it air dry.Overall I like it and I use it to take the chill of formula/milk that’s been in the fridge. The one thing I didn’t like is that there is no way to specify the target temperature. I wish there was a setting for that and I sometimes find that milk is warmed inconsistently: one time it’s warm and the next time it’s just at room temperature. Same volume, same original temperature.

Maura Woodhull, NY

just alright

I thought this would be a good alternative to heating up frozen milk (pumped) with warm water but it’s a cumbersome and not so easy to use (you have to press and hold buttons). Takes a little time to figure out vs just heating with warm water and testing the milk on your arm. If you’re looking for something simple to use that is consistent this may not be the best.

Letha Grandin, FL

Does the job, but with flaws

Let me start by stating the obvious: you do not need a bottle warmer. If you feel you must serve your little one only warm milk, then this bottle warmer by Philips seems to be the best on the market. It warms milk accurately, but with several flaws that you should be aware of.1) Using this thing requires more brain power than most new moms will have in the middle of the night. Different buttons that require hold times of 3-6 seconds may not be rocket science, but will result in frustrated curses when you’re exhausted and have a screaming baby waiting for milk.2) The lid has to be JUST SO for the unit to operate. Otherwise, lights will turn on but nothing will get warm. We discovered this the hard way, after multiple attempts and one very frustrated hungry baby.3) Poor design– this unit requires two hands and lots of patience to operate. Try this with a screaming baby in your arms and you’ll see why we gave up and just turned on the hot water in the sink.For us, the flaws were SO irritating, that we gave up and ran bottles under hot water in the sink– fast, simple, and no need to find the tiny printed instruction manual at 3 in the morning while our infant is screaming in hunger.

Edythe Andover, NY

Does Digital = Better?

I’ve nursed both of my babies, but there have been occasions when I’ve pumped bottles for a sitter or family member and left them in the fridge. Since I have an AVENT pump, I figured the AVENT warmer would be compatible with my AVENT bottles. I’ve used it a few times with satisfactory results. My main complaint is that the buttons are difficult to press while holding a baby. Since the buttons are somewhat set into the display it takes a little bit of pressure for it to turn on.I plan on using this warmer with baby food in the next few years. The only downside is that most of the baby food containers now come in square plastic containers instead of the glass bottles (which would fit in the warmer).I’m not sure that being “digital” makes it any better than your average bottle warmer. I owned one with my first baby that was about a quarter of the price and I think it worked just as well. I DO like that you can select between freezer, fridge, or room temperature. That is much easier than having to pull out the reference sheet on my previous warmer to figure out how much water/how long. It certainly looks fancy.

Jodi Bald Knob, WV