Philips AVENT iQ24 Steam Sterilizer

Philips AVENT iQ24 Steam Sterilizer

Six minutes to clean, sterilized bottles! This sterilizer works fast and will have your bottles ready in no time. It can accommodate up to six 9-ounce bottles, and can also be used for the washable components of your breast pump.

Main features

  • Sterilizes in 6 minutes, keeps contents sterile for up to 6 hours in mode 1
  • Sterilizes in 6 minutes, keeps contents sterile for up to 24 hours large capacity, in mode 2
  • Features with a large capacity that holds up to six 9-ounce Avent natural feeding bottles
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Digital display, electronic countdown and sound alerts

Verified reviews


Dangerous … I wouldn’t use it as suggested…

This review will probably pull a lot of vitriol from the woodwork, but it must be done.If you haven’t been reading up, following the news or doing your own reading and research into the current Plastic BPA fiasco, and if you have a child and you are concerned, then you should be educating yourself.You may have read that `BPA Plastics’ are a safe alternative to other plastics that are being used for baby bottles, but the truth is always something simpler than advertising.Whether folks want to admit it or not though, is another matter.BPA plastic still leaches carcinogens which then get absorbed by the cells. Consider just that alone. It’s the biggest suspect now for breast cancer as this stuff just loves fat tissue.While they do leach smaller amounts, they still leach. Both the AMA’s findings and the American Plastics Council’s recommendations, equally suggest not subjecting the plastic to extreme temperature changes, like intense cold or intense heat as this will cause a molecular breakdown within the plastic thus causing it to leak. I don’t really know how much more direct they can be about that, even though they still like to say that it’s safe. The part they’re not elaborating on is that: it is safe in its inert, marketed state. Once you start using the product however, you’re bound to go against the recommendations.Do you freeze baby milk in these plastic bottles or other plastic containers? You shouldn’t. Plastic is leaching into the milk. You’re using the plastic against the recommendations.Do you microwave your milk in these plastic containers? You shouldn’t be. Plastic leaches into the milk at its highest rate under these conditions. You’re using the plastic against the recommendations.Have you ever put your finger on a bowl in the microwave after just one minute, and the bowl is hotter than the food? What do you think is happening with the plastic in this scenario?Do you even put the plastic bottle onto a warmer and warm it from the bottom up? You’re using the plastic against the standard recommendations.What do you do? USE GLASS. It’s that simple.If you use this product as suggested with BPA free plastic AVENT bottles (as evinced from the packaging) and sterilize them, you are heating them up far beyond the limitations specified and thus putting your infant in possible danger.The Sterilizer needs to heat up to 270 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes to kill bacteria. On Philip’s own website they cite the device reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to compromise the plastic — any plastic and the sterilizer goes for a full 6 minutes. The more times the procedure of sterilization is repeated, the more the plastic is compromised.As a parent, it’s just not a chance I’m willing to take. While company spokespeople will come out and tell you it’s safe, and that the operating temperature is within the norm to not cause the molecular breakdown within the plastic, there is enough information readily available that elucidates the opposite. Any plastic exposed to an excess of 130 degrees Fahrenheit for just two minutes will render an altered surface at the molecular level. The more you submit the plastic bottles to sterilization, the more you are advancing the breakdown and the leaching.A lot of people have switched from plastic to glass in large numbers on their own because of the obvious nature of the problem and the wide-spread reporting of the problem. Several retailers were sold out for months last year, but they have finally caught up with the demand.If you’re older than 30 years old, you’re probably a person who was brought up on glass infant feeding bottles. While plastic feeding bottles were available in the late seventies, they didn’t become common until the early to mid-eighties. I won’t go into the numbers about certain widely-reported problems with infantile neurologic problems, but correlations can be made with the spike in the statistics and the widespread use of the plastic.I’m not denigrating this product, so let’s be clear on that point. I’m just against the suggested use of it being coupled with plastic bottles which is foolhardy in this day and age, especially since glass bottles, which are safe, aren’t hard to come by. Philips seems to be putting themselves on the hook here with a concern of liability that they probably didn’t fully consider. I sterilized my glass bottles (not the nipples or caps) and never had any problems in the 2 years in practice. The product by itself is convenient and easy to use but I strongly advise against using this with ANY type of plastic bottle loaded into the chamber.If you have this product and you do wish to use it, then use it with small 4 oz. Gerber bottles, which are inexpensive, safe and readily available. Again — only use with glass bottles and NOT the suggested `BPA Free’ plastic bottles or any other plastic bottle available.It’s hard to be completely safe these days, but our parents had glass bottles, the large majority of us had glass bottles and therefore we should extend the courtesy to our own children as this is the most common feeding apparatus for the first two years.It may be more convenient for some to buy and use plastic, but the glass bottles are sturdy, do not break or crack and are quick to come by now. If you’re thinking “why would you give a child a glass bottle’, then you’re not thinking about it properly. If your child throws the bottle a lot, just buy a strap for the bottle which are also readily available and easily obtained.My son hasn’t had any issue or complaints yet, and my guess is neither did your mothers…. …

Jeanine Milton, WI

Doesn’t seem to be what I thought it would be…

I thought I would be receiving the iQ24, but I received a large size plastic container type thing that goes in the microwave. It is pretty much like a big tupperware container that you put bottles in and then put in the microwave to sterilize. The directions say to wash the bottles with soapy water before using this contraption…so really I’m not sure why I’d need it. I don’t have a dish washer so I guess it makes sure your bottles are sterlized properly, but if you use really hot water and give it a good wash then you wouldn’t really need to go this extra step. But if you don’t have the time or really need the bottles to be extra safe/clean, then I suppose giving them a quick wash and popping them in this container for the microwave could be helpful.

Cassandra Spring Arbor, MI

Easy to use, more work to maintain.

Yes, the machine itself is easy to use. The assembly and disassembly isn’t horribly difficult, either. The maintenance of the machine is a little more. One MUST use distilled water, not soft or hard water. The machine has to be pre-cleaned before the first use to sterilize the machine itself. After using the distilled water, one must descale the machine at least every 4 weeks. The cycles on the machine are not quick, so if you run out of bottles and need them in a hurry, you might as well boil them. My personal feeling is that it’s not that big of a deal to boil bottles and a cooking pan doesn’t require the amount of maintenance that this machine does. This is great if you get into a routine of doing it nightly, but not so great if you’re in a hurry for a sterilized bottle. However, they have a microwave model for that. In either case, they don’t recommend the sterilizers be used with glass bottles and that would be my preference given the information on heating plastics (yes, even bpa-free ones). I think it’s a little more trouble than it’s worth.

Lena Hadley, PA

Close to Perfect Sterilizer for Convenience

Avent makes terrific baby products and the iQ24 is just about as perfect as a sterilizer could be. It has capacity for 6 of the Avent bottles which are the very large diameter ones.It allows for a quick 6 minute sterilization cycle and another which allows the bottles to remain sterile for 24 hours. In reality, anybody who has a baby knows that it’s quite unlikely that you’ll keep bottles in the sterilizer for 24 hours. Babies consume quite a few bottles, so the sterilizer will in reality be constantly used to sterilize loads of bottles throughout the day.For my baby son, we actually have been using the old fashioned glass bottles with all of our different sterilizers with great success. The glass bottles are much more inert than many of the plastics used. One of the chemicals widely discussed is BP-A, which is present in MOST baby bottles. It’s not something any parent would want, but its actual harmfulness is largely unknown. If you want to be conservative, it would be best to use glass bottles with any of your sterilizers.It should also be said that although most parents like to use sterilizers, their use is not a requirement and their benefit is somewhat questionable for most healthy babies out of the neonatal period. It is however, reassuring to use. The iQ24 is about as good a they come.

Maryellen Bishop, TX

Great time saver

Wow this is so cool why didn’t they have these when my kids were babies? Oh wait they didn’t have microwaves then either. My grandaughter used this last night and it was so easy. She is such a germ freak that she sometimes scares me but she said she loved the fact that this was so easy AND so sterile. She told her husband she was going to town today and getting one of these and throw their other one away. She washed the babies bottles and put them into this and put it in the microwave and in no time at all had safe and clean bottles. She also liked the fact that she could sterilize the bottles and leave them in for 24 hours without contamination. This is according to the “germ freak” the best thing since cotton candy.

Silvia Reserve, LA

Great Sterilizer, But Useless with Leaky Avent Bottles!

Unquestionably, this is a top-notch device, which is what I expect from a name like Philips. What I don’t expect from Philips is a line of baby bottles that leak. I should have read the Amazon reviews on the Avent bottles before my wife and I bothered to get the sterilizer. Since non-Avent bottles do not fit well into this sterilizer, it is pretty much useless now that my wife and I have given up on Avent bottles. I would highly recommend that anybody considering this expensive sterilizer think twice. My wife and I have switched to Dr. Brown’s bottles, and we are much happier. We bought a microwave sterilizer from Amazon (The First Years Soothie Microwave Sterilizer) for a lot less money, and we are much happier.

Freda Montezuma, GA

Works fine but I wish that they’d come out with BPA free version

The product makes sterilizing the gazillion bottles (who knew a newborn could go through so many bottles?) much much easier. Although the sterilizer limits the types and sizes of bottles you can fit in it, I’m generally a big fan of Avent bottles anyways, so I didn’t mind. But while Avent finally gave in and started making BPA-free bottles and pacifiers (I always HATED the bs line they’d give about how their studies showed that BPA wasn’t harmful if used properly, blah blah blah) I’m really disappointed that this product hasn’t made the switch just yet. One only needs to look at the science (at least the studies NOT sponsored by a baby product or plastics company) to see that we are exposed to much too much BPA which has deleterious health affects. I’m hoping that Avent gets the message louder and clearer that they need to make ALL their products BPA free, including this otherwise wonderful sterilizer.

Rosalie Cornwall, NY

Good Hygenic Product by Philips Avent

– This sterilizer runs on electricity. I am mentioning because thereare some on the market where you need to microwave. No more boilingbottles on the stove :)- The principle is simple, you fill water, electricity heats andmakes steam, which is supposed to sterilize by killing germs- You need to rinse/clean the bottles before putting in, as this is nota dishwasher (in fact even for dishwashers, you should rinse andput dishes else the washer may go bad with clogged stuff)- The sterlizer has two forms of output for user to know aboutstatus of the process : 1. Digital Display and electronic countdown – shows useful info to indicate where you are at in either mode (6 mintue or 24 hour),even tells if too much water or too less water. It also usesa scale of horizantal bars to indicate how long bottleswill remain sterlized inside once a cycle is done. Bars like:————————Three bars would mean 6 hours.—————-two barsand of course none.3. Sound Alerts – lets you know when a cycle you are using isdone by audible beeps- There are two cycles of sterlization: 1. 6 minute cycle – whenyou want immediate turnaround, this is to be used2. 24 hour mode – when you don’t want immediately, but want toget bottles periodically in a 24 hour period- With any system which builds up steam or hot water flow,there is chances of scaling of limesalts (whitish scales) building up.Most people will use tap water I presume and not distilled water,and hence you need to de-scale approximately monthly using a sachet of provided material sample, or citric acid (lemon or vinegar).- It contains two storeys, an upper and lower basket container.The upper can be for bottles, and lower for things like nipples,pacifiers, etc.- The build is good quality, comes in a nice box, would lookattractive as a gift. I do believe the price can be a bit lowerthough, 90 bucks is a bit too much for this simple scientific ideathis product is based on. I am giving four stars instead of fivebecause of the cost.- The Avent product line in general is a trustworthy and excellentproducts.

Darlene Surveyor, WV

Easy to use stand-alone sterilizer.

WHAT: The Philips Avent iQ24 Steam Sterilizer uses the intensive heat from the steam to kill the bacteria. It’s actually relatively easy to use and maintain.HOW: You have a choice of two modes. Mode 1 sterilizes for 6 minutes and keeps the contents bacteria-free for up to 6 hours as long as the lid has remained unopened. Mode 2 runs the sterilization process throughout the day to keep the contents sterile for up to 24 hours.CONTENTS: You’re provided with: Sterilizer Body, Lid, Upper and Lower Basket, Bottle rack, Measuring Cup, Tongs, Central Stem and Power Cord.USE: When using for the first time, all you need to do is place all the blue items (upper and lower lid, stem, bottle rack) inside the sterilizer body. Pour 90mL of distilled water using the provided measuring cup. Cover using the lid and start the Mode 1 sterilizer process. When this is done, you remove the blue components. Remove any remaining water and wipe dry. Then the sterilizer is ready for regular use.It’s as simple as pouring 90mL of distilled water for Mode 1 or 200mL of distilled water for Mode 2 use.REMEMBER:1. I can’t stress enough in mentioning using distilled water to prevent blocking the tiny vents as well as introduce a rapid build-up of limescale.2. When in Mode 1:a. Allow 10 minutes of cool-down in between use to prevent overheat of the sterilizer.b. Allow 3 minutes of cool-down after the process has ended before opening the lid or your face and hands will be greeted with escaping steam.WHAT CAN YOU STERILIZE: Up to 6 Avent bottles of 125mL, 260mL or 330mL including parts. Or an Avent ISIS breast pump.CARE: Every 4 weeks, de-scale the machine by measuring 100mL of vinegar and 200mL of water and pouring the liquid in the sterilizer body until limescale has dissolved. Drain then rinse. This helps maintain the efficiency of the sterilizer so steam escapes evenly and ensures all items inside are sterilized properly.THOUGHTS: Very easy to use with a touch of a button as well as audio and visual indicator to alert of the sterilization process. Like all appliances especially one that involves water and electricity, maintenance has to be performed to maintain optimal condition. The sterilizer and it’s parts are well-built and the fitting is second to none.WHO IS THIS FOR:This sterilizer is beneficial if you have the:1. Space for a stand-alone sterilizer on your kitchen counter.2. Have the need for constant 24-hour sterilization.ALTERNATIVE: A more convenient alternative is the use of a Philips Avent Microwave Sterilizer which requires less maintenance and less parts. It is cheaper, but doesn’t afford the 24 hour sterilization where you can grab bottles on an as-needed basis.Although I would not buy it personally at it’s current pricing. I wouldn’t mind receiving it as a gift either.

Emily Corona, CA

Very worth it

This seems pricey, but it is so convenient and knowing that my baby’s things are truly clean is worth it.

Annette La Place, IL

Seems to work fine, but is it necessary?

Quality of the product is fine, but I think that the bags you can sterilize with in the microwave are easier to store and deal with. There is no conflict with bottle sizes either.Overall the product seems to be quite good, though so not going to downgrade the stars for that logic.

Rebecca Dickinson, ND

Makes a great gift for expecting parents

The Avent sterilizer works well with the smaller 4 oz bottles for newborns (not included), and for sterilizing prepared baby foods. the steam does get very hot, so use caution when removing the items.

Odessa Shellman, GA

Gets the job done

Getting this sterilizer through Amazon Vine came just in time as I just had my first child under two weeks ago. We have had to sterilize pacifiers and breast pump components on a daily basis and this sterilizer gets the job done quickly and efficiently. It only takes six minutes and you are done. As a new parent, there is always something to do; this machine simply makes life a little easier. I highly recommend it.

Celeste Agency, IA

Simple and Trouble Free.

Our newborn boy (now 6 weeks old) requires feeding about every 2 to 4 hours. That little task takes a lot of time and patience plus bottles, caps, nipples and other assorted items which are in continuous need of cleansing and care. We’ve set up a production line and the last item in the line is the Avent iQ 24 sterilizer.The sterilizer is in operation off and on all day. It’s simple to use and effective, as far as I can tell. It sure beats using the oven, that’s for sure. It’s been trouble free up to this point. I just put the stuff into the trays, add the water, turn it on and wait until the little electric tone tells me it’s complete. What could be more simple? We are using the smaller bottles at present, but can easily switch to larger bottles as the baby grows. We use the sterilizer so steadily throughout the day that we’ve never used the long cycle. Our little baby-feeding cycle and production line seems to work fine. Now, if I could just get the feeding cycle extended to allow me adequate sleep.Gary Peterson

Priscilla Calico Rock, AR

Its Ok

I thought that this item would be a whole lot easier to use. I have used this a few times on vacation and traveling to other peoples house, like grandmas and aunties. Overal I did not think its worth the effort and time. I rather either microwave or an old fashion bottle sterilizer

Tammie Sycamore Valley, OH

Does what it’s supposed to do

I also received the Microwavable unit from Amazon Vine so that’s the product I’m reviewing. I decided to give it to my cousin who just had a baby and she raves about it. Bottom line, it does what it’s supposed to do. It’s a lot more convenient than boiling bottles in a big pot and she loved the fact that the bottles stayed sterilized for up to 24hours. Very easy to use and very cost efficient.

Victoria Dacono, CO

Great product

The product does exactly what it says it does, it’s of a good quality and very simple to use. We got it as a gift when I was pregnant and we used it for the first couple of months while we where staying at my mom’s and were in a room far from the kitchen (microwave and stove practically unavailable), so we had it in our room. I had twins and this was a nice product to have with us, since we had the bottles ready in no-time.When we got back home we stopped using that one and started using the Avent microwave sterilizer because it’s much simpler to use, but it doesn’t mean it’s better.Not only do I rate the product 5 stars, but the manufacturer as well, since the first one we got as a gift broke and we called Avent. They sent us a new one in no time, practically no questions asked.

Aileen Mound City, IL

Simple, but requires specific bottles

This is a fairly easy product to review. It is not a complicated product by any means. Place water into the device. Set up the bottles in the convenient and functional bottle placement structure. Press the button and the device steam-sterilizes the items within.It has a few nice features which allow you to leave the device plugged in all day and it will ensure (by turning on at certain points during the day) that the items within are always sterile. So, whenever you need one, it’s there for you.This device is not a replacement for your dishwasher. You should clean out your baby bottles before placing them into the device. Otherwise you will get all kinds of goop at the bottom. Should the water run out, the goop will burn.The only problem that I have with this is that it is not generic. It is designed to fit specific, low-profile bottles. So don’t plan on using this if you have a bunch of older bottles that you want to sterilize. They won’t fit. This may be a concern if you are worried about Bisphenol A in plastic baby bottles. I don’t know if Philips makes a glass bottle that will work with this sterilizer, so you should research that before purchasing.

Leila Ethel, AR

Giving a 2nd try

I had/have high hopes for this product. I used the Avent line with my first child and like the idea of this sterilizer. I turned it on the first time and after that it wouldn’t work. Will return and give it a 2nd try after all of the positive reviews on other sites.

Dolly Orange, TX

For Chief Cooks & Bottle Washers

This Steam Sterilizer is an excellent product and it works well. You can sterilize just about any bottle in the Philips Avent iQ24. It is very easy to use and it does an extremely good job. You can sterilize up to 6 bottles at a time and this can be run on a 24 hour cycle.

Lorene Rose Lodge, OR

Very Useful Sterilizer! Recommended!

Being somewhat paranoid about germs when we had our first child, we were ultra careful with sterilizing EVERYTHING. This was a time consuming process and we likely spent much more energy than needed. By the time we had our second child, we were still careful but just not quite so much.Now we have the “iQ24 Steam Sterilizer” which drastically simplifies the sterilization process. With it’s two modes of operation, we can choose to quick sterilize (6 minutes) or longer (keeps sterile for 24 hrs). We can’t see any real need for the longer mode since the quick mode keeps the bottles sterile for 6 hrs.This really beats having to boil bottles on the stove like we did for my first two children and saves us a lot of time and energy. As one other reviewer noted, the iQ24 does not clean the bottles! You must wash the bottles before putting them in the Sterilizer.As a side note, my science minded daughter has already claimed the iQ24 for use in science projects since she knows that it can also be used to sterilize lab equipment and Petri Dishes. Not quite an autoclave but usable.Note that this does not come with bottles!For time and energy saving convenience, highly recommended! For a less expensive solution, check out the microwaveable version,Philips Avent Express II Microwave Steam Sterilizer without Bottle

Nola Penns Grove, NJ

best baby product

i bought this for my now 4 year old, used it with her, now im using it with my 9 month old and works just fine. i also bought it for my niece and she seems very happy with it, worth every penny

Jillian Old Ocean, TX

Great kit but wish it would dry

This is a great steamer but just wish it had a drying feature at the end. You can tell that it really cleans everything but I hate having to dry everything at the end. I don’t trust the cheaper microwave version so I bought this more expensive steamer version.

Jillian Greenbrier, AR

Worked great for a few months than died

I loved this sterilizer until it died after 91 days of regular usage. First it melted my bottle nipples; then, it wouldn’t steam at all. Everything else I have used from Avent and Phillips has been of the highest quality so I was shocked. I replaced this steamer with a Tommee Tippee brand electric steamer, which I have found to be very reliable.

Tanya Medford, NJ

Load 6 bottles or 2 breast pumps add water, press button and it steralizes in 6 minutes! Very handy makes great gift

Simply load, add water, press the button and let the Avent IQ24 Steriliser CLEAN! I prefer this one over the micorwave one.Optional 6 hour mode sterilises in 6 minutes and contents are sterile for up to 6 hours if unopened.Advanced digital display and sound alerts keep you informed throughout the sterilisation cycle.Holds up to six 260 ml/9 oz Avent Bottles or two Philips Avent Breast Pumps and accessories.The pause feature lets you remove items without interrupting the cycle giving you the freedom to make up the bottles when it suits youIt works quickly and continuously, keeping contents sterile for up to 24 hours.I do not see need for 24 hr mode since mode 1 only takes 6 minutes and they stay clean for 6 hrs unopened.Also add those pacifiers / binkies to be more germ free.Comes in handy box with handle for ease of travel.Remember does not come with bottles

Marta Salem, WV

Quick Cleaning

Looking for a quick plug in Steam Sterilizer for you Avent bottles, as well as your other baby products? Well, you’re in the right place. The Avent IQ24 Steam Streilizer fits the bill.The Good: The product is tall, rather than wide, making it easy to fit in compact places. Also, you can conveniently plug it in, as opposed to putting it in a microwave or using batteries. There are two settings: one keeping bottles sterile for 6 hours, and one keeping them sterile for 24 hours. The cleaning cycle is only six minutes long!The Not So Good: Again, as with the other Avent product I reviewed, I’m not a huge fan of the instructions included. For the most part, you can piece together what to do without them, but they rely on diagrams for a lot of the set up. I don’t (personally) think they are that much help.This product does what it advertises and I recommend it for those in the market for Steam Sterilzers. It is convenient, quick, and storable.-CheckPhilips Avent Express II Microwave Steam Sterilizer without Bottlefor my review of that model.

Willa Naselle, WA


Muy buen producto, facil de usar y de limpiar, si tienes espacio suficiente es una excelente compra, lo recomiendo 100%

Dianne Cody, WY

Sleek and Useful

Before I got this, I had no idea I needed a sterilizer for my bottles, but my tech-hungry curiosity wanted to try it out. I have found it to be easy to use, quite sleek, and it works quickly. It gives me peace of mind knowing that the bottles are germ free. You know there are so many nooks and crannies in the bottle parts, and it’s good to know they are being reached. I can put bottles in before going to bed and get up in the night and they’re all in there, clean and ready to go.As far as concerns about the plastic. Sorry, I don’t buy the hype. There are lots of people criticizing everything we eat, breathe and touch as giving us cancer and there’s a lot of conspiracy theories out there (most of which contradict each other). Here’s the way I see it: there are plenty of germs that make people sick, sometimes very sick. Germs I don’t want to get my baby to be around. You never hear of people getting sick from plastic. Better to kill the real concerns with this sterilizer. Maybe do a quick rinse before filling if you’re concerned. Just my feelings (don’t shoot me for that–k?)This is an easy to use tool that would make an excellent baby gift. You might want to throw in some avent bottles with it (these are the *best* bottles out there). It’s sturdy and well designed to hold 6 bottles and pieces (and you can throw in a binky or two–you know where THOSE end up!)I held back from 5 stars because I have to clean the bottles first. Yeah, that’s picky. But it would be nice to just stick them in dirty and have clean and sterile results!

Fannie Loman, MN


This is a good sterilizer. It holds all my baby’s bottles and pacifiers, easy to clean.I removed a middle tray for 9 oz bottles, it fits fine. I use bottom rack for bottles, and upper rack for pacifiers, nipples, nipple rings.

Carolyn Preston, IA

Philips Avent iQ24 Electronic Steam Sterilizer….

The thing that most impressed me about this sterilizer is that it has a heavy duty cord. I am terrified of small cords and unplug my toaster and coffee pot after every use. This one is heavy and durable. Also the sterilizer is made out of heavy plastic and it is very durable looking also. I guess that’s why it’s so expensive. Alas, this is not a bottle washer so you still have to do that by hand, but after that you have it made. Just put a little water in bottom and sterilize your bottles for six minutes. There are 2 modes…mode 1 runs a single 6 minute sterilizing cyle, then keeps bottles sterile for 6 hours as long as lid isn’t removed. Mode 2 keeps contents sterile for up to 24 hours by continously repeating the cycle throughout the day. You can also sterilize other boilable items in it like feeding cups, nipples, breast pump parts, etc. Just great! It is also guaranteed for 12 months but you do need to clean it out every four weeks with vinegar mixed with water. Since it’s heavy duty plastic, the outside is easy to keep clean. The little cup that comes with it is in U.S. ounces and UK ounces both. Unit holds 6 bottles at a time. This is really nice and would make a great gift for the new mother.

Rochelle Seymour, IN