Philips AVENT iQ24 Sterilizer with 2 Bottles, 9 Ounce

Philips AVENT iQ24 Sterilizer with 2 Bottles, 9 Ounce

The new AVENT iQ 24 Electronic Steam Sterilizer is the first intelligent steam sterilizer and is designed to communicate each phase of the sterilization cycle, so you stay informed. With features such as a digital display, electronic countdown and sound alerts, you can always be assured that contents are safe to use. The fast 6-minute cycle and optional 24-hour mode that keeps contents continuously sterile ensures contents are ready to use, day or night. A pause feature lets you remove some items without interrupting the cycle.

Main features

  • Mode 1 – Sterilizes in 6 minutes, keeps contents sterile for up to 6 hours
  • Mode 2 – Sterilizes in 6 minutes, keeps contents sterile for up to 24 hours
  • Large Capacity – Holds up to six 9-oz. AVENT Natural Feeding Bottles
  • Two bonus 9-oz. Natural Feeding Bottles featuring the Avent Anti-Colic Nipples with Slow Flow Rate
  • Digital display, electronic countdown and sound alerts

Verified reviews


A point to note before buying this

I gave 5 stars, considering reviews of others who own/use it and don’t want to lower the ratings in any way, considering this is definitely a good product. But, what about the cost of this? Just think, is it really worth it? All families have a microwave these days. They are the FINEST AND BEST STERILIZERS anywhere! If you can get a dedicated sterilized and clean container, microwave safe, wash and rinse all the baby bottles, nipples, etc. (the washing part anyways one has to do, irrespective of whether they use this product or not) and place them in this microwave safe container, run it in microwave for no more than 40 to 50 seconds – violla – all items are absolutely sterilized.Those who might not be aware, microwaves kill 99.9% of all germs within 20 seconds of exposure. In fact, a very common practice is to microwave the cloth or sponge one uses to rinse/clean utensils for 20 seconds to get it sterilized. Think what 40 to 50 seconds will do to the bottles, etc………Completely disinfect them. You save (say) $70.00 ($4.00 for the Target bought microwave safe container, with lid and big enough to hold the bottles, lying down)[Edit, after reading comments on original review, as above]I agree, it was my fault and mistake to miss out a critical and vital point and those who have commented on that – I thank you! The above review had a critical pt. missing – one should never, ever microwave ONLY the product in question, i.e. bottles, nipples, etc. What I really meant was what I use, i.e. I have a container, where I put all the baby stuff in, pour about 7 to 8 oz. of water and m/w for 8 min., which steams out the water and steams out everything, thus sterilizing.The cost of the container was $3.00. Sorry – my bad. So, what I really wanted to say was is the price worth it? As for time involved, it takes just the same. Effort – also.

Keisha Bakersfield, VT

Love it, Love it, Love it! MUST HAVE!

Great product. I wash bottles once a day now. The 24-hour setting keeps bottles sterile for the entire time. Great for sterilizing other items as well, such as pacifiers. It doesn’t take up much space at all. No more inconvenient boiling of the bottles. Basically, it just works out really well, and I can’t say enough about it. Just a side note, take the instructions advice and use distilled water for sterilizing. It won’t build up like tap water will. I usually just by a gallon of it every 3 weeks or so.

Marisol Hayti, MO

good product

just so happens I got a defective one…burned out after the first week…bought another one at bbrus and it’s been working great.

Janis Tumwater, WA

If you leave autside Usa dont buyed here. No access to technical service and warranty in Venez

Excellent performance of the product, is fast, quiet, comfortable, spacious, included a number bottles and the pump all at once. It has easy maintenance.The only problem that I have was that by buying by Amazon, I had no access to technical service and warranty in Venezuela because here only covers the devices purchased in the country.In my case, only 2 months after use the sterilizer,the system not run properly and I had to buy a new …The sterilizer Avent is so good that i do not hesitate to buy a new one, I attribute the failure to trip was the product of USA to Venezuela.

Francine Contoocook, NH

works great!

If you happen to live in a tiny studio without a full kitchen this is a great thing to have. Sterilizes your bottles in minutes and keeps it sterilized up to 24 hours.

Leslie Graniteville, VT

My work horse

I LOVE this product. I use it all day and all night to sterilize my bottles, nipples and breast pump accessories. I have never had one issue with it and I could not live without it. I’m a hard person to please but this product is amazing. Boiling everything took too much time and I hate the way the dishwasher makes everything smell. This little machine answered my sterilizing prayers.

Abbie Mifflinville, PA

Quick and Efficient

This works well and gets the job done. It is simple to use, it keeps the objects sterile and we have used it for a variety of other baby and non baby products that we need to sterilize. We have cats so cat hair is all over eveerything so having that little extra cleanliness by sterilizing the nipples and bottles and other items really helps. I have not had any problems with the item in the month i have owned it. Make sure to use only distilled water.

Evangelina Evansville, AR

Gives you ONE less thing to worry about … which is GREAT!

I LOVE Avent products. I only used Avent bottles with both my kids and I own both the Avent iQ24 Steam ELECTRIC sterilizer, as well as the Avent Steam MICROWAVE sterilizer. I like both of them … and RECOMMEND them over boiling water in a pan any day. However (if price were not an issue), I do like the iQ24 a little better, simply because you can just plug it in, add water, and don’t have to worry about taking something in and out of the microwave. It is very easy to use and the digital display tells you the status, so no guessing. You do pay for that added “convenience” and the bells and whistles of the digital display and alerts.As for boiling water … when you first bring your baby home from the hospital (whether it be your first, second, etc.), you are generally sleep-deprived and not exactly thinking at your best or clearest. The LAST thing you want to be doing in this state of mind is BOILING water on the STOVE TOP to sterilize bottles. You cannot/should not walk away from the boiling water to do other things (which is hard to do as a parent of a newborn). In a sleep-deprived state, if you walk away, you WILL at one time forget you had the bottles boiling. There is no safety mechanism … the water will eventually evaporate … and that is dangerous. This is why I like the Avent STEAM sterilizers … they do the job without supervision, so you can do your job as a parent.The GREAT thing about the iQ24, is you plug it in and put the bottles in to be sterilized. You can remove them in 6 minutes, or leave them there (where they will remain sterilized). You don’t have to stay with the iQ24 to “supervise” it, as you do with boiling water. You can pick up a crying baby, change a dirty diaper, or just sit down and get some much needed rest. To me, that was the “priceless” part of the iQ24 … that ONE less thing to worry about.The Avent MICROWAVE steam sterilizer does essentially the same thing, but with less bells and whistles and less expense.It also works great to sterilize pacifiers.I give it 5 STARS … just wish it weren’t so expensive. 🙂

Brandi Fountain Green, UT

I love that 24 hours sterilizing mode

The first one I bought was not working properly. It always complained I’ve added too much water. I replaced it and the second one worked fine.Compared with microwave sterilizers or electric sterilizer from other brands, this sterilizer is rather pricey, but I’m glad I’ve picked this one. I set the sterilizer to 24 hours mode so the bottles are ready to use all the time (you still need to replace water inside every day). When I was holding my hungry and crying baby in one arm, I was really glad that the bottle is already sterilized and ready to use right away.

Carmella Montrose, SD

Must have!!!

This product is a must have for all moms! It’s nice to know that what you are giving your child has been sterilized well. It has lots of space for all the parts of the bottle. Great for 4oz to 11oz bottles. I put my sons pacifiers & spoons in the top tray. It is so worth the money because of the amount that can be sterilized at one time, the time that it saves you (vs. boiling bottles), and the ease. I wish that I got it sooner!! I would buy it again and would recommend it to my best friend.Tip: Use bottled water. We have hard water and the bottle water keeps the hard water residue down.

Brenda Leavenworth, IN